Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm Doing This Just For Me.. And No One Else! Hehehe Because Tonight Is Gym Night!
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Atu Batah Haha

As The Title Of This Post Said.. Atu Batah Baru Tah This Song Really Gets Into Me.. You Might Be Thinking Pasal Ya Manang Juara Lagu Atu Yatah Ku Suka Atu.. And You Will Be....... WRONG! Hahaha Actually Pasal Iklan Hindustan Di TV3 Yatah Pasalnya Melakat Lagu Ani Tarus And This Song Stucks!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just A Post

 Shoulder Session Last Night.. Since We Were One Man Down.. Tried A Few New Things.. Mainly Was The Sets.. Just Like Our Back Session A Few Days Back.. Instead Of Doing The Usual 4 Sets Session For Each Game.. We Did Five.. And Last Night We Did A Hit Ur Minimum Target Then Push It For A Few More Reps.. Its Like Going For Failure.. And Hell Yeah That Was One Intense Session!
Posted This Photo At My IG Account Last Night.. With A Tag.. Yth Usulku Ni Kalau Pinggang Ku Damit! Hahahahaha Well That Is My Target Now.. Alright I Know I Know Been Saying This For Quite Sometime Now.. But I After What Happen On Sunday I Have To Discipline Myself Now! Been A Long Few Weeks Really And Food Was My Bestfriend.. Didn't Sleep Much Either And As I Said Food Was My Bestfriend I Didn't Bother To Check What Kind Of Food I Ate.. So Last Sunday I Had This Terrible Headache At The Top Of My Crown.. Kira Atas Kepala.. It Was So Painful That My Eyes Begin To Feel Watery.. Had A Few Panadol Just To Ease It Off And Manage To Sleep After That.. I Woke Up Feeling Groggy.. Feel Like Vomitting As Well.. And I Know Either My BP Was Spiking High Or My Cholesterol Level Was Going Through The Roof.. Took A Few Panadols And Had Oat For Breakfast Then Everything Was Calm.. So I Said To Myself.. Now Wadi That Was Scary.. You Better Start Looking After Yourself Better.. So The Journey Begins..
And Today Is My 2nd Day.. Checking Out What I Eat.. Having Just Enough Salt And Sweet.. Drinking Lots Of Water.. And Talking About My 1st Day Of Healthy Diet..! That Wasn't So Bad I Thought.. Not Like My First Time.. Well Until Gym Time.. Power Was Very Very Low.. Even Jirul Told Me To Stop Train Hard And Start Train Smart.. And I Remember Bro Kuyat Once Said BP Level And Cholesterol Level Cannot Be Reduce Just By Exercises Alone But Also Eating The Right Diet Which Is Much Much More Important.. I Even Hanged My Old Work Clothes Outside The Cupboard.. Told Everyone Don't Remove It.. That Is My "Everest!" So Kawan Kawan Wish Me Luck On This One.. Coz I Really Need It..
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This Is Awesome

Cool Berabis Bah Totally Not In My Level Yet.. And Probably Will Never.. Gila Bah Durg Ani Sanggup Pay $$$ For Green Dollar Nganya Untuk Melawakan Kabun! Haha
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Doa Kesyukuran For The Grannies & Uncle

Ni Yang Kana Rabuti... Sambal My Grandma.. Yes! Kedia Sendiri Membuat Ni! My Goodness! Its Perfectly Blend! Licin!
Makin Lawa Bah Ini Budak Kiut.. Rayyan.. But Pandai Tah Jua Pemilih Ishhhh... Tricknya Perlahan2 Nda Dapat Dirabuti
Khayla.. Recovering From Cacar.. But Still Active Lari Sana Lari Sana.. She Looks Thinner Tho.. And Yang Membari Kasian Jua.. Ya Jalan Bangkang Pasal Berbisul.. Membari Rawan Ati!
Myra.. Kalah Bah Adinya.. Manja Berabis Nda kan Mau Beranggang Bah Dari Babunya.. Membari Sasak!
Masa Masa Yang Di Nantikan.. Sadang2 Bah Baru Ya Macam Menerima Angpow Saja Banar Tah.. Larap Bilang Org
Nda Nampak Bah C Hana! Hahahaha
Sampai Bersambah2 Bah Hahahahaha




Even The Parents Pun Ampit Hahahaha Cua Liat Tu C Cucu Paling Tuha Ahh Mau Jua Kan Minta Kana Salam

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Futsel Another Late Post!

 Families Function! Kiranya Lah.. Ani Semua Cousin2 Yang Main.. Hopefully Its A Weekly Thingy Well If Nda Pun Every Fortnight Kah Saja.. Even Najib Was Playing.. I Tell U Aaa.. Long Time No Play Footie.. No Run Run Hard.. My Chest And Jantung Go Gila Bah.. Wake Up Next Morning! And Biasalah As If I Was Kana Langgar Oleh Kereta Even Bangun Pagi Pun Susah.. Haiya Tido Pun Susah Badan Sakit2!
Lapas Main Futsel Makan! Aihhhhhhhhhhhhhh MELAYU!
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A 2nd Farewell For Gelagah

 Hahaahaha Setiap Kaley Aku Tengok Ini Gambarrrrr.. Aku Pacah.. Tuuuu Org Juling Ah! Hahahahaha
 Ice Cream After Lunch Wati's Treat!
 Nda Kan Pandai Bisai Begambaaa
 The Usual.. No More Oily Food Tia Kang!
Curik Curik Dari IG C Watits! Tuuu Lauk Alien! tuuuuuu Org Nda Pandai Parking Lurus Hahahah.. I Swear To God I Am The Happiest Bila Lepak With Those People Yang Satu Kapla Dengan Aku! And I Am Thankful For That..! Why? I Have Many Of Them To Call Friends.. Eh Not! Brothers & Sisters! Ehh Awu Bah FAMILY! Hehe
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Another Very Late Post!

 It Has Been A Long Two Weeks For Me.. But Gym Session Will Never Be Skip.. On Those Days I Went For A Morning Session Before Driving Up & Down The Road To Bandar.. Which Is Like Kan Almost Everyday.. Duit Lakas Karing.. Badan Sangal2!
One Of The Reason I Was Busy Was Because Of HM Visit To One Of The Lots At Our Kb Industrial Site.. Actually The Planning Has Been Done Months Ago But Biasalah Keep On Being Postponed And Usually You Will Only Know About The Confirmation At The Very Last Minute.. Yatah Membarinya Melatup Keraja Atu.. But I'm Not Complaining.. Why? Siuk.. This Is The 2nd Time And Alhamdulillah We Managed To Deal With It.. Kalau Udah Boss Nda Banyak Bunyi And Was Given An Approval Smile Ah Kira Okay Lah Tu Hahaha
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A Very Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Late Post!

 The So Called VIP Toilet.. Which To Me Is Just A Waste Of Space.. Banarr.. Only One Person Can Use It At A Time.. That Transparent Glass Door? And 2 Sinks? His & Her? Goes Beyond Me On How Wasteful Some People's Thinking Are!
 Attending A Cousin's Wedding At Bridex
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

To All Of You

Happy 29th National Day.. Happy Birthday Brunei!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kawan Kawan

Hee Hee Sorry Kawan-kawan Been Busy With Stuff Here.. So I Be On Hiatus For The Next Few Days.. Later!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Short Update Saja Dulu Aaaa

Wow When I Checked My Blog Atu Batah Nda Ber Update.. Walaupun Nganya 3 - 4 Hari But To Me That Is Long... Biar Kamu Pikir My Blog Nda Aktif... Anyway Kinda Having Apa Nya Org Taie Taie Sakit Kepala.. That Was From Yesterday Kan Tidur Saja Memanjang.. Yatah Hairan Ku.. Am I That Tired? Bangun Tidur Then Minum Liat Tv.. Tidur Balik Probably Pasal Aku Dua Kali Turun Naik Ke Bandar On Thursday Atu Kali.. Pagi Menguruskan Claim Mlm Mengantar My Gym Buddies.. Yth Kali Badan Tarus Masuk Reset Mode Atu.. 
And Then Before Balik K Kb Kaji Paes Meng WA.. Membawa Swimming Atu Sanggup.. Ngam Jua Ada Baju Spare Atu Nada Ku Menolak Haha.. Nda Ja Nda Ja? Anyway Will Update A Lil Bit More Later In Sha Allah.. Sharing You Guys How Fun My Daily Life Is.. Tia Kang!
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My January In Perspective

Here Are Some Of The Highlights Of Last Month:

  • Acara Dikir Marhaban Di Rumah.
  • Sonya Berulah Giving Me Headaches Twice And Few Other Stuffs
Hahahaha Not So Much To Share But Actually There Were A Few But I Elected Not To Share Here.. Biasa Trying To Lid Down On A Few Of The Personal Stuff.. Bukannya Takut Ada Yang Tersinggung And More Over Takut Mengundang Fitnah Hahaha 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Boom Boom

Im Sorry Pasal Biut Mengambil Video Ani.. And Forgive My Sakainess.. And Also My Lil Sis Being Annoying Hahaahaha.. But This Was Taken At 1 Am Sunday Morning.. By Far The Coolest Free Firework Show Of That Night.. Kaya Kaya Kaya!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

For The 2 Birthday Celebrants

 For Elyza Aka Era Aka Mrs Zulo 08/02/2013
Titin Aka Tutun Haha Nadawah Aka Mrs BoBo

Many Happy Returns.. Bless Always By Allah Subhanallah Taala.. Menjadi Isteri Yang Soleha.. =)

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Chest Session Log

Chest Session Log For 10/02/2013:

1) Bench Press!

4 Sets: 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 30 - 10, 40 - 8, 15 - 12.

2) Incline Bench Press!

4 Sets: 20 Kg - 10 Reps, 30 - 8, 40 - 5, 15 - 10.. Never Like Incline Chest Press But The Damn Thing Is Important Especially If You Want To Get Big Pecks! Urghhh!

3) Decline Bench Press!

5 Sets: 20 Kg - 10 Reps, 30 - 8, 50 - 5, 40 - 10.. In All Honesty Pacah Ni When We Did This.. Kana Marahi Pasal Baibun Hahaha.. Cuba Kana Hukum Ku Kana Suruh Buat Lagi.. Gila Eh! And Aku Pun Lupa Mengambar Bah

4) ISO Incline Using Hammer & Strength Machine!

4 Sets: 20 Kg - 6 Reps, 30 - 5, 40 - 4, 10 - 8.

5) Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extension!

3 Sets:  18 Kg - 10 Reps, 20 - 8, 24 - 6.

6) Seated Vertical Butterfly!

3 Sets: 100 Lbs - 10, 110 - 10, 120 - 10.
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Another Back Session Log

Back Workout Last Wednesday 08/02/2013.. Mainan Nada Mood Here Hehe.. So Here Goes!

1) Lat Pull Down Using Wide Grip Bar (Antah Lurus Kah Nda Haha)!

4 Sets - 90 Lbs - 12 Reps, 100 - 10, 110 - 8, 80 - 15.. Sekali Sekala Menggunakan Bar Ani Pun Siuk.. Ada Feel On The Side Of Back.. Bana!

2) Close Grip Lat Pull Down Using Triangle Bar!

4 Sets Same As Lat Pull Down.. Yang Siuknya Pasal Game Ani.. Especially If Ur Not Doing Heavy Lift Is That You Can Control Your Form.. Pulling It Down To Your Chest Then Back Up For A Full Stretch.. Kana Eh Kana! :p

3) ISO Pull Down Behind Neck Using Hammer & Strength Machine!

4 Sets - 30 Kg - 12 Reps, 35 - 10, 45 - 8, 20 - 15.

4) ISO Pull Down Using Hammer & Strength Machine!

4 Sets - 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 35 - 10, 45 - 8, 20 - 15.

5) T Bar Row!

4 Sets - 30 Kg - 15 Reps, 40 - 15, 50 - 15, 20 - 15.

6) Romanian Dead Lift!

4 Sets - 40 Kg x 10 Reps.. Hell Yeah! First Time Doing This.. Wanted To Do It But Selalu Saja Nda Ampit Basi.. Cuba Nah Sampai Hari Ani Sakit Hamstring!

7) Vertical Seated Row!

4 Sets - 105 Lbs x 15 Reps.. Game Jangan Nda Menghabiskan Nyawa Lah Namanya Nie.. Just Like They Said! Stop When Ur Done! 

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