Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Beristighfar dan Bertaubat daripada Dosa :

Telah mengkhabarkan kepadaku Abu Salamah bin Abdul Rahman dengan berkata, telah berkata Abu Hurairah RA : Saya telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Demi Allah, sesungguhnya aku beristighfar (memohon keampunan) dan bertaubat kepada Allah dalam satu hari lebih daripada tujuh puluh kali."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I Tortured My Back

 Now I Can Feel My Back Aching.. Yup It Really Is Burning It Right Nyummmmmm!
 Trying Something New I Learned From Youtube Today.. Nice Exercise.. It Really Target The Side Of My Back
 Biasa.. Before Balik.. Membuatkan Minuman Protein Gue
Barang Nyaman! Hehe
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What Day Is It?

Its Back Workout Day.. Yihaaaaaaaaa... 

Run Time Log

Hajat Di Hati Kan Buat Larian Asal Berlari Saja.. Kali Last Last Langkah Makin Siuk Kluar Masuk Simpang Lah Tarus.. Haha Even One Of My Friend Berckp.. Sandi Ko Ah Alum Ada Usul Ngalih.. Which Is True.. Bepaluh Pun Cam Nda Labat Ani Wah.. Haha I Guess Its Just One Of Those Days Saja Kali
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Just More Quality Times With The Grannies

 Gingsta Ani Sekalinya Makan.. Sampai Kesadakkan.. Then Makan Lagi.. Then Kesadakkan.. Then Makan Lagi.. Haha Terpaksa Dipujuk Bawa Berjalan
 Being Sandwich By The Grannies.. And Bila Ku Kan Makan.. Bah Makan Tah.. Mudahan Ko Lakas Kawin.. Aminnnnnn.. Hehe Amin.. Kang Tah Meliat Mana Tau Ada Siring Jalan Bini2 Kan Di Jadikan Bini Haha
Biasak Lerrr.. Nasi Briyani Ayam Lerrr.. Apa Takut..
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Run Time Log With Some Snappies

Friday Morning.. Gym Day.. Hurting The Chest
I Told Myself.. Since Aku Batuk Lets Have A Relax And A Slow Run Saja Jantah Jauh.. Round2 Saja Sekitar Kb Town.. And I Did Just That.. 
And I Thought Lari Malas2 Ani Nda Berapa Berpaluh.. Tia Kang.. Lagi Ca Menempiar Paluh Ku.. But Its Good Laaa Burned Just Over 600 Calories But Since Ive Been Eating Quite A Bit So Maybe Saturday I Need To Do A Longer Run.. Try To Go For An Hr Run.. Insya Allah
Cooling Off Session.. Watching Other Runners At Track 8 And The Usual Sunset At The Background.. Alhamdulillah Time Well Spent
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Snappy During Doa Selamat

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dan Di Khamis Kali Ini

Feeling A Bit Tired And Sleepy Today.. Didnt Get That Much Rest And When I Was Sleeping Sound Yesterday.. Last Night Was A Different Story Altogether.. I Keep On Waking Up In The Middle Of My Sleep.. Another Weird Dream And The Ending Was Like.. In My Dream I Went To Sleep And Then I Woke Up.. Feels Like Living In An Avatar Movie.. Thanks To Gym Last Night I Suppose.. Thank God I'd Be Having Half Day Today Dapat Tah Ku Cruise In Krooh Krooh Mode Ni Patang Karang..
Yesterday Badan Nda Nyaman A Bit Panas Dalam.. Nothing That Adam Sari Cant Fix.. Still Am Batuk2 A Bit.. Thank God Ada Ubat Batuk Di Rumah.. Yth Cam Susah2 Jua Hati Ani.. It Comes At A Wrong Time.. Meaning To Say My Stamina In Running Baru Kan Naik.. And Then My Body Seems To Mengalah With The Weather.. Nda Seronok Eh..
Off To Bandar Later For A Doa Selamat Function For My Grandma.. She Seems To Be Getting Healthy Now.. Alhamdulillah.. So This Is Just A Short Update For Today.. If Rajin Ada Tah Lagi Kang Tu.. Mun Nada.. Nada Tah Tu.. 
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This Was Last Night

 Time For Back Exercise.. I Love Back Exercise.. I Love Them So Much Banarrrrr... Walaupun Kan Tercabut Rasa Punggung Menarik Basi Atu But I Still Love Doing It
 During Azan Break.. Biasa Vaining Lah Ako.. Time Ani Aku Flexing Kirai Mataku.. Bermuscle Udah Yo.. Kira Mata Ku Hahaha
Last Aku Kemari HAri Minggu.. Wahh Ada Dumbbells Baru.. ekkkkkkkk Cat Saja Ajhahahaha Patutlah Lain Galapnya..
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rabu Datang Lagi

Secangkir Teh Panas Memulakan Hariku.. Bukan Seperti Kebiasaannya.. Feeling A Bit Hungry.. Why? I Slept All Night.. I Was Starting To Cough And My Chest Was Feeling A Bit Heavy.. So Sampai2 Umah Kemarin Just Gulp The Cough Syrup And I Let My Dreams Fly.. Sedar Sedar It Was 7 In The Morning.. Its Been A While Since I Had This Long Sleep.. And It Is So Refreshing.. As If My Body Been Waiting For Me To Get It Some Long Rest..
Seperti Sekelap Mata Saja Rasanya Dan Rabu Pun Muncul Kembali.. Sangat Terasa Hidup Ini Berlalu Dengan Pantas.. Terkadang Terasa Rugi Bila Waktu Berlalu Dengan Begitu Pantas And We Feel Like We Havent Done Much In It.. Dont Worry.. Sometime We Learned A New Thing Without Knowing.. Or We Teach Someone Something Valuable Without Us Realising.. Or If U Have Planned Something Bad To Do But Feel The Better Of It Then Ur Time Wasn't That Much Of A Lost..
I Had This Weird Dream Last Night.. Like I Was Transport Into A Different World.. A World Where I Was The Hero.. Hahahaha Too Much John Carter.. No Laa I Was Just Playing.. The Dream Is Weird Enough But Its A Happy Dream.. I Woke Up Today And My Heart Was Not Racing.. I Woke Up Today Without Having To Touch My Chest And Reciting Surah Insyirah Aka Alam Nasyrah Just To Calm It Down.. It Was A Nice Change.. I Didnt Have To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night Feeling All Scared.. The Boy Is Always Worried And Cursing Have Thats Why..
So The Next Few Hours I'd Be Happily Stairing At The Monitor And The Ceiling And Whatever That Can Take A Few Hours From The Clock Hahaha.. Done With All My Reports Yesterday.. Now Im Left With None.. 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darn It..

It Is Kinda Funny That When I Was Out And About While Running Or Driving I Seems To Have This Post Sorted Out On How To Start It With.. What To Write About But Somehow When My Hand Touches The Keyboard I Go Blurry.. Actually To Be Very Honest This Just Like My Old Post.. The Same Question But Im Just Running Out Of Anwers And Im Kinda Feeling Super Bad About It..
Grandma Was In Town Last Sunday.. Siuk Siuk Bercerita Kali Bomb! She Asked Me The Question.. And What Makes Me Feel Bad Is That When She Said.. Bilatah Lagi Ni Wadi.. Nini Ani Sakit.. Gulp.. Ada Lagi Lah Yang Ia Cakap Which Im Not Gonna Share It With You Guys.. Haiya.. Susah Ni.. Susah.. How Am I Gonna Explain It To Her.. In Fact Im Tired Going Thru This Conversation Over And Over Again.. Letih Lerr..
Suppose Im Still Stuck At The Prison Of My Own Memories.. So Stuck That I Dont Even Know How To Get Out Of It.. But Then Actually I Know How I Just Cant Be Bothered.. Yes I Knw.. Life Can Feel Too Short Or It Can Be Too Long Not To Share It With Someone.. Life Can Be Hard, Tough, Cruel And Tiring Not To Have That Shoulder To Lean On.. In Short Its Great To Have Someone.. But Like I Said I Just Cant Be Bothered..
Its Just A Collection Of Past Failures That Make Me Bloody Scared To Open Up.. Either Me Being Dumb Not Appreciating What I Had.. Or In A Relationship Where I Put Everything But To Their Eyes Is Not Enough.. Or Fighting For A Relation That Was Not Bless.. Or Even In A Relationship That Was Not Meant To Be And I Still Came Out Hurting Real Bad.. Maybe I Should Keep What Is Left In This Heart Of Mine For That 'ONE' Person But For Now........... Y'all Do The Guessing.. Dont Be Expecting Any Wedding Invitation From Me Just Yet.. Haha
Ah Well Enough With All This Negative Thing.. Lets Do Something Productive So I End This Post With...

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Run Time Log

Yesterday's Run.. Speed Pun Bagus Nda Drop.. And For The First Time Seumur Hidupku Berlusir Ani.. Aku Teruyung Org Yang Belusir Yg Jaraknya Antara Aku & Ia Ard 1Km Away.. Kambang Lah Lamak Paot Ku.. Yes Ia Bini2 Yes Kakinya Panjang And Lawa.. Yes She Looks Fit.. And Yes Bila Kejumpaan Balik Di Track 8 Lawa Yo.. But Still Aku Ani Mun Berlusir.. Kejarangan Memotong Org.. Kana Potong Malar Laaa.. Hahaha So Today Im Gonna Give My Body A Break.. My Chest Pun Terasa Berat.. No Running No Weightlifting.. But I Might Give Sonya A Wash.. Melutak Banar Udah Kamahnya.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

And This Was Today

 Makan Luar Bah Kaki Aaaa.. 3 - 4 Months Memang Kena Meriki2 Kan Membali Kasut Baru Ni.. Hari Raya Kang Pun Pakai Kasut Berlari Saja..
 Vain!.. Biasa Sambil2 Ambil Nyawa.. Plus Was In The Gym At Noon.. Paham2 Tah Panasnya.. Nauzubillah
My Everest Conquered.. Last Week Kiyal2 Menyampaikan Ke 10 Reps.. Now During Decline Press.. Mampu Ku Sudah.. But During Incline Press Alum G Mampu.. Insya Allah Next Gym Session Ku Pajal Ni Menaikkan With No Support..
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During WRC Last Night

We Were In Bandar By 5:30 Pm.. And When I Was Going For A Walk To CB.. Ku Liat Bilang Org Udah Semangat Dengan Kasut2 Hahahaha Aku Biar Ku Berselipar2 Berkaca2 Mata.. The Run Will Only Start In 3 Hrs Time Whats The Rush.. And The Place Was Lively Last Night.. Bukannya Selalu 10,000 People Thronged The Capital During The Weekend.. Owh Btw Tauke Tapak Kuda N Cupcake Menikmati Makananya Hahaah Nda Ya Mau Rugi
Syafiq Bieber Being Grumpy.. Malu Pasal Bajunya Basar Hahaahaha Alalalala Baru Jua Last Few Weeks Masa Kami D Jingchew Ku Selurukan Ya.. Nyangku Ada Org Atu Dulu Pakai Baju Popeye K Sekulah Hahaha. Ia Skulah Chung Hwa And Masa Ya Kindergaten Baju Skulah Mcm Baju Popeye Haha Get It? NDa? Mastah Ku Ingau!
Sampai Hajatnya 11.5 Km.. Grats Broh!
Barutah Senyum Sikit.. Sekali Sekala Vaining!
Nya C Icy Kamu Spotting Nom Yay.. Where Got! Kami Sedang Menghayati Sunset.. Hahahaha Sandi Dah Berjurit Org Baju Merah Ni Masa Ani..
One For The Memory Lane I Suppose
 With The Lads.. Jaga C Din Eski Haha
 With The Lads Again And This Time Its With Me Haha
Odahhhhhhhhhh Ber-ais Paha.. Udah Ku Bilang.. Jgn Laju Nahh..

The Cool Thing About Last Night Event Is.. Ada Ada Saja Kan Di Liat Ulah Jelama Atu.. Ada Yang Cani.. Ada Yang Cematu.. Ku Pikir2 Ehhh Atu Bergaya Hahaha.. The Uncool Thing.. Time Blusir.. Membari Malas Tah Banar Ngalih Ku Awal-awal Atu Oleh Zig-Zagging Jelama.. Mana Lagi Yang Melanggar Diri.. Mana Lagi Yg Tersiggung.. Well Bukan Salahku.. Sapa Suruh Melanggar Urg.. Last2 Atu Udah Barutah Nyaman And Sanang Berlusir.. Atu Pun Bila Menuju Ke Taman.. Bertamu Dengan Yang Costume Runner Atu.. Lagi Membari Watir.. Anu Yang Berabut Kan Mengambar Nda Lagi Meduli Org Kiri Kanan Dapan Belakang.. Udah Kana Langgar.. Bukan Salah I Haha
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