Friday, December 25, 2015

Monday Til Wednesday 21st - 23rd Of Dec

This Was Taken Last Monday. I Woke Up Late From Work. Well I Was Kinda Doing It On Purpose Since I Have To Do A Lil Round Around Kb's Site. And I Thought Sunyi Jua Umah Kami Ani. Rupanya Di Bawah Durg Mengusai Store. I Had A Smirked When I Took This Photo Pasalnya. Mum Really Look Like A Mandur. Nyahahaha.

Just My Breakfast These Days. Oats, Redoxon And Vitagen Or Yakult. Make It A Habit Guys Seriously Yakult Help With My Digestive System While Oats As You Know Is Good With Controlling Your Cholestrol. And Redoxon Its A Vitamin C Soluble Tablets. Which Provides Good Nutrition To Your Body. It Booster Your Immunition System So Bleh Jarang Sikit Kan Kena Demam. Especially With The Weather These Days.

When My Parents Used My Car To Send The Amah Back To Bandar On Monday. My Mum Was Complaining To Me That The Air Condition System In My Cars Didn't Work. So I Asked My That To Send It To The Workshop For A Look. And There He Found Out There Was A Leak. So It Needed A Welding To Seal It Off As Well As Refilling The AC Gas. I Was Kinda Hoping This Could Fix My Car's AC Problem. 

Nda Sajuk Bah Air Con Ah Especially Kalau Time Tahan Tahan. Angin Saja. So I Was Kinda Hoping Bila Ianya Udah Siap. The Problem Was Fixed. Well Partly Saja. My Car Still Has The Same Problem Which Was Lambat Sajuk But Ada Slight Improvement While In Idle. 

So The Mechanics Suggest Untuk Tukar 'Nook' Eh Antah Nda Ku Tau. And He Told Me Kalau Kan Tukar Better Tukar Terus Dengan Compressor. That Will Cost Us $890. Dalam Hatiku. Piss Off Mate. 

So For Now The AC Is Doing Alright Again. Yes It Does Took A While For It To Get Cold. But When Its Up And Running. Sajuk Tia. And After That Fix. Its Colder Than It Was. Hmmm Bila I Nak Start Saving. Ada Ada Saja Tia Ulahnya. Mintal Ku!

Honestly I Hated That Bad. It Makes My Dad Looks Like A Kangaroo. He Bought A Bonia In KL Hardly Uses It Once He Bought That Bag. He Really Looks Like A Kangaroo. Ahahahaha Maafkan Aku Babah.!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Duit Duit Di Mana Kau Duit Haa Haa Haa"

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