Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alai Tasha's Mandi Berlawat Snappies

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"Too Lazy To Type Haa Haa!"

A Bit Of Last Sunday

Biasa The Day Started With Me Delivering Food To A Customer In Rimba.

Alhamdulillah.. Mum's Begedil Received Another Positive Review From The Customer.

Done With The Delivery.. Ku Sampai Kan Tah Jua Hajat Ku Yang Craving Berabis For Lamee's Dumpling Soup.. Craving Satisfied!

My Sister Told Me Mata Sonya Buta Sebalah.. So Pit Stop Di Tat Lee Gadong For A Quick Fix.

Kemudian Aku Kejumpaan Sosok Tubuh Panjang Kali Ku Kol Banar.. Atu Pun Terpaksa Ku Kenalkan Diriku Lagi Typical! Alasan Ilang Numbur Hp!

Then Alang Alang Di Bandar And I Still Got Times To Kill So.. Apalagi.. Gunting Rambut Taus Cuci Rambut Taus Urut Kepala... Mmmmm Did I Snore?

There You $200 Plus Of Bonus Gone In Over Two Weeks.. Sandi Atu Kan Batah Ku Nyimpan Bertahun To Get To That Hahahha.

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"Typed It Yesterday Finish It Today"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Back Then

The Reason Why I'm Reminiscing This Experience Was Because Yesterday During A Family Function I Saw A Group Of About More Than 20 Kids Riding Their Bike And The First Word That Came Out From My Mouth Was SIUK! And Then Earlier Today While I Was On My Way To Work Saw Another Group Of Boys Riding Their Bike And I Starter To Recall Lot Of Great Memories While Growing Up.

Growing Up I Lived In Flat Allocated For The Staff Of KB's Religious Department.. So Most Of My Childhood Friends Were The Kids Who Lives In The Flats Or In The Surrounding Area.. And Since We Do Not Have All The Gadgets That Kids Nowadays Have So We Spend Most Of The Time Outside Playing And Getting Dark.. Like What My Mum Said "Dulu Putih Udah Tinggal Flat Hitam Mata Saja Putih" Haha. 

Yes Of Coz We Do Have Game Consoles Back Then.. The Nintendos, The Segas, The Micro Geniuses But Somehow We Don't Hang Around Too Much On It Yet Somehow We Cannot Resist To Go Out And Play.. So During This School Terms Break I Would Like To Share As Far As I Can Remember My Experiences On The Things I Did During School Holidays.. Well As Far As I Can Remember Lah Tu Aaa.

Okay Kalau Kamu Liat Gambar Atas Maybe U Guys Will Thought Biar Betul Hahaha Yes It Is True During The Early Days Of School Term Break My Friends And I Went To The Public Library.. No Not Because We Want To Spend Valuable Time But Actually Its The Best Place To Go.. The Place Will Be Packed With Students From Other Schools Biasa Mengurat Mengambang Lah Apa.. And Then Yang Calinya Jua Mendgni Kawan Dating.. Yang Calinya Ani Kawan Dating Dengan Gf Yang Memerhatikan Durg Dating Ani Sampai 7-8 Org.. Bini Bini Mana Jua Nda Kan Tunduk2.. This Will Keep On Going For A Few Days Lapas Atu Malas Tia Lagi.. Why? Bukannya Parents Yang Hantar.. We Actually Walked From The House To The Library.

Okay Yang This One My Parents Really Nda Suka Kalau Aku Ikut My Friends.. Memancing Ikan Karok Di Longkang.. But Hey Kids.. Udah Nya Turun Keraja Jadi Ninja Lah Turun Then Belusir Balik Ke Rumah Before Durg Balik Mandi And Liat Tv.. Konon Laa Tu.. But Balik Balik Jua Lah Ku Kantoi Haa Haa Haa.

Main Timbak-timbak Or Main Perang.. Actually Most Of The Plan We Did Back Then The Games Or Activities We Did Was Actually Unplanned.. More Like Bah Main Perang Eh.. Main Carah Eh.. And Usually Kalau Kami Main Perang We Used Sticks, Ranting Kayu.. And Then The Manual Soundtrack.. Tetetetetetet Ah Mati Mati.. But Biasalah Udahnya Kanak2 Membuyuk Atu Sangat Lah Sinonim.. Eh Mana Ada Kana Aku Sampat Terajun.. Aku Sampat Tiarap Lah.. Hahaha Gullible Jua.! And Then Yang Paling Cali Jua Part Berkelahi.. Bila Udah Nda Suka Kan Sorg Atu Ah.. Berpakat Sama Kawan.. Bah Kami Team Cari Kamu Team Bertapuk.. Udah Yang Nda Disukai Atu Bertapuk.. Semua Berlari Bertapuk.. Nda Batah Atu Ada Tia Kluar Menangis Balik Ke Rumah.. Barutah Bilang Org Keluar Duduk Duduk Arah Garage.. Esok Esoknya Udah Kana Belanja Kerupuk Sama Aiskrim.. Bekawan Tia Balik Hahaha.. Kanak Kanak Jua Banar!

I Still Remember The Time When Mountain Bike First Arrived In Brunei.. All This While Bmx Nganya And Nda Semua Terdpt Just A Few Of Us Saja.. In Fact Bila Udah Kana Balikan Biskal Atu Ah Iatah Masanya The Real Adventure Begin.. By Real Adventure I Mean Riding A Bike A Bit Further Than Home.. Kalau Dulu Ke Sana Ke Mari Jalan Kaki Now Udah Berbasikal Boleh Sudah Berjalan Jauh Hahaha By Jauh I Mean Ke Sapakat Mempump Tayar.! Less Than A Km Away.

Main Bola Tiga Kaki.. Asal Saja Terdapat Bola Tennis Bah Jadi Tia Ni Main Ani.. Dan Jua Bula 50.. Actually Bula 50 Ani Macam Main Baseball Where As Siapa Yang Dapat Menyambut Bola Sebelum Ya Jatuh Ke Tanah Durg Score 50 Points And Then Its Their Turn To Hit The Ball.

Main Kikik.. Well Not Really A School Term Break Games.. Mostly Ya Bermusim Kalau Kan Main Kikik Ani.. Bila Udah Masuk Musimnya.. Panuh Tu Langit Oleh Kikik.. And Balik Sekulah Ugama Pun Laju Tu Berjalan.. Rasakan Sampai Umah Tukar Baju Kan Ikut Berabut Haa Haa.

Main Skupung.. I'm Not Sure If Any Of You Remember About This But This Is One Of Those Fun Games To Have.. Menghabiskan Duit Mulah Niniku Minta Balikan Skupung Sampai Berlambar2.. Annoyed My Parents Pasal Bising.. Mana Nda Menampar Lantai Nganya Keraja.. Mau Main Berapa Kaping? Setangan? Dua Tangan? Buka Tangan? Tutup Tangan? Main Tiup? Tangga? Lidah? This Is Also Can Be Used As Money Making Business.. Berlawan Bertaruh.. Nasib Baik Manang Sampai Berpuluh Even Beratus Kaping.. Pastu Dijual Arah Siapa Yang Mau.. Seposen Dua.. Again This Game Is Not Necessarily Played During School Term Break.

In Fact There Are Lots More Activities That We Did During School Term Break.. Even Singing To Songs Was Fun.. Singing Along With Friends With No Music Just Reading To The Lyric Paper.. And Now That I Blog About This.. I Really Do Miss My Childhood Moments.. Going Through That Moment While Blogging This Brought A Few Smiles On My Face.. And I Do Hope You Will Experienced The Same While Reading This. Owh Btw Siapa Pernah Merasa Main Kawin? Ber Kompes Sama Kawan.. Siapa Kalah Jadi Pengantin.. Konon Malu Tapi Dalam Hati Mau Haa Haa.

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"School Holidays Was Fun Up To The Point Bila Kana Bawa Ke Spital Kan Bersunat! Haha"

Hashtag Brunei!

These Few Days I've Stalking Lots Of Instagram Pages.. Yup That Is A Rare Confession From Me Tapinya Kan Bukan Plang Aku Kan Meliat Miana Usul Orangnya And Such But More To Foreigners Punya Account.. Why? Simple I Just Want To Know How They See Brunei Melalui Kacamata Durang.. All This While I've Been Reading And Seeing Lots Of Hateful Comments In Facebook So Seeing The Positive Reviews Regarding Brunei Is Very Much A Welcoming Thoughts.

In Fact I Never Thought Foreigners Really Loves And Amaze With What Brunei Has To Offer.. From The Foods, The Green Scenery, Our Customs And Traditions, Our Religion To Our Daily Life Routine.. Jauh Sangat Beza Komen Negatif Dari Orang-orang Luar Yang Nda Pernah Set Foot Di Brunei Dengan Mereka Yang Actually Pernah Melawat Negara Tani.. Yes Of Coz Some Of The Expatriates Still Do Whine About But The Number Is Quite Small.. Plus They Were Just One Typical Hypocrites Bastard.. Complain About Our Country Yet Happily Enough To Come Here For The Money.

I Also Begin To Follow The IG Of An Indonesian Student Who Is Doing Their Master In UBD And I Came Across Her Blog Where She Shared Her Experience Studying And Living In Brunei.. And It Is All Good Read And Also An Eye Opener On How Bless We Are To Be Borned As A Bruneian.. To Have The Facilities That Are Provided Really Made Me Feel Ashamed For Complaining Too Much.. Though To Be Honest I Won't Stop Complaining Any Time Sooner Hehe.

All Jokes Aside The Way Us Local See Our Country Is Totally Different From The Outside.. Some May Said We're Too Slow In Developing Our Nation.. Yet What We Have In This Country Almost Can Never Be Found Elsewhere.. That To Me Made Our Brunei Really Unique And True To The What We Called Our Country The Kingdom Of Unexpected Treasures.

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"Really Is An Abode Of Peace"

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday The 28th

Only Able To Finish Half Of My Coffee.. Surprise Surprise Even After A Big Donation To The Toilet This Morning I Still Felt Full.. Bagus Tah Banar Ubat Atu.. Even Last Night Ah During Dinner Our Foods Was Lavish. I Only Had A Few Piece Of Begedil And Seema Kuey Teow For Breakfast And Before Heading To Miri I Only Had A Piece Of Ayam Masak Kurma And While In Miri I Bought Double Choc From CB So In All I Only Had One Meal In Between Breakfast And Dinner.. When I Mentioned Lavish I Meant There Was Left Over Of Mee Mamak, Beef Briyani, Ayam Masak Kurma, KFC Chicken, Martabak Antah Lupa Ku Lagi What Else.

For Dinner I Had McD's GCB Burger.. Jangkau Sikit Mee Mamak.. Didn't Even Bother To Touch The Ayam Kurma And Had A Drummet Yup Just A Small Piece Of KFC's Drummet.. Selalunya Menungap Banar Ku Apalagi Kalau Part Aku Skip Meal Memang Over Indulge But Somehow Alhamdulillah Lately Since I'm Taking My Meal Suppressant Pill I'm Eating Less And I Felt Full All The Time.. Even To The Point I Have To Paksa Makan Pasalnya Kan Sentiasa Kanyang Tau Tau Kajar2 Badan.. Which Is Of Course Not A Healthy Thing To Do.

One Of Those Hateful Page In Facebook These Days And This One They Clearly Hentam HM And His Family But Fair Play To Us Bruneians We Really Stood By HM.. Somehow Ever Since Our Country Implemented Shariah Law Banyak Org Luar And Including Dalam Brunei Hentam Our Country.. Even Nowadays Pun Di Kelantan Turut Sama Kana Hentam.. Dan Yang Menyedihkan Lagi Bila Yang Ikut Menghentam And Being Sinikal In The Comment Are Muslims.. And I Know Some Even Hentam Us Locals For Resorting To Name Calling.. And That We Should Have At Least Had A Positive Debate.. Or Just Ignore It.. I Do Agree To An Extend But This Page Are Just Run By Trolls To Incite Hate.. There Were A Few Who Tried To Have An Argument Or Debate With The Admin But Most Of The Time The Comments Were Deleted.. So In This Case Insult Is The Best Way Haa Haa Haa.. We Can Ignore It But Sometime Its Not The Best Of Way.. Why? If We Choose To Ignore It Others Might See That Bruneians Might Agree To It.. And From There Macam Macam Tah Lagi Propaganda Kan Durang Buat.

This Is Though Not What I Want To Talk About.. Last Night I Had A Debate With A Bruneian Chinese Nothing Offensive Just A Friendly Debate And More To A Rant Jua At Times.. First Up Kitani Some Of Us Bruneian Especially Melayu The Majorities Are Called Racist.. Honestly I Do Not Fully Agree To That Statement.. In My Opinion We Are Just Being An Ignorant Fool And Oblivious To The Fact That Calling A Chinese "Cina Babi" Or Indian As "Kaling" Or Indonesian "Indo" And The Westerners "Org Putih" Is Wrong.

Okay My Argument Was Well More Like A Typical Respond Was Kamu Pun Sama Jua Bah Calling Us Malays "Melayu Cibai" Name Calling Happened.. It Still Happens And Will Always Happen.. Why? I Suppose Its Just A Norm When Different Races Lives Together.. I Do Not Believe Its A Racist Comment.. Racial Slur Yeah And More To A Stereotyping One Race.. Back In The Time When I Was In The UK.. I Was Pretty Cross By A Few Of The Chinese Student In My Group Who Failed To Turn Up For Our Economy Presentation.. So A Local Lad And I Ended Up Doing The Presentation With A Few Members Short.. And After The Class One Of My Coursemates Asked Why The Guys Didn't Turned Up I Answered In A Chinese Accent Trying To Be Funny.. But The Girl Face Tensed Up And I Asked Her Did I Said Something Wrong.. She Said I Was Making A Racist Slur.. I Was Shocked.. I Explained It To Her That I Was Unaware Of It And Was Trying To Be  Funny Because It Was Really Stressful For The Both Of Us.. And Only Then I Learned That Other Races Has A Different View Or Understanding.. And With All This Political Correctness Bullshit Being Bombarded Into Our Way Of Life Somehow What We Did, Our Joke Even To The Point Imitating Accent Pun Kana Kira Being Racist.

In Regards On Calling An Indian Kaling.. Honestly Aku Pun Nda Tau Yang Ani A Racist Remark Only After I Asked My Indian History Teacher On Why Does Calling An Indian Kaling Is Wrong Then I Know And Understand.. She Explained To Us That Back Then During The Time Where The Brits Controlled Half Of This World.. Indian Slaves Was Traded All Over The World And Everytime They Disembarked A Ship They Will Walk Chains On Their Heels That Makes A Kling Kling Sound Hence Why There Called With That.. Well That Was According To Her..

With Regards Of Calling An Indonesian "Indon" It Is Something I Just Learned A Few Years Back.. I Used To Have A Multiply Account.. In That Account I've Uploaded Songs That Can Be Downloaded Amongst My Friends.. I Have This One Folder Where It Consisted Of My Faves Indonesian Songs.. And I Named The Folder As Lagu Indon.. Then An Indonesian Messaged Me Saying That I Should Not Used The Term Indon.. I Asked Why? He Said I Should Change It Or Put It Down Because The Term Indon Is Disrespectful.. In My Defence I Explained It To Him That I Was Unaware Of That Matter And In Fact I Have Indonesian Friends And Even My Uncle's Driver Referred Himself To "Aku Org Indon Bah".. So I Just Changed It To Lagu Indo Just Not To Insult Anyone.. So I Checked Around The Internet And I Found Out That Indon Is A Negative Connotation For Indonesians Used By Malaysians As A Deragatory Terms Towards The Indonesian Workers Hence Why There Is Always Tension Between Those Two Countries.. But It Is Totally Different From Us In Brunei.. We Called The Indonesian Indon As A Short Form Of Calling Them Orang Indonesia.. Even If We Asked The Old Population Of Indonesian Workers They Will Refer To Themselves As Indon.. But If You Asked Their Younger Population  specially Those Who Are From The Big Cities Most Of Them Will Refer To Themselves As Saya Org Indonesia.. So If You Think About It There Is A Big Gap Between Those Workers Whose Been In Brunei For A Long Time With The New Generations When It Comes To Understanding That Term Just Like Most Of Bruneians.. We Are Not Making Derogatory Comments We Are Just Oblivious To It.

Now When It Comes To Westerners We Bruneians Called Them Org Putih.. Just As We Called The Black Population Org Hitam Or Negro.. Again To Us We Are Not Trying To Be Racist It Is Just Our Way Of Describing Them.. We Do Not See Them As A Brit Or American Or Italian Or German We Just Describe Them As How Their Features Are.. Yes If You Translate It Directly It Might Sound Like One But Again Its Not.. Why? We Always Put Them In A High Pedestal Hence Why We Called Them Sir.. Its A Mark Of Respect Tho Nowadays We Just Thought Naaahh Bruneians Are As Good Or As Skilled As Them In A Few Fields.. Hehe Sorry A Bit Patriotic There.

Well I Suppose This Is More A Rant Then Actually Explanation But In All Seriousness Yes Making Racial Slur Or Statement Or Using Derogatory Terms Is Just Wrong.. Parents Should Try To Teach Their Children About This.. Because If We Don't Then What Is Used To Be Innocence Can Become Wrong And Hateful.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Phew That Was A Long One"

Bla Bla Bla

I Just Have To Stay Strong..  Many Times When I Tried To Show That I Care But All I Get Was Me Trying To Suffocate Them.. Everytime When I Want To Be There For Them.. They Chase Me Away.. And What The Most Is That Our Attention Bores Them.. So Forgive Me If I Begin To Fade Away.. Don't Blame If I Start To Ignore You're Existence.. Since You Never Appreciate The Nicer Part Me.. I Do Hope You Enjoy The Other Side Me.. The One That Walks Away..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"When Life Becomes A Bitch!"

Air Tangan Babuku

 I Told My Mum Nanti We Share Lah Beli Meat Processor Machine So Its Easier For Her To Prepare Her Karipap And Begedil.. She Said Yeah We Should But She Also Mentioned That Karipap And Begedil Will Taste Better If She Prepare The Beef Like This.. Cut It Into Small Pieces While With Meat Processor The Beef Will Usually Be Hancur.. So By Preparing It Manually You Can Actually Enjoy The Beef.

Alright Point Taken! You Can See The Beef Here.. While Most Begedil Yang You Guys See Di Tamu Mostly Filling Nya Just Ubi And Sizenya Pun Damit I Introduce You Babuku's Begedil Lampuh.. And Yes This Is The Filling Ubi, Daging Plus Daun Bawang And Daun Sup.. And This Is Why My Mum Put A Minimun Order Of $15 Per Tray.. Kita Tak Buyuk.. Kesian Org Yang Makan Kalau Tani Karit And Cuai.

Til My Next Post.. Take Everyone!
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"Some Called It Begedil Bunal"

My Friday

First Order Of The Day Was Delivering Mee Mamak And Begedil To Dk Titin Hehe.. Sorry Lai I Rush Rush Suruh You Ambil Barang.. But I'm Glad You Enjoy Your Food Yesterday And Thanks For Ordering! Then Another Delivery Of Briyani Daging.. Berkisah Jua Lah Hahaha Tawa Ku Dulu.. Apparently Kami Ani Bisai Bercerita Tau Tau Panya Yang Di Order Nya Atu Salah Size Haa Haa Haa.. Ah Well At Least You Got To Enjoy The Food.. Sorry Again.. And I Need To Ask Balik Balik Next Time Size Apa Order Nya Hehe.

Haa Haa Haa Sampai Tah Hajat This Time Last Week Masa Aku With My Sister Nda Ya Mau Ke Jing Chew Sal Ramai Nah Hari Ani Udah Ku Sorg.. Craving For Seema Kuey Teow Satisfied! I Thought I'm Gonna Have My Hair Cut Soon After But I Thought The Weather Is Hot.. I'm Sweaty So I Just Drove Back Home To Kb.. Stop Over Masjib Zainab For Solat Jumaat.. Owh An Advice Kalau Abiskita Was On The Road And Planning Kan Sembahyang Jumaat.. Bawa Sejadah Sendiri.. Kemarin Saja Aku Sembahyang Atas Lantai.. Berpasir Dahi.. Sebalah Longkang Lagi Ah Well Yang Penting Sampat..

This Was Unplanned.. Sampai Sampai Umah.. Lie Down Lepak At My Parent's Room.. Cerita Cerita With Them Then My Dad Said Bah Ke Miri Eh.. I Thought He Was Joking Around Panya Banar Tah Udah Tu.. So My Parents, My Sister And I Drove To Miri At About 3 Plus In The Afternoon. A Few Things Kan Ku KONGPOMKAN. 1) No Kalau Kitani Nda Berinjek JE We Won't Be Asked To Turn Back But Kalau Abiskita Kan Berinjek Teruskan Saja.. Bagus Jua Tu.. Nda Jua Ingau Hatikan. 2) Pertukaran Is Still Around 2.6 Range Alum Tah Lagi Kan Drop Ke 3 Seperti Yang Diwar-warkan.

Curi Wi-Fi Plus Kan Beli CB Hahaha Macam Tah Brunei Nda Terdapat Mesti Jua Membali.

Biasalah Jejaka Metropolitan Nak Jaga Mua Cek.. Stocking Up On My Face Wash And Serum.. Sandi Kan 50 Ringgit Harganya.. I Wonder If Ada Berjual Di Brunei Berapakah Kana Charge.

Beli Macam Ni Pun Nyampai Seratus Lebih.. Yth I Talked To My Mum.. For Us Bruneian Memang Lah Kemurahan Because Of The Exchange Rate But For The Miri-ans Even Harga Baras Pun Close To 50 Ringgit Kalau Yang Murah Atu Adalah Dalam 20 Plus.. No Wonder Bila Durg Yang Berkerja Di Brunei Atu Asal Balik Saja Beli Beras Seguni.. Gula Seguni Bila Ditanya Its Cheaper In Brunei.. Bersyukur Jua Kitani Rakyat Brunei Ani.. Walaupun Ada Jualah Kitani Mengusut Once In Awhile But For Me That Is Normal.. Memang Ada Saja Yang Tani Adukan Mostly Pun Yang Tani Adukan Atu Is Not A Ridiculous Demand But More Of Apa Yang Bersangkut Paut Dengan Kehidupan Tani Seharian.. So Back To Them La.. Now Lagi In April Gst Lagi Kana Naikkan Haiya No Wonder Lah Rakyat Marhain Mengeluh.. Yang Kaya Raya Yang Sanang Nda Eh.. Yang Ni Nah Yang Di Bawah Bawah Ah Mengeluh.

Santai Santai Eh Tapi Bilanya Marah Membari Watir.. Sekali Semalam Kadai Yang Kan Di Aganya Tutup Atu Bilang Org Tempias Kana Marahi Haa Haa Haa Last Last Udah My Dad Bah Adang Terus Jer Senyap.


Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Miri Miri Miri"

Random Meng Random

Me In My Casanova Mood Hahaha Back Then When Excapade Is Almost A Daily Thingy Where We Know Most Of The Workers And The Floor Manager To The Point That We Were Given Special Treatment And Our Food Was Always First To Arrive.. And Then There Was This Fling I Had With Her Haa Haa Haa Sari Kalau Ku Nda Silap Namanya.. At One Point Everytime I Ate There With My Friends She Will Be The One Taking My Order Seating Next To Me Drawing Her Name On My Hand And Put A Heart Sign On It Haa Haa And Then Kalau Ya Jaga Counter Kalau Aku Makan Excapade And Didn't Say Hello She Will Give Me A Deadly Look And Everytime Kalau Ya Jaga Counter The Guys Will Asked Me To Hantar The Bill For That Extra 10% Without Even Have To Show Our Privillege Card.. She Even Introduce Me To Her Mum When She Was In Town Before She Went Back To Indonesia.. Nasib Baik Nda Kana Pinang Kediaku.

Like I Said We Knows Most Of The Worker So They Will Sang Like Mad During My Birthday.. Crazy Crowd!

Didn't I Said I Was A Casanova Tadi.. I Honestly Forgot Her Name Sudah.. Haven't Seen In A Long Time Antah Masih Kah Nda Keraja Di Excapade Or Even Di Brunei.. Keh Keh Keh.

This Was Wednesday Or Tuesday Antah Lupa.. My Dad's Car Meragam At First We Thought Battery Nya Flat.. Bought A New One Still The Car Won't Start So Apalagi Towing Ler Baik Jua Just A Minor Repair Needed.. Starter Carbon Brush Saja Yang Rusak.. Phew! Syukur Alhamdulillah.

So I Had This Short Conversation With A Friend And I Asked Her Worthed Kah Kalau I Asked My Mum To Make Set Meals Like This And Sell It Di Kb.. She Said We Should Try.. So I Was Thinking And Did Asking Around A Bit What Kind Of Food Org Di Kb Ani Suka.. Would They Prefer Eating Pre-pack Home Cook Meal.. What Type Of Dishes Do They Prefer.. I Had Just A Few Feedback For Now But In Shaa Allah Who Knows In The Near Future This Would Pick Up.

Alhamdulillah We Also Now Added New Menus To Our Foodlists.. We Are Now Selling Sotos, Mee Laksa And Mee Jawa.. Of Coz With Minimum Order And $5 Delivery Charges Apart From Temburong Lah Tu Aaa.. In Case How We Do It Well I Think Its Standard Practice Kot.. All The Noodles And Condiments In One Plastic Round Container And The Soup In A Tapau Plastic Bag.. Kalau Masukkan Awal Takut Soggy Berabis Mee Nya Kan Kan Kan.

Sonya Was Super Super Filthy.. Planning Kan Send Her To The Car Wash.. But Since My Parents Are Going To Miri Again.. Yes Again.. Cancel Lah Ish!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Slow Saturday Polang Nih?"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aku Rindu

Semoga Nini Boy And Nini Girl Tenang Di Sana.. I Really Miss You Both.. Al Fatihah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Hargai Org Tua Kitani"