Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Birthday Shoutouts For The August Born

To Ms Zura On The 24/08

To Mr Ajithman On The 28/08 
To Mr Wanzsyah On The 29/08
To My Puta On The 30/08

No Present Guys But Just A Simple Prayer Semoga Dilanjutkan Umur.. Diberikan Rezeki Yang Murah.. Sehat Tubuh Badan.. Dan Sentiasa Dalam Lindungan Allah.. Amin
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just About My Weekend.. Owh It Makes Me Feel So Alive

The First Order Was This.. Deliveries To Bandar Early Saturday Morning Well Not So Early Tho.. Alhamdulillah The Business Is Picking Up.. All I Need Is To Advertise It More Frequently To Attract Lots Of Attention.. 

Done With Delivery Popped In The Head Office And I Gotta Meet Up With This Crazy People.. Its Been Awhile I Have Laugh That Hard Di Bilik Pentadbiran Hahaha..

And Jua Aku Langkah Kanan That Day.. Why? Pejabat Pengarah And Kewangan Is Holding An Open Office Kira Free Food Lah Tu.. Hahaha But Too Bad I Had Plan For Lunch Time Tho.. Yang 3 Org Atu Jangan Di Lawan Tu Pasal Makan Pandai Tu Makan..

Makan Makan Jangan Malu Malu Hahahaha.. Payah Makan Banyak Kana Ucap Nda Takut Lampuh.. Udah Makan Sedikit Kana Ucap Diet.. Diet? Sama Jua Masih Hmmmmmmmmmmm...
One Of The Reason Why Aku Nda Mau Makan Banyak Was Because I Have A Lunch Date Here..

Hahahahaha No Bukan Ama Gf.. I Single Still But I Have A Lunch Date With My Sister.. Kesian Ibu Mengandung Ani.. Tais Liur Kan Makan Tapi Nada Dangan.. Aku Tah Menyerah Paot Haha Plus I Got To See Fhey Jua Hahaha C Titin And Durg Family C Wan & Icy Saja Tau Sapa Tu Hahahaha..

Then Soon After I've Arrived Home At Kb.. Went To The Tyre Shop To Get Sonya A New Pair Of Tyre.. Didn't Get To Have A Decent Rest At All.. Because I Was Press For Time.. Why?

This Is Why.. I Need To Deliver This All The Way To Mentiri.. And My Goodness.. How Great It Taste.. Bakal Saja Order Org.. Mun Nda Gue Ngap
Bodyguard Ku Later That Night.. Too Bad Nda Sampat Bergambar Sama C Saerah.. Pasal Aku Malu.. Hahaha Dpt Mengambar Pintu Umahnya Jadi Tah Hahahahahahah Bercali!
Owh Otw To Saerah's House Which Aku Sasat Lagi As Usual Guess What I Saw.. Oooooo Emmmmmm Geeeeeeeeee! Cinta Hati Ku Yang Lama.. Hahaha.. Minus The Tinted Glass.. Nda Lawa Eh Ya Berlakap Tinted Aaaa.. Anyway Its Good To See Her.. How Much I Miss You Jassie!
Final Stop For The Night.. Actually Kan Ke Rumah Tuan Tanah But Since Communication Broke Down Nda Jua Kami Berani Kan Melanggar Takut Tutup Sudah Acaranya.. So Menahan Tah Kami Di Umah C Icy.. Ya Allah I Am Still Suffering From Tapak Kuda Overload.. The Redvelvet Cheese Tapak Kuda Was Awesome!
My Final Stop Of That Night.. At JC Kopitiam.. Not Its Not Because I Am Still Hungry.. Its Because Liverpool Had A Late Match.. Ngantuk2 Lah Ku Meliat.. How I Wish Umah My Granny Ada Sport Channel.. Ish!
So Overlord Tapak Kuda.. Plus Other Foods Consumed On Sunday.. I Woke Up With A Guilty Conscience.. The First Thing I Do After Waking Up Was.. Had A Light Breakfast.. Water And Bananas.. Then Head Off To Harun Gym To Burn It Off..!
Then In The Afternoon I Start To Attend A Few Open Houses Invitation..

Ni Di Umah Kawan Ku Yang Gila Vape Ahhh.. Abis Org Kan Di Pausinya Hahahaha Thanks For The Invitation.
Next Up At Faeiz's House In Kilanas.. Cua Liat Faqeh Senyum Too Bad Kabur.. Payah Tu Kan Kejumpaan Ya Senyum Catu Aaaa.
Almost A Full Smile But Jaditah.. Usulnya Meliat Org Ahh.. Lapas Atu Ya Ngacau-ngacau Tampat Kuih Jarih Lah Ku Atil Mental Taus Ya Hahahahahaha..


How I Wish We Can Stay Batah Batah And Catch Up Chit Chat Kan Siuk.. How I Wish Semua Berkumpul Ah Well.. 
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Old Post Snappy

Mum Specialty Soup Tulang..

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When Dad Go Cut Cut His Cake Haha

 Cua Kamu Liat The Knife Hahahahahahaha Melayan Jua Babah Ah Hahahahah..
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Friday, August 23, 2013

I Really Miss The Old Times

Okay This Is A Rant So If You're Not Interested Please Do Look Away.. Hahaha.. Anyway Ramadhan Passes Us By.. And Now The Month Of Syawal Is Almost Entering Its Third Week.. So Hows You Raya Celebration Everyone? Mine Was Okay.. But Actually I Do Have To Admit It.. For These Past Few Years It Has Been A Total Change Really.. Long Gone The Day Where We Plan For Sungkai Ramai2.. I Miss That You Know.. Mental Mental Mikirkan Di Mana Kan Sungkai.. Mental Mental Memikirkan Berapa Org Kan Join And Such.. Somehow These Few Years Its Just Nonexistence.. I Know You Would Say Malas Wah Kan Makan Buffet Ah.. Membazir Duit Saja.. But Honestly That Is Lots Of Bull.. Its Not How Much You Paid That Matter The Most.. Its The Time You Spend With Your Bros and Your Sis.. And To Me That Matter The Most. Now Its Syawal.. The Best Feeling Of It Is That You Share It Everyone.. Families And Friends.. Going Out Visiting Each Other Houses.. Wishing Everyone Well.. Taking Photos.. But Somehow This Year That Feeling Just Totally Gone.. Sometimes I Just Wanna Shout Hello I'm Here.. I'm Still Alive.. I'm Still Your Friend.. I'm Just A Sms/Call/Whatssap Away.. But I've Been Waiting And I've Been Wishing That Anyone Would Just Text Me Up.. Bah Lakastah Beraya Kitani.. Sometimes It Just Gets Me.. That Everyone Uses That Cliche Of An Excuse.. Too Busy With Work And Everything.. Come On Guys Stop Being Too Comfortable In Your Own Space.. Lets Go Out Have A Good Laugh.. Lets Make Memories Then Go On About With Your Life.. Honestly Aku Jealous Berabis Meliat Org Happy Happy Bergambar Ramai.. Berziarah Apa.. Seriously This Kind Of Feelings And I'm Sorry For Being Too Emotional Here.. But Honestly It Really Do Makes Me Feel Lonely As If I Do Not Have Any Friends At All.. And That Is Just One Mighty Troubling Thoughts.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snappy Of Babu During 67 Kali Khatam At Istana Nurul Iman

Alhamdulillah This Year Mum Was Selected Joining Her Tadarus Group For This Event.. Too Bad My Two Sisters Nda Kana Bawa.. And She Told Me Hopefully Next Year Ada Peluang Cemani Lagi Especially For My Sisters.. Amin 
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some More Snappy

 Like Father Like Son Udah Posing Atu Hahahaha C Mijih Tah Nganya Yang Bisai Bergambar Ani Hahahaha
Happy Usulnya Memilih Keropok Ah.. Hahahaha Pakih Pakih!
Jangan Di Lawan Kakanya Sekalinya Mengambil Hahahaha C Pangis Ani!
On A Sunday Afternoon Craving Satisfied Ku Langgar Saja Tia Queue Ahh Samseng Haha
Last Sunday A Short Stretch Of The New Highway Was Opened.. It Started From Spg Sg Bera All The Way To Spg Masuk Bandar Seria.. And If You're Haven't Been Going To Kb It Will Be A Surprised.. Contractors Should Have Put An Early Warning Notifying Drivers About The Opening.. 
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