Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Saturday The 19th Of Dec

Bukan Narsis Post. Honesly Bukan. But I Have Been Listening To A Few People Yang Jarang Ku Jumpai Yang Aku Makin Hitam. Kinda Agree A Bit Pasalnya Berpanas Saja Ku Keraja Walaupun Di Musim Hujan Ani. Tau Tah Weather Brunei It Could Be Raining Heavily For One Hour Then It Will Be Hot And Humid In The Next Hour. And Boy I Always Problem With Black Heads.

Once In Awhile I Used Peel Off Mask To Clear It Off And Then Lately I Bought A Very Soft Tooth Brush And Use It To Exfoliate My Face With Nivea Men's Face Wash Then Top It Off With Serum.

And Since Its A Saturday. Malas Tah Ku Kan Ingau Berpakaian Segak. Makai Polo Shirts Saja Better Hehe.

Sonya Looks Filthy. Filthy As It Can Get. Need To Wash Her Soon And That Soon Can Get Soon Enough.

Sunlightttttt Finally. Yes Yes Yes. I Can Feel The Heat Hahaha Over!

Glad I Didn't Went Out For Breakfast Though. Ada Org Mencari Aku For Registration. And Then Done With That I Thought The Rest Of The Day Would Be Smooth Sailing. Tau Tau Hmmm.

Got A Called From Our Bandar Office And Since Its An Urgent JOb I Need To Go To Our Main Office. Smooth Sailing Tia Kang. Went Back Home. Tukar Baju. Tukar Kereta Pasalnya My Mum And Sis Ke Bndr Mengambil Amah Jua. So Terus Lah Zoom Makai Kereta My Dad. 

Done What I Needed To Done Thought I Havent Had My Zuhur Prayer Yet So Off To Jame Then While On The Round About. Cam Kilala. Zulo Kali. Shared This Photo Dalam Group. Nah Kedia Banar Haha.

Done What I Needed To Done Then I Thought Since Its Close To Asar Prayer Lepak Sini Saja Sekali I Have A High Tea Appoinment With Mr Khun At 4 Di Jade Crystal Kopitiam. Thought Pindah Saja Lah Asar Di Masjid Pink Sg Akar. Hehehe Nda Ku Tau Its Official Name Ku Lagau Saja Masjid Pink Sal Nya ItS Pink In Colour.

Had A Quick High Tea With Mr Khun. Just A Quick Chit Chat Before Ku Balik Kb. Thanks For The Treat Jirul.

Otw Back To Kb. My Mum Gave Me A Called Asking Aku Di Mana. Told Her I'm On My Home Then Tanya Ya Ke Mana. Told Me She And My Dad Ke Bndr Panggilan Malam. Asked Her Lagi. Siapa Saja Ikut. Then Kana Gtau Durg Dua Saja. And It Was Raining At That Time. Ingau Jua Hati Ku. So I Told Them Aku Ikut Dangani Ke Bndr Knowing My Dad Matanya Time Hujan Nda Berapa. Met Up Di Mum's Ttg And Off To Bandar Again For Me.

Stopped By At My Amit's Place Pasalnya Di Sini Durg My Parents Berkumpul Dengan My Tua Apa. And The Rain Began To Fall Heavily. And Heyyy Its The Weekend. At Least I'm Not Stucked At Home Well In Kb. Di Rimba Ku Though Still Am Just Tahan Tahan Di Umah Amit Ku Aahaha.

Not A Bad Idea After All Mendangankan My Parents Ke Bandar Walaupun I've Been Out Of The House Almost The Whole Day. Membari Ingau Nyamo. Even At This Time My Tua Pun Ikut Convoy Sama Kami. So Imagine Lah I Have To Drive From Rimba All The Way To Lumut Where We Parted At About 50-70 Km/Hr. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"I'm On A Role"

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