Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Daripada Abu Ayyub RA bahawa Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesiapa yang berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan, kemudian mengiringi dengan puasa sunat enam hari di bulan Syawal, pahalanya seperti berpuasa setahun”.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Tuesday 31st Of January 2017

Wait What? Its Not February Yet? Hahaha Banar Tah Tu! Batah Rasanya Aaa Bulan Januari Aaa. Kapih Ku Udah Mo! Nganya I Am Actually Suka Pasalnya Apa Nah At One Time I Really Thought Yang I Won't Be Able To Match 2016 January's Posts But With This Is The 31st Posts Of The Month So Hey Well Done Wadi!

My Sinus Was Still Bugging Me When I Woke Up And More Worrying My Wife Was Feeling Feverish Sampai Nda Ya Berkeraja Today. Atu Pun Kedia Nyuruh Aku Ambil Csds Jua Since Aku Pun Ikut Damam But I Remember Yang Today Ada Site Inspection With HSSE Team Dari Bandar And My Team Leader Instructed Me To Assist Them. So Terpaksatah Ku Gagahi. Took A Pill That My Dad Gave Me Last Week For Cough. And Alhamdulillah It Really Settled My Sinus Down Nganya As Of Right Now 6:40 Pm Macam Kan Selesema Ku Balik So I Might Took Another One Later And Have An Early Night. 

Antah Aaaaaa Macam Mengajut Kami Dua Damam And Then Sama Lagi Tu Yatah I Told My Wife Macam Ketaguran Ani Syg Lapas Lapas Balik Dari Pantai Tanjung Batu Aaaa. Could Be Jua Laa Aaaaa.

Took My Sweet Time Leaving The House This Morning. Texted Hayatul Bertanya If Durg Jalan Sudah Dari Bandar And Then Tahu Tahu Alum So Relax Tah Ku Saja. Nda Payah Macuts!

231.6 Km A Day Commuting And Luckily I Don't It Daily Berselang Seli Saja But Still Though Sangal Nyamo Rasa Punggung Ku Ani. Kesian Ku Plang Kan My Wife Since Every Tuesday Aku Stay Over Di Kb And Especially Today Kedia Damam. Membari Rawan Hati Jua And I Kinda Felt Guilty Jua Since Kedia Csds Today. Siannnnnn Bini Abg Hehe.

When I Arrived One Of The Contractor From Our Current Project Menunggu Kan Membawa Inspection Since Most Of The Area Kan Siap But Of Course Lahh Ahh Bila Udah Di Periksa Atu Mesti Jua Ada Yang Left Out. I Was Never A Hard Ass But I Have To Be Strict Jua Pasalnya Kalau Keraja Yang Dibuat Atu Nda Bertantu. Masalahnya Akan Berbalik Arahku. Then Bila Selasai Saja Atu The HSSE Team Sudah Sampai And Actually Start Udah The Inspection. Got Myself A Warm Coffee Just To Battle My Drowsiness From Taking The Pill. Relax A Bit Then Joined Them.

Masih Lagi CNY Festive Bah Even Masa Kami Melawat Atu Pun Aaa Masih Lagi Bah Mood Beraya Aaaa Macam Kitani Jua Bah When It Comes To Hari Raya Hehe.

Wife Shared With Me The Photo Of Her Berjalan With Kaka Munchkin And Adik Munchkin Hahaha Usulnya Adik Atu! Kesian Awal Atu She Video Called Me But Nda Ku Dapat Menjawab Since We Were Still In Discussion. Ahir Atu Baru Ku Dpt Video Call Sama My Wife And Kaka Munchkin.

Time For One Last January Post Hehe. Now I'm Gonna Go Home Eat My Dinner, Hang My Feet And Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! See You In February Guys!

The Monday 30th Of January 2017

Back At Work And My Sinus Was Killing Me! 

What A Weather It Was Yesterday! 

Sigh! Cuatah Nda Keraja On Monday Ani. But The Bosses Takut Pehin Melawat Di Bandar So Friday Tah Saja Cutinya And Terkandung Lah Cutiku. Owh Yeah In Case You're Wondering Awu Ada Pehin Melawat Di Bandar. KB Industry Was Super Quiet Since Most Of The Oil And Gas Companies Bercuti Masih. Ughhhh! Aku Cemburu!

Wooohooo Somebody Was Nice Enough To Bagi Us Limau Wooohoooo!

One Miss Never Miss A Breakfast!

When You Have To Troll Them Americans And Their Wall Haha!

My Sinus Was A Real Bitch At This Time!

My Wife Was Feeling Under The Weather Last Night. So I Said Bah Jantah Masak But She Felt Bad And Membawa Tah Kedia Makan Luar. Awal Atu Kan Makan Di Substation But Since My Nose Was Being A Total Bitch! We Went To Taro And I Had Bakso. Makan Padas Help Cleared My Sinus A Bit But As The Night Progress It Gets Worse!

The Sunday 29th Of January 2017

A Lazy Sunday. A Dreading Sunday To Be Honest. Don't Get Me Wrong The Day Was Ok But When I Know That This Sunday Will Be My Last Day Of Leave I Just Go Mad! Hahaha Nadawah Just Malas Kan Keraja Esoknya Saja.

Woke Up Late Because I Was Feeling A Bit Tired. Konon Kan Jog Pagi Atu Then Keakhiran Bangun Taus Tah Ku Not Bothered. Went Out For A Bit Menjadi Lanun At The Usual Place Then Balik Ke Rumah Picked Up My Wife And Ngantar Tempahan Org Di Tanjung Bunut. And Of Course Si Kaka Ikut And New Toys Again Hahaha. Iatah I Told My Wife I Need She Loves Her So Much But Jangan Luan Didulur. Ikuti Nasihat Bapanya. Kan Kan Kan.

Wife Wanted To Have Some Coffee. Awal Atu Kan Makan Di Its A Grind But Panuh So Gloria Jeans Tah Saja.

Ahirnyaaaaaa Sampai Tah Jua Kami Ke Pantai Tanjung Batu, Muara. Owh I Love This Place. Hehe.

My Many Attempts Trying To Get A Dramatic Shot Of The Wave Hitting The Breaker. I Really Like This Place. Mudahan Jua Deh Org Kitani Ani Menjaga Kebersihannya. Although Ada Jua Ku Annoyed At One Moment Bila Somebody Left A Bottle Lying And Again The Rubbish Bin Was A Few Yards Away. Langsung Nda Hormat Bah Kan Kebersihan!

Photo Photo Moment Hehe!

Good Night!

The Saturday 28th Of January 2017

Bah Kan Bercerita Tah Ku Taus Kali Aaa Bisai Hehehehe

I Woke Up Macam Hari Hari Biasa Ku Kan Keraja Then Rilek Rilek Gtau My Wife I'm Off For A Brisk Walk Or A Slow Jog. Maybe Sal Its CNY Atu So Track Sekolah Rendah Sengkurong Sunyi! So Darinya Ku Jauh Jauh Kan Ke Jp Might As Well Aku Just Jog Sini. Nda Sakit Lutut Berjalan Di Jeraja.

In Fact I Was Feeling Better Than I Was On Friday So I Thought Why Not Up The Ante A Bit And Go For A Jog. And I Did Just That. Ngalih Ku Jua Eh Hence Why Nda Sampai 30 Mins Atu. Hehehe. Nevertheless I Felt Great Afterward Laaaa.

This Was My Annoyance Bila Ku Melintas Both Part Of The Track. I Mean How Lazy We Bruneian Can Be. How Ignorant And Disrespectful We Were. I Mean I Keep On Seeing The Same Shit Happens Everywhere. Rajin Kan Bersukan. Mengeluarkan Paluh But Too Fucking Lazy To Throw Away All Rubbish In The Bin. 

You Can Look At The Bins. It Was Not That Far Away. Just A Few Yards. How Hard Was It For A Very Active Person To Carry Those Empty Bottles Or Tins To The Bins???? It Just Shows That We Bruneian Have This Disease Of Not Caring For Our Facilities. Urghhh! So Much For The Kingdom Of Unexpected Treasure Eh.

Balik Rumah And My Wife Was Busy Preparing Her Pies. 160 Pieces To Go Kesian Ku So Ikut Tah Ku Mendangani Mengupas Ubi Then Terus Melecek Ubi. Lalah Jua Nyamo Jangan Dipermain.

I Promised To Bring My Father In Law For A Day Out Haha Apa Eh. Nda Lah. On Friday Night Kedia Bertanya If Aku Free On Saturday. I Told Him In Shaa Allah Kalau Nada Apa Apa Aku Free So Minta Bawa Lah Ya Ke Yayasan Kan Membali Baju Gatah. So Come Saturday Semangat Lah Ya Get Ready Membawa Berjalan. Before Ke Yayasan Bawanya Dulu Makan At One Of The Indian Restaurant In Serusop.

Apparently Gee Paper Dosai Is A Legitimate Name For A Food Hahaha And I Really Thought Ada Spelling Error. So Is It Masalah Or Masala. Aku Pun Confuse.

Bah Memilih Tah Lai Memilih Tah Hehe.

When You Haven't Meet Your Mate In Months And The First Thing That Came Out Of His Mouth When He Sees You Was "Eh Makin Bulat Jua Kau!" Odahhhhhhhhhh Sasak Ku Pulang Hahahahaha.

Bukan Pasal Aku Kana Ucap Makin Bulat Aku Taus Makan Soup For Dinner. No Lah Andang This Is One Of My Fave Menu At Lamee! Sedap!

Somebody Got A New Toy. Hahaha Kan Hari Hari Udah Beli New Toy Ani Kaka Oiiii Hahahaha.