Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Abu Dharr (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) Reported: The Prophet (PBUH) Said, "Do No Belittle Any Good Deed, Even Meeting Your Brother (Muslim) With A Cheerful Face"


Friday, September 22, 2017

I've Been Lazy.

It's Quarter To 3 Am. I Just Woke From A Long Night Sleep. I Was Under Medication Tadi. Man Those Asthma Pills Really Knocked You Off In An Instant.

I Haven't Been Updating My Blog In Almost A Week. Geez, Just As The Title Of This Blog. I Am Too Lazy To Check When Is The Last Entry. 

Busy With Work? Not Really It Has Been A Slow Week. Add Up To The Fact That I Am Suffering From A Bad Cough Due To Viral Infection. Again! Plus Knowing That Its Going To An Another Long Weekend. You'll Get Lazy. My Current Project Kinda Slows Down Because We Are Still Waiting For Directions From A Few Ministries. Hated That Because It Messes With My KPi.

This Bloody Cough Really Screw My "Me Trying To Lose Weight Vol. 1M Times" Schedule. My Colleague At Work Already Managed To Reach 6Km. And I Am Still Coughing Like Mad. Hopefully After Seeing The Doctor Earlier Today Will Help Heals Me Faster.

Owh God! I'm Starving But Makan Nasi Will Be A Bad News Especially When It Is About 2:55 Am In The Morning. My Wife Offered To Make Me A Cup Of Hot Milo. Didn't Fancy Waking Up Nor Walking Out Of Our Room. Gonna Hold It Til Morning And Then Have A Proper Breakfast. 

So I Bid You Adieu For Now. 

Salam Maal 1439 Hijrah

To All My Muslim Brothers And Sisters Out There.

May This New Year Will Bring More Prosperity, Makes Us That Closer To Allah And May Our Journey To Be An Even Better Person Will Always Be Under Allah's Guidance. In Shaa Allah.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Tuesday 5th Of September 2017

Brown Rice And Grill Chix Prepared With Love By My Wife.

My Wife Decided Kan Membali Roti Kan Sedakah Utk Org Opisnya. So I Thought Why Not Org Kan Ber Amal Plus Its Still Early Jua Bah. Cua Liat Jam Di Dinding Atu. Its Only 7:30 Am Bah. Jeraya G Lapang Why Worry Hehehe.

The Wednesday 6th Of September 2017

I Always Love Seeing Fog When Driving To Work And I Even Love It More Driving To Work During School Holidays. Less Traffic Jam Less Stress. Less Lah Less Banar!

Also Since Its A School Holiday Ada Lah Masa Ku Kluar Lunch Sama Durg. And The Great Thing Jua Aku Kana Ambil Arah Opis Ku Hehehe.

When Ajithman Setting Up For A Group Usies. Hence The Pic Above. I Took a Photo Of Them. Cua Liat Si Jirul Senyum Aaa.

Side Joke. Kau Noob!

When Ajithman And I Try To Get A Decent Photo. Somebody Decided To Photobomb Us At The Back.

Another Usie And This Time With Harun. Hehehe Lama Ku Nda Jumpa Durg Ani Banar Tah. It Is Really Good To See Them.

The Thursday 7th Of September 2017

First Order Of This Post.

Happy Birthday To The Queen Of My Heart. My Mum. Happy Birthday Babu. Love U Lots!

And Also A Heartiest Congratulations To My Cousin Alai Emah For Graduating Her Master At Ubd.

Still Not A Big Fan Of Meal Like This. I'm Not Saying My Meal Is Bad. Its Good. But Biasalah Lidah Masih Memilih.

That Never Ending Site Visit Hehehe Namanya Jua Keraja Aaa No Point In Mengomplen. Nda Ja Nda Ja.

Our Dinner That Night Supper Yummy!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Friday 8th Of September 2017

Lunch Prepared With Love By My Wife. Tukar Nasi Ku Udah No More Brown Rice. Gives Me Gas! Berdugal Ku Lehnya So Ku Tukar Ke Basmati. Sama Jua Tawarnya But Better Than Beras Wangi For Sure.

Licin! Hehehe I Had My Lunch Early Pasalnya Mun Nya Balik Sembahyang Jumaat Baru Makan Yatahhhhhhh Membarinya Aku Zzzzz Tu.

Meanwhile My Wife Panggilan Ke Lumapas. Puskalinya Berbedak Siang. And Busy Tah Ni 3 Weekend Ani.

Wishlist For My Wife?

Too Bad Lambat Tahu! My Wife Really Want To Buy An Air Fryer.

Time For A Hair Cut.

And A Hair Wash.

A Quick Massage And A Face Mask. Heaven!

Picked Up My Wife Then Head To All Season Restaurant In Park View Hotel.

Aiseymen Cik Adik. Bergaya Aaaa.

Hows The Hair?

Alhamdulillah Craving Satisfied. In Case You're Wondering This Dish Is Called All Season's Signature Curry Noddle (Wet). Sedap!

The Rest Of The Dishes We Ordered That Night.



Me Trying So Hard To Be Afgan.

The Saturday 9th Of September 2017

First Order Of The Day. Wanted To Change My Brake Pad But The Mechanic Advised Me Not Too Pasalnya My Brake Pad Atu Masih Tabal. But I Did Insist Jua Gtau Kedia Yang Kekadang While Braking Bergagar And Bunyi Basi. Annoying Bah Sekali Last Last Ku Suruh Saja Bleed My Brake Line And Gave Sonya An Oil Change As Well As New Sets Of Spark Plugs.

Over 200K Udah Jalan Nya Si Sonya Ani. So All The Knocks And Loose Nuts Is Well Expected Jua. Jarih Udah Ni Kereta Ani Olehku. And Who Said Hyundai Nda Bagus.

Unplanned Lunch With My Wife. Pasal Kedia Tau Aku Diluar So Minta Ambil Tia. Pasal Kedia Manja Yth Minta Dgni Lunch Haa Haa Haa Hy Syg :p

My Wife's Meal. She Didn't Enjoy It. But I Did. Ended Up Finishing It For Her. Nyaman Berabis Rangupnya.

My Lunch. Fish And Chips. Its Good! But Since Bini ku Nda Kenyaman Her Meal I Let Her Finish It For Me. Baikkan Aku. So Verdict Wise. I Enjoyed It. Nyaman Dan Rangup Ayamnya. The Draw Back Nya Is The Price! Overprice Sekati Durg Bah Melantak Harga. 

After Dropping Of My Wife At Her Office. I Proceed To My Fave Gaming Place. Time For Some Company Of Heroes Game. Spend Almost 3 Hours Playing It. And If I'm Being Honest Alum G Cukup Ni. Namanya A Gamer. Awu Even My Wife Pun Hairan Cana Bleh Aku Sanggup Atu But At The End Of The Conversation Paham Jua Ya. Namanya Hobby Memang Full On Concentration Tu.

Spent A Short Time With Munchkin Bacai Before Balik Kb.  

Stopping By At Le Apple Tanjung Bunut. Membalikan Kek Birthday Utk My Mum Hehehe. Sweet Kan Anaknya Ani.