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Daripada Abu Yaqazhan Ammar bin bin Yasir RA katanya aku telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesungguhnya seseorang yang memanjangkan sembahyangnya dan memendekkan khutbahnya adalah tanda orang yang memahami dalam urusan keagamaannya, sebab itu, panjangkanlah sembahyang dan pendekkanlah bacaan khutbah.”

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meng Random Dolo Eh

Lying Down In My Bed And Going Through The Photo Gallery In My Smartphone While Clearing All The Junk Photos That I Downloaded And I Thought Why Don't I Do A Random Post. So Please Do Bear With Me As I Am Typing This Post Using My Smartphone. So Shall We....

Letting All Those Vendors At Kontena Park Holding An Event Like This Is All Good. In Terms Of Helping Those Vendors To Get More Exposure And At The Same Time Hoping There Will Be An Increase In Their Sales. As One Vendor Told Me That The Event Was A Success As Their Sales Increases On That Very Day, Alhamdulillah. 

Nganya The Downside Of Exposing This Area Was That It Invited All These Nuisances. Not That I Am Blaming The Event Organiser As I Do Believe They're Can Be Trusted. It Just As I Mentioned Earlier It Creates A Big Hassle For Our Security Especially During Night Time. Hopefully Our Security Is Up To The Task In Looking After The Place.

I'm Sure If You're A Bruneian You Must Had Came Across With The Photo Above Kan.? It Gave Me A Good Chuckle Jua Bah That Org Kitani Ani Luan Gullible At Times.

Why Did I Said That? Well Do You Really Think That The Owner Of Kunyit Lodge Atu Will Bring Them Royal Prince And Princess Atu Lalu Kawasan Ani Kah? And Don't Get Wrong I'm Not Saying Yg The Photo Above Ani Fake. Sadly Its An Ugly Truth That Each Bruneian Have To Admit. It Is Saddening That The Relevant Authorities Haven't Tackle This Issue. And If They Did Well They're Not Doing A Good Job, Isn't It? 

Look Don't Get Me Wrong I'm Not Solely Putting The Blame Just On The Shoulder Of The Relevant Authorities. Residents Of Kg Ayer Are Also Equally Guilty For Their Irresponsibility. Kg Ayer Is And Forever Be Our National Treasure. Everyone Needs To Pitch In Some Effort To Keep The Place And More Importantly Our Rivers Clean!

While We Are Still In The Topic About Rubbish. The Moment When I Saw This Photo Being Circulated I Got Pissed Off Straight Away. It Just Shows How Irresponsible Some Of Us Bruneian Are. Jadi Tampat Melepak Sampai Blocking One Lane. Berjurit Lagi! Sampah Lapas Makan Dibiarkan Cematu Saja. Baie Bah Apa Jua Baratnya Kertas Nasi Katok Aa. Alum Lagi Sampah Sampah Yg Kana Umban Ke Sungai. Fucking Degenerates!

Nganya Yg Nda Siuknya. Just After This Photo Gone Viral. There Was A Second Photo Being Circulated Via Whatsapp. The Photo Showed A Family Having A Meal At The Bridge. First Of All, No Way It Indicates That This Family Was The One Who Left The Rubbish Behind. The Person Who Screenshot The Photo Was A Real Jerk! Mudahan Tah Kedapatan. Biar Ya Luan Kejahatan Atu.

Then I Saw This Photo Being Shared On My Facebook's Timeline. Honestly This Is Not Something New. Even During The Time While The Bridge Was Still Under Construction We Can See Lots Of Debris Floating Around The Area. Nganya Since The Rubbish Photos Went Viral And The Area Has Became Busier People Start To Take Notice. Bitter Sweet Thingy Though. It Is Good That It Went Viral But It Also Indicates How Irresponsible Us Bruneian Are!

I Really Can't Wait For The Opening Ceremony Of Sungai Kebun's Bridge. And I Am Still Torn Inside. Why? The Event Clashes With Liverpool V Manchester United Match. Its A Big Game. A Must Not Miss Match. But I Still Want To Be Part Of History Too. I Really Want To Be There. Arggggghhhhhhh! Why! Why!

I Really Want One! I Really Want One! I Really Want One!

Nanti Bila Ada Kesempatan Untuk Bergambar Di Jambatan Baru. I Will Do That Pose But I Won't Do It In The Middle Of The Road Though. No Way!

Really Dude?!?! How Mean Can You Be! And This Photo Reminded Me About One Of My Colleague's Son. She Told Us That A Guy Approached Them Telling Them That He Can Do Sketch And It Will Only Cost Them $5.

When She Revealed The Sketch In Our Chat Group. Owh Boy! I Can't Hold My Laughter. At That Time I Thought That Was One Rubbish Sketch. Well The Photo Above Held That Title. And A Mean One Too! Hahahahaha I Still Got A Good Laugh Out Of It.

I Do Know The Answer. So Please Figure It Out And Share It With Me. 

Bah Udah Ku. Ngantuk Ku Udah. Tata!

Monday, October 09, 2017

Hey October!

I'm The First One In Today So I'm Gonna Use The Quiet Time Well And Do A Quick Update. Sorry Guys For Being Slow With My Update. But Hey If You Know Me Well Then You Should Know When I Update My Blog It Gonna Be Lots At One Time Haha.

A New Month Of October Is Here. And The Last Few Weeks Of September As Well As The Early Days Of October Has Been Quite A Draining Time In Term Of Financially For Me. Kereta Ku Menyambung Minta Usai And The Amount Pun Limpas $500. Knocked Out Punch Ku Banar Nda Ku Badusta Eh. My Budget For The Rest Of October Goes Haywire Tarus Lah. And All I Can Say Is Tawakal Saja Kan Menyampaikan Ke Tarikh Terima.

Anyhoot I Think That's About It For Now. In Shaa Allah Perlahan-lahan Kang Ku Meng Update My Blog Ani. Ikut Kerajinan Ku Lah Tu Aa. So Have A Good Week Ahead Guys!

Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Parmesan Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep....

This Looks Super Delicious And I Really Wanted To Try This.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Jubli Emas 50

Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik.

Monday, October 02, 2017

The Saturday 30th Of September 2017

Ahhhhh Finally Saturday Yahoo!

After Dropping Off My Work Then I Stopped By At Taman Menteri Besar Next To The Health Promotion Centre For A Morning Jog. Well More To A Walk Then Jog But Yay! I'm So Glad. After Almost A Few Weeks Of Hiatus My Lung Are Now Cleared Well Adalah Batuk Batuk Sikit But That Didn't Stop Me To Enjoy My Morning Activity. 

From There I Stopped By At My Office For A Shower. Didn't Fancy Going Back To Sg Tampoi Even Though My Wife Nda Minta Ambil For Lunch. Still Though Malas Ku Jua. I Just Need Some Wadi Time Main Game Apa Hehehe.

I Had Breakfast At One Of Our Fave Mamak Restaurant Called Spices Here In Sg Tilong. Ordered Ayam Masala Dosai. Its Been Months Since I Had This And I'm Not Planning Of Eating This Every Weekend. Dosai Kosong Kali Atu Ok Not With This Masala Thingy Its Too Delicious And It Spike The Small Calories In Normal Dosai!

When Your Cousin Wanted To Eat Urat Goreng At Nini Jinab Then They Said Yang Urat Kehabisan So What They Eat Nda Sama Dengan Apa Yang Aku Share. All I Can Do Was Say Haha And Sya Sya Pun Hahahahaha.

And When You Find Out The Blacklist Has A New Season. WoooHooo! Happy Man Si Wadi Ni. Adakan Di Tunggu Every Week. Cua Liat Kaki Ku Atu.

Fetched My Wife From Work Then Round Round Kami Dulu. Can't Wait To Walk Around This Area. Place Looks Beautiful. Gonna Be Hot As Fluck But Hey! Its A Park Bah.

Ani Banar Mun My Lil Sis Nampak Memang Langap2 Mulutnya Minta Balikan. Even My Wife Bercerita Mun Alai Bang Suka Ya Ni. Ada Ya Menyabut And Bercerita Ni Minta Bawa Ke Mari Kan Membali. Good Luck Babah Good Luck Babu Haha.

Before Balik Kb. Singgah Arah My Favorite Bakso Place. My Wife Wanted Old Klang Curry Puff Nganya Alum Ada Awal. Banyak Kesian Banyak Kesian Haha.

Kb Bound. These LED Street Lights Are Really Bright. Love Them Nda Sakit Mata.