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Beristighfar dan Bertaubat daripada Dosa :

Telah mengkhabarkan kepadaku Abu Salamah bin Abdul Rahman dengan berkata, telah berkata Abu Hurairah RA : Saya telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Demi Allah, sesungguhnya aku beristighfar (memohon keampunan) dan bertaubat kepada Allah dalam satu hari lebih daripada tujuh puluh kali."

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wednesday The 27th Of Jan

Wednesday Is A Routine Day For Me Untuk Melawat Sg Bera Site. And As Usual Aku Andang Ahir Sikit Bangun On This Day. When I Said SMOG In My Previous Post. Well If You Haven't Know What SMOG Its Smoke And Fog. And Since We Are Suffering From El Nino Weather Phenomenon Bush Fires And Morning Fog Are A Norm. 

Alhamdulillah Jua Lah Other Area In Seria And Kb Nda Berapa Affected With The Haze And Alhamdulillah Again The Bush Fires Udah Padam. And See Look Look At The Picture By 9:30 Am Fog Sudah Turun The Weather Will Be Super Hot.

Dijadikan Cerita My Dad Texted Me Minta Dangani Membali Tile For Counter Top Untuk Sink Nya Di Hardware Shop Close To My Office. Sekali While Walking Otw Back To The Office. I Saw This Guy Bertelipun. Jauh Jua Ya Lepak When His Workplace Was On The Other Building. So Ku Kacau Lah. Bai Selpie Buat Peace. Kali Ya Gtau. Sama Bini Bos. Owh Oppsss My Bad Hahaha. Still Though Sporting Jua Ya.

Antah Ah For Few Days Of This Week I Was In A Reminiscing Mood. Checking Out Old Blog Post. And Then Shared It Arah Group Chat. And Then A Few Friends Share Jua Gambar Ku. Hahahaha Look Look Tuuu Yang Tangah Tangah Aaa That Was A Longgggggggggggggggg Time Ago. Even Ni Gambar Liau Aaa Batah Hantap Tu Eee.

Once In Awhile I Love Looking Back At Old Photos. Well Blame It On Facebook With Their Memories Thingy On Your Timeline. And Then You Smile On Your Own Going Through Each Status And Photos And Trying To Make Up What The Hell Are You On About. 

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah Kau Temukan Aku Dengan Beautiful People. And Alhamdulillah Jua Allah Kau Temukan Aku Dengan The Less Desirable One. At Least You Know Who Stays And Who You Filter Out From Your Life.

Ending The Night With This Heheheh Biasalah Lapas Isya. Kalau Di Rumah Andang Suka Berkain Pelikat Untuk Seketika Time Sembahyang.

I Was Watching A Program About Dato Vida. And Of Course Lah Ah Most Of Us Only Started To Notice More Of Her From Gegar Vaganza Or AJL Last Year Kalau Nda Silap With Her Promoting Ways And Such. And Then Society As Usual Sudah Ada A General Perception On How She Is. By Looking Herself Dengan Ulahnya People Think She Is Also That Outlandish In Person. It Was Actually Quite The Opposite. We Still Have To Remember That She Is The Spokeperson For Her Product Hence She Is Also The Mascot. Kannnn.

I Like Watching This Kind Of Expose' Pasalnya We Come To Learn About Such Person. Susah Payah Durang Berkaring Berbasah Berjarih Berkarih Rasakan Untuk Berjaya Atu And Then Bila Udah Naik. Jatuh Lagi Then Naikkan Diri G Semula. Then Bila Udah DI Atas To Maintain Lagi Its Ten Fold Bah Payahnya. So My Hats Off To Them. They Have Made It. And What Makes Them Better Is Durang Nda Berubah. Ingat Asal Usul. And Untuk Urg Melayu. Jangan Dihantam Durang Ani. Jadikan Ukur Sukat Untuk Kitani. Mungkin Nda Kan Merasa Semewah Durg But I'm Sure With Berkat Doa, Usaha Ikhtiar Dan Tawakal Kitani. Berjaya Jua Tu. Sorg Sorg Andang Ada Udah Kana Sediakan Rezekinya. Sama Ada Kita Nak Atau Tidak. That's All

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Atu Panjang. Nda Ku sampat Proof Read"

Tuesday The 26th Of Jan

Hari Yang Andang Ku Sengajakan Lambat Datang. In Fact Bila Jua Aku Ani Kan Selalu Awal Datang. 7:30 Am Baru Kan Bangun. Mana Nda Lapas Subuh Sambung Balik Tidur Pebaik Sembahyang At 6 Am In The Morning. I Really Need To Change This Mentality Soon. Or Else I'll Be In Trouble.

Lain Alignment Kaki Ku Ani. Udah Tu Arah Tumit Aaa Makan Luar. Hairannnnnn.

My Parents Went To Miri Last Saturday Or Sunday Lupaku. Asked Them To Grab Me A Few Sandwiches Dari Starbuck Kah Apa. Untuk Makan Malam. Then By The Time Durg Sampai Aku Makan Malam Udah, So I Keep It In The Fridge. So That Tuesday Morning I Had Quite An Overprice Sandwich For Breakfast.

Grilled It With Philips Air Fryer To Brown Perfection. Nyummmmm. Heavy Breakfast.

Owh My I'm Late. Ahhh Okay Time For Another Sandwich. And Alhamdulillah This Fill Me Right Up Until High Tea Time.

Narsis Bro Narsis Sis. Jangan Kureng Bah Ituh. Hhahaha Ehemm Macam Bisai Udah Mua Ku Atu.

When I Said The Smog In My Earlier Post. And The Black Cloud That Play With Your Hopes. Ni Another Perfect Example. Its Hot U Know. And When You Live Just About A Kilometre Away From The Sea. You'll Feel The Heat.

Massive Massive Improvement On My right Cheek. Yes Masih Ada Noda Hitam Atu. But It Started To Clear Up. Nganya Too Bad Masa Ani Kan Abis Tiaaaaaaa.

When You're Mind Can't Decide. Then Buy Both. Just Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water After That.

Parent's En Suite Taking Shape Udah. Loving The Tile. If Only Ada Different Pattern Balah Atas Lawa Tu. Pasal Gantung Small Chandelier Hahaha But Okay Lah Namanya Simple Project. Way Better Than The Original Looks.

Patang Atu Went For A Jog. Kan Seminggu Ku Rehat Because The Weather And Time Nda Permits Ehem Bual About The Time. Malas Most Of The Time But Alhamdulillah I Managed To Push Myself To Go A Bit Further Than The Usual Routes.

You Know Lately I Begin To Hate It When People Share This Kind Of Post. Kalau Bini Bini Satu Hal. Ani Laki Laki Ku Pun Ikut-ikutan. Biar Tia Bah Kalau Ya Makai KaSut Tinggi Kah Leper Kah Apakah. Usinnya Membali Biar Tia. Udahnya Gugur Ketawakan Dalam Hati Hahahaha. Kekadang Durang Ani Lupa. Kitani Ani Berindung Mama. Do U Really Think During Their Younger Time Nda Pernah Bergaya Behapa. When You Generalized The Whole Gender With This. Do Not Forget You're Including Your Sisters, Your Mums, Your Grandmums. Ever Heard Of Platform Shoes???

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Cukup Cukuplah Kan Jadi Troll Ani. Hidup Tiada Wawasan Tu Namanya"

Sunday The 24th Of Jan & Monday The 25th Of Jan

Not Much Too Share On Sunday Really. I Mean As You Might As Know Sunday Andang Udah Kira Hari Aku Spend Time With My Fiancee. Hehe I Still Smile Everytime I Write That Word. Can't Believe I'm Engaged Now. Thanks Syg For Accepting Me.

As I was Saying Sunday Biasakla Bro Ronda Ronda With The Tunang. I Was Trying Hard Ke Mana Saja Kami Aa On That Day. Still Trying To Figure Out Di Mana Kami Makan Aaa. Jap Jap. Mikir DUlu.

But First Bawa This Cute One Berjalan Dulu. She Is Getting There Lah With Me. Nda G Berapa Takut Nganya Biasalah Masih Ada Jua Penakutnya Atu. Terpaksa Dibawa Bermain And Baibun. Nganya Nda Dpt Diajar Banar Banar. Babunya Marah. Tu Babunya Duduk Sebalah Ku Aa. Hahahaha. Even Masa Ya Minum Vitasoy Nya Ani Ah. Dengan Mata Matanya Lagi Tu Meliat Diri Marakinya Lagi Tu As If Org Kan Minta Minumannya. Hahaha Cali. Nanti Gusti Kedia Kalau Udah Kami Geng. Biar Babunya Riuh Haha.

And I Still Having A Hard Time Trying To Remember Di Mana Kami Makan. Traders Cafe? Hehehe Antah Lupa Ku.

Preps And Plannings Are Two Topics That Really Monopolized Our Conversation These Days. Not Long To Go Mana Jua Terasa. And The Pressure To Make Everything Looks Perfect Pun Terasa Udah.

Honestly I Love Spending Time With Her. Waiting From One Sunday To Another Seems Like Forever. Eseyh Ayat Brada. Hahaha Maluku Jantah Luan Panjang Eh Hawar Galat Ku Lakat Hahaha.

One Of The Actual Plan Was Kan Rendzevous Dengan My Mum And Sis Nurul Berjumpa This Malaysian Lady Yang Berjual Songket And Batik. Kali Nya My Sis Jangantah Since Nda Jua Ada Songket Dibawanya And Mostly Yang Datang Ani Org Tua. So We Went To Kiulap For Lunch. At Jollibee Yihhaaa Ingat Pun. From There On We Went To Mata Mata Then Kilanas And Sengkurong Then Drive All The Way To Muara. Plan Kan Liat Sunset But Nda Kesampaian Pasal Pantai Tungku Ramai!

Another Monday And Another Kentang Kentung Kentang Kentung Kerja Kerja Ngusai Jamban My Parents. Taking Shape And Its Looking Nice.

That Monday Morning Face. And I Need A Haircut Real Soon. And Little That I Know That This Week Gonna Be A Really Stressful And Tough One.

Wonda Coffee Is Quickly Replacing My Daily Craving For Nescafe Ice. Still Am Addicted To Nescafe Ice. But Wonda Coffee Just Taste Delicious. Too Bad The Packaging Are Stingy.

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The Weather These Days Are Super Duper Hot. KB Hari Hari Pagi Nya Embun Plus Asap From Seria Yang Mengalami Kebakaran Hutan. Walaupun Ada Awan Hitam At Times. Nda Jua Hujan. Heard Di Bandar Turun Hujan.

Ladies And Gentleman I Give You KB Town On A Monday Morning. Hahaha God I'm Gonna Miss This Place.

Passing By St Jame's School Kejumpaan Kereta Ani. Pandai Durg Ani Mencari Bisnes Aaa Kan Dakat Recess Ya Parking Sana.

Sambung Jadi Posmen Sekajap Pagi Atu Menghntar Penyata Sewa. Saw This Park Depan Main Entrance. Lawa Jua Aa All New Hyundai Tucson. But Gotta Say. See That Dark Blue Car Park Up Front? Lawaaa Lagi Atu.

Share This With My Fiancee. Told Her Aaaa Nanti Mesti Belajar Masak Ani Juaa Aaa One Of My Faves Dish. Udah Namanya Masak Kicap. Teranah Ku Duduk. Lagi Tia Kalau Ayam Kicap Campur Sos Tiram. TUlak Nasi Meratah Tah Ku Tu. Padan Kau Gumuk Wadi!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Trying To Finish Out All The January Posts"