Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Sunday 27th Of September

When Zura's Texted Me That Morning Trying To Wake Me Up. I Replied Her Text With This Photo Haa Haa.

First Errand Of The Day Sending The Lil One To Her Tuition Class. Then A Few More Errands. Off To Tamu And Pasar Pasalnya A Few Of My Uncles And Aunties Kan Datang Ke Rumah Kan Menolong Memanyap, Membersihkan As Well As Memasang Gerbang Umah.

When The Works Begin Awal Awal Atu Just Me And My Amit Saja Then Bila Udah Ramai Datang Banyak Ke Cerita And Baibun Then Keraja Well Kinda. 

When We're Almost Done Haha/ A Few Modifications Here And There.
Well We Were Done On The Gerbang Bit. TBH I Wasn't Happy With The Whole Coconut Leaves Thing So On Monday Night. Pulled It Off And Re-decorate It With More Flags.

Aik Najib Dah Tumbang Yer? Hahahahah Membari Malas Alum Lagi Siapnya Mencat Dinding Lagi Tia Merah Padam Mua.

And Its Lunch Time Hehehe. Makanan Not So Lavish Polang But Hey Its Food.

Part Of Our High Tea Menu Which Aku Nda Ampit Haa Haa Haa 

Owh They Also Wanted To Paint The Walls Too. Hahahah Layan And Dulur Saja Tia.

And Also Clearing Out The Old Burung Layang-Layang Sarang Haha Trust Me They're Back That Night.

Owh They Also In The House Doing Their Work Installing The Base For Our Tank. So Yes The House Was Kinda Riuh On That Sunday.

Inspection Done By The QCC Team And We're Done For The Day Hahaha.

Tv's Here Sorry For The Ridiculous Purplish Hue From My Phone. Dad Offered Me A New Phone Yesterday Whilst He Was Buying His New Phone. I Rejected It Tho Now I Have Second Thoughts Haa Haa Haa.

Okay The Sunday Murders Me! My Thigh Was Super Sore. When I Woke Up I Had Sore Thigh, Sore Back And Worst I Was Coughing Due To Over Exposure To The Haze. I Walked Gingerly That Monday Morning. Haa Haa Haa

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"That Was Tiring, Stressful Yet Fun Experience"

So Adorable

Alai Jazia Wearing Her Nini Babah Hat. Hahahha Tu Jaga Hidungnya Aaa Dikambangkannya Ah Hahahah.

Alai Khasyi On A Teranah State. Haha To Have Him Cani Was Rare. Anu Gauk Tah Jua Lagi Ya Rabbi. Payah Di Uyung.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Ngantuk Ku Bah Eh"