Friday, December 25, 2015

Sunday The 20th Of Dec

My Sunday Didn't Start Early I Think Lah. Since Its A Sunday And I Was Kinda Conserving My Energy. Well Kinda. First Up Because My Mum Minjam Amah And One Of Them Kinda Bisingggg Berabis Kalau Ya Bercakap And Of Course Durang Awal Bangun So Kompom La Aku Pun Nda Nyaman Tidur Since Aku Tidur Di Bilik Tamu Coz They're Staying In My Room. As well As Arriving Back Home From Bandar The Night Before At Almost Midnight After Being Our For Almost The Whole Day. Super Menduper Wooper Tired.

So Most Of The Morning I Just Stay In Bed While My Parents Were Off To Bandar For A Wedding Invitation Using My Car. While Myself Waiting For My Sister To Finish Cooking Food My My Nieces Birthday.

Once That Was Done. Went To Lumut To Drop The Food. Sampat Mengambar Durang Mandi Nyaahaahaa Look Aleesya. Ya Nda Suka Kana Gambar So I Told Her To Turn Back And Hold Her Hands Up High. Well At Least The Co-operating. Hahahah Then Off To Bandar. Biasa Sunday. Ngedate Sama The Girlfriend.

Stopping By In Ttg Nukar Kereta Sekajap Then Continue My Journey To Bandar.

Both Of Us Were Hungry. She Wanted To Have Rice So Pikir Punya Pikir Punya Pikir Last Last We Opted For Lamee. Mamam Laa Apalagi. Tubuh Dua Org Tapi Pinggan Nyahaha Hebat.

Soon After We Have A Few Errand To Do. And Alhamdulillah One Sorted Out. So There Is Another To Look For. Mun Kan Dipikir-pikir Kinda Short For Time But Yeah I'm Sure We Will Manage.

Then Sent Her Home And Since Myself Didn't Fancy Of Staying In Bandar For So Long So I Just Go Back Home. One Because Liverpool Will Be Playing Today. 

But First As Usual Pit Stop Dulu. And I Kinda Stay FOr Awhile Jua Since The Jemaah Was Reciting Dikir Alhamdulillah. One Of My Faves. 

Then When I Looked At The Time. Wow I Gotta Go. Need To Get Back Soon.

Arrived In Kb Just In Time. Well Di Rumah Kami Ada Function. Our Family Annual Event Lah. Since We're In The Month Of Rabiul Awal. So We Always Held Malam Berdikir Marhaban. And This Year Is No Different. In Fact Kinda Lucky This Year. We Got To Do This Twice. Since Bulan Rabiul Awal Pada Tahun Ani Jatuh Dua Kali.

Our Campur Or Door Gifts For Tonight. Owh I Remember That Kain. Mum Bought In Nilai.

So Bila Pasal Duit Atu Ah. Bilang Org Kan Berabut Memegang. So The Perk Of Being The First Born. I Got Veto Power Haa Haa Haa. Holding To This Until The Time To Give It Out.

Mum Giving The Campur And Then My Sisters Mencalitkan Perfume During Marhaban.

Our Food Spread That Night. Satay Was Super Delicious Especially Yang Daging. Nyummmmm

A Few Short Videos Yang Aku Ambil Untuk Tontonan And Kenangan Tani Bersama.

A Few Days After Using My New Watch. Love The Design. Too Bad The Build Quality For The Strap Is A Bit Poor. I Know Its A Leather But After A Few Moment Kluar Masuk Dalam Poket Ku Untuk Mengambil Wudhu. That Happen. Ish! Walaupun Dapat Ditukar But Still A Bit Disappointing Tho.

Liverpool Lost Again. That Sucks. Was Actually Feeling Pretty Confident Before The Match Than Boom 3-0 Lost. The Only Upside The Game Started Early. I Did Not Have To Stay Up Late Too That Rubbish Display.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Another New Chapter About To Begin"

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