Thursday, December 31, 2015

And To You All My Dear Reader

So This Will Be Probably The Last Post For This Year. Emm I Won't Go Through Much Of What Has Been Happening For The Whole of This Year. I Will Have A Year In Review Post For That But In Shaa Allah Jikalau Diperkenankan This Blog Will Continues To Grow. 

There Will Be A Few Changes Probably Tukar Angin When It Comes Usul Blog Ani. And I Promised I Will Start Every Single Blog Post With A Bismillah.

One Thing For Sure I'm Very Happy That I Managed To Post More updates Than Last Year. Kalau Kamu Rajin Then Kirakan Haha.

Iatah Harapanku For Next Year. Who Cares About Azam Tahun Baru. Bila Jua Tani Sampaikan. Lets Take Life As It Come Normally. Day By Day. Week By Week. Selagi Allah Subhanallah Taala Bless Us With Time Then We Must Utilized It Well.

Lose The Ego, Stop Being A Hypocrites, Be Less Jugmental. Lets Put A Stop To Assumption. Let Us Be Who We Really Are. Life Will Test Us At Any Time So We All Better Be Prepared.

Perbanyakkan Amal Jariah. Selalukan Bersedekah. Smile More Frown Less. And MORE IMPORTANTLY. JAGA SOLAT. JANGAN TINGGAL SOLAT.

Leave Out The Rest To Allah. He Is The Best Planner Of All. And He Knows What Is Best For Our Needs. Tawakkal Selalu. Jangan Kurang Usaha Dan Ikhtiar Serta Perbanyakkan Doa. Kerana Doa Itu Senjata Org Mukmin.

And I Leave You Guys With These Goofy Photos Of Me Wishing Everyone Well. Boy I Need To Lose Weight. My Double Chins Looks Epic! It Almost Hide My Ears When I Smiled.

Take It Easy Guys. Its Just A Date. It Will Still Be Just Another Friday Tomorrow. Hehehe.

P/s I Was About To Post A Video. Didn't Realized When I Played It The Video Was Upside Down. Tough Haha!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everone!

"Post 39 Of Dec 2015"

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