Thursday, December 31, 2015

When I Tried To Be An Accountant!

Okay Today Since We Are Approaching The Final Hours Of 2015. So I Think I Try To Share A Bit Of Tips When It Comes To Saving When It Comes Having Money Ready For Rainy Days. Some Are My Tips Some Are I Took From The Internet And Ada Dari Kawan-kawan Yang Sharing Their Own Tips Jua. So Here Goes Lah Ah. We Start With My Own Saving Tip.

I Once Talked About This In My Other Post So If You Have Read It Before Then For Sure This Kind Of Saving Is More Into Rainy Day Cash But Still Though If You're Interested To Try It Then Let Me Share Lah Aaa.

The Most Important Bit Is To Know What Is Your Daily Budget. The Amount Of Money That You Can Afford To Spend Daily. Bear In Mind This Is The Money That Is Left With You After You Have Pay Out All Your Bills & Groceries And Such.

So Lets Say Tah After Everything Else You Have About $600 Left In Your Wallet For The Rest Of The Month. Lets Put In $10 Sehari. So 30 x 10 =$300. Okay Now Your Daily Budget Sudah Sorted Out. Then You Have An Extra $300. First You Put Aside $200 For Fuel And Belanja Anak Sekolah. And Then You Have $100 Extra. Now With That Extra Money. You Can Either Treat Your Family For A Dine Out Kah Or Movies Kah. 

Lets Break It Down With The Figure Below.

As You Can See This Is what I Have Been Doing This Year. Though I Have To Admit I Only Save During Weekdays. Fridays And Sundays Are Not Included. Which Is Fine Anyway. If You Choose To Only  Save During Weekdays. All You Got To Do Is Calculate The Amount Of Fridays And Sundays In A Month. So Lets Say 8 Hari. 8x10=80. That $80 You Can Add To That Extra $100 That You Can Spend On Anything You Want. And Then At The End Of The Year You Already Have $728 (Fridays And Sundays Included) Waiting For You. With That Amount I Think Boleh Sudah Tolong Cover Barang Sekolah Anak Or Insurance Kereta. See With A Mere $2 And Exercising Good Disciplines. It Helps Ease The Burden. For Me Ani Is Good For Org Yang Berpendapatan Rendah. Its Flexible It Can Be As Low As A $1 A Day Or As High As $10. It Is All Up To You.

I Would Like To Remind You Guys Jua This Is Actually Saving For Rainy Days. It Is Also Important That Abiskita Try To Save A Bit More Of Your Money On Your Savings Account.

Okay This Plan Aku Dapat From My Friend Farhanah's Facebook. I Think By Seeing The Plan Itself Abiskita Pun Udah Dapat Menangkap The Structure Of This Saving. Ia Ikut Tarikh Haribulan. Pulangannya Lumaya As Long As Kitani Tani Tahan Because To Follow This Structure Alone Disiplin Kena Tinggi Tahap Sabar Pun Kena Sangat Tinggi. Because Kalau Dikira The Amount You Save From The 10th Til Let Say 25th Of Each Month Is About $280. To Some That Is A Huge Month But Jikalau Abis Kita Mampu. Then Why Not Right. If You Can Manage To Save From The 1st Of Jan Til The 31st Of Dec. You Managed To Save Over $5000. Lumayan.

Okay This Is Called The 52 Week Challenge. Snce There Is 52 Weeks In A Year. So The Objective Is Actually Menyimpan Duit Ikut Minggu. Minggu Pertama $1, Meninggu Kedia $2. Your Adding A Dollar As The Week Progress But As I Was Saying Earlier As The Weeks Progress The Amoun Will Become Bigger Hingga At The Ending. You're Basically Saving $200 Plus A Month. Again To Some This Could Prove To Be Hard.

So The Second Variation Plang Terbalik. And Probably Untuk Org Yang Berkerja Dengan Govt Ada Usin Bonus Lebih Maybe Boleh Mencuba Sistem Terbalik Ani. Meaning We're Saving Dari Denominasi Yang Tinggi Pada Permulaannya Then As The Week Progress Makin Turun Sehingga Ke $1 On The Final Week. 

There Are Always A Pro And Cons When It Comes To Saving Tips Yang Cemani Ani. Pasalnya As Matter Of Fact Kitani Terima Gaji On Monthly Basis Bukannya On Weekly Basis. Akan Tetapi Perlu Diingatkan Sekali Lagi. Menabung Ikut Kemampuan. There Is No Point In Saving Basar Basar To The Point You're Struggling On A Daily Basis. Yes Certain Sacrifice Has To Be Made But Some Sacrifice Aren't Worth The Time Especially If You Have Better Options.

Okay Now On A Personal Bit Sikit Lah Ah. I'm Still Sticking To That $2 A Day Saving System But I Will Look Into My Budget I Do Believe I Can Stretch It To A $3 A Day Savings On Every Week Without Having To Stretch My Budget To A $8 Per Day Budget. It Is Still Manageable. 

On Top Of That I Am Now Started To Save $100 Per Month Jua. And Thank God My Mum Yang Handle That Bit So She Can Keep On Haranguing Until The Moment I Gave Her A $100. Plus I Have Started Doing This New Saving System That I Found On The Internet Which My Friend Membuat. Saving The Green.

So Instead Of Spending A $5 Note. I'll Be Keeping It. Ada Kegunaannya Nanti Ni And I Will Try To Keep As Long As I Can. In Shaa Allah Mudahan Niat Ku Ani Stay Tulus Dan Telus. When The Day Come I'll Share It With You Guys K.

Okay Guys Don't Get Me Wrong With Me Trying To Show Off Yang Aku Mula Saving And Such. That Is Bollocks Thinking. The Fact Of The Matter Is That I Wish. I Wish I Could Have Start Saving From The First Day Aku Terima Gaji.

I Wish I Was A Lil Bit More Prudent With My Spending. A Lil Bit More Wiser With My Money. Ani Nda Apa Nya Org Biar Mati Kapih Jangan Mati Eksen Attitude. At The End Of The Day Ke Mana Jua Tujunya Tu. Sikap Nda Mau Alah. 

A Lot Of Things Have Make Me Think. I Believe Ada Hikmahnya Jua Aku Pindah Keraja Di Kb. Sure I Got Fatter. Sure I'm Far From My Friends. Sure I've Been Missing A Lot Of Shit But At The End Of The Day. It Teaches To Be A Man. As Simple As That. I Started To Appreciate The Value Of A $1. I Helped Out My Parents During Our Trouble Time Even Though Not Much But Bila Allah Lift Off Those Trouble Times. Syukur Everything Taste Sweet Yet You Know That Everything That We Enjoyed Right Now Are Just An Attempt From Allah Whether We Forget Our Roots Or Not.

Semua Ani Hanyalah Pinjaman Saja. Any Moment Ia Kan Tarik Balik. Right!

The Other Thing That Makes Me Think Was When I Got A Phone Call From A Banker Friend Regarding My Financial Health Check. Did You Know That Most of Bruneian Household Has No Emergency Fund. Emergency Fund Consisted Of A Minimum Of 6 Months Worth Of Either Your Wage Or The Total Amount Of Your Expenses. Feel Free To Talk To A Banker For Better Explanation. And This Is A Separate Money That You Put Together In Terms Of Emergency. It Is Not Your Actual Savings In Bank. Can You Just Imagine That. I Know I Haven't Had Any.

So This Is Why It Is Rather Important For Us To Start Saving Up. 

Betul I Tak Tipu!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"I Was Never Good With Accounting If I'm Being Honest"

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