Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday The 13th Of Dec

Dad Told Me Before They Off To Miri To Panyap Ani. I Told Him In Shaa Allah. I Didn't Lift A Finger. I Just Looked At It And Snapped This Photo. Sorry Dad! Hahahah I Slept Most Of The Time. If I Didn't Sleep I Just Sat On The Lazy Boy And Be A Couch Potato.

I Got Bored Then I Thought I Need To Go Out Since Its A Sunday. Weather Pun Cantik And I Haven't Have The Chance To Test Drive My Sister's Car Ever Since Ya Kluar Dari Workshop. So Hence I Went. So If U Remember Back Then In Previous Post I Post A Video. Well Iatah Udah Ni. Hehehe Batah Ku Update Atu Ah. Sibuk Ku Lai. Baru Hari Ani Ku Free Monday Aaa. Iatah Rajin Ku Meng Update Blog. Mun Nda. Berlangau Ni Blog Aaa.

Meh Meh Ai Belanja Satu Selpi Yang Penuh Narsis Sambil Memakai Galas Mata Babah Kami Di Hari Minggu. Nyaa Haa Haa.

One Of Kb's Sunset. Not Its Finest I'm Afraid With The Clouds And Such Still Though Another Masha Allah Moment.

Dad Shared This Photo Of Him Having A Massage In Miri. Boy I Do Need One To. Luan Banyak Angin Rasa Badan Ku Ani.

Well What Else Do You Do On A Sunday Night. Too Bad Its The Final Of Gegar Vaganza. No More After This Uwaaaaaa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Boy I'm Hungry"

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