Friday, November 30, 2012

Uhuhh Uhuhhh Uhuhhhhh

 This Photo Was Taken Last Year.. I Think At This Time I Wasn't Really Concentrating Much On It.. Until Late October Or Mid November Then I Concentrate A Lot On Lifting.. Look Slimmer Back Then
 This Was Taken Last Wednesday During Back Session.. Hahahaha Basar Banar Dah Badan Ani.. And I'm Not Talking About Muscle Growth.. I Loot Fatter.. Hahahaha Just Like Everyone Is Saying..
 So This Is What A Year Worth Of Gym Looks Like.. Hahahaha Not Much Innit.. Well This Is When You Do It Cleanly Meaning.. No Shots Taken And I'm Still Adamant I'm Not Gonna Take Any Shots Just To Grow My Muscles Fast.. Nda Jua Ku Berani Bah Yang Banarnya.. Maklumlah Hamba Ani Berpenyakitan..
 My Last Stick Of Hydroxycut Mix.. Wonder How Fast Can I Loss My Weights When I'm Not Using This Anymore.. Does It Works? It Does Tho I Was 117 Kg Just Over A Month Ago.. Now I'm On About 108 Kg.. Last Weight In Today 30/11/2012.
 Shoulder Session Today.. This Is One Of My Gym Buddies Tuan Wen Doing An Arnold Shoulder Press With A 15kg Dumbbells.. Alhamdulillah.. Mampu Jua Udah Kami Menaikkan 20kg Dumbbells For A Normal Shoulder Press.. Power Pun Bilang Org Ada Kemajuan Udah.. And Talking About Muscle Growth.. Aweng And Wen Shows A Big Big Improvement.. And Kediaku? Well What Do U Expect.. I'm Fighting My Fats Hahaha 
 My Next Target For A Fat Burner.. $85 Pre-order Recommended By An Ex-Classmate.. Well Must Listen To Him Especially With The Kind Of Body He Has Right Now.. But I've Promised A Friend That I Will De-tox For A Month From Using Fat Burner.. Which Is Good Jua Lah Bila Bonus Baru Membari.. Cantik Timing.. Dan Jua By December I Will Try To Make A Lil Bit More Effort And Put More Discipline In What I'm Eating.. So No.. I'm Not Dieting But I'm Trying To Learn And Eat More Healthy Stuff.. Well Junk Food Will Be Have Once In A While Haa Haa
Owh And I Came Across This Old Photo Of Mine.. Hmmmm Nuff Said..
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A Post About Jassie! ;-(

 Kenangan Pertama She Was There During The Gang First Road Trip To Kb During Hari Raya.. Ato Koros C Jijah Atu Hahahahaha Kaji Paes Terdapat Ko Masih Tupi Koboi Mu Atu?
 And She Was There During Our Many Many Road Trip To Kb.. Untuk Apa Tu Nah.. Makan Mee Mamak Or Nasi Katok Babuku.. If You Guys Still Remember Ni Di Mana Nah? D'Valley Cafe.. Dapur Lama Tani.. Always The Meetpoint.. And I Remember Si Titin Punya Conversation.. Eeee Bau Masam Bunit Kita.. Hahaha Mana Nda.. Kasut Belusir Di Dalam Atu :p
 And Also When This Happen.. Haahahahaha I Very Much Remember This! During C Zimah Punya Birthday.. We All Surprising Her With A Cake.. Konon Kedia N Herman Saja Ngedate.. Cua Ada Yang Naik Tangga Ada Yang Naik Lift Di Aranda.. And I Have To Drive Back To Kb With This Stupid Tyre Hahaha Sandi! 
 2009 Bbq At Faeiz's Folks Di Kilanas.. Hahaha Baju Atu Berpindah Hak Milik Udah.. And Of Coz Jassie Was There Too Huhu...
 Those Endless Morning Run.. Who Else Is With Me.. Kan Tiap-tiap Hari Mendgr Lagu Kebangsaan Dalam Radio..
 Watching Dpmm Matches With The Cousins.. Sapa Lagi Yang Jadi Driver Hahaha..
 All Those Nights Where Me And Khun Jirul Having Burger Pasar Malam Siring Jeraya.. If Nda Sebalah Cuore C Jirul.. Si Jassie Jadi Cover Kami Hahahahahaha
And Of Coz Those Lonely Moments Where I Have To Break My Fast At The Side Of The Road.. Hahahahahaha.. And If You Guys Wonders What That Japanese Alphabets Mean? Well Its Literally The Spelling Of Jazz In Japanese
 And Of Coz Those Endless Times At The Workshop.. Mun Nda Spark Plug Kan Di Ganti Lahh
 Tayar Kan Di Ganti..!
 And Hence Where Jassie Bear Got Her Name From.. Teeheehee Until I Bought Sonya And She Left Jassie For Sonya Hahaha Apakan
 And Of Coz She Was There Too During My First Ever Run At Track 8
Anyway If You Guys Are Wondering What The Hell Is This Post Is All About Well.. Avid Readers Of My Blog Knew That I've Let Go Jassie Sometime Early This Year Or Late Last Year.. But The Thing Is She Is Still Under My Name Tho It Was Paid A Broker On Paper It Was Still Under My Name.. And Lately My Parents Keeps On Mentioning About Buying Her Back Sometime Next Month.. But Then I've Received A Phone Call On Thursday That She Has Been Bought And All The Paperwork To Change The Ownership To That Person Is In Process.. Oppppppssssss As Glad As I Am But Underneath I Was Really Disappointed.. Why? Well Its My First Car.. And Y'all Get What I Mean Right? Banyak Lah Kenangan Ku Kan Kereta Ani.. Kana Tahan Polis.. First Time Ngedate Sambil Nyanyi2 Sigh... Bye Jassie.. Thanks For The Ride..

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

One Day In Shaa Allah When I Have Enough Money.. Backpacking And Just Enjoy Nature.. Would You Say No To This?
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Wednesday The 28th

Wow Mun Durg C Ajith & Avg Suka Durg Ni Numbur 28 Ah.. Hehehe And If You Two Happen To Read This Happy Day 28 To Both Of You Haha.. While Typing This Post The Song From Bondan Prakoso Ya Sudahlah.. Really Is A Good Song But It Reminds Myself Of The Video Clips.. The Idea Of My Carrying A Guitar.. Backpacking Around Indonesia Or In Fact Anywhere Else Is One Bloody Brilliant Idea.. Okay Carrying A Guitar? For Someone Who Dont Even Know A Single Note Or Tab Or Whatever You Called It Is Just Dumb.. But That Freedom Feelings It Gave You Is Just Amazing.. To Leave Everything Behind For A Month Or Two.. Wow.. Who Would Want To Say No To That.. And By Saying This It Remind Me Of One Jason Mraz Song.. Damn Now I'm Having A Hard Time Trying To Remember It.. And Checking That Bloody Song On Youtube Isn't A Big Help Either.. Owh Bloody Hell Its That I'm Yours Video Clip.. I'll Post The Video Clip Sometime Later In The Day..
Why Do This Kinda Feeling Suddenly Creeps In My Thoughts.. Well It Has Been Quite A Year.. And Now We're Reaching The End Of November And I Thought.. Its Has Been Heavy This Year.. Very Heavy Indeed.. And To Remind Myself I Haven't Had A Decent And Proper Leave From Work In Over A Year.. MCs And Public Holidays Are Not Included Btw.. I Just Want To Go Somewhere.. Just To Recharge The Battery.. I Just Want That Feeling Of Guilt Free When You Stay Up Late Without Worrying About Waking Up Early For Work The Next Day.. Mind You The Remainder Of My Leaves Is Just Too Little.. Why? Malas Lah Aku Kan Cerita.. Nganya It Really Is Been Frustrating.. And I'm Not Sure Bilakah Ianya Kan Selesai.. Been Waiting For The Results For Over A Year Now And It Doesn't Show Its Gonna Be Settle Anytime Soon. Membari Sasak Jua Tu.. Cuti Nda Naik.. Gaji Bertahan 2 Tahun Udah.. Tapi Keraja Nauzubillah.. Iatah I Dare Say Its So Unfair To Be Treated In This Manner.. Full Stop Won't Say Much.. Malas Ku Kan Telling Tales But One Of These Days I Seriously Need To Sit Down With One Of The Bosses And Ask For The Progress Because It Has Been Ridiculously Long!
It Really Is Very Frustrating To The Point It Really Pisses Me Off Badly.. Luckily There Is Gym.. And I Just Channel It There.. To Have Alone Time At The Start Doing The Cardio And Warming Up The Muscles Before Pumping It.. Hence That Is Why In The Last Few Weeks.. I'm Always Angry At The Gym.. Take Examples Last Monday.. Ive Got Lots In My Head.. And Taking Those Fat Burners And Energy Drinks Somehow Makes Me Angrier That I Just Keep On Going Even I Know My Energy Was Totally Gone.. And I Know When I Push Myself Too Hard My Whole Body Begin To Shiver Until I Had My Meal.. And Then It Will Begin To Sore.. Which Is Dumb Really Ubat Banyak Masuk.. Air Putih Nda Berapa Diminum.. Biasalah Yatah Membarinya Keluar Darah Mun Beria Hahaha Sandikan.. Which Is Just Dumb..
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Something That Always Stuck In My Mind

Inilah Aku Yang Memilih Kau Untukku.. Kerna Aku Mencintaimu.. Dan Hatiku Hanya Untukmu.. Tak Akan Menyerah.. Dan Takkan Berhenti Mencintaimu.. Ku Berjuang Dalam Hidupku.. Untuk Selalu Memilikimu Seumur Hidupku.. Setulus Hatiku Hanya Untukmu...
But Forgive Me I Just Love This Song So Much! =)
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And This Was My Monday

 Muka Senyum Lebar Pasal Dapat Jumpa Bini Haa Haa
 Manja! Haha
 My Meal Yang Buat Org Tes Liyo Kemarin
 Atu Ya Mengorder Jua Baa
 Licin Udah Atu Hahaha
 Gym Night.. And Guess Whose There Too.. Pinky! Haa Haa Walautah Botol Atu Warna Pink.. Tapi Isi Dalam Atu Tah Yang Membuat Aku Strong.. And Panas Badan!
 Chest Day Last Night.. Focus A Lot On Upper Chest And Fly
Well Of Coz Triceps Will Not Be Neglected.. Lampuh Bah Tangan Ah!
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lets Try Doing These For Fun

Here The 20 Best Bodyweights Exercises That We Should Always Do:
  1. Squat.
  2. Push Ups. Well If U Can't Do A Full Push Up.. Half Push Ups Is Just As Suffice.. Meaning? Using Ur Knees Instead Of Stretching The Whole Body.
  3. Bridge.
  4. Lunges.
  5. Plank.
  6. Triceps Dip.
  7. Single Leg Deadlift.
  8. Spinal Balance.
  9. Bicycle.
  10. Kickdowns.
  11. Side Lunge.
  12. Burpees.
  13. Switch Lunges.
  14. Chin Pull Up.
  15. Jumping Jack.
  16. Mountain Climber.
  17. Tuck Jump.
  18. Butt Kicks.
  19. Frog Jumps.
  20. Grand Plie Squat Heel Drag.
Try Doing These Exercises A Day.. My Advice Is To Do It Non-Stop For 30 Secs.. Then Gradually Increase Ur Speed.. Don't Bother Counting The Reps.. Just Do As Much As U Can.. At Ur Own Pace.. And Click This For Picture Examples.

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Sandi Atu Handsome Haha

Stumble Upon This And I Thought Sandi Nda Berapa Lampuh Aku Atu Dulu.. Hahaha Waktu-waktu Masih Jadi Active Runner.. Campur Lagi Hiking Saja.. Makan Berjaga.. But Now Im Totally Doing The Opposite.. But I'm Planning Come Decembed Gonna Go Back Running.. And Starting To Put More Attention And Effort In Eating Right.. So Bloody Hope This Ain't Just Bloody Talk..
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Sedikit Saja Pasal Kemarin

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kemarin Kemarin Di Malam

 Did An Hour Run On Wednesday.. Then Walk Walk Walk Hahaha Barat Bah Badan Aaaa
 Almost 5km.. Okay Laaaaaa
 Kopi Kaw Kaw Punya From Universal Cafe
 The French Toast
 And Of Coz Roti Kawin Yang Durg Bakar Pakai Oven Batu!
 Back Session With Ah Weng Smacked! Bernapsu Bah Kan Main Barat.. On Our 3rd Set Total Weight 120kg.. Kan Terjeluak Saja Nda Bah!
 Cua 20kg Our Starting Weight.. Nyaman Plang.. Cam Nada Tu Menarik!
Bukan Lagi Purple Bah Biru.. No My Friends Bukan Dumbell Yg Gugur Atas Kaki.. But Door Knob! sakinya Subhanallah.. Baik Jua Nda Patah
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Di Malam Nie

 One Of The Reason Why Aku Mengantuk And Berasa Sangat Letih Right Now.. Back At The Gym Last Night After Having A Week Off.. And If ur An Avid Reader Of My Blog Then By Now U Should Know Why I Had A Week Off.. So The Session Start Normally With A Short Cardio Workout And A Good Warm Up Session.. With Is Very Very Important It Prevent U Injuring Ur Body! And Now My Shoulder Was All Tone And Up.. But I Just Wanna Sleep.. Can It Be Lunch Time Already
Gambar Yang Ku Tunggu Sama C Comel.. Hahahaha Membari Sasak Nda Ya Mau Bergambar.. Banar Tah Anak Ani..

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tangkap Lentok Lerrr

Jika Ku Hadir Untuk Disakiti Biarlah Ku Pergi Jauh Dan Sendiri Tanpa Ada Kamu.. Siapa Pun Di Sini Ku Menangis.. Kebodohanku Telah Anggap Dirimu Kan Baik Untukku.. Butakan Hati Kau Pergi Begitu Saja Tak Ku Tahu.. Ku Telah Layu.. Mungkin Kernaku Terlalu Mencintaimu.. Ku Terluka.. Kemana Ku Berlari Kemana Aku Kan Pergi.. Ku Cintai Namun Benci Caramu Mencintaiku.. Kebodohanku Telah Anggap Dirimu Kan Baik Untukku.. Butakan Hatiku.. Kau Pergi Begitu Saja Tak Ku Tau.. Ku Terluka.. Kemana Ku Berlari Kemana Aku Kan Pergi.. Ku Cintai Namun Benci Caramu Mencintaiku.. Biarlah Ku Simpan Menjadi Kenangan Hidupku..

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just A Short Bla Bla Bla

Weekend Everyone.. What A Short Working Week This Week Has Been.. Honest I'm Loving It.. Too Bad My Right Shoulder Spoil The Fun A Bit.. As Well A Disappointment To Add To That But Nonetheless Hows Everyone Doing? Mine Well My Right Shoulder Is Bugging Me Big Time.. Probably Tweak A Few Muscles Had To Skip Gym Session Yesterday.. Didn't To Aggravated The Injury Even Further.. And When  Flex It To Have A Feel About It.. It Feel Painful.. Wasn't As Painful As It Was A Few Days Back But Man When Its Cold The Soreness Was Just Bloody Annoying.. So This Is Just A Reminder To Myself Never To Over Do It.. And To Check My Body Form As Well.. God I Hope It Will Heal Itself By Monday Or Else I Have To Skip Another Shoulder Session.. Damn It!
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And The Work Will Continue

Done With Claying Her Last Night.. But To Be Honest I Still Am Not Satisfied.. Especially At The Back Bumper Need A Few More Works.. And I Do Believe I Need To Be A Swirl Remover Kit Too.. But At This Point The Body Surface Is So Smooth.. So If I'm Not Going To Bandar Tomorrow.. Y'all Know What I'm Doing All Day.. Hahaha
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That Night.. FINALLY!

 After Almost 3 Months Of Planning.. Cancelled.. Postponed.. Lots Of Schedule Re-checking Finally We Set A Date For A Get Together And Menungap.. Alhamdulillah.. Walaupun Nda Full Corum But It Was Still Time Well Spent!

 And Lebih2 Lagi Kalau Ada C Dayang Ani Join.. Hahaha Kiyut Banar Bah Anak Ani.. Full Of Character Nganya Boring Ya Sikit Nada Dangannya Bermain.. But Still Ia Cute!

 Batah Sudah Ni Durg Dua Laki Bini Ani Nda Masuk Dalam Blog Ku Haa Haa Haa

Aku Ada Cerita.. Ia Antar Anak Bininya.. Atu Sekalinya Solo Macam Pak Maun Hahaha Nadawah!
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