Monday, May 30, 2016

The Saturday Night

Since Its Been Awhile Kami Dua Nda Keluar Malam. So Biasak Lah. My Fiancee Said Jalan Malam Tani. So I Said Yes. Sunday Nda Payah Jalan. Stay Home Saja.

Been Wanting To Dine In This Place Ever Since My Friend Shared It On Whatsapp Group.

My Fiancee Ordered Ice Peach Tea. While I Just Had Tea With Honey And Lemon. Wanted To Try The Signature Krema Coffee But I Don't Want That To Worsen My Cough So Atu Tah Saja.

 Awalnya Tunang Ku Ani Nda Kan Mau Makan Malam. Uhuk! Sekali Nampak Ya Ada Chicken Salad Atu. Taus Ngorder Eh Hahahaha.

This Is What I Craved For. Chicken Panini. It Was Delicious. I Might Have Another One Soon. Banarrrr Ketagih Ku. 

Take 1 Lerrrr Meliat Ke Kiri Lah Pulak. Haha.

Take 2. Lohhhh Kok Matanya Sepet.

Take 3 Senyummmmm :-*

And That Ladies And Gentlemen Was The Only Time I Went Out During The Weekend.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"The Krema. I Really Recommend It"

A Bit Of Friday The 2th Of May 2016

Friday. What Should I Say About Friday. This Was Last Friday Aaa. Mun Ku Kan Bercerita Pasal This Coming Friday Payah Jua Tu. I Haven't Any Psychic Power To See Into The Future.

I Turned Up To Work Wearing Sandals. Thank God That I Do Not Have To Join My Colleague For A Site Inspection. Totally Looked De-motivated. I Just Cannot Wait For The Working Hours To End. I Even Turned To Work Late.

Pretty Much Just Sit Down And Finished A Few Reports. Nothing Significant. The Internet Sucks Do. I Do Believe We Ran Out Of Data. Again! Hairan Ku. Aku Nda Jua Banyak Mendownload This Month. In Fact The Last Few Months Pun The Data Is Still Alright. Kenapa Ya This MOnth Boleh Abis Atu. Hairan Bin Ajaib.

Batuk Sucks! Antah Nda Tah Mau Baik Usulnya Batuk Ku Ani. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Weekend = Laziness"

Friday, May 27, 2016

Thursday The 26th Of May 2016

Just Another Day With Work Aaaa. Just Another Day With Inspection. Before That I Dropped My Mum At Lambak Kiri Since She Will Be Cooking For Tonight's Tahlil.

It Was Super Duper Hot Yesterday. Hehe Hangat Berabis Even Tap Water Pun Ikut Panas.

Off To Lambak Kiri. Totally Forgot About The Rush Hour. Heh! The Part That I Don't Miss About Living In Bandar.

Sampai Lambak Kiri And Guess Who Was Around. Ahmad Khasyiiiiii!

Share This Photo With My Fiancee. Just Look At That Cheeky Smile.

Then I Asked Him To Gambar Lagi. Hence That Pose. Konon Malu hahaha

Then Liat Tv. Wayang Cerita Apakah. Lupa Ku. Cua Liat Tu Jari Ku Nda Lapas Aa Haha

Quite A Long List For Tonight. The Cough Certainly Didn't Help.

Actually Last Night Acara Kluarga Balah Bungsu Bini Ku. So He Told Me To Lead The Procession.

Left My Phone For A Few Moments. Daughter And Son Used It For Selfie! Ish!

Arrived Home At Almost Midnight. Boy I'm Tired! Esok G Kerja Ish!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Friday Then The Weekend!"

The Monday 23rd Of May 2016

Didn't Want To Turn Up For Work Actually. I Wish I Could Just Sleep Til 10 Am Or Something. Honestly I Felt Tired. I Felt Lazy. I Felt Uninterested. And I Don't Blame Monday. Probably Because Its Been A Long Week Last Week. Antah Lah.

Received A Letter. Alhamdulillah One Matter Solved. Senang Hati Ku. Not Long To Go Now If I'm Being Honest. And The Pressure To Get Everything Done In Time Really Do Creeping Up. Mudahan Diberikan Kesabaran Dan Ketenangan.

Udahnya Malas Mua Pun Karas. Walaupun Cuaca Pagi Atu Mendung. Pun On The Shades Because I'm Not Interested In My surrounding.

Iatah Ulah Ku Ni MO. Kalau Ku Nada Mood. I Rather Shut My Ears Than Listening To Org Bercakap. And To Be Honest Kekadang I Didn't Listen To Any Song At All. I Just Need To Buffer Everything.

In The Afternoon I Went To Sg Bera Site JAdi Posmen Kajap. And The Weather Didn't Really Help.

On The Way Back Home. Saw An Accident. Kinda Look Back But I Did Had A Glimpsed Of The Driver Walking To The Ambulance. Good To Know He Came Our Unscathed. Stopped By Supasave To Top Up On My Fruits. Had A Pear While On The Way Back. Too Delicious Can't Help Myself.

Since Its Monday So Macam Biasa Lah. At 9pm Caught Up The Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones.

This Scene Was Epic. It Is So Heartbreaking. To Finally Know Why Hodor Becomes Hodor. I Cried. 

TIl My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Monday Blues Defeated Me!"