Monday, December 28, 2015

Lets Do Random Again Yeah!

I Had A Good Laugh With This Meme. How Often We Saw A Person Who Loves Tattoo Would Make A Chinese Text Tattoo. And I Still Remember With One Story. I'm Not Sure Whether This Is True Or Not. A Bruneian Car That Install A Huge Chinese Text Decal On The Side Of His Car. And He Got Laughed At By The Chinese. When They Were Asked Why. The Word Actually Means Keropok Udang In Malay. I Don't Care Whether That Is True Or False. Boy That Was One Hell Of A Good Laugh. 

Can't Say It Better Myself Liam. And Trust Me Guys For A Person Who Lost His Dear Beloved Wife. I Won't Add More To This. From Now On I Will See Love Differently. Hehe.

I've Been Browsing The Internet For Inspirations Hahaha Over Well Actually For Design Ideas. I Wanted To Wear Casual Long Sleeve Shirts Untuk Berjalan. You See Saya Ani Simple Sangat Org Nya. I Prefer Plain Polo Shirts And Jeans. And I Thought Why Not Browse Around The Internet For Design Ideas. Then Show It To By Tailor. Suruh Ya Ikut Cutting Style Nya. If Menjadi Then Buat Lagi. If Not Find Other Tailor. You Never Know How Talented Those Bangla's Are.

I Really Appreciate This New Chat Service Which Is Available On BIBD Online Banking. Dijadikan Cerita This Was A Few Weeks Back. I Was Trying To Top Up My DST MBB Credit. 3gb Atu Aaa Honestly No More 11 Days As It Used To Be. 4-5 Saja Tu Kalau Kediaku.  Anyway I Was Trying To Top Up My Credit With A $20 Credit Via BIBD Online. Then Ia Gtau Transaction Failed. Thought Lagging Kah Apa. Tried It Again Same Result. Then Checked My Balance. $40 Kana Deduct Hence Terus Ku Cuba This Service And File My Services. Instant Answers Well Not Jua Instant Sangat But Its Sufficient Enough. Need To Give Them Some Slack As I Know I'm Not The Only Customer Yang Durg Layan. The Service Was Great. The Officer Was Polite And I Got My Money Back. Not Immediately Of Course But Within The Time That Was Mentioned. So Well Done BIBD!

When Sarimah Ibrahim Likes Your Comment Its Blog Worthy Hahahahaha. I Don't Care If Some Of You Said Elehhhh Sekadar Like. Well Kau Ado???

This Too Nyahahahahahah Couldn't Careless What Happened In The Past. When She Actually Replied My Comment. Its Blog worthy. Now Lets Try And Make Jihan & Maya Karin Reply To My Comments. I Shall Try.

This Was Taken Quite Sometimes Ago. Aku Pun Lupa Bila either Time Credit Ku Habis Atau Ah Malas Kan Ngingatkan Kenapa. Actually This Game Siuk. All You Have To Do Is To Make That T-Rex Jump Over The Cactus Tree. Simple Game But Damn Effective. Ahh Now That I'm Explaining It. Ingat Ku Udah. Aku Kan Masuk Facebook. Sekali Somehow Connection Lagging Sekali I Tried This Game. Then Got Addicted So I Purposely Stay Offline Hahaha.

I'm Sure Most Of You Guys Are Aware That Our Country And Our Beloved Sultan Credibilty's Are Under Attack By Foreign Medias. It Does Annoyed Me At Times When Western Media Report Such Lies But What Really Gets Under My Skin Was The Amount Of Media From Our Neighbouring Countries Who Choose Not To Investigate But Just Copied And Sensationalize Those Repots.

And Then All This Malaysian Run Facebook Page Pun Ikut Ikutan Lah. What Are They Trying To Do? Trying To Make A Different? Nope Trust Me All They Want Is To Generate Likes And Shares.

And Then One Malaysian Reporter Actually Went To Brunei To See First Hand Is It True Christmas Was Banned. And Even After He Explained Via His Article This Dumb Fucks Still Choose To Criticize Us. One They Have Bo Business Secondly They Giving Out Knee Jerk Reactions To The Situation And Choose To Be An Ignorant. Such Sheep!

Then Daily Mail Post An Article About A City In China Banning Christmas. Hence My Status Update. I Just Wish I Could Tag Them Bastards. No Apologize For My Choice Of Words.

And Then One Person Was So Adamant About The Ban Even After Myself Trying To Explain It To Him That Christmas Are Not Ban. Christmas Eve Are One Of Those Time That Is Hard To Find A Seat At Every Favourite Restaurants. Yet He Still Goes On And On And On Then On Boxing Day's Eve Time Of Brunei Facebook Page Came To My Rescue Showing A Local Eaterie With Christmas Deco.

Share It And That Person Is Still So Adamant. Even Changed His Tune Calling HM A Liar That Next Year Christmas Will Be Banned. 

He Changed His Tune So Much That He Began To Ramble About Something Else Which Totally Didn't Makes Any Sense At All. And A Few Commentors Got Annoyed So They Just Copied Every Comments He Made. By Then He Realized How Dumb He Is.

And Since He Is Chinese. What Is Best Then To Share That News By Dailymail. 

And All Of Us Just Trolled Rape Him Apart. He Went Missing After That. This Is What You Called Classic Bigotry Cum Ignorant Dumbs Trolling Around. Well Welcome To Our World These Days People. Generation Stupid I Called Them. 

If That Even Makes Any Sense To Any Of You Out There. Seriously.

I'm Not Sided Against Anyone Here. He Was Just Saying What He Feels Like. Then Somebody Nosy Guys Thinks They Have The Right To Poke Into Someone's Life. He Got Battered. Both Are Dumb. Generation Stupid.

And Then Come The Hypocrites, The Prejudice, The Pretends Perfectionist And Those Who Things They're On A High Horse. This Is The Kind Of People Who Goes Through Artists IG Trying To Find Fault In Them. Then Post A Comment That Makes Them Looks Pious. And When Somebody Talks Them Down. Their Reply Would Be. Its My Duty As A Muslim. 

Your Duty My Fucking Arse. Never It Is Taught In Islam To Downgrade A Human Being Regardless Of Race Or Religion. What You Are Trying To Do Is Actually Riak And Trying To Spread Fitnah. If You Really Care About One Person. Advice Them Privately. Away From Prying Ears And Judgemental Eyes. Society Out There. They Looked Down On Artist. Yes Sometimes Their Attitude Didn't Helps With Their Image But When The Society's Attitude Out There Was Just Trying To Vilify You. You Have To Stood Up For Yourself.

Again As I Said earlier. Generation Stupid.

Yup I Wrote This On Their Official Facebook Page, I Don't Care. TBH I Didn't Follow Much About The Issue. Though For That I've Been Hearing A Lot Of Different Versions Of This Story. Sadly Enough Though If It Really Happens. We Are Letting One Of Brunei's True Heritage Lost Into Times. Then It Will Be An Epic Failure Of All Proportions In Terms Of Brunei Tourism Industry. Foreigners Want To See The Real Colours Of Brunei. And Kianggeh Market Have That. I Really Hope The Person Or People Who Are Making This Decisions Didn't 'Dig Their Own Grave'. Because If There Is To Be A U-Turn In The Decision Of Which I'm Hoping For. Then Using The Famous Words Of Russell Peters' Dad. SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT REAL BAD!

I Do Believe I Posted This Before. I Dont Care. I Need To Get The Message Across And Prove My Point Hahaha.

Without Even Realizing Each And One Of Us Have The Same Amount. What Matter The Most Is That We Make Full Use It. Jangan Sampai satu Hari Nanti. I Wish I Could Have Done Or Said This. Ah Well That Is Life. There Will Always Be Time Where Wasting It Is Inevitable. Manusia Bruv. Takkan Lari Dari Kealpaan.

Was Driving Around With My Parents Then I Thought Why Not. Why Not Relieved Our Family's Dream Of Owning A Jaggggggg XJ. Why Not Right?

And I End It Here. Honestly I'm Very Sleepy Right Now. If This Was Up To Me. I Would Have Close Up Shop And Just Go Home And Sleep. But I Can't Damn Gems!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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