Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thursday 24th Of Dec

Shared A Morning Selfie Arah My Billionass Group. Coz We Always Do That And Since I'm Up Early For Maulud Procession. I Share One Lah Time Ku Breakkie.

And Then Jirul Did This And Shared It Back. Antam Kau Jirul! Katanya Batah Ya Nda Buat. Well You're Losing Your Touch Mate. Nyaahaahaa.

Arrived At Padang KBRC. And Damn It! That Pimple On My Cheek. Annoying Lah Jugak. Ngam Lagi Diri Kan Berpanas Soon. Cawir!

When You Saw Your Old Classamates And Schoolmates You Can't Help It Mate You Just Can't Help It. You Need To Snap Them.

My Skechers Do Came In Handy. Beats Walking Using Slippers. Trust Me.

Dad's With One Of His X Officemates. Good To See A Few Familiar Faces.

I Remember Once During My Time In Bandar. My Chief Clerk Told Me. Nda G Pajal Bah Manusia Aa. Mun Dulu Ni. Nda Nampak Ni Rumput Aaaaa. Well Gotta Say In Some Extends It Is True. Probably This Year Quite Different Since We Celebrate Maulud Twice And The Latest One Was In The Month Of December Clashing With School Holidays. It Has Been A Norm In Brunei. During End Of The Year. Kompom Sunyi.

I Just Hope That The Spirit Of Celebrating Mauludir Rasul Di Brunei Will Never Dies. In Line With HM's Titah. Don't Bother With Others. If They Don't Want To Celebrate Hari Hari Kebesaran Islam Then Let Them Be. We're In Brunei We Must Continue This Tradition.

And I Also Loves Seeing Families Sitting By The Roadside Giving Out Free Waters And Foods For The People Who Joined The Procession. I Really Love Seeing Generations Within The Families Itself. Teaching Their Young Generations The Beauty Of Sedekah And Such. You Will Never Go Broke With Sedekah. 

It Was Super Duper Hot That Day. And The Procession Started Quite Late. Luckily Along Padang Panglima Up To Kb Town Centre The Road Was Shaded. Hangat Jua Kakal. Lalah Jua Kakal. Sampat Jua Aku Selfie With My Dad. Steady Kedia. Hahaha. Bleh Tahan.

And Then The Girlfriend Shared This. Hmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Hahahhaah. 

Bismillahirrohmannirrohim Hehehe That Date Has Arrived. Really Enjoyed The Drive To Bandar. Was Fun When Someone Was Super Nervous. Nyaahaahaa Hari Tu Hari Kiterr. Hari Ni Plak Hari Awak.

Alhamdulillah The Family Meeting Went Well. And I Will Share With You Guys Nanti-Nantilah Saja Dulu Aaa. 

The Only Photo I Dare Share For The Time Being. We Haven't Taken A Photo Together Just Yet. Honestly I Want Too But Aku Malu Kan Tanya Hahaha.

Don't Get Me Wrong The GF Bukan Larang Share Gambarnya Apa. But Most Of The Photo Taken Was Actually Candid. So Sorry Gambar Ku Kana Candid And Make Up Apa I Will Share In An Instant But Yang Part Atu. Its Just Between Me And Her. Hehehe Sorry Guys.

Arrived In Lambak Kiri For Tahlil Night But Before That I Brought My Parents To Gadong Sentral Because I Was Actually Starving. Makan Plang While Kami Di Umah My Girlfriend But TBH Malu Ku Kakal Boss. So Off To Babu Kitchen For Another Fucky Chicken Chop Eh Salah Fah Kee!

Was Kinda Hoping For A Bigger Crowd But Sadly Even During Long Weekend Pun Yang Turn Up Was The Usual Suspects Saja. That Was Disappointing.

Alai Zara Masih Alum Panas Engine Nya Hence Cematu Tah Saja Dulu. Udah Nya Panas Hahahaha Jangan Dilawan Mulutnya. Bubbly Berabis! If Only Ya Nda Berapa Takut Kan Aku. Kashyi Boy Kana Kurung Leh Ayahnya. Nyahahahaha Yatah Muanya Catu Ah. Malar Meliat Arah Nini Janggutnya Yang Duduk Next To Me. Udah Atu Meliat Kediaku. Ku Panggil Suruh Arah Ku Pun Nda Ya Berani. Hahaha Sian.

Just The Face I Made When I Got Bored Waiting For Everyone To Arrive.

Nah Aku Belanja Kamu Video Waktu Tahlil Taken By My Uncle.

As Usual Di Mana Ada Food Di Sana Ada Queue Panjang. Ish! I Wanted That Ayam Kicap Though! Mum Cooked It.

Off Back To Kb. Luan Kambang-kambangan Kan Lalu Rimba Walaupun Tau Ada Roadblock. Nah Batah Tah Pulang Di Jalan. Menunggu To Pass The Roadblock Ish.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"It Really Is One Of The Longer Day Of The Month"

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