Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Monday 15th Of May 2017

Ahhhhh Back To Work After A Good 9 Days Holiday. I Was Feeling Super Fresh Jua Owh Thank God. Berapa Bulan Pindah Ke Bandar Ani Lalah Ehhhhhh Ada Saja Kan Di Buat. Even I Told My Wife About This. Probably I Need To Take A Leave From Work Every 3 Months. To Recharge My Body Hehehe.

I Really Don't Get It Bah When People Complained Pasal The Fly Over At Jangsak Atu Didn't Solve The Traffic Jam Problem. Well For Me It Does. Travelling Time From Home In Sg Tampoi To Workplace Has Been Cut Down Quite Dramatically. Hahahaha Banar Nda Ku Berpadah Just Take This As An Example Lah Ahh. Left Home At 6:50 Am And Aku Sampai Opis Tuuu Nah Liat Saja Jam Aa. Atu Nda Awal. Org Yang Komplen Atu Org Yang Selalu Turun Ahir Tu Yth Caught In The Traffic. And Yes I Do Get It Some People Ada Yang Ngantar Anak Sekolah Dulu Apa But Come On Bagi Org Yang Selalu Lalu Jangsak It Wasn't That Bad. Though For Saying That The Achilles Heal For That Stretch Of Road Has Now Moved To Roundabout Beribi. Sana Yang Hold Up Traffic Berabis. They Need To Re-Configure The Time Saja Lagi Tu. Of Course Awal Pagi Ada Polis Yang Direct Traffic Di Sana. Still They Won't Be Standing There All Day Long. Nda Ja?

Not Really Much To Share Jua On That Day. Menyantai Saja Most Morning Since Aku Baru Balik Keraja Hehehe Then Patang Atu My Wife Membawa Membali Barang Dapur Di Hua Ho ANd Kejumpaan Titin Yang Tengah Shopping Dengan Babu And Kakak Dierrr. So Taus Lah Kami Bergambar. Good To See You Sis Its Been Awhile!

The Tuesday 16th Of May 2017

Majal Jua Aku Atu Aaa Still Insisting On Reporting About This Stretch Of Road Hahahahah. Sasak Ku Bah Yang Banar Org Majal Ani. See Even Aku Ahir Jalan Today Still I Managed To Send My Wife To Work On Time. And Then Stopped By At The Office For Number 2. Sakit Paot Ku Bah.

And This Morning My Project Start So I Spent The Morning At CIC Building In Beribi And Guess What? I've Arrived 10 Mins After 8 Way Before The Contractor Arrived. Nah Nah Nah Nah Nahhhhhhhhh Hahahahahhahaha.

As Well As Enjoying The Breakfast That My Wife Made. Fried Udon Noodles With Chicken. Sedap!

Dijadikan Cerita While I Was Waiting For The Contractor To Return From Buying All The Materials Needed. The SUT From EIDPMO Was Visiting The Job Centre Office Next Door. And When He Saw The Place Was Open He Stopped By For A Short Visit. When He Enters He Asked Me Kenapa Baru Start With The Work. Told Him That Baru Yesterday The PO Was Approved And Signed. And Late Afternoon Baruku Informed The Contractors. Then He Asked Me Bila Boleh The Start Up Move In. Told Him I Will Push The Contractors Untuk Siapkan The Works By The End Of The Week Then Its Up To The Management. He Seems Happy With My Answer And He Said Bah Get It Done! Phew Wadi! I'm Not Trying To Brag But With My Pay Scale Ahh Udahh Lah Yang Penting The Boss Had The Confidence To Let Me Handle This Task.

Haa Haa Haa. Went To Taman Jubli For A Jog. Wife Didn't Joined. Otw Back To Sg Tampoi The Sun Was Shining Bright Hence The Shade Face. Keh Keh Keh.

The Thursday 18th Of May 2017

Skipping Through Wednesday Since Nada Yang Kan Di Share Jua Bah. Mun Kan Share Pasal Work Saja Boring Jua Tu Kali Aaaa. Plus Honestly Banar Nada Yang Significance Banar Kan Di Share. Just Routine Work And Daily Live Saja Hahahahaha Kes Malas Bah Tu Yang Banarnya Aku Atu.

Biasalah Guys Since Its A Thursday. Tahlil Night Lah. Nganya Nda Ramai Dtg This Week Since Most Of The Family Member Was Away Belayar. 

The Friday 19th Of May 2017

Ah Finally Friday. Its Been Quite A Busy Work And I Was Told By My Colleague Today Was Even Busier. I Said Bring It On. Made The Weekend Felt Well Earned!

Last Day Of Work Here. Well Kinda The Cleaners Need To Turn Up On Saturday To Clean Up The Area That Was Being Used By The Contractor. They're Just Doing Some Touch Up Works But I Do Insist Them To Clean Up Afterwards. Nda Tah Kira Walaupun Ada Cleaner Kan Membersihkan Kawasan Atu. Namanya Barang Atu Udah Termasuk Dalam Job Description Nda Ku Kira Hehehe. 

Done Here I Was Kinda Thinking Sama Ada Untuk Balik Ke Rumah Or Ke Opis. Well Opis It Is Then.

Time For Solat Jumaat With Musdi. Hari Ani Aku Ikut His DS3 Boy I Do Love This Car So Much!

Bertukar Meja So Everyone Berusah And As A Result Of That Aku Batuk Hahahahaha. Biasalah Berhabuk Bro Kawasan Aaaa. Now Our Tables Looks Like This Macam Meja Sekulah But It Does Look Smarter Than The Old Setting. Nganya Ani Pun Kira Sementara Jua Ni Since Soon Our Own Cubicles Will Arrive. And These Tables Will Be Used By Others. Kan Berusah Lagi!

Akhir Jua Nah Ku Balik Sekali Ani!

My Wife Told Me Ada Extras Pies Kan Di Jual. Did A Few Sharing On The Whatsapp Groups. I Found One And Durg Found One So I Went Out That Friday Night Doing Some Deliveries Hehehe. Weekend Baby!

The Saturday 20th Of May 2017

A Saturday Where I Stayed In The Whole Day And Night. Nda Ku Keluar Melepak Nda Ku Berjalan Ke Mana Mana Sampai Malamnya. Well I Think So Hahahaha.

The Two Munchkins Was With Me The Whole Morning. So Kira Aku Babysitting Them Lah Di Bilik. Pasang Katun Then When I Told Them Girls Lets Lie Down And Nap. Almost! Almost! Hahahahahah Mun Nya Berjaya Durg Dua Ani Tidor While Aku Babysitting Them Then That Was A Massive Accomplishment. Nda Jua Batah Lapas Durg Mula Menyusu The Wawas Arrived And They Took Over And Aku Pun Zzzzzzz.

I Did Went Out That Night. Menghadiri Majlis Perkahwinan Saudara Di Bridex With My Wife And My Family. Hehehe Dan Itulah Saja Cerita Saturday Kiterrrr.

The Sunday 21st Of May 2017

This Weekend Kami Nda Balik Kb Since My In Law Side Mengadakan Majlis Tahlil Arwah. And Of Course Yours Truly Lah Jadi Tukang Bacanya Hehehe.

Ustat Mode On Haha Ada Usul Kah Tu Aku Ah. Hehehehe But In All Seriousness Alhamdulillah Kerana Telah Diberikan Kepercayaan Oleh Keluarga My In Law Untuk Mengepalai Bacaan Tahlil Dan Doa Arwah. Its Really Is An Honour To Do So.

This Year Acara Diadakan Di Mangrove. Hmmmmm This Remind Me Of My Sweet Memories Jadi Raja Sehari.

And Of Course The Date Itself Is The 21st Meaning Its Our 9th Month As Husband And Wife. So We Grabbed My Wife's Nephew And Went For A Short Photo shoot.

Re-doing That Post-Wedding Shot Hahaha.

One Of My Fave Egg Tart.