Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snappy Snappy And Aku Bercerita

Finally Got The Chance To Clean Jassie.. She Was Filthy And I Really Mean It When I Say Filthy.. The Last Time I Washed Was About A Month Ago.. Heh And It Took Me 4 Coat Of Wax Just To Smooth The Paint.. Too Much Grimes And Wear.. And To Do It Manually.. I Say.. I'm Proud Of Myself
Just Realise The Red Dot Is Missing.. Kana Tah Ku Jua Kana Curi.. Darn! Anu Mahal Tah Jua Lagi
Taken Last Night.. Feeling Hungry.. Plan Asal Kan Makan Di KTM But Penuh So Ronda2 Ahhh Lets Go To My Place..
Thumbs Up!
Kui Kui Kui
Thumbs Up Lagi
Kau Akan Masuk Dalam Perut Aku
My Mum Orderd Tom Yam As A Side Dish.. Fuyoooooooooooo Nyaman Eh Salah Salah.. Cunnn!!!!!
Selungsong Sweet And Sour.. Nyummmmmmmmm
True To The Bone!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its Tuesday Baby..

Tomorrow Is Brunei 27th National Day.. Hey Happy Birthday Brunei.. Anyhow Was Feeling Hungry Tadi Man I Could Eat An Elephant.. Theoritical Of Course Jangan Kan Luan Lurus Bendul Ani.. Hehehe Nothing Much To Talk About Today Really Its Been Quiet A Slow Day.. How Slow Well Safe To Say I Woke Up At 8:30 Am Today... Man Football Was Really Tiring Yesterday.. Tiring But Fun And I Was Being Very Cautious Yesterday.. Trying Not Too Put Much Pressure On My Knees So Alhamdulillah Nda Lah Setimpang Mana Hehehehe.. And I Still Is Thinking Whether To Go For Footie Or Just Gonna Do Some Jogging.. And Maybe Both.. See How Since Esok Cuti Hantam Saja Yang Penting Berpaluh Hehehehe..

During Lunch Time Today I Just Opted A Few Munch.. Roti Kawin And Horlick.. Iatah Nganya Tu My Meal So But Before That Played I Am Legend On Dvd Then Just Do A 10 Minutes Jump Workout.. Siuk Jua Lah Labat Jua Paluh.. Manage To Upgrade Myself From Jumping For 30 Seconds Per Exercise To 40 Seconds And Owh My God Terasa Banar Lamanya.. Probably Next Time Around I'm Gonna 3 Sets Rather Than The Usual Two Ive Been Using.. Alhamdulillah My Activity Is Beginning To Return Slowly.. Its Quite A Worried Jua Bah Terasa Banar Badan Ani Naik Udah.. Its About Time I Do Something About It.. Nda G Dpt Menggunakan Alasan Babu Pandai Menjaga Anymore.. Seluar Bah Makin Kancang Hahahaha..

And Then Meliat Gambar Lama2 Pun Aiseeymen Paot Ku Ah Nda Sebasar Ani Laaa.. Bisaiii! Hehehehe Insya Allah.. Perlahan Yang Penting Komitmen Pada Diri Sendiri Atu Ada.. Peduli Kan Org Lain..
True To The Bone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

And Today

Turn Out To Be A Busy Monday Morning But I Really Enjoy It.. The Only Down Side It Is That I Have To Do It Alone On Some Of My Task.. But Hey The Most Important Thing Is It Is Done.. Siuk Bah Kaja Luar Ani Pakaian Pun Santai Saja.. See The Above Pic.. Khakis And Converse Shoes Santaiiiiiiiiii.. Because Aaaaa If U Use Normal Work Clothes Aaaaa Haiyaaaaa.. U Knw Aaaaa It Be Hot And U Feel Sticky Aaa Where Got Comfortable Aaaa Aaa Aaa Heheh Apakan.. Dijadikan Cerita Alang2 Di Kawasan Seria I Better Off Go To Kadai Kopitiam Koboi Tau Tau Awal Tutup Laa.. But Nevertheless Going To C.A Mohamed Was A Not A Bad Idea.. Right Step Yoooo! Heheheh Langkah Kanan Baaaaa..

Okay Yang Menjadi Kemushkilan Ku.. Rcv A Fax Not So Long Ago.. Mengenai Dengan Derma Bagi Majlis2 Bla Bla Kat Ofis.. Yang Membuatkan Aku Nda Setuju Dengan Penggunaan Kata Derma Ialah Bila Setiap Pegawai Dan Kakitangan From Division 3 Hingga Diberikan Certain Untuk Didermakan.. Okay Derma Is Derma Yang Penting Ikhlas Nganya Kalau Sudah The Amount Of Duit Yang Perlu Didermakan Udah Di Tetapkan Sebanyak Sekian-sekian Dollar Dan Yang Paling Mahal Sekali Adalah Dimestikan 'Mendermakan' Duit Untuk Majlis Tersebut Then It Shouldnt Be Called As A Derma Anymore.. Bukan Kah Semanis2 Derma Ani Adalah Pemberian Seikhlas-ikhlas Dan Seangkat2 Hati Kalau Udah Berpaksa Atu Then Its Not Derma Anymore.. Then It Should Be Called Kutipan Wang.. Kalau Ku Salah Tolong Betulkan =)
True To The Bone!

My Family Being Androfied

Big Daddy
The Big Brother
The Younger Sister

The Other Younger Sister
The Lil Sister
True To The Bone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sembang-Sembang Di Petang Khamis

The Good Thing About Bringing My Laprtop To Work Yihaaaaaa... Ni Nah Ni Nah I Can Type In A Short Post On My Blog Sambil Sambil Nunggu Babah Ngambil.. Heh Cam Anak Manja Keraja Pun Kan Ambil.. Sometime I Myself Dont Believe It That I'm Turning 31 This Year.. Talking About How Short This Life Is And No Matter How Should It Is Ups And Down From The Day We Listen Azan And Iqamat Until This Very Moment No Matter How Vague That Memory Is.. It Remains.. Yes Its True Sometime U Totally Forget About It But Very Sure Along The Way There Will Be Moments That Remind You Every Memory.. Good Memories Will Either Make U Smile Macam Org Angau Even Laugh Macam Org Gila.. While The Bad One.. Well Its Either Nauzubillah Or Just A Big Long Sigh And A Quick Thought Whats Life Will Look Like If It Never Happens..

Satu Hal Yang Aku Tau Dan Paham Adalah Apa Saja Keolahan Kitani.. All The Things That We Do Now Will Show In The Future.. Setiap Keputusan Yang Diambil Dan Perbuatan Yang Dilakukan Akan Menampakkan Impaknya Kelak.. Well Not Tomorrow Or Even Next Month But In Years To Come.. Trust Me I Learn That From My Dad.. Earlier Today I Was As Usual Routine Harian Checking On People Status At Facebook.. Just Like Astro's Tag "Macam Macam Ada" But One Thing That Caught My Attention.. This Person Kana Hina Pasal Her Display Photo Is Ugly.. Basically Saying Her Face Is Ugly.. Seriously That Was Cruel!.. Kan Setiap Insan Di Dunia Ani Hasil Ciptaan Yang Maha Esa.. That Is You Indirectly Menghina Ciptaan.. Bukannya Apa Sikap Hasad Dengki Atu Terlampau Tinggi Yth Tu... Wow Its Been Awhile Since I'm In This Kind Of Writing Mood.. The Juice Just Keep On Flowing Haha

And That Is The End Of Part One... Mind You I Was Writing That While Waiting For My Dad... So Now A New Chapter.. Aiseymen.. So Here I Am Bertemankan Secawan Teh Hangat Duduk Seorang Di Zuki Cafe Seria Thinking What Else Should I Add To This Post.. Damn.. That Line Secawan Teh Hangat Remind Me Of A Sheila On 7 Song.. Will Try To Look For That Song Later On Di Youtube And Post It On My Blog.. Since Its Thursday And My Athma Is Now Gone.. I Said To Myself Enough Sitting On The Bum And Go Play Footie.. Dijadikan Cerita Lah Tu Aku Dgn Konpidennya Ke Padang Cuba Salah Bawa Kasut Berbalik Semua.. God Over Two Weeks Of No Outdoor Activities And My Heart Goes From Duuuuuuukk Duk........... Duuuuuuuuuukk Duk.. To Duk Duk Duk Duk Duk Duk Duk.. Plus My Teammate Lagi Laju Laju.. Ahhh Imagine Hummer Suspension Rusak Main Sama Kereta Sport.. Ehehehehehe Meneriak Geng Injin Kereta.. Well If You Dont Get What Im Trying To Say Here Is Hummer Atu Aku Maknanya Badanku.. And Suspension Atu Ni Lutut Aaaaaaaa.. And It Feel Great To Finally Break Some Sweat.. Im Loving It!
True To The Bone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Havent Been A True Writer Lately.. Too Much Been Happening That The Writing Edge Is Somehow Missing.. You Know Like A True Author Having His Writer Block Or A Song Director Who Seems Losing His Music Direction.. Well That Is The Case With Me.. Hahahahahahahaha Setaie Bunyinya! Nda Lah Yang Sebanar2 Yang Bukan Ditokok Tambah Its Just Mood Kan Blogging Atu Kurang This Past Few Months.. Kenapa? Antah Ah Maybe Ive Got More Free Time At Home.. Meaning To Say I Didnt Go Out Much So The Brain Is In Constant Hibernating Mode.. Topping It With Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Pineapple And Extra Mozarella Cheese Wow Fratinis Pizza Sounds Great.. Anyway Topping It Up With Me Having A Few Problems.. So The Edge Is Almost Gone And Recently I Just Found Out I Cant Post Photos Anymore Here On My Blog.. And That Put A Big "Ilang Mood Ku Kan Blogging Eh!" In My Mind..

And I Was Caught In Two Mind Really Either To Continue Blogging With This Blog Or Open Up A New One.. Then A Friend Just Told Me.. Go Delete And Free Some Space On Your Web Picassa That Should Do The Trick.. So Check Out My Picasa And My God Over A Couple Thousand Of Photos In It.. Some Was Repetition.. Biasa Kalau Time Tani Blogging Kali Somehow The Connection Was Tenglor The Photos Got Save In Our List Of Posts.. So We Delete That Tapi Yang Dalam Picasa Langsung Nda.. Mind You Three Years Of Hard Blogging And All The Photos That Been Save In There.. Heeeeeeeee It Does Makes You Smile Big Time.. And One Thing For Sure Looking At Those Photos I Still Remember Whats The Conversation At That Time.. What Ticks The Laughter.. Man Good Times..

So Whats Up With Me Lately? Well Just Recovering From A Bad Athma Attack Last Week.. Its Been A Long Time Since I Had An Attack Like That And Then Tambah Lagi Stubborn Phlegm Makin Tia Menjadi Batuk Ani But Alhamdulillah Now I'm Fast Recovering.. Ive Long To Play Footie Heheheheheh One Positive Side About Ampus Ani Ialah You Just Have To Relax Saja.. Cant Do A Lot Of Movement.. It Does Give My Right Knee A Proper Time To Relax.. But More Importantly I Miss Running.. Badan Ani Pun With A Lot Of People Nagur Udah Naik Berabis Hehehehehehe.. Antah Hairan Bah Saya Ani.. Org Lain Sakit Nda Bernafsu Makan.. Kediaku Duiiiii Ma Bernafsu Tapi Lapas Atu Batuk Memang Nda Beranti.. Tgk Gambar Bawah Ani.. Aiseymen Batah Nda Meliat Bisai Usul Diri.. Sekarang Ani.. Huh!

Tho That Im Recovering Right Now And For Sure Naik Tangga Pun Nda Lagi Angih2 But Still I Have To Becareful Nda Rugged Mun Berbalik Semua.. So Plan Is For Today Im Gonna Give Jassie A Good Wash Kesian Udah Usulnya Macam Nda Kana Peduli.. Jarih Usulnya Hahahaaha Al-Maklum Iatah Nganya Sebuah Yg Running Masa Ani.. Both Car Masih Dalam Workshop Haiya!
True To The Bone!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Days Hiatus Because of

Jet Fighter Pilot Moment
My Medication..
8 Biji Sekali Makan.. Erkkkk
Garfu Di Gadong Properties Foodzone.. Euwwwww
True To The Bone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday Shout Out

Happy Birthday To My Love... Aiseymen Mau Mau Jua Aku Atu Masukkan Gambar Yang Ada Aku.. Hahaha Happy Bithday Syg... Love u To Bits
True To The Bone!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Birthday Shoutout

Happy Sweet 17 Bday Kajan Walaupun Ku Tau Umurmu Bukannya 17 Lagi Hahahahaha Syyyy
True To The Bone!

Snappy From Malam Berdikir Sempena Maulud Nabi At Home

Acara Tahunan For Our Family.. Plus This Groups Of Ladies Andang Rajin Jua Berdundun Kerumah2 Org And Berdikir Sempena Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW

Menu For The Night... SOTO BABUKU
True To The Bone!

Monday, February 07, 2011


Happy 5th Monthsary Syg Hehe I Love You
True To The Bone!

Snappy From Upacara Menaikkan Bendera

The Choir Team Taking Place
Uniform Organization Consist Of School Cadets And Girls Guide Taking Their Place
Group Of Belia Cinta Negara Also Taking Their Position
Police Officer For The Flag Raise
Motorcycle Groups Escorting Kb District Officer
Belait District Officer With The Flag
Gauk Ni Org Nyanyikan Lagu Kebangsaan Ya Kuai Lintas
Belia Cinta Negara On Their March Around Kb Town
Some Cool Vespa..
On A Personal Note This Flag Raising Ceremony Should Been More Grand.. Come On Its Celebrating Our Country's National Day..
True To The Bone!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

And When I Snap The Snappy

Baby Isra Saying Heeeeeey Get Out Of My Face Hehehehehe
Ada Udah Tanda Jadi Bapa Ni Hehe
Daddy N Mummy Isra Memanah
Just Realise This Is Not A Robin Hood Pose More Of Apollo Pose
Sejak Bila Kereta Ku Ada Beruang Ani.. P Ragad Jua Ah.. Heheheh Kompom Teranah Tah Ko Sana And I Call Her 'Jassie Bear'
True To The Bone!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Just Some Random Snappy Snappyyyy

Grandpa N Grandma Was In Town.. Heeee Batah Nda Manja2 Ama Durg
My Footie Place In Panaga..
Nasi Katok Udang Nyummmm
Jalan Maulana At 12 Midnight Chinese New Year.. Yearly Event Udah Ni.. Org Enjoy Bunga Api..
True To The Bone!