Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday The 14th Of Dec

So I Received A Phone Call On Saturday From Our IT Boss Requesting Me Attending This Taklimat Regarding LBD Registration For Companies Registering Under BINA. So Reluctantly I Said Yes Pasalnya Selain My Boss Aku Nganya Yang Dpt Durg Harapkan Di KB Atu. So Biasalah Sekajap Mendgr Sekajap Bercerita Lagi Pun Bila Jua Kan Fully Concentrate. Luckily I Get The Hang Of It So Konpiden Sikit Bila Assist Owner Syarikat Buat Registration.

Luckily Dad Dangani Aku So He Dropped Me Saja Di Opis Then Kedia Membali Spare Part Kereta.

Dad Picked Me Up Then We Went For An Early Lunch Since I Was Kinda Rushing Back To The Office Jua. Office Kb I Meant. So Guess Where? Of Course Babu Kitchen. This Time I'm Ordering Fah Kee Chicken Chop Hahaha God Knows Mencari Ku Dalam Menu Sebelum Menyabut. Nda Kan Aku Menyabut Fucky Kitchen. Dad Ordered Kolo Mee. Too Bad He Didn't Enjoy It.

Babu Kitchen Nda Terdpt Lada Wa Hong Or To Most Lada Singapore. So They Serve This Kind Of Chilli. Taste Wise Ada Similarity With Lada Wah Hong. I Supposed Lada Wah Hong Is Still The Best.

When People Don't Believe Me That Lada Wah Hong Atu Nda Berjual Di Singapore. Well Here Is The Evidence. Taken From The Website Of The Manufacturing Company. I Heard First From A Singaporean Friend When We Mentioned Makan Mee Campur Lada Singapore Baru Nyaman. He Looked At The Bottle And Was Actually Surprised That It Really Was From Singapore But He Never Heard Or Saw It. Heh. Manusia Kalau Pemajal Numbur Satu.

Muka Panat Pasal Over Caffeine. That Is Probably My Third Or My Fourth Can Of The Day. Arrived At The Office Around 3 Pm. Settle What I Needed To Settle. Even Took My Sweet Time Going Home. I Was Super Tired That Day Because I Didn't Have Enough Sleep Due To Staying Up Late For Footie.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Aku Mau Balik And Ceedurrr"

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