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Telah mengkhabarkan kepadaku Abu Salamah bin Abdul Rahman dengan berkata, telah berkata Abu Hurairah RA : Saya telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Demi Allah, sesungguhnya aku beristighfar (memohon keampunan) dan bertaubat kepada Allah dalam satu hari lebih daripada tujuh puluh kali."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yesterday And Today

Hari Ini Kau Datang Riang Tersenyum Buat Ku Senang. Kau Hias Dirimu Membuat Hati Bertambah Sayanggggggggggg. Okay Its A Confirmation That I Am In A Better Mood Than I Was Yesterday. Kemarin Atu Aa I Was Lethargic, Moody, Coughing Like Mad, Sleepy And TBH Part Of This Post Was Supposed To Be Written Yesterday Even My Friend Sendiri Nagur Update Blogggggggggg Update!

Not Even Bothered To Wear Proper Attire To Work. Went To Work Just Using Sandals. And I Left For Work At About 9 Am. Haa Haa Haa Malas Tah Ku  Ingau. And Then Esok I Heard All My Officemates Ke Bandar Pasal Ada Acara Perpisahan With There Co-op Boss. Since Aku Bukan Under Co-Op May I Turn In Late Tomorrow? I Don't Think So. Baru Baru Ani Jua My Boss Berpadah Esok Ada Org Kan Meliat Unit Tu Ah. Ish!

I Just Found Out That My Dad Just Crack His Rolex Watch. Wow He Really Do Got A Knack Of Cracking Watches. I Think This Is Probably The 4th Watch He Cracked. Mudahan My Tag Ani Nda Kandung Jua Amin Ya Rabb. One Of My Tag Udah Crack Olehnya.

Our Moody Face Yesterday. And It Was One Super Duper Hot Day Yesterday. Driving Makai Kereta Van Ani. Subhanallah Berangat.

Yatah Ulah Org Kepanasan Ni. Sanggup Bah Ngampai Mua Dapan Air Con Ahahaha.

I Keep On Saying This To My JKR Friends. This Place Now Needed A Traffic Light At The Roundabout Upfront. Ramai Udah Org Keraja Di Industry KB Ani. Nganya Babal Jua Kakal. Pasal Ahli Keluarga Durang Nda Terkait. Jua Ahli Keluarga Durang Terkandung. Tampat Yang Nda Munasabah Berpasang Hump Pun Durang Pasang. Padahal Ada Lagi Yang Accident Prone Di Kawasan Pandan/Mumong Atu. Booo! Get Your Head Out Of You Arse Guys. You Guys Are Kb-ians Most Of Those Decision Makers People Aren't. So Fight For Your District. Make It Better For Everyone!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"If Only Humans Think More For The Good Of The Mass Then Himself Eh"

Sunday 28th

So Not The Pic That I Wanted To Use To Begin This Post With But Hey Iatah Nganya Photo Yang Sampat Ku Snapped During Faeiz's Family Function. Andang Kuat Jua Hati Ku Kan Panggilan Pasalnya Malar Udah Kedia Melagau Nda Ku Pandai Sampai. So This Time Ku Sampaikan Tia.

Ngam Di Sana Kejumpaan Tah Ku Jua Avg Roy Kami Ani Hahaha So Nda Tah Berbau Mulut Ku Jua Duduk Duduk Haa Haa Haa.

Then Dari Kilanas I Went To Ash-Shaliheen Mosque For My Tarawikh Mengayau. I Think Iatah First Time Ku Mengayau This Year. Mun Dulu Malar Mengayau Since Malar Me K Bndr And Sungkai Di Lambak. Nowadays Since Both My Grandparents Are No More. Terasa Jua Eh Kehilangan Atu. Mun Dulu Kalau Ia Menelipun Berpadah Sunyiku. Mau Nda Mau Terpaksa Turun Sungkai Di Lambak. This Time Around Every Thursday Saja. Atu Pun Tarawikh Di Rumah Saja.

The Plan Was Kan Lepak On Saturday But Since My Sunday's Itinery Was Already Set That Aku Kan K Bandar So Ku Cancel Saja And Meet Up With The Tapak Kuda Family Haa Haa Haa. I'm A Noob At This Place. Well Sakai Bah Nya Orang Brunei. And Typical Us Bruneian Lah Jua Kan. Di Mana Baru Malar Tah Kana Aga Tu Tampat Atu. Berkerumun Sampai Tersimpul Bulu Idung Nahhhh Baru Kamu Tau Aku Membual!

Nahhhhh Been Tais Liur For Benda Ni Berbulan Bulan Haaaaaaw. Kalah Kalah Org Betian Bah. And Honestly Its A Bad Idea Tho. My Cough Yang Baru Kan Baik. Berbalik Semua. Damn It! Dusa Jua Bah. Dusa Mengetawakan Org Konpiden Membuka Pintu Yang Andang Andang Kana Kunci. Majal Jua Lakat.

Coffee Beans Ada Pizza Really Banalllr Wah Banalllr Wah. Hahaha Not A Fan Of This Particular Tho. Love The Thin Crust Not The Filling. Me Mate Are Just Typical Margharitta Pizza Fan.

 Udah Tah Gelojoh. Tamaha Lagi. Haa Haa Haa Well Aku Plang Yang Menolak Last Piece Atu Arah Kedia But Still Tho Its My Blog And I Can Type And Lie Even If I Confessed Its A Lie Haa Haa Haa. P/s The Chinese Guy Next To Your Friend Atu In Secret Want To Join Us Yth Ya Duduk Lama Lama Haa Haa Haa Probably He Wanted To Have The Last Piece Haa Haa Haa. Berdusa Ku Lagi Ish!

One Group Photo Before Heading Home. You See I Was The Attraction That Night. Why? Well Lets Say Aku Dengan Konpiden Makai Kain Pelikat Masuk Coffee Bean. Haa Haa Haa Malas Tah Ku Ingau Walaupun Awal Awal Malu Malu Ku Jua. Then I Thought Why Should I Be Ashamed Of What I Wear. So Yeah It Is Kinda Awkward When Some Stared At Me When We're Walking Out Of The Place But Like I Said Who Cares. Haa Haa Haa

Til My Next Post. Take Care Everyone!
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 "Haa Haa I Really Spoil A Perfectly Taken Photograph"

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Friday 26/6

Ehem Aku Belanja Kamu Selfi Aku Turun Sembahyang Jumaat Makai Kain Pelikat Haa Haa Haa. TBH Dulu Aku Malu Malu Ni Makai Kain Pelikat Aaa Tapi Lama Kelamaan Best Jugak Yerr. Senang Jerr Nganya Hassle After Wards Mencari Eh Mana Ku Simpan Seluarnya Tadi Aaa.

Acara Petang Was Readying All The Campur For Our Family's Annual Event In The Month Of Ramadhan.

I Personally Want This Task. Memasukkan Usin Ke Dalam Sampul Hehe. Alhamdulillah Rezeki This Year Murah Sangat And We Keep On Reminding Each Other Jua Yang Kalau Allah Murahkan Rezeki Kitani. Its Not 100% For Us. It Is Our Duty To Share Mana Yang Mampu Hehe.

Last Night's Crowd. The Plan Was Aku To Start The Even With Reciting A Few Verse But Since Durang Start Awal So Raincheck Tah Saja. So Aku Amanahkan saja Kerja Gambar Mengambar Ani Arah Adiku. While Aku Lalang Tah Ku Haa Haa Haa.

Some Of The Food Spread That Night. Alhamdulillah The Function Went Well As Usual.

Mudahan Jua Lagi Diberikan Kesempatan. Mudahan Jua Lagi Diberikan Rezeki Yang Cukup. Amin Ya Rabb.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Share What You Can. Even If Its Only Just A Glass Of Water"

Thursday 25/6 Part 2

As Usual Since Its A Thursday So Its Tahlil Night. And Since We Are In The Month Of Ramadhan So Acara Ditambah From Just Isya', Yassin And Tahlil To Maghrib, Isya', Tarawikh Dan Tahlil. 

I Really Thought Tahun Ani Nda Ku Merasa Sungkai On The Road Ni But Meleset Jua. Well The Past Few Years Aku Selalu Sungkai On The Road Pasal Delivering Briyani Orders But These Years Have You Guys Notice I Only Had One Delivery Saja. Well Its Because My Mum Sorg Saja Di Umah Since Two Of My Sisters Udah Sekulah Masa Ani And Commuting Daily From Kb To Bandar Back To Kb. So By The Time Durang Sampai Ke Rumah Pun Its Already About 3 Ish. 
And Trust Me Masa Atu Nda Cukup Plus Its Not Fair For Them Jua Kan. They Need Their Rest And My Mum With Her Current Condition Yang Batuk saja Atu. She Really Do Not Have The Energy Kan Masak Sorg. So Yeah Last Thursday Nda Tah Sampat Sungkai Di Lambak. Sungkai Dalam Kereta Kami. Atu Pun I Asked My Parents Baiktah Tani Singgah Kadai Kajap Beli Minuman. The Traffic From Liang To Telisai Especially When You Are Approaching Telisai Was Just Mad! It Was Bad During Normal Days Now Lagi During Bulan Ramadhan With Gerai Ramadhan Dapan K.K Koya Atu Lagi Ca.

This Was During Tahlil. Nda Ramai Yang Stay Di Atas. The Ladies Jemaah Turun Udah. I Just Hope Next Week Ramai Turn Out Nya. Makin Ramai Siuk Kali Ah. Especially The Amin Bit. Mcm Bergagar Rasa Bilik Tu Hehe Banar. Diri Yang Jadi Imam Ani Pun Makin Semangat.

Having A Hot Tea Afterward To Soothe My Cough. To Be Honest I Didnt Enjoy Much Leading The Prayer. Why? Well I Was Suffering From Cough And My Throat Felt Dried. I Was Out Of Breath All The Time. And Ada Part Nya My Body Was Shaking As If I Had An Asthma Attack. Being An Imam Is Very Challenging. During The Normal Months Your Mind And Thought Was Constantly Being Disturbed. 

What Is The Next Verse? Sometime Your Mind Turns Blank. Which Rakaat Are We On. While In Ramadhan Especially Leading The Tarwikh Prayer. You Thoughts Think About What Surah To Recite. And Then Of Coz Which Rakaat You're On. And Then Kalau Laju Banar Membaca Takut Tajuid Salah. And Then Kelam Kabut Usulnya. Nafas Pun Nda Teratur. The List Is Just On And On And On. Hehehe But Would I Pass The Opportunity If Somebody Asked Me To Be An Imam. Not A Chance In The World Mate.

Sorry Guys I Didn't Managed To Snap The Food So I Belanja You Guys Gambar Alai Amjad Lumpat Lumpat Pasal Ia Jadi Batman Last Night. Even Alai Zara And Copiya Pun I Didn't Manage To Gambar. Kiyut Bah Anak Ah. But Alai Zara Bebalik Semula Takut Kan Aku. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Then Otw Back Home To Kb My Mum Said Bah Sahur Luar Tani. So We Had Our Sahur At Seri Zamrud Restaurant In Kilanas Since My Sister Need To Make A Fuel Stop And This Restaurant Was Just Across The Filling Station.

I Tell You What Guys. Having Your sahur Early Especially Around 11 Ish Before Midnight Really Helps With Your Fasting The Next Day. I Don't Know Why? I Do Not Have A Scientific Explanation On It But I Felt More Energetic. I Didn't Feel Hungry At All Well I Was Basically Starving Moments Before Breaking My Fast.

Yes I Do Still Have To Wake Up Around 3:30 Am. Why? Well Ambil Pahala Sunat Kan. Then Top Up On The Water Intake And Have A Few Dates. You Woke Up In The Morning You Don't Feel Lethargic And Thirsty Because Your Body Was Still Trying To Burn The Food You Just Ate. Maybe Jua Lah Aa. I Suggest You Guys Try It Since We Are Now On The 11th Day Of Fasting And I Do Believe Our Body Pun Udah well Tune Up Udah Kan.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Fasting Now Is Just An Ease"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday 25/6

Actually This Post Was Meant To Be For Yesterday But Since I Was Kinda Busy And Not Feeling Well Yesterday So Postponed And Tukar Title Terus Buat Untuk Hari Ani.

Ahirnya Menjangkit Tah Ku Jua Kan. Ish Atu Kan Mencuba Ku Udah Menghindari Akhirnya Menjangkit Tah Ku Jua. Its Been 2 Days Since I Have This Annoying Batuk. Thank God Its Not Asthmatic But Still It Really Ruin My Plan Kan Running During Ramadhan Ani. And Then It Makes Me Lazy Berabis. Makan Pun Nada Mood. Cannot Makan Berabis Yang Ani. Cannot Berabis Yang Atu. Ah Well Need To Pick Up My Sister From School. Didn't Realize Its Almost 11:30 Am. So Later Ku Nyambung.

Grumpy Sangat Kan! Haha I Know I Know I Hated Batuk I Hated Batuk I Hated Batuk. Actually Kan I Haven't Much To Share Plang Ni. So Ialah Just Bla Bla Bla Bla Tah Ku Right Now.

So This Is The New Happening Lah Around KB Town. This Kind Of Improvement I Tepuk Tangan Kuat Kuat. KB Need This You Know Beautification. In Fact KB Need More Taman Riadah Yang Macam Taman Jubli Ah. I Do Believe Track 8 Area Atu Kalau Kana Buat A Focal Point For Riadah Like Jogging Or Playground Apa Bisai Tu. And Then Disediakan Tempat Org Berdagang Macam Minuman Saja Then I'm Sure Dapat Sambutan. Hopefully Hal Cemani Termasuk Dalam Perancanganlah. 

American Odyssey Is Entering Its Season Finale. The More I Followed It The More Annoyed I Am. A Few Of The Main Characters Are Just Dumb But Somehow This Is The Kind Of Stuff That Manage To Pull Me In. And The Last Ship. OMG What An Epic Season Premiere. Its Entering Its Second Season And A 2 Hours Premiere As Well. It Continues Where It Left Off From The 1st Season And Its Kinda Hard For Them To Top That One With Its Coming Episodes. Nevertheless I Can't Wait Yihaa. Strike Back Also Has Return For Its 5th Season. And Thank God Jua All Those Soft Porn Stuff Nda Banyak Adalah A Few So Dpt Di Forward. Bulan Puasa Kali Aaaa Kurang Jua Pahala Puasa Ku Tu Mun Diliat. Haa Haa Haa

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday 23/6

A Bit Moody Today. Nda Cukup Tidur. Kinda Ngusut Jua At The Same. Feeling A Bit Under The Weather. Mostly Menjangkit From Org Umah Since My Parents And Sister Wani Is Suffering From Cold And Cough. And I Thought Its Only A Matter Of Time Saja Lah Aku Kan Menjangkit Then By Last Sunday Whilst I Was In Bandar I Can Feel My Badan Starting To Feel Nyilu. Sekerita With My Parents Nda Batah Eh. Patang Atu Panas Dalam Tah Ku. Walaupun Ku Kelaparan Ilang Liur Ku. All I Have For Sungkai Last Sunday Was Just 100 Plus, Water And Actifast Terus Ku KO.!

These Will Be The Colors Of My Raya This Year. Biru Atu Nda Bleh Buang Aaa. Mesti Ada Tahun Tahun. Luckily Our Normal Tailor Masih Mau Menerima Well He Can't Say No Since He Already Promised My Dad. Atu Pun Mengusut Usul Pekerja Nya Haha

My Sahur But Esenku. Still Am Under The Weather. So Pumping Up On Those Redoxon Drink Trying To Fight The Cough. Sigh Awal Awal Puasa Santai Saja Udah Ani. Berkarak Rasa Dada.

Mengantuk Yang Terasa Sangat. Don't Let The Vain Look Fool Ya But Trying To Fight Off Mengantuk Whilst Puasa Is Hard. At One Point You Just Wanted To Sleep It Off But Mun Malar Tidur Makruh Saja. Plus Headache Lagi So Cani Tah Usulku Saja. Org Tagur Sepatah Dua Ja Ku Jawap. Org Ngadu Pasal Itu Ini. Okay Saja Nyangku Hahaha

TIl My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Hopes Your Ramadhan Turns Out Well"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When Unwanted Memories Return.

Dari Semula Telah Ku Rasa.. Ingin Untuk Berpisah Dan Berpaling Dari Diriku Kepadanya.. Walaupun Sakit Yang Ku Rasakan Takkan Hilang Dalam Hati Ini.. Tetap Ku Tahan Biarlah Sedih Di Sini.. Ku Tau Kau Cintainya Dan Mengharapkan Bersamanya.. Ku Relakan Kerna Cinta.. Biarlah Sepi Biarlah Sedih Menemani Ku Setiap Saat.. Biarlah Sepi Biarlah Sedih Di Sini.. BIla Memang Semua Itu Inginmu.. Ku Relakan Kau Demi Cinta.. Bahagialah.......

Kekadang Aku Pun Hairan. Usually I Was Cool. Usually I Will Be Just Fine. Probably Its The Month. Probably I've Been Thinking Too Much. Probably I Let My Mind Wander About To The Point It Randomly Goes Back To That Moment When I Was Actually Really Happy. Those Moment When I Know Somebody Is Missing And Loving Me With Everything That I Am. I Supposed I Let My Guard Fell Easily. I Should Never Have Goes Back But Bila Hati Udah Andang Ada Rasa Sayang. What Can I Do. So Now I'm Packing Things Up. And Trying To Walk Away. I Have Too. I Need Too.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Bila Si Aries Jatuh Cinta. Sukar Untuknya Melupakan"

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friday 19/6

We Had Our Sungkai In Lumut Yesterday. Celebrating Ryan And Myra Birthday As Well As A Short Tahlil Recitation.

A Panoramic Photo Taken By My Bungsu During Tahlil Recitation.

At Low Light My HTC One M7 Sucks Big Time. But Yeah Did The Job For My Blog.

Siuk Eh Banyak Hadiah Durang Eh. Basar Basar Lagi Tu. Jeles Uncle D Eh.

First Photo Myra Ingau Kan Scooter Nya Langsung Nda Ingau Lagi Kan Buka Pressie Lain.

Second Photo Her WaWa Laki Struggling To Open It. So I Told Here Myra Aga Ckp Arah Wawa Aaa Batah Ja! Hahaha So She Said Batah! Hahahaha

Third Photo Myra Gambar Dengan Scooter. Bah Ehhh Jap Nya Sama Booboo Taus Aka Teddy Bearnya Hehe. Pretty Girl Ah This One.

Kabungkayangan Tu Bui! Hahahaha Cua Liat Raiz Memajal Mengunjuk Cuklet Arah Ku. Tapi Nda Ku Mau And Ya Langap Langap Pasal He Was Too Full Nda G Sanggup Kan Memapak Coklet Hahahaha Kiyut!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Over Fed Ku Yesterday Banar Tah"