Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dari Tarsdeii Ke Praideii

My Morning Started With This. Well Bukan Plang Ani Yang Banarnya. I Went To Sg Bera Site For A Short Meeting Pasal Hal Yang Berbalik Balik Nda Pandai Selasai Which Was Annoying. Then I Was A Bit Late Joining These Guys. Padahal Diri Tuan Rumah Tu Ah. Haa Haa Haa. Yatah Bila Diri Masuk Bilang Org Mengaga. Kih Kih Kih.

Than These Happened. Siuk That Lady Driver Meng Reverse Keretanya. Sekali She Decided To Main Bumper Car With BINA's Van. Pastu Blame Our Driver G Tu Pasal Beranti Tangah Jeraya. Well Was She Doing Reverse Jauh Jauh Atu Dulu. And Come On That Was A Big Van. Ngakun Saja Mata Nda Meliat Ke Belakang Sibuk Meliat Kami Membuat Inspection. Hahaha Iatah Ku Gtau My Officemates. Merasa Tah Kamu Nah Ahh How Rude She Is.

Since Ani Melibatkan Kenderaan Kerajaan. Terpaksa Tah Menunggu Polis. And I Mean Polis Dari HQ Panaga. And Muka Ku Hitam Sal Berpanas. Haa Haa Haa.

Took Us Almost An Hour For This Lot To Arrive Well Peronda Nda Plang Batah Tu Nah Yang Mengambar Aaa..

Kb Town. Finally Getting Ourselves Some Lunch. Sandi Hangat Hari Atu. Sandi Hitam Mua Ku Haa Haa Haa.

Riding With My Dad To Masjid Pandan. Once In Awhile Since No Tahlil Night In Lambak. Ikut Tah Ku Berjemaah Di Masjid.

Aku Makai Kain Pelikat, Since Andang Ada Tahlil Jua Di Masjid Might As Well Aku Sediakan Botol Minuman. And Then Bilanya Hari Ampat Time Lapas Terima Murah Tu Rezeki Jemaah Kana Sedakahi. Nganya During Kami Sedang Sembahyang Maghrib. Kedangaran Bunyi Makanan Atu Kana Ruah Ruah. Then Tau Tau Kana Gtau Kanak2 Dua Org Berseluar Pendek Meruah. Then Bila Ditagur Oleh Jemaah Yg Lambat Join Lari Durang Masuk Ke Kerita. Ish Ish Ish How Are You Gonna Blame The Kids When Their Parents Mengajar Durg Catu? At Least Pun Aaa Kalau Nak Bawa Tah Anak Atu Ke Masjid Jemaah. Walaupun Hajat Dihatinya Kan Ampit Tapau. Nda Apa Atu. Awal Awal Niat Catu Lama Lama Siapa Tau Allah Membagi Hidayah.

Just A Friendly Reminder. Kalau Time Mengambil Air Wudhu Nda Payah Basar Basar Dibuka Air Atu. Kan Kan Kan.

It Was Really Is A Long Day. And TBH I Really Do Enjoy It. Bukannya Selalu Aku Full Schedule Catu. Helps Me Sleep Faster At Night. Then Along Came Friday.

I've Got One Delivery For Lunch Time Yesterday. And My Mum's Begedil Was Once Of It. Hehe The Part That I Love Was When Our Customer Said. Begedil Abis Kami Kerajakan Haa Haa Haa.

Since Its A Friday. And Of Coz Kadai Pun Tutup So When To Ash-Shalihin Mosque For Friday Prayer Then Chill A Bit Waiting For 2 Pm Since I Had Something In My Mind For Lunch.

Since Its Been Months I Haven't Visit This Place So I Just Go Here. And..

JC's Triple Decker Sandwich And Teh Tarik Dangduts Haa Haa Haa Yes I Ain't Kidding There Is A Teh Tarik Dangdut In JC's Drinks List.

That Was A Great Lunch. Fill Me Right Up. And A Drive Back Home. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Thank God For Collagen And Nivea's Mud Face Wash!"

May Babies

This Boy Is Now 14 Years Old. Haa Haa Haa I Still Remember The First Time I Met Him He Was Still Very Young. Malam Pukul Melepak Di CZ Gdg And That Was About 9 Years Ago. So I Can See This Boy Grow Jua Lah Tu Aa.. So To Syafiq Happy Birthday To You. May You Grow Into A Responsible Young Man. Pious And Kind To Your Parents.

Also To Mrs Wyvern Ash Aka Sikin. A Happy Birthday To You Too. Malas Ku Post Gambar Mu Dalam Blog Ku. Biar Kau Remain Mysterious Haa Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"When You Do A Year Count On How Long You've Known Someone Then It Finally Hits You. Woooooooo Batah Udah Eh Panya."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Its The Weekend

Totally One Free Day Today. Even Patang Ani Pun My Boss Nada Dalam Office. Probably She Is Off To Bandar For A Meeting. Heh Kekadang Kesian Jua Ku. Kekadang Annoyed Jua Ku Org Di Bandar Ani Sekalinya Membuat Meeting Nda Cun Hari And Waktu. And Sometime Last Minute Which Is For Quite Inconsiderable Of Them La. Pebaik Tah Dapat Claim Mileage But Mun Malar Last Minute Atu Ah Kompom Jua Rushing. Have To Call Up Org Umah Minta Tolong Ambilkan Anak Sekulah. And Apa Saja Plan Yang You Have On That Day Have To Be Postponed. Kan Kan Kan.

Nothing Much To Share Really. Nothing Interesting At All But Just A Few Stuff Saja Kali Aaa.. 

This Was Yesterday Pasal Penambang. Kisah Penambang. About Seorang Penambang Haa Haa Haa. Bless Him Though When He Said Selalunya Kalau Rezeki Ku Labih Sampai $100 Labih Sehari Balik Tah Ku. Kira Cukup Udah Bah Tu Untuk Membali Minyak Apa. Biartia Org Lain Lagi Menambang. Mun Org Lain Selaginya Ramai Org Atu Selagi Atu Nda Ya Mau Beranti. Tapinya Mun Kediaku Biarca. Esok Esok Pun Boleh Lagi. Pasalnya Selalu Ku Peratikan. Berabis Ku Menambang Hari Ani. Kali Esok Nya Langsung Nda Berorang Tu. So Dari Sana Tah Ku Paham. Bila Udah Allah Bagi Rezeki Lebih Baik Aku Stop And Bagi Peluang Org Lain. Hehehe Iatah Bila Ku Mendgr He Said This Taus Ku Bersuara Mudahan Makin Luas Rezeki Mu. If Only Each One Of Us Punya Mentality Miana Ah. Bak Mcm Dalam Babak Cerita Seniman Bujang Lapok. 

Nya Si Singh : "You ni pun satu, orang baru nak cari kerja dah ejek-ejek. macam mana lu punya Bangsa mau Maju? Dia punya nasib dia makan, you punya nasib you makan, salahkah you makan sama-sama."

Hehe P. Ramlee Is A Genius. One Of A Kind. His Joke. His Message Through His Movie Even Our Younger Generation Pun Masih Suka. Masih Enjoy Meliat.

Anyway Back To What I Was Saying I Remembered When He Mentioned About Customer Yang Nda Membayar Or Kurang Membayar Meaning Menawari. Sometime I Just Don't Get With Humans. Serious Seringgit Pun Kan Ditawar. I Still Remember Back When The Time Aku Keraja Carwash. Awal Awal Atu Our Price Was 8 Luar Dalam For Basar And 10 For Basar. While For Luar Saja About 5 If I'm Not Mistaken. Business Was Good Pasal At That Time Kami Nganya Yang Baru Membuka Di Kawasan Lumut. Plust The Product We Used Was Amway. Original Amway. Kali Nda Batah Atu Ada Tia Buka Carwash And Then At That Time Lagi Org Kinda Eski Pasal Snow Wash. So Yada Yada Yada Customer Kurang Pasal Durang Offer Harga Yang Macam Di Bandar Which Was $3 For Luar And We Were Actually Pissed Off With The Owner. Okay We Don't Mind The Competition But To Actually Try To Kill Off Business When They Could Put The Same Price Or At Least Kurangkan Sedikit Was Just Pretty Stupid. It Was Hard Jauh Sangat Kurangnya Customer Atu. But We Held On We Stuck In. We Did Kurangkan Harga But No So Much Because Changing Our Product Would Be Stupid But At The End The Customer Realized The Quality Of Our Service So We Did Survive At The End Sampai Ku Beranti Pasal Sambung Study.
Actually That Is Not What I Wanted To Share. Actually There Was One Time. On A Sunday Aku Keraja Sorang. And Then Ada This Customer Kalau Nda Silap Kereta Charade Lama. So Aku Kana Tanya Berapa. For A Small Size They Aku Charge $4 Saja. Then Ya Minta Tolong Kurangkan Ke $3 And I Thought Baie Kali. But Somehow I Was In A Giving Mood. So I Said Yes Bah Manasaja Since Durg Ani Would Be My Last Customer. Kali Bila Ku Selasai. Guess What They Have The Nerve To Ask Kalau $2 Boleh? I Said Boleh But Next Time. Aku Sediakan Sabun But Cuci Sendiri. I Was Actually Livid Udah. Katanya Marah Jua. Ku Tembak Taus. Nyangku $2 Atu Mahal Lagi Harga Sigupku. Kemudian Kita Macam Nda Menghargai Keraja Ku. And Then Barang Kami Bukannya Murah. Kanang-kanang Jua Deh Sikit. So $3 And A Marung Face. I Do Not See Them Afterwards Haa Haa Haa Honestly I Could Do Without Those People. Iatahkan Kekadang Kitani Pun Kalau Kan Menawar Atu Ubaya-ubaya Jua. Org Berbisnes Atu Kan Mencari Rezeki. So At Least Hormatilah Durg.

Didn't Realize This Post Pull Lots Of Clicks But It Is Really A Useful Post So Yeah. Thanks Everyone. If You Guys Are Wondering What This Is All About Well Kalau Any Family Member Kamu Or Even Kamu Yang Mengalami Sakit Berkamih Or Sakit Ketika Berkencing. Disarankan Minum Air Rebusan Daun Krakatau. In Shaa Allah. This Can Cure It.

My Sunday Begins With Me Going For A Morning Drive Because This Silly Neighbour Of Mine Who Is A Total Yob! Love To Annoy Everyone With Their Constant Revving Of Their Engine. I Wonder Do They Really Think About Us Guys? I Still Remember Back Then When One Of His Car Caught Fire While Constantly Revving His Engine. I Can't Help But Smirking At Him. And I Said Tuhan Atu Maha Adil. Well They Never Learn Their Lesson. Once A Yob Will Always Be A Yob.

What A Cloud Formation. Lovely Day Indeed. Quiet Sunday I Have To Say. Malas Kan Drive To Bandar For Lepak Lepak. 

One Of The Reason Jua Pasal We Had A Small Tahlil Function With Families From My Father's Side.

Why Do U Always Lakas Kurang!!! Annoying. I Cannot Hooray Hooray Because Constantly Ingau Hati Pasal Takut U Habis Credit. Why Do U Have To Blinking Blinking Fast Fast Aaaa. 

Something Thats Been Missing For Awhile And Voila Found It. Almost Cry Cry. Can't Believe It Tho. Thought Kana Curi. Dad's Breitling. And It Is Over 10 Years Old Udah. Still Look Lovely.

Haa Haa Vain For Awhile. Been A Long Time Since I Had A Face Mask On. And Usually Its The White Colour Bit. I Do Realized The Difference Now. Yang Hitam Ani Karas Sikit. Meaning Nda Kuyak When U Removed It.

When Boys Makes Plan And It Goes Wrong! Hahahaha Just Look At The Mess That We Made.

Me These Days. Kinda Appreciate Tho Kana Antat Ambil Keraja. The Schedule Was Pagi Aku Pakai Kereta To Work Then Terus Ambil My Sister From Her School. Then Ptg My Dad Will Send Me To Work And He Then Also Send My Sister To Her Ugama School And Only Picked Me Up From Work After Fetching Lil Sis From School. Though Driving After Work Hassle Berabis These Days. Jam Sana Sini Pasal Jeraya Banyak Tutup Because Of Construction Works. Mun Nda Duii Lalu Jalan Pandan Saja Sanang Now You Just Have To Masuk Sana Masuk Sini What Was Took 5 Mins To Reach Home Now Almost 20 Mins. Jauh Difference nya Tu.

BURKAR? I Wonder If The People Who Makes This Advert Banner Are Just As Stupid Or They're Just Don't A Give A Tosh At All.

Aku Ani Batah Mikirkan. Batah Sangat. Nyangku Napa Jihin Ani Looks Familiar. Rupanya C Indro Hahahaha.

My Sister Tanya. Bang Bang Hairan Alai Bah. Kenapa Awan Ada Asap Catu Asal Kapal Terabang Melintas. So Ku Jawaplah Kapal Terabang Buang Tangki Tahinya. Hahaha Honestly That Is The Real Reason. But I Could Be Wrong.

The Flash Season Finale Was Great. I Cried At This Scene. He Went Back In Time. Had A Second Chance To Save His Mom But He Didn't He Used It To Say Good Bye. Sandi I Wonder If I Was Given The Chance. Would I Change It The Decisions I Made In The Past? Haa Haa Haa Antahlah. My Brain Function Is Not That Strong To Think That Far. Iyerlertewww

Well I Supposed This Is It For Now. Took Me A Long Time To Finish This Post. Haa Haa Haa 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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Just Snappies From Sunday's Tahlil

Seriously Need To Putung Ini Rambut Tabal Suda Di Siring Ato Sir. Tida Canteeq Suda.

Introducing My Small Family On My Dad's Side. Hehehe. Jarang Kami Ani Kan Get Together Hence You Guys Seldom See Them Appearing In My Blog.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"I Got 3 Grand Children Too You Know. Haa Haa Haa"

Moments Like These

Hopefully Doing This The Second Time Round Proof To Be Fruitfull. Friends Told Me Yesterday That They Can't Played The Video So Hopefully The Video Works The Second Time Round. Loving Every Moment Of This Video. I Smile While Watching It. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Beautiful Memories Will Helps Heal A Broken Heart"

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Friday 22/5

Downloading Pilot Cafe Right Now Because Org Rumah Sedang Pot Pet Pot Pet Wanted To Watch That. And I For One Was Still Anxiously Waiting For 3 Movies. Chappie, Fast And Furious 7 And Avengers. And Also I Have This Knack Of Looking For Old Movies Like X Men Last Stand But To Be Prove Unfruitful. Biasalah Mun Namanya Makai Connection Office Bila Jua Kan Mau. You Need To Work Hard. Yes I Really Mean It When I Said Need To Work Hard. First You Have To Look For A Website That Wasn't Block And Then Once You Found It You Just Have To Pray That The Link Was Still Working. And Then Bila Nya Working Need To Check Jua Whether Link Atu Nda Kana Block. So Everytime I Found One My Jubilations Would Only Be For A While. Kekadang Ah Sanang Plang Mendownload Porn Movies Haa Haa Haa Though I Did Try It Once In Awhile But To Be Honest Nda Jua Ku Berani Because Usually Those Websites Are Full Of Viruses.

My Friday Was Dull, Slow And Full Of Nothingness. Although Last Night My X Was Kinda Sweet Membawa Aku Chat Haa Haa Which Was Kinda Weird And Unexpected. Anyway Forget About That Because Aku Mau Share Sikit Kejadian Kejadian Pada Hari Khamis. So Anyway Here You Go.

Probably The Only Things That Was Good For Me Yesterday. You Know I Was So Happy While Eating This. Zuki's Kolo Mee Actually Yang Banarnya Aku Atu Kan Breakfast Di Universal Cafe But Payah Sangat Mencari Parking Di Seria Aaa.. So I Ended Up Here.

Otw To The Carpark I Saw This. Ya Allah Ratak Luluh Hatiku. Kana Langgar Lari Jua Bah Kereta Ku Aaa. Okaylah I Do Am Thankful Jua That Yang Pical Plat License And Then Ada Lah Ratak Sikit Cat Kereta And Then Lips Bumper Di Bawah Terbuka Clip Nya. Nda Plang Teruk Sangat Still Tho. It Hurts. 

And I Thought Kenapa Tayar Ku Macam Selalu Kurang Angin Walaupun Udah Pump A Few Days Back. So Nda Nyaman Hatiku. Ku Check Yarabbi. Iatah Sudah Pasalnya Tu.. Ish. And Then Makan Dalam Lagi. So Mau Nda Mau Terima Ani. Need To Get New Tyres And An Alignment Check. Ish! Stress Eh. Baru Jua Angan Angan Kan Beli Jam!

Ah Well Udah Namanya Dugaan. Redha Saja. What To Do. Plus Life Was Good These Past Few Months. So It Is Kinda Expected Jua Dugaan Atu Akan Datang. Biasalah Allah Atu Mahal Adil. Dia Bagi Sedikit Kesenangan. Which Is Also A Test But Somehow Kitani Selalu Lupa. Then He Will Test Us With A Hardship. Mungkin Kurang Sedekah Kali Ketika Sanang Yth Kana Cuba Ani. Sigh Khilaf Diri Jua Kan :-(

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Ingatlah Segala Dugaan, Kesulitan Yang Tani Hadapi. Selalunya Datang Dari Diri Sendiri"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday The 19th

Brrrr Its Raining Right Now In Kb. With Me Being Sleepy At The Moment How I Wish I Could Crawl Into My Bed And Zzzzz. Sadly I Can't Because I'm In The Office Right Now. Weird Enough I Was Craving For Nescafe 3 In 1 Yesterday And Last Night I Had Two Sticks. Sandi Atu Kiyal Kiyal Ku Majal Mata Ku Supaya Tidur. And Then Bila Ku Finally Tidur I Had This Weirdest Of Dream. Funny As Hell And Kinky A Bit Haa Haa Haa.

So It Started With Me Being Sponsored With A Bike. And Somehow My Man Rating Gone Up Mengajut. Girls Loves Me. Men Adores Me And My Bike. It Was A One Off Especially Made For Me. And Since Kediaku Ani Lelaki Rare (Aku Made Up This Bit) Banyak Tia Geng Bikers Invite Masuk Group Durg. But I Said No. Aku One Man Gang. I Ride With Anyone I Want. Then Taus Taus Aku Attend This Wedding And Then Apparently The Bride Was A Friend Whom Taus Taus Confess To Me Yang Kedia Admire Aku Dari Sekulah. To The Point Aku Kana Uyung Oleh Kedia. So At The End Bike Ku Atu Ku Bagi Balik Ke Kadai Tampat Ku Bali. Nyangku Nda Ku Sanggup Lagi.

Terbangun Ku From My Dream And I Was WTF To That. Sambung Balik Tidur. My Second Dream Is Even Weirder. So By Consent Of His Majesty I Was Moved To Sarawak To Be The Under Study Of Yang Di Pertua. Apparently Sarawak Was To Join Brunei Haa Haa Haa. So When I Was There I Stayed In A Hotel. Then Yang Di Pertua Insist Me To Stay In His House. And I Was Treated Like A Son. So Bla Bla Then You Know Laa The Wife Kan. Jantah Di Sabut Nama Haa Haa Haa. Mati Ku Kang. So Out Of Nowhere The Wife Grow To Like Me And Everyday She Tried To Seduce Me. Bila Ya Sediakan Breakfast Makai Lingerie Tia. Then Sengaja Tia Nip Slip Sambil Walking Pass Me. Sekali One Day While I Was In The Tv Room. She Said Next To Me. And She Just Did Whatever To Seduce Me. Ahem Hem Hem. Plot Twist. She Was Actually A MAN! Hahahahahahaha Then Aku Terbangun It Was 7:40 Am. I So Late. Rush Mandi. Rush Bersiap. Then I Realized I Forgot To Terikah My Baju.

Then I Just Found Out This Is My Last Piece. So From Now Til Terima Its All About Will Power Lah. Need To Control My Appetite And Such. Hopefully Aku Berjaya. Or Else All Those Hardwork In The Last 2 Months Just Gone.! I Will Eventually Need To Continue Consuming This For Two More Months. Then Lapas Atu We See How Much I Lose. For Now Di Fikiran Ku Baru Sedikit Walaupun Ada Yang Berkata Nampak Sangat. Ah Well Still Am A Fattie.

Okaylah Ani Bukan Plang My Roadtax. But This Month Bertamu Tah Ku Dengan Renewing Sonya's Insurance, Roadtax And My Driving License. Asked My Friend To Do The Calculation. Third Party Saja Hehe. Kan Raya Bah Tu. Mesti Jua Di Save Save Usin. And Also Looks Like I Need To Work Extra Hard. Malar Buat Inspection And Ronda Ronda Site. Supaya Basar Claim Mileage Ku Hee Hee Hee.

So I Suppose One Post Saja For Today Lah Ah. After Yesterday's Ideas Frenzy Today Aku Totally Kana Writer's Block. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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