Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday The 31st Of Dec.

Just About As Busy As It Can Get For Today. Partly Busy Partly Free. Semi Hectic Lah Ah.

Selfi Narsis And A Proof That I Turned Late For Work Hahahah Honest I Can't Be Bothered Walaupun I Know I Have Open Appoinment Today But Knowingly When The People I'm Having An Appoinment With Saying They're Coming Maybe Pagi Maybe Patang Then Why Bother.

When I Thought I Did It Perfectly Looked Down Bayi Kali. Ada Tah Jua Double Line Atu. Honestly I'm Not One Of Those Guy Yang Really Concern With How Press My Clothes Are But When It Comes To Pants. This Really Annoys Me. Udah Tah Pagi Pagi Jadi Routine Terikah Seluar. (siapa suruh pagi napa nda malam sebelumnya) Well Shut Up Its My Pant. Minta Terikah Mulut Atu?

Mun Dulu I'll Be Saying Ah Duli Eh Bukannya Ku Polis Or Asgar Kan Ku Apa. But When You Begins To Grow Up. Start To Realize Penampilan Ketika Kerja Atu Sangatlah Penting All This Petty Stuff If You Don't Do It Right. It Annoys You Right Out! Kalau Tah Bleh Biarnya Rata. Mun  Mutung Keratas Pun Dapat. Nahhhhhhhhhh!

Early Morning Shenanigans. Yes My Desk Is Messy. Yes Berkeraja Tah Kediaku. Berjurit Tah Mejanya Tu. Limpar Tah Keratas Tu Hahaha. You Know There Was Always A Perk To Working Sorang Sorang Di Opis. You Appreciate The Quietness But That Will Only Last For A While. Especially When You Were Busy Doing Something Then The Bloody Won't Stop Ringing And The Office Emails Won't Stop Coming.

On Top Of That You Have To Assist A Few Managers Who Are Doing A Walk In Registration. So You Have To Speak Politely And Softly. Owh With A Smile As Well. And Then At The Same Time People From Telbru Also Came To The Office To Install Fibre Optics Line. So You Have This Commotion In The Office. Bos Kemari Sekejap Bos. Then Wadi Ani Maksudnya Entry Ani. Then Ring Ring Ring At The Same Time Asking Mana My Boss. Eh Nda Kamu Tau Ya Cuti. And Then Baru Jua Kan Menolong Org Registering Ring Ring Ring. Wadi Dapat Kau Buatkan Aku Ani. Ani. Ani. And Ani. Then Boss Ini Bagaimana Ya Mau Di Letak karannya. Goodness Gracious Me. Gimme A Fucking Break!

Then What Looks Gloria Gaynor Appear From No Where. With Her Dazzling Clothes Whispering To My Ears. "Once I Was Afraid. I Was Petrified." Then I Turned My Head Damn It Bruce You're A Fucking Man. You Balls Are Dangling Like Ornament. You Need To Fucking Grow Them Back. The Kids Have Their Own Mum. They Need A Dad! A Man!

Okay Iklan Tu Yang Banarnya. Stress Ku Sikit Lah Ani Selasai Udah A Bit My Task. And Then For Companies Yang Langsung Nda Turn Up Atu. Well Screw Them I Can't Be Bothered.

Yth Masalahnya Ni Kalau Memakai Kereta Perempuan. I Mean Love Using My Sister's Car I Really. Its A Diesel. It Have A Turbo Engine. So When U Hit The Right RPM It Does Go. Yes Yes I Do Admit I Have Jazzie Bear As An Ornament In My Sonya. But The Differents Between Jazzie And That Bear Key Chain Is. I Do Not Have To Bring Jazzie Everywhere. That Key Chain Bulge In My Pockets. Kang Org Pikir Mmm Mmmm Basarnya. Basar Apa? Basar Key Chain. Jgn Kuning Aaa Awas Loe! Yes Ada Spare Key But The Problem Is Nada Kunci Rumah Attach To It. So Susah Lerrr.

This Was Last Night. Ermm Sedap Ni Banar. I Swear. And Then My Sister Memasak Lagi Tu Padas. My God! This Was The Bomb Mate!

Thanks For The Order Liau! Sampat Jua Kami Chit Chat Before Balik. Glad The Whole Family Love It. Saturday G Menyambung Lepak Keh. In Shaa Allah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Aiii Rajin Nya Aku"

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