Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lets Do Random Post

Actually Ani Post About Things That I Didn't Mention Well Some Took A While For Me To Mention It. 

A Selfie Of Which Yang Ku Berani Ngambil Of Myself Nyahaha. Narsis Of Course. Well Lets Face The Fact Any Selfie That We Took Shows The Narcissist Side Of Us. Big Or Small Didn't Really Matter. This Was Taken A Few Sundays Ago While I Was On My Way To The Girlfriend's House. Meeting The Parents For The First Time. Gagar And Kabak Kabak Ku Bui. Tuhan Saja Tahu. Walaupun As The Other Half said Gagar Tapi Bercerita Cam Si Banar. Hahaha Membawai Gagar Tu Yatah Nyanyah. Alhamdulillah In The End I've said What I Needed To Say. My Attention Was To Introduce Myself And Asked For Their Blessings. 

So Now In Shaa Allah Our Relationship Can Continue To Another Stage. I Try To Share A Bit Of Here And There But I Have To Respect My Girlfriend's Request Not To Share Much. Sorry Guys.

Went Back For Lunch On Monday. Then Masuk Pintu Saja Keciuman Baunya. Good God. My Parents With Durian. Apalagi Yang Ani. Anu Apa Namanya Tu Musang King. Yang Kebilangan Mahal And Nyaman. What Do I Care Its Still A Durian.  I Hated It. End Off.

I've Been Lobbying This For Quite Sometime Now. And All The Time I Lost To My Mum. Been Asking Lets Have Brunch Or Lunch Di All Season. Tais Liur Ku Kan Mee Karinya. Please Please A Few Tuesdays Ago. I Managed To Convince My Dad. Thank God 

And Just Because Of A Heavy Brunch I Need To Break A Few Sweats. Hahahah Menyesal Aku Menyesal. A Good Run Though.

Lil Sis Started To Read A Novel? Wah Alhamdulillah. Couldn't Care Less About The Topic. She Started Reading That Is The Most Important Part.

Amah My Amit Membuatkan. Berbayar Plang Of Course Nyaman. Antah Disimpannya Hantu Kali Dalam Ani. Nda Mau Beranti Makan Nyahaha.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Randomizing At The Best Well Not Really"

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