Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday The 16th Of Dec

Don't Let Me Posting Photos Meaning Its My Free Day. Nope. Not Even Close. As A Continuation To Monday Morning. Tuesday Was Hectic. And It Was Kinda A Messy One I Must Say. I Was Worrying About This Sites Visit Thingy That Gonna Happen On Thursday. And I Was Kinda Having A Hard Time Trying To Remember What Was Said And What To Do. 

Aku Atu Unsure Jua What Company They're Going To Visit. Aku Ingat Nya One Of The Officer Said Semua Site Di Kb And I Thought Eh Apakan. Then Kemudian Hanya Site Yg Alum Register. 

So What I Did Is I Go Through All The Company Yang Ada Dalam List And A Few Yang Nada. Then Ada One Company Said They Have Registered To LBD Bla Bla Then I Thought Hmmm Yth Udha Ni.

So I Emailed Everyone. Asking Which Companies Yang Kan Dilawat. And Then I Need A Confirmation Company Mana Yang Alum Kana Inform And Such.

By Noon Barutah Ada Confirmation. And By The Time I Received The Replied Email. It Was Raining Heavily. So Pity Me Then. Boy! That was Annoying.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Siuk Main Hujan!"

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