Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday The 22nd Of February

Back To Work And Totally Not Fancy In Doing Any Work. Why? Well First Up Because Tuesday Will Be Another Day Off Due To Public Holiday So Automatically Your Brain Turn From Totally Reliable And Productive To Malas Tah Ku Ingau. P A D U L I.

Iatah Muka Org Malas Kan Buat Keraja Ni. Kan Procrastinate Saja Tah Kerajanya. Santai Tah Kedia Saja. Then He Texted His Fiancee. Asking Her If She Is Free For A Date Tonight Since They Didn't Get To Spend Time Together On Sunday. The Fiancee Said Bah Lakas Jom Jom. So He Was Happy And He Went Down For A Celebratory Meal Early On.

Since Haven't Eat Rice Friend Noodle So He Ordered One At The Restaurant Beneath His Office. So He Was Enjoying This And Telling Himself Owh This Is Allah's Blessing. Then While He Was Busy Eating His Meal. He Glanced At His Phone. ERK!!!!

He Stop Eating. He Looked Closedly. Owh Its The Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Phew And He Continues Eating. Can't Be Bothered As long As It Not The Actual Screen He Continue To Enjoy His Meal And Continue To Be Happy.

He Went For A Few Moment Freshen Up. Do What A Muslim Must Do. Then Off To Bandar. He Picked Up His Fiancee At Her Home And Then They Went For Dinner But First They Stopped By At Gadong Centrepoint Because He Wanted To But SCMC Cough Syrup For Her Mum. Such A Sweet Son This Guy. And Don't Forget To Mention His Good Looks. Sweet Son, Good Lucks, Charming And Adorable And No I Am Not Pulling His Leg. His Fiancee Is Lucky To Have Her. I Kid You Not.

Owh They Went To Babu Kitchen For Dinner. Having One Of His Favourite Meal. Fah Kee Chicken Chop. And Because Of That He Was Even Happier. Even Though His Fiancee Don't Want To Have An Usie With Him Because The Fiancee Was A Bit Embarassed Of Her Pimples On Her Face. He Was So Sweet That He Didn't Even Secretly Snapped His Fiancee. See I Told You Guys. How Lucky His Fiancee Is To Have Him. 

Soon After Dropping His Fiancee Home. He Headed Back To Gadong Because He Fancied A Cuppa Of Coffee Bean's Hot Expresso Even Though If He Is Being Honest He Don't Remember What He Actually Had.

Since He Is Very Happy He Just Couldn't Bother. He Also Met Syafiq. His Parents Were Too Busy With Their Buddies So He Just Let Them Go Ahead. He Couldn't Even Let Them Be Worry About Him. 

And As Soon As The CB Staff Started To Clear Out The Place He Went Back Home To Kb Late Late At Night. His Happiness Helps Him Overcome His Sleepiness While Driving. And He Arrived Home Safely And Went To Bed As A Happy Man.

Til My Next Post.. Be Happy Everyone!

"I Swear To God It Was Very Hard To Put A Straight Face While Typing This Post"

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunday The 21st Of February

Actually Aku Atu Andang Nda Kan Ke Bndr. Salnya Kami Ada Function Kan Di Attend. Biasalah Udah Diri Kan Kawin Ani Terpaksatah Rajin-rajin Kan Diri Datang Panggilan. Then Again Early We Received A Sad News. One Of My Auntie. Kira Puskali My Mum Passed Away. Mama Ngut Passed Away Peacefully In Her Sleep Subuh Atu. She Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Overy Cancer A Few Weeks Ago. And That Saturday She Was Transferred From KB To Ripas Hospital Then Pending Avaibilty She Will Then Be Transferred To JPMC For Treatment. Sadly Though She Didn't Had The Chance To Begin Her Treatment. 

Anipun After Aku Reroute. Paham Sajalah With Road Work In Progress Di Bypass Mumong Seria Atu. Jalan Dua Lane Jadi Satu Lane. And Then Bila Ada Accident Emergency Vehicle Payah Kan Lalu. Especially With Road Barriers Yang Durang Pasang. Dijadikan Cerita Ngam Kami Stuck Di Jalan. Ada Ambulans Kan Melintas But As I Said Jeraya Sampit Manalagi Barrier Kana Pasang So Jadi Samaritan Lah Aku. Membuka Tali Con Jalan So That The Ambulance Kan Change Lane Which At The Same Time Membuka Peluang Pada Kami Untuk Buat U Turn. Turunkan Tali Lalah Con And Uturn Lalu Seria And Then This Was The Second Ambulance Aku Kejumpaan That Morning. Must Be A Bad Accident. Which Then A Few Mins Later Kana Shared Through WA. 

Three Cars Collision Mana Nda Stuck Di Jalan. Antah Lah Driver Di Brunei Kan Belaju Nda Kira Tampat. Kalau Accident Atu Diri Sendiri Kali Ani Org Lain Pun Terbabit Atas Kecuaian Sendiri. Nda Kan Menyusahkan Tu. Bila Govt Introduced Tougher Law Menyalak. Padahal Its All Based On Our Recklessness Jua. 

Seria Sg Bera Stretched Has Been Reopened. Smooth Jua Alhamdulillah And One Of The Reason Why Seria And Kb Ada Jerubu Sikit Is Because Of The Bush Fire Here. Talking About Bush Fire I Need To Save The Photo Above As A Bukti To My Boss Yang Kawasan Industri Kb Hangus Atu Bukan Pasal Tenants Menunu But Due To Bush Fires In The Surrounding Areas.

Selesai Saja Dari Umah My Uncles Di Sg Tampoi. Alhamdulillah Despite All The Re-routing Sampat Jua Memberi Penghormatan Terakhir And Menyembahyang. We Went For Brunch An Nadj. Lapar Lai. The Masala Was Nice But The Naan Can Be Better. Le Taj Has Better Nan. The Briyani Was Also Delicious. My Sister Wani Though Moody. Kelaie Ama Boyfriend Hahaha.

From There We Parted Our Ways. My Family Ke Umah My Amit And Aku Balik KB. Why? My Bungsu Belanja Makan Soto Pabo. The Verdict? Hii Hii Hii Hii Rasalah Kamu Sendiri. If Terpakai. Terpakai If Nda Terpakai Diam Saja.

Why I Go Home Because I Got Called From Tenant Kawasan Industri Sg Bera Hangus. Dug Dug Dug And I Kinda Promised My Parents Aku Kan Bersihkan Kawasan Halaman Rumah.

There Is Not Much You Can Do About It. The Boss Told Me To Call Up Bomba Which The Tenant Awal Udah Menelipun Lagi Pun That Is The Only Thing You Can Do. Called Up Bomba And Let Them Do Their Job. Dry Season And Bush Fires. They're Lover Intertwined. Metaphor! Hahaha

One Of The Big Oil And Gas Company Has Its Main Meeting Room With A Big Glass Facing This Lake. What A View Innit. 

From There Ronda Kb Site Biasalah Durg Mutung Rumput So Aku Pun Terus Lah Meliat-liati And Mengambar Plus This Was Around 2 In The Afternoon. And You Can See Why Aku Nda Mau Pindah Bandar Keraja. Its Quite I Love It. Have To Admit A Few Years Tinggal Di Bandar And Bila Ku Pindah Balik Kb. It Took A While To Get Use To. Especially When I'm A Night Person. Keluar Malam Lepak Apa. Then As The Months And Years Progresses. You Appreciate It. As One Of My Colleague Describe It. Relax Saja Org Sini Ani Siuk Sendiri. Usul Kapih Tapi Berusin! Hahaha Atu Yang Mahal.

Final Itinery Of The Day. Selasai Panyap Sana Panyap Sini. Singgah Bunga Nganya Nda Ku Sampat Cuci Sonya Boohoo!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Jom Kurus! Hahaha Apakan"

Friday The 26th Of February

Waheiiiiiiiii Another Friday And That Means The Weekend Soon Follows. I Really Dig This 2 Days Off. It Really Is One Of The Good Things That Happening In My Life Hahahahaha Sekadar.

When I Woke I Can Actually Smell The Smoke. And I Thought Wow Really. Then Bila Ku Buka Pintu And My God! Hazy Lah In Fact Its Too Hazy Today.

I Didn't Even Bother Dressing Up Smart Today. Just Wearing Polo Shirts And Jeans. And I Haven't Wipe My Sleepy Face Off. Plus I Still Am Having A Slight Headache At The Moment. Mind You Though I Have Been Suffering From Headache Since Wednesday. I Do Not Think My BP Naik Or My Cholestrol Naik Whatever. I Have Been Getting Enough Sleep Lately And I Do Believe What Trigger This Headache Was Due To Having Difficulties In Trying To Sleep Last Wednesday. I Woke Up Early The Next Day Hence Started The Migraine Circle.

Just Bad The Weather Is Bad. I Don't Like This. I Still Have To Run Later I Don't Care.

She Had An Oil Change Yesteday So Now She Accelerates Well And Zooommmmmm And Vroooomm. Looks Disgusting Though. Need To Clean Her Up Esok.

Finished A Bit Of Work Then I Thought With This Headache. Fuck It Mate. I'm Not Having Any. And Look At My Work Space. Messy Innit!

Well At Least I'm Not All Alone For The Morning. Telbru Guys Fixing Our Fibre Optic Line.

Stopped By At One Of The Kedai Runcit For This. Trust Me Guys When Actifast Can't Cure An Annoying Headache Get Yourself A Panadol Extend. Take A Few And Sleep It Off. Relax Those Muscles. Alhamdulillah Help Soothe My Headache. Still Though I Will Run It Off Later. Probably Night Run.

Okay This Is A Late Post. This Is One Of The Proudest Moment For RB And Brunei. More Evidence To Show The World That Despite Being A Muslim Country The Woman Population Are Not Being Discriminated. Yet If You Read The COmment Section Foreigners Think Differently. Especially The Aussies. Why They Do That. I Just Wonder.

Fucking Hate This Headache. Its Like An X Gf Who Just Can't Leave U Alone. When They Around It Annoys U Out. When Its Gone It Left A Sting Feeling Like A Reminder That It Will Return. Fucking Metaphors!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Fucking Panadol Actifast Won't Work"

Saturday The 20th Of February

Wanted A Quiet Weekend Since I'm Officially Broke Eheheh Nda Plang Broke Sangat Pun But Kalau Kan Nda Berhemah Berbelanja Atu. Awu Kompom Jua Tinggal Habuk Beg Duit Hence Why Begin To Catalogue All My Spendings. Pebaik Seringgit I Have Too. 

Actually I Am Kinda Sharing A Family's Secret Plang Ni But Hey Why Not. Bukannya Full Pun Ku Share Hahahaha One Of The Reason Why My Mom's Soto Is One The Best In Town And I Am Not Being Biased Is Because of.................. Hahahahaha Sorry!

Anyway Since Its A Saturday And My Uncles And Aunties Udah Awal Membagitau My Mum Yang Durg Kan Makan Di Rumah On Saturday. Why? Pasal Durang Kan Melawat My Tua Laki Hence Taus Tah Membagitau Yang Durang kan Have Dinner Di Rumah. Since My Mum Nda Berapa Baik Rasa She Just Prepared Soup Tulang Amongst Other Menus.

Tadaaaaa. Helped My Mum Memasak Ani. Tukang Gaul Saja. And Of Course Tukang Rasa. Everything Else Prepared By Her And My Sisters. 

A Few Of The Menu For That Night. Ayam Goreng. Liking Hehehe Sorry Guys Kalau Kamu Tais Liur.

And Of Course Ikan Asam Pedas. Mum Made One Today Actually Last Night. And I'm Talking About Thursday The 25th Of Feb. And She Purposely Made The Gravy Thick. My Word Man. Makan Nasi Dengan Kuahnya Pun Udah Sedap!

Gear Box Anyone? A Huge And A Fatty One Too. Puas Ati Bah Kan Uratnya Aaa.

Perfection. Here's A Term That I Always Used When I Had A Perfect Soup/Soup Tulang/Soto. Supnya Berangat. Meaning Bila Tani Makan. Rasa Rempahnya Cukup And The End Ada Rasa Padas Lada Sulah. Hell Yeah!

Coach Anyone? Hehehehe Biasaklah Hand Bag Kalau Nda Berhampai Sana Sini Nda Sah Bini Bini Ani!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Chill Saturday Night"