Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Musim Mengusai Kereta

So Last Monday Kalau Ku Nda Silap Or Was It Tuesday Lupa Yang Banarnya. Anyway I've Sent My Dad's Car Arah Workshop C Atak For A Timing Belt Change. Atu Pun Kiyal-kiyal Kedia Pasal Lift Nya Occupied By Another Car. So He Has To Change It Flat On The Floor Nyahaahaa Kesian. Took Him 2 Days To Finish It Up. Due 1) The Lift. 2) Belting Fuel Pump Kah Tu Salah And Need To Buy A New One. Luckily C Atak Dapat Membali Sendiri. Mun Nda Terpaksa Ke Bandar Lagi Menukar Baru.

My Sister's Accent Aka Archie Hit A Snag. His New Engine Install Giving The Mechanic A Headache. The Mechanic Tried To Run It But It Won't Start Sampai Flat Battery Baru. As You Can See He Is Off The Ground. New Brake Pads Being Installed. And Then Dad Bought 4 New Tyres. And When His New Engine We're Able To Run. It Developed A New Problem. When Its on Idle The Engine Ran Fine. Once Masuk Gear The Engine Fail. This Really Stresses Out The Mechanic. Checked The Engine Using Computer It Said The Fuel Pump Is Not Having The Right Pressure.

He Told Me Worse Come To Worse He Needs To Take Out The Engine. And Change The Fuel Pump. Told Him To Use Engine Cleaner First. Let It Run. Since Its A New Engine. I Think The Car's ECU Need To Be Rebooted Or Taking Its Time To Settle The Fuel Pump. Haha If That Makes Sense.

Another Leak? Seriously? And This Was From Dad's Serena. Okay This Is Getting Quite Annoying. 

Sent It For A Check And Apparently There Was A Major Leak At The Steering Rack. Okay A New Headache. A New Steering Rack Will Cost Us Over A Thousand Dollar. That's The Problem With Nissan Serena Model Yang Macam My Dad Ani. Umurnya Alone Kan 20 Tahun Udah. So Finding Spare Parts Are Quite Difficult.

Yatah Udah Usulnya Ni. Luckily I Found A Replacement Last Saturday. And Yesterday Monday We Bought It. Albeit Second Hand But Better Than Buying Baru Yang Harganya seribu Lebih. One Part Shop Offer To Refurbish It But Mahal Kan 400 Durg Charge. 

Up And Running Sudah. Yihaaa Sanang Hati My Dad. Hehehe Kereta Kesayangan Durang Laki Bini. Even Aku Pun Appreciate Sangat Kan Kedia. The Moment Sonya And Archie Grounded. Kedia Yang Stay Strong. So In A Way All Of Us Love This Car. Sentimental Values Ourweight It Looks.

And Then My Sister Shared This In Our Family Whatsapp Group. Ampas Dahi Hahahaha.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Sorry For The Slow Updates Guys"

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