Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snappy And The Randomness

 What Body Type Are You.. I'm Sure I'm An Endomorph
 One Was Missing Mun Nda Complete Ni The-5.. Aydin Atu Kira Our 2nd Generation Hehe
Taken From Rano.. Phone Stacking Actually A Few Weeks Back.. Masa Lepak Dengan C Din, Kirin, Jimmy And A Few Of The New Mini Owner Brunei Members.. C Din Ambil Ni Hp Kami Semua.. Mana Nda.. Bilang Org Sibuk Kan Hp.. Pedah Saja Lepak Tapi Attention Semua Ke Telepon.. P Nya Nda Jua Batah Eh Pastu Atu Berabut Jua Mengambil Haha

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Just An Update

Feeling Super Tired From Last Night Session.. Mind You Even Though We Weren't Lifting Heavy But The Amount Of Reps And Games Is Very High.. With Cardio Then Chest, A Few Abs In Between (No Wonder My Abs Is Hurting Even When I Sneeze) Then Hitting Our Triceps With Again High Reps And Then Legs.. Almost A Full Body Workout Innit.. Which Makes Me Wonder if I Haven't Bought Any Supplement Today I Probably Be Feeling Restless Today And With Today Is Tuesday Had To Do A Bit More Cardio Later But I Would Just Speed Walking A Bit Of Running.. And Probably I Be Hitting The Sack Early Tonight.. Can't Be Bothered To Stay Up Late These Days.. Need To Get A Good Rest Or Else I Won't Be Enjoying My Morning.. The Question Here Now Is Whether To Have My Hydroxycut Mix Drink Before Cardio Later Or No?
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink Try

The Song Has It Own Official Music Video But I Opted To Post This Lyric Music Video So That Y'all Can Enjoy The Song More!
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A Quiet Weekend

 Gym Night.. Lonewolf Saja Pasal The Gym Buddies Opted For An Early Session.. I Cannot So Sorg Lah.. This Was Taken After I Had My Cardio.. Lalah Jua Eh Pebaik 20 Mins Saja.. Handal Aku Atu Mengambar Ah.. Pandai Ku Napuk Paot Ku..
 Sunday C Boboy Got Married.. Kacak Lo Brada!
 Introducing Aydin Luqman Anak Bungsu Kawan Ku.. Cua Liat Betapa Bunal N Bulatnya.. Gregitan Ku Bebanar.. Kan Ku Cubit Kan Ku Gigit Takut Bapanya Marah.. So Ku Tumbuk2 Sajalah Bapanya Hahaha Owh And Yesterday Jua Dapat Bertamu Kawan2 Lama.. Atupun Nda Cukup Corum Seorang Nada.. Mun Nda The Five Is Back Together Tu Eh Haha
 Since Ive Got Nothing Better To Do On A Sunday Afternoon.. I Opted For A Speed Walk Plus Run Run Plus Walking At Track 8.. Its Been Awhile
Didnt Realized I Took Almost An Hr Hahaha Did Some Running But I've Walked Most Of The Time.. Gotta Admit My Body Feels Heavy But If I'm Continuing What I'm Doing So Far Insya Allah It Will Get Lighter Especially With Me Doing Those Leg Workout.. I Wish My Belly Can Shrink As Fast I Ate My Food!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kemarin Dan Semalam

 Last Thursday Back Day With Ah Wheng.. Ia Bernapsu Kan Main Barat.. So Apalagi.. Berabis Tah Kami Main.. By The End Of The Day.. It Was One Great Workout.. Can't Wait For Later.. Chest Day.. I'd Be Popping Up Early At The Gym.. Need To Do Cardio Burning Up Last Night Foods.. Man Last Night One Food Galore!
Then Soon After That Went To A Tahlil Function For My Late Nephew.. Can't Believe It Has Been A 100 Days Since The Tragedy.. Mudahan Roh Nya Di Cucuri Rahmat Amin
Yesterday Afternoon.. Sesi Lepak With The Gym Buddies.. Its My Turn For The Treat So Apalagi Mendulur Kanak2 Makan Burger.. Get What I Mean When I Said Food Galore?
We Have A Pirate In The Family Hahahahaha.. Kesian Garit Matanya Kana Kakai Kucing.. Baik Jua Nda Apa Apa..
Yatah Nya.. Famous Ku Malam Ani Kana Bawa Bergambar.. Cua Liat Mua C Myra Ah.. Hahahaha Bangang Ani Bah Meliat Org Berbalut Mata Ah Hahahahahaha
Bbq Night.. Soto Night.. Spaghetti.. Mee Goreng.. Nasi Apa.. The Food Was Lavish.. But I Kept Myself Busy Dengan Menyalai.. Bukannya Kan Diet.. Free Flows Of Kambing And Ayam Tapinya Nda Jua Ku Berapa Makan.. Why? Remember The Burgers
Everyone Is Enjoying The Food.. Antah Pagi Ani Ada Yang Sakit Kepala Kali.. Bercek Darah Naik Kah Nda? Gula Naik Kah Nda Hahahahaha..
Owh Did I Mention Ambuyat Was Also There? Hahahaha Pacah Ni Amah Niniku Gambar Time Menggaul Ambuyat Ah.. Pot Pet Pot Pet Mulutnya Hahahaahahahaha
Myra Gambar! Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaa Awu Ya Nda Takut Kan Aku Lagi.. Tinggal Daania Saja Lagi Masih Taiming.. Maung And Menjaling Tu Mun Nampak Aku
Candid Saja Haha
Prepping Up The Cakes And Pulut Kuning.. Syafiq! Cute! Hahaha Owh Anyone Sees Me?
The Birthday Cake For Niniboi.. Atu Banyak Lilin Ampus Ya Tarus Meniup Hahahaha..

Tu Usul C Ayan Meliat Cake Ah.. That Boy Is So Cute!
Iatah Kan Dihabiskan Ni Di Malam Ah.. Duiii Nda Bilang Org Terhabis.. Pandai Surrender
Pikir Kan Kana Buat Sesi Bergambar Panya Ada Surprise
Panya Kana Bagi Anugeraha Haha Yippeeee WeeeWit
Gotta Love Grandma's Smile
Hehehehehehehehe Mudahan Panjang Umur Durg Dua Amin Ya Allah Amin
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That Day

 Finally Bought Myself Some Supplement So Last Wednesday When For A Test Drive.. And The Result Is Just Pure WOW! But Though I Am Excited As Hell With It I Have To Be Extra Careful Jua Not To Over Do It.. Pasalnya Later On That Night My Body Was Shaking Up Iatah Walaupun Tani Selalu Dengar Org Ckp.. Push Yourself To The Limits.. But More Importantly We Have To Listen To Our Body.. Ingat.. If Ur Only Doing This For The Long Run.. Achieve Ur Target Sensibly.. There Is No Point In Doing It Stop Start Stop Start... Pedah Tu 
Finally Ive Got Tired Of My Phone Connection.. Change The Sim Card And Problem Fix.. Manakan Tahan Asyik Asyik Org Call Hp Ku.. Kana Gtau Hp Ku Bertutup Padahal Berbuka.. Now That One Headache Solves!
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Untuk Abiskita Semua

Admin Ingin Mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha 1433 To All My Muslim Readers =)
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I Did For The Past Few Days

Finally Got To Hang Out With Some Of The Gang.. Selalunya Nahan Rasa Saja Kan Meliat Durg Melepak Membaca Arah Wassap.. Finally I Gotta Spent My Time With A Few Friends Di Bandar... Walaupun Nda Batah Jaditahhhhhhh Kan..
One Of The Things To Do Or Have Is Daan's Teh Tarik.. Yihaaaaaaaaa.. So Happy Happy Batah Nda Merasa.. Enak Yoh! Sambil Meliat Waitress Daan Nari Nari Dapan Aku.. Bersih Mata Putih Ku.. Makin Barat Bahu Kiri Ku Kana Ambil Rekod Dusa!
Then When The Gang Left I Stayed Di Daan To Catch The Liverpool V Reading Game.. Wah Atu Banar Cua Liat Macam Boss.. Atu Pun Awal2 Atu Aku Sorg.. Berabut Ku Sama Pekerja Daan Terpaksa Lah Aku Jadi Sweet Talker Hahahaha Taie! Like I Said.. I'm The Boss Baby! Plus Sometime After Lepak-lepak Ama Kawan2 I Prefer To Have A Lonewolf Time.. Bukannya Apa.. Just To Gather Some Thoughts Or Just Being Lazy..
Jing Chew's Aka Pulau Kayangan's Seema Kuey Teow.. Tes Liyo Yoh! Kan Sebulan Bah Nda Ku Melawat Kemari Atu Banar Makan Ku Atu.. Berabis.. Hahahahah Biar Ca Bah!
And These Lovelies Too.. All Week Makan Barang Yang Sama.. The Same Boring Stuff.. And Then Menahan Lagi Liur Kan Masakan My Mum.. I'm Not Saying Langsung Nda Ku Menjangkau.. Ku Jangkau But Kalau Dulu Panuh Sepinggan.. Now.. Just A Teaspoon Full Saja.. People Might Say Eh Mana Bleh Tu.. Duhhh Darinya Ku Kempunan.. Come On..!
And Of Coz Who Else Danganku Kalau Bukan Bieber Boy And His Parents Hahahaha.. Tubuh 4 Org.. Tapi Meja Satu Nganya.. Luan Ramai Bah Org Atu.. Even Masa Ku Dtg Atu Pun Mental Ku Mencari Parking.. And Then Baru Ku Realized Ada Larian Panya Earlier That Morning.. No Wonder
And Soon After That.. Went For A Haircut.. Ku Sengajakan Bah Kan Batah Nda Bergunting Because I Wanna Achieve One Style.. Nganya Ialah.. 
Actually Salah Plang Ni Cutting ku Ani.. Luan Tinggi Bah Ya Menyurung Suppose To Be A Bit Lower Than That.. So Mau Nda Mau.. Modified Lah Sana Sini.. Kana Puji Ku Bergunting Cemani.. Ngam Dengan Mua Lah Apalah.. Mmmmbah Ngam Tah Tu.. Nganya Biasalah Ada Jua Suara Sumbang Mengetawakan Rambut Ku Balah Siring.. Ah Well.. There Will Always Those Kind Of People Who Will Laugh And Make Fun Of You.. But Like They Said.. What Dont Kill U Will Only Makes U Stronger?? Piiiiiiiiii Laaaa. What Dont Kill You Will Only Make U Suffer More!
Plan Was Ke Harun Gym Sorg2 But Somehow I Was Dealing With A Bit Of Business With Kirin So We Had A Gym Session Together Hahaha Cam C Banar.. Aku Atu Kan Beli Supplements From Him.. Iatah Alang2 Tarus Tah Ku Had One Session Sama Ya.. Atu Pun Ya Membuyuk.. Ya Ngalih Nada Energy Hari Atu So Aku Lah Di Belasahnya Sampai Seksa.. But Then Again It Was All Good.. Hehe
The Supplement I Bought.. So Insya Allah Now I Can Put A Lil More Effort In Achieving My Target Which Is...??? Antah.. Aku Pun Nda Tau Apa Targetku.. Well Like I Said.. I'm In This For A Long Run.. As Long As I Got A Tone Body Then I'd Be Happy.. Like My Dad Told Me.. Kalau Bukan Kan Ikut Tournament Then Behapa Spending Bebanar2.. Just Play It Wise Saja.. Asalkan Badan Nda Sakit.. Ubat Cukup Memadai Tah.. This Is For The Long Run
Actually This Photo Is A Re-post.. Hp Abis Batt Udah Nda G Dapat Mengambar.. This Photo Was Taken During Our Sungkai Out.. Tuuu Tuuu C Jaja Tuuuuu.. Anyway Just Wanna Show And Share It With U Lot Aku Sampai Minum Teh Tarik Dangdut.. Craving Achieved Lah Maksudnya Tu
Lunch Out With Wak At Excapade.. And Catching Up On A Few Things.. Batah2 Cerita Nda Sadar Kedia Akhir Kan Masuk Ofis.. Plus Aku Berjaya Membual Arah C Kawan Ku Yang Berkuman Yang Aku Ani Bercinta Sama Org Jauh Hahahahahahaha Bakal Saja C Wak Awal Pecah Tembelang.. Mun Nda Biar Ya Batah2 Memikirkan Hahahahhaha
Menyampati Ke Gym With The Gym Buddies.. Biasalah Membari Sakit Ati.. Penyeluru Nauzubillah.. And Then From Now On We're Planning To Leg Workout As A Finishing Routine After Every Session.. Biar Kaki Kuat.. At Least The Effect Is Not As Bad As It Was The First Time.. But Kami Nda Mau Go All Out With This.. We Just Do A Medium Weight Saja.. Why? Well Satu To Prevent Injuries.. Kedua Pasal Kami Rock! Sama Kami Hensem!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aiiiii Ada Video Clipnya

~Sakit Ini Perih Ini Buatku Mengerti Akan Rapuhnya Diriku.. Yang Tak Mampu Jadi Yang Kau Mau.. Kini Ku Sadari Aku Tak Sempurna Untuk Dirimu~

Love It Back Then Still Loving It Right Now.. The Song Means A Lot To Me Too =)

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Things I Wanna Do Over The Next Few Days

  1. Breakfast At Pulau Kayangan.. Craving For Those Seema Kuey Teow So Bad!
  2. Gym Session At Harun's Gym! And Then Makan Ayamnya!
  3. Daan's Teh Tarik!
  4. JC Teh Tarik Dangdut!
  5. Tasek Lama?
  6. A Bloody New Haircut!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sedikit Cerita Hari Ini

Ku Mulakan Post Ani Dengan Alhamdulillahirrobil Alamin.. Why? Rezeki Ku Murah Hari Ani.. Hence Utak Pun Ndalah Berapa Kusut Lagi.. 
 Finally Everything Settle Udah.. Walau Nda Banyak And Bukan Seperti Yang Diharapkan But Less Is Better Than Zero And Alhamdulillah.. Senang Jua Hati A Few Nagging Things Yang Bermain Di Kepala Ilang.. Senang Hati Dari Mengunjuk Indung And Adik Beradik.. Senang Hati Pasal Durg Happy.. Walau It Took A Lot Of Time And Effort To Get It Done.. But Alhamdulillah Selasai Jua..
 Dad Tais Liur Kan Makan Di Nurwanita So I Brought The Family Here For A Treat. Bukan Selalu Kan Kan Kan
 My Food Pla Thum Or Thum Pla.. Ah Antah Yang Pentingnya Nyaman Berabis.. Nyaman Nyaman Nyaman!
First Day Back At Gym After Over A Week Rest Because of Asthma.. Atu Lajo Ku Main Entadi.. By The End Of This Which Is I Hate The Most.. Plus Mendulur Anak Dua Org Ani.. Shrugged 110kg Gila.. Macam Mengangkat Badan Sendiri.. But At Least I'm Being Clever Today.. Didn't Push It That Hard Walaupun Awal-awal Atu Laju Ku Bawa Durg Main And I Was Sweating Like Krook Krook.. Ku Bawa Rehat Time Durg Main Triceps.. But Mendulur Anak Baju Biru Ani.. Lapas Atu Main Kaki.. Which Is His Fav.. Aku Bah Sampai Terkantut2 Lutut Lagi Lamah.. But Leg Is A Must You Know.. Badan Makin Barat Tapi Kaki Nda Kuat.. Mana Taguh Tu Lai!
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sandi Berbulan Dalam Folder Ku Lagu Ani.. Kali Baru Tadi Aku Ani Clearing Folders And File Then Came Across This Song.. Catchy Banar! Aku Suka Aku Suka
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Another Day Another Target

My 2nd Night Out.. Nganya The Outcome After That Batuk Ku.. Unlucky Bah.. Bukannya Apa.. Ngam Ada Kerita Kesihatan Yang Berasap Membunuh Nyamok Ah.. Aduiiiiii.. Hence Bebalik Ampus Ku Lehnya.. Membari Sanak Bah.. Baru Jua Kan Berbaik Baik.. No Good Eh This Year.. Malar Sakit.. Luan Banyak Dusa Kecil.. Nda Pandai Bersyukur Kali Iatah Malar Sakit..

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back On The Road

Okay This Is My First Cardio On The Roads In Over A Month.. Hence I Was Pretty Chuffed About It.. Okay To Be Honest I Wasn't Running It Was More Of A Speed Walk.. Especially With Me Still Coughing For Fun I Wasn't Up For A Run Just Yet.. As Expected Memang Lah Terasa Berat.. Lamak Batis Pun Terasa Sangal.. And Of Coz My Back Pun Giving Me A Sore Treatment But After All I Am Pretty Happy About It.. Gonna Stick To This For A Week.. Then Slowly Slowly I Wanna Go Back Running.. Back To Doing The Thing That I Love.. But For Now.. Walking It Is.. So Here Goes For Another Round Later!
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Monday, October 15, 2012

For The Sake Of Updating

 Thank God I'm Recovering From My Asthma Attack Few Days Back.. Last Saturday Got A Phone Call From One Of The Bosses.. Asking Me Supervise A Few Contractors Bla Bla Bla.. Just Imagine It Was A Beautiful Wet Sunday Morning.. Especially With Me Still Taking Medication.. Sleeping Was Just Like A Snapped Of A Finger.. And By That Waking Up Is So Hard.. Imagine.. Sunday Morning.. Raining.. Pillows And Comforter Is Your Bloody Best Friend Innit.. Too Bad.. Work Come First... Biasa Duit Punya Pasal Ong! Kan Saja Tia.. And Yang Membari Rawan Hati Nda Ku Sampat Berjumpa Nini2 Ku Yang Turun Ke Kb.. Yang Bini2 Balik2 Mencari.. In Fact Usually Aku Tidur Di Bandar On Weekend So Last Saturday Night My Grandpa Memarahi Amah Lelaki Pasal Awal Mengunci Pintu.. "Jgn Di Katam Ada C Wadi Kang" Adui Ma Membari Rawan Hati.. In Fact Batah Udah Ku Nda Sleep Over Di Sana.. Nantitah Ni Ah.. Labat Kan Dulu $$$ Baru Ku Tidur Sana.. Heheheh In Fact My Sunday Wasn't That Happening At All.. Baik Jua Masih Single Mun Berdangan Kana Kusuti Kali Eh.. BooooHooo!
My Monday.. After Working On Sunday.. I Had This Waiting On My Desk.. Well Expected Plang Tapi Kemarin Atu I Just Can't Be Bothered To Do It.. Alang2 Menunggu Siap Kontrak Membuat Keraja.. Then Dapat Ku Tarus Membuat Repotnya Sekaligus.. And Alhamdulillah By 3 Pm Everything Is Done.. Kusung Tray Ku.. Well Nda Plang Kusut.. Just A Few Files Left Yang Andang Sengaja Ku Tinggalkan Di Sana.. Bukannya Apa.. Malas Ku Kan Memasukkan Dalam Laci.. Ia Jua Malar Dibilak2 Better Leave It There.. While Listening To SofazR Might As Well I Jotted Down A Few Entry On My Blog Yang Nda G Seberapa Active Ani..
Looking Through Photos Di Facebook Pasal Org Run Kemarin.. Siuk Jua Banar Ah.. Aku Nda Lagi Aktif Bah Kan Belusir Ani Mun Dulu Eski Kan Ikut.. Hmm Somehow To Get Myself Running.. Even Gym Pun Kan Seminggu Labih Udah Ku Nda.. And I Promised A Friend That I Will Have A Week Off.. Biar Kuatkan Dulu Badan Ani.. But Tonight I'm Planning For A Walk With The Sisters.. Slowly Slowly Trying To Get My Stamina Back.. Jangankan Luan Idle Saja.. Kang Getting Too Comfortable Payah Lagi.. And To Be Honest I Can't Wait For Friday Ani.. Kan Ke Gym Ku Hahahaha..
Anyway I Think Anitah Saja Dulu.. Mun Ada Typo Minta Maaf.. Malas Ku Meluruskan.. Luan Banyak Udah Ku Membaca Repot And Minit Ari Ani.. Haa Haa Haa

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