Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chest Session 27/03/2013

Chest Dips 3 Sets With 10 Reps For Each Sets.

Incline Chest Press HS Machine 4 Sets : 30 Kg - 12 Reps, 40 Kg - 12 Reps, 60 Kg - 12 Reps, 20 Kg - 20 Reps (Drop Weight).. I Did A Drops Weight For The Final Sets Which Mean I Can Hit And Tire Those Muscles Fibres Even More. Most Of My Sets Today Incorporated Drop Weight With High Reps Number To Get More Pump On My Muscles.
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 Sets : 15 Kg - 12 Reps, 18 Kg - 12 Reps, 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 11 Kg - 20 Reps (Drop Weight)
Seated Chest Press With Underhand Grip 4 Sets : 90 Lbs - 15 Reps, 110 Lbs - 12 Reps, 130 Lbs - 12 Reps, 80 Lbs - 20 Reps (Drop Weight)
Incline Flyes Cybex Machine 5 Sets : 4 Kg - 15 Reps, 5 Kg - 12 Reps, 6 Kg - 12 Reps, 7 Kg - 10 Reps, 3 Kg - 20 Reps (Drop Weight)

Cable Chest Cross Over 4 Sets : 50 Lbs - 15 Reps, 60 Lbs - 12 Reps, 70 Lbs - 12 Reps, 40 Lbs - 20 Reps (Drop Weight) 
Low Cable Pulley Chest Cross Over 5 Sets : 30 Lbs - 15 Reps x5

Dumbbell Chest Pullover 3 Sets : 18 Kg - 12 Reps, 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 24 Kg - 12 Reps. No Drop Weight On This One.. Because I Was Fighting With Fatigue.. But I Also Incorporated Triceps Workout After My Chest Session.. And The Result I Still Feel The Burns Even After A Few Days! Experiment Succeeded Will Be Continue Doing This Regime For The Forseeable Future.. BIYA MAKIN SAMPIT BAJU!
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My Run Log

My Route Still Nda Berubah.. Still Belusir And Ada Part Aku Berjalan Then I Continue My Run.. Biar Tia Slow Yang Penting Sampai.. Macam Moto C Anak Panyu Slowly Walking Toward The Finish Line! So Its Thursday Today.. Gonna Have Another Run Session Today In Sha Allah!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Berita Kepada Kawan

Perjalanan Ini Terasa Sangat Menyedihkan.. Sayang Engkau Tak Duduk Di Sampingku Kawan.. Banyak Cerita Yang Mestinya Kau Saksikan.. Di Tanah Kering Berbatuan.. Tubuhku Terguncang.. Dihempas Batu Jalanan.. Hati Tertegar Menetap Kering Rerumputan.. Perjalanan Ini Pun Seperti Jadi Saksi.. Gembala Kecil Menangis Sedih.. Kawan Coba Dengar Apa Jawapnya.. Ketika Ya Ku Tanya Mengapa.. Bapak Ibunya Telah Lama Mati.. Ditelan Bencana Tanah Ini.. Sesampainya Di Laut.. Ku Kabarkan Semuanya.. Kepada Karang.. Kepada Ombak.. Kepada Matahari.. Tetapi Semua Diam.. Tetapi Semua Bisu.. Tinggal Aku Sendiri.. Terpaku Menatap Langit.. Barangkali Di Sana Ada Jawapnya.. Mengapa Di Tanahku Terjadi Bencana.. Mungkin Tuhan Telah Mulai Bosan.. Melihat Tingkah Kita.. Yang Selalu Salah Dan Bangga Dengan Dosa-Dosa.. Atau Alam Mulai Enggan.. Bersahabat Dengan Kita.. Coba Kita Bertanya Pada Rumput Yang Bergoyang..

I Promise You Guys.. If Just Sing Along To The Lyric I Posted Above And Not Looking At The Video.. Y'all Might Think Its A Professional Singer Singing.. But No.. Super Talented.. Voice Is Golden.. Even Intro Ya Nyanyikan Lagu Wali Band Atu Udah Aku Macam WOW! Hope He Has A Good Life Ahead Amin..

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Needing A Smile.. Watch This..

Lets Go To Jogja.. Chill Saja Dangar Pengamen Bernyanyi Hahaha.. Kreatif Tah Banar
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Introducing Si Tegar

Actually Aku Ani Lambat Setahun I Think.. Was Looking For A New Indo Songs Untuk Di Download So This Guy Here Was Basically Hot Right Now Numbur Alif On The Chart Ish Ish Lah.. So Went To Youtube To Check Him Out.. Turn Out To Be He Is Only About 11 Years Old.. Seorang Pengamen.. Seniman Jalanan.. And Man This Kid Is Very Talented.. Hopefully He Will Always Remember His Hardship To Get Where He Is Now.. Amin!
P/s Nama Lagunya Aku Yang Dulu Bukanlah Yang Sekarang Yang Awal Awal Di Nyanyikan Pasalnya This Video Was A Medley But I Very Much Like Lagu Punk Rock Jalanan Minute 4:22 Onwards.. Asik Gitu Loh!
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Back Session 25/05/2013

ISO Behind Neck Pulldown Using Hammer Strength Machine 4 Sets : 40 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 60 Kg - 12 Reps x2
ISO Pulldown Using Hammer Strength Machine 4 Sets : 40 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 60 Kg - 12 Reps x2
ISO Low Row Using Hammer Strength Machine 3 Sets : 50 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 70 Kg - 12 Reps
Lat Pulldown Using Neutral Grip Bar 3 Sets : 90 Lbs - 12 Reps x2, 110 Lbs - 12 Reps x2.

ISO Low Using Hammer Strength Machine 3 Sets : 50 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 70 Kg - 12 Reps. I Skip This After Lat Pasalnya Ada Noda Noda Dan Dugaan Dugaan Pahit Yang Sangat Hangit! Haahahahahaha God People Going To The Gym.. Towel And Deodorant Please!
Roman Deadlift 4 Sets 40 Kg - 6 Reps x4. I Know I Know 6 Repetitions Saja But Its Been Awhile Since I Did This So Please Bear With Me Hahaha
Olympic Bar T-Bar Row 4 Sets - 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 30 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 40 Kg - 12 Reps
One Arm Dumbbell Row Elbows Out 3 Sets - 20 Kg - 12 Reps 2x, 24 Kg - 12 Reps. This Is A Slight Variation To The Normal One Arm DB Rows Which I Prefer! It Always Gives Me A Better Stretch On The Side Of My Back When The Dumbbell Going Full Down.

That's It Folks.. My Back Session For This Weeks.. Was Aiming For A 10 Games Session But My Right Shoulder Still Felt A Bit Tight And Sore.. Didn't Want To Injure It More Plus I'm Seeing Stars.. Might As Well I Stop While I Can.. It Is Really Tough With The Amount Of Food Intake It Didn't Give Me Enough Power To Blast It.. Need To Structure My Meal Schedule Better..
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cerita Di Hari Khamis

A Friend Asked Me Does This Gives Me Extra Strength.. Honestly! No! My Own Opinion Its Not.. Someone Might Say Yes But Like I Said On My Own Opinion No.. But Its A Pre-workout Drink Which Helps You Pump Your Heart Faster Hence You Tend To Sweat Fast And Makes Your Body Super Hot.. Which Is Why I Love It.. Endurance Wise Yes It Does Gives Extra Stamina, Focus And Such But When Talking About Strength.. Well If You Are Doing Weight Training.. Its Not Rocket Science You Have To Eat Right Or Else Where You Gonna Have The Strength From? Kalau Nya Org Kitani Loading Loading But Honestly You Have To Take A Good Care.. I Use To Do Loading Loading Hantam.. Yes Banar Time Main Basi Power Hantap Nya Dangan! But At The Same Time It Makes My Belly Bigger.. So Now After A Year I Started To Give More Care On That Term Loading.. Yes I Still Makan Nasi During Gym Day But I Cut My Potion Into Half.. I'm More Of A Spaghetti Man Now.. And As A Friendly Advice Egg Based Or Flour Based Spaghetti Doesn't Gives You The Same Power As Eating Spinach Based Spaghetti.. You Just Have To Be Clever Research Well And Listen Well.. If People Asked Me What Is My Aim.. To Do This Until I'm Old And Can't Lift.. Nada Ku Minat Kan Ikut Berlawan Ah.. Sedang2 Saja Pun Alhamdulillah..
Using The Memo App On My Phone To Track What I Did At Every Gym Session.. Then Posted It On My Blog.. Satu Daripadanya Is To Help See My Progress And Jua Check What Kind Of Exercise I Did So The Next Time I Know What To Do And What To Left Out! Cua Liat The Spelling Error Hahaha Epic! Fatigue Udah Tu Tangan G Kajar2 Malas Tah Ku Ingau!
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Shoulder Session 22/05/2013

Seated Shoulder Press Using Smith Machine 4 Sets : 20 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 30 Kg - 12 Reps x2.
Arnold Twist 4 Sets : 12 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 15 Kg - 12 Reps x2.

Wadi's Twist Of Fun (For Diagram Click Here) 4 Sets : 5 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 7 Kg - 10 Reps x2. Sampai Hajat Menaikkan Weight On This Exercise.
Bent Arm Lateral Raise 4 Sets : 11 Kg - 15 Reps x2, 12 Kg - 12 Reps, 15 Kg - 10 Reps.
Standing Alternate Dumbell Front Raise 4 Sets : 7 Kg - 15 reps, 8 Kg - 15 Reps, 11 Kg - 12 Reps, 12 Kg - 10 Reps. On This Exercise I Superset The First Two Sets Then I Had 60 Secs Rest Then Superset The Last Two Sets!
Plate Front Raise 4 Sets : 10 Kg - 15 Reps x2, 15 Kg - 12 Reps x2.
Reverse Cable Crossover 3 Sets : 20 Lbs - 15 Reps, 25 Lbs - 15 Reps, 30 Lbs - 12 Reps. Only Managed To Do 3 Sets Here Because I Hurt My Right Shoulder Muscles. Damn!
One Hand Bent Cable Lateral Raise 3 Sets : 15 Lbs - 15 Reps x3. Also Doing 3 Sets Saja.. With A Very Light Weight. Nursing That Right Shoulder!
Cable Upright Row 4 Sets : 50, 60, 70, 80 Lbs - 15 Reps Each Set.
The Shrug! 3 Sets : 60, 90, 110 Kg - 15 Reps Each Sets!

That's It 10 Games Target For Shoulder Session Achieved! I Thought To Myself Man This Gonna Hurt In The Morning.. And Rightly So.. No Protein Shake, Not Amino Pills For Recovery.. Doing It Naturally.. And My Shoulder! Ouch!
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Chest Session 20/05/2013

Chest Dips 3 Sets 10 Reps. I Always Begin My Chest By Doing Dips. Because It Helps Pumps Those Blood To My Chest My Arms Joints As Well As My Triceps Faster Plus If I Do It Later I Won't Be Having Much Power Hence, I'd Be Struggling With Holding My Form Due To Fatigue
Incline Chest Press Hammer Strength Machine 4 Sets : 40 Kg - 12 Reps, 50 Kg - 12 Reps, 60 Kg - 12 Reps, 40 Kg - 10 Reps
Bench Press With Smith Machine 4 Sets : 30 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 40 Kg - 12 Reps x2
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 Sets : 15 Kg - 15 Reps, 20 Kg - 15 Reps, 27 Kg - 12 Reps. 
Seated Incline Fly Cybex Machine 4 Sets : 4, 5, 6, 7 Kg - 15 Reps Each Sets.
Seated Underhand Press 4 Sets : 90, 120, 140, 160 Lbs - 15 Reps Each Sets.

Cable Chest Cross Over 4 Sets : 4, 5, 6, 7 Kg - 15 Reps Each.

Crazy Chest Session I Must Admit.. Doing 4 Sets For Each Games Apart From Decline Dumbbell With The Gym Buddies Are Lifting Heavy With Only 3 Sets. I Opted For A Moderate Weight Saja.. So Just Imagine Pembuka Each Game Aku.. Then Penutup Pun Aku.. So After I've Finished My Sets With Lil Rest Onto The Next Game Straight Away.. Hahahahaha No Complain Senderey Punya Mau..!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old Brunei Documentary

I Must Say This Is A Great Find.. The Brunei That We Hardly Sees Anymore.. And Just Because Of That I Share This Video In My Blog For My Fellow Readers! And To Top All That The Grand Opening Of Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddin.. Wow! P/s Gun Salute We Don't Do That Anymore.. Lucky Enough Dulu During Early School Years.. Asal HM Ke Belait Bercemar Duli.. Sebelumnya Bertitah Di Dewan Kemasyarakatan.. Selepas Ia Memeriksa Pasukan Keselamatan.. 3 Guns Salute! Siuk Tu Bunyi Senapang Bertembak Ah Hehehe
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Rayyan Eh

Rayyan Eh Gambar Wah
Rayyan Eh Liat Sini Bah!
Rayyan Sini Wahhhh!
Alai Help!!!
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Just Last Saturday

A Double Rainbow Over Seria Sky Greeted Us Last Saturday.. After Gym And Shower With The Family Going To Bandar For A Doa Selamat Function.. Aku Ada Anak Buah Baru Lerr.. But Too Busy Cerita-cerita With The Cuz Sampai Lupa Kan Gambar Anaknya Hahaha Nantitah Aaaaa Bila Ada Mandi Berlawat Okay!

My Grandma Gauk Nda Pakai Songkok Hahahaha.. Kesian Usulnya My Grandpa Ani Banar Tah..

Berulah Bergambar With Najib Hahahaha.. Bila Jua Kalau Aku Bergambar Sama Ia Pandaikan Bisai!
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Back Session 18/05/2013

ISO Behind Neck Pulldown Using Hammer Strength Machine 4 Sets : 40 Kg - 15 Reps x2, 50 Kg - 15 Reps x2
ISO Pulldown Using Hammer Strength Machine 4 Sets : 40 Kg - 15 Reps x2, 50 Kg - 15 Reps x2
ISO Low Row Using Hammer Strength Machine 3 Sets : 50 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 60 Kg - 12 Reps
ISO Low Using Hammer Strength Machine 3 Sets : 50 Kg - 12 Reps x2, 60 Kg - 12 Reps
Lat Pulldown Using Neutral Grip Bar 3 Sets : 90 Lbs - 12 Reps, 110 Lbs - 12 Reps, 130 Lbs - 12 Reps
Lying T-Bar Row 3 Sets : 25 Kg - 15 Reps, 35 Kg - 15 Reps, 45 - 12 Reps. One Of My Least Fave Game When Doing Back Exercise.. This Machine It Looks Simple And Not Interested But Do It With A Correct From Its Practically Murder On Your Lower Body!
T-Bar Row 3 Sets : 20 Kg - 15 Reps, 30 Kg - 15 Reps, 40 Kg - 15 Reps
Cable Rope Rear-Delt Rows 3 Sets : 60 Lbs - 15 Reps, 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 100 Lbs - 15 Reps.

Doing A Back Session On Saturday And It Was A Bit Early Than Usual Because I Have A Function To Attend To In The Evening.. Thought Gonna Have A Quick Session Ended Up Enjoying It So Much That I Did 8 Games Haha.. Would Love To Do Deadlift To Finish It Off But Then I'm Afraid My Mum Would Go Bla Bla Bla For Me Being Late So I Will Do It On My Next Back Session!

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