Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kisah Semalam Ini

As Usual Bila Masuknya Bulan Rabiul Awal My Family Always Held Majlis Berdikir Marhaban By Majlis Wanita Kuala Belait Since My Mum And Sisters Are Members Of The Organization.. It Is One Of Our Annual Program For Our Family As Well As Tadarus During The Ramadhan Month.. And The Best Thing About This Night Is Tengok Kat Bawah Ni

And This The Mother Of All Sambal Pusu.. Nyaman Hantap.. Terpaksa Bertapuk Sedikit Biasalah.. Mun Durg Ani Kalau Ada Acara Di Umah Mun Nda Menapau Nda Sah Haa Haa Haa Slurpppp

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Public Holiday Lima Hari.. Weeeheeee!"

Snappies From Last Sunday

Last Sunday After My Morning Run.. Singgah Sekajap At KB Waterfront Playground Pasal Kan Workout Sikit Then Walked On Those Acupressure Stone Path Didn't With My Sock And Then It Got Wet Hahaha

Then I Had To Stop By The Kedai Runcit For Some Errands And Not Even Bother To Put On My Shoes Haa Haa Haa Man I'm So Native.

Later That Afternoon Since It Was Raining Dragged My Dad And Lil Sis For A Movie.. If You Haven't Watch NATM 3 Better Go Watch It.. Quality.. Don't Bother Checking On Rotten Tomatoes For Review Those Guys Are Useless Dick! Hahaha Mind You The Goodbye Bit Was Sad The Way He Said Let Us Go Larry Owh My God That Was A Bit Teary.. Malas Nak Spoil Banyak Banyak Go TENGOK!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Not Bad For A Quiet Sunday Innit?"

Congrats Bu Dedeh

Tahniah Untuk Dedeh Dan Suami Atas Perkahwinan Mereka.. Aku Mohon Maaf Pasal Nda Belaku Hadir Kerana Kereta Ku Yang Alum Ku Konpiden Deraib Jauh Jauh.. Nevertheless Ku Doakan Agar Jodoh Kamu Berdoa Berkekalan Hingga Ke Akhir Hayat.. Amin

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"Dan Kawinlah Lagi Seorang Sahabat Ku"

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snappiesssssss Stuff

I Am Honestly Proud Of This Photo.. This Is The Original Raw Photos And How Good It Was!

Well Udah Namanya Aku Ada Power When I Asked Them To Come Here.. Then Come Here Even If You Have To Climb The Fence Just To Sign And Receive A Letter Hahaha Actually Aku Feel Sorry Plang.. Aku Atu Tanya Dapat Buka Kah Nda Pagar Atu But He Is Nice Enough To Even Go Through The Hassle.. Ya Allah Rahmatilah Kedia..

Jangan Main Main Mohawk Rambutnya Hehehe Yth Ku Gambar Ani While Waiting For My Dad Membali Container Apa.. But At The Same Time Rawan Jua Ati Ku Meliat Because She Is Now Old And Frail And Then Macam Basah Seluarnya Most Probably Nda Ya Sadar Ya Terkamih.. Sian Banar..

If They Want To Do It Then By All Means Its Their Right And Brunei Should Start Charging Too.. Hehehe

Melantik.. Hahahaa Morning Run Is Fun.. Banar.. I Really Enjoyed Even Pace Macam Siput

Baru Ku Realized Ada Free Weight Machine Di Taman Waterfront.. So After My Morning Run Terus Ku Ke Mari And Used The Machines.. I Really Enjoyed To The Relevant Authorities Who Provided This.. A Very Big Thank You..

Yesterday Was Once Hectic Friday.. Pagi Udah Memikirkan Pasal Kereta Ku.. Then After Tgh Hari Busy Dengan Delivery Briyani Alhamdulillah Sales Are Very Good.. Customers Feedback Pun Semua Kasi Positive Review Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Mengukuti Terapi Diet Kui Kui Kui Kui Syabas.. Hahahaha Suka Ku Membaca Eh

Usies During Last Thursday Tahlil Night.. Hehehe Ahmad Khasyi Atu Pasal Bergambar Pandai Meliat

Boys Night Out Part 1.. Lepak Di London Kebab Wisma Yakin With My Dad Since Mum And Sisters Ke Bandar.. Dad Absolutely Loves It.. First Timer Kenyamanan Ya.. Nantitah Mendulur Ya Lagi..

Boys Night Out Part 2.. With Piss And Bungzz... Biasalah Kalau Tunangnya Ada Kerja Di Kb Memang Turun Tu Ya Mendangani So Kami Pun Ikut Lah Melepak.. Its Great To See Them Both.. Kejarangan Banar Ni Ku Jumpa Durg Ani..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Life Is Great Alhamdulillah"

The Story With Sonya

I Had It Service Last Thursday.. Then Went To Bandar For Tahlil Night At My Grannies.. Otw Home Along Sg Liang Traffic Light The Engine Start To Jerk While On Standing Still But I Managed To Save It.. Then Along Mumong Traffic Light It Started To Jerk Again Then The Engine Just Dies Off.. I Managed To Start It But I Have To Rev My Engine So The Car Can Move.. Hence I Had It Towed Yesterday And Send It To My Regular Mechanic For A Check Up.

First Off The Mechanic Thought Alright Its My Spark Plug Which You Can See Is Gone.. Owh Enjoy My Sexy Thigh Btw.. And How Wrong We Were.

Half Way Drive Back Home Just Before Round About Teko The Engine Begin To Jerk And Cuts Off.. Park At The Side Of The Road And The Whole Of Kb Have To Watch My Pretty Face And I Quote Aii Lenk 34 Bah Umur U.. Kepala 3 Bah.. Aiii Ku Pikir 20 Labih Baru (Needed To Mention It Again.. Bukan Selalu Kana Puji Leh Bini Bini Haha) Anyway I've To Sit Down For A Good 30 Mins Because Traffic Was Still Long.. Even Though I Can Start Her Up She Won't Last While On Stand Still Hence Drive Back To The Workshop Like Mad Pasal I Basicallly Can't Stop..

So Even After A Second Check Up Sonya Seems To Be Doing Okay But My Mechanic Advised Me To Go To The Dealership And Had Thoroughly Check.. Went There This Morning.. Spoke With One Of The Technician And He Told Me Sonya Is Doing Ok But During His Test Drive On A Certain RPM Range There Was A Misfire.. So His Advised Was To Take Her To Beribi Since The Tools In Kb Wasn't Up To Date So In Shaa Allah I Will Have Her Towed To Beribi On Monday.. Wish Me Luck Guys.. Mudahan Jikalau Ada Rosak.. It Will Cost Less Than $300..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Be Nice Please Sonya Ku Sayang!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This Is Just Brilliant

"Anyway bawa ibu yg tua berjalan anak2 mesti banyak bersabar. They cant wait as they used to be or keep up with us. Kena banyak bersabar dan jangan selalu bersungut kerana mereka lambat sedikit. Ada setengah anak2 even rasa malu dan tak kuasa untuk membawa their parent berjalan jalan. Jangan ingat begitu kerana banyak pahala yg kita dapat menjaga ibu dan bapa kita yg tua dan uzur.

Imagine semasa kecil betapa sabarnya ibu dan bapa kita membesar kan kita dari 2 tapak jari, betapa mereka bersabar waktu melatih kita berjalan atau menjaga kita sakit dan pening semua.

So i think bila mereka dah tua ini lah masanya kita mahu membalas jasa2 mereka and always try to make them happy and have a comfortable life. Tak pe la hari ini kita berkorban menjasa ibu dan bapa kita dgn baik kerana suatu masa pun kita akan jadi tua juga and will be experiencing what both our parent have gone through.

Life is indeed like cycle what goes around will always come back. Always berbuat baik dgn ibu dan bapa kita.Insyallah our life will be blessed by Allah."

That Was A Comment Or Statement Made By Chef Wan On His IG Account.. I Just Couldn't Put It Better Myself So I Share It With You Guys.. At Least Dapat Ambil Sedikit Iktibar Supaya Jangan Sekali Kali Nda Menghargai Atau Nya Org Brunei Dundung Kan Indung.. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Sayang Sayang Bapa.. Sayang Sayang Ibu.. Sayayng Sayang Semuanya"

Gangnam Kain Pelikat Style

A Bunch Of Men In Kain Pelikats Showing The World How They Rocking It.. Hahahahahaha Syabas!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Yaley Yaley Yaley YaaaaaLeyyyyy~"

Apa Itu Kertas Putih

So I've Read About This On The News And Then Ada Jua Lah Viral Messages Circulated Saying Kertas Putih Ani Bla Bla Bla Yang Penyebab Utama Kemalangan Pasal Kereta Modified And Such.. Honestly My First Thought Was Eh Palui Jua Well Thats Normal But Honestly I Do Not Want To Follow The Usual Bandwagon And Give The White Paper A Benefit Of A Doubt Plus Usually Exert From A Report Always Been Taken Out Of Context.. So I Do Some Checking And Apparently It Is Available For Download On CSPS Website.. Click The Photo For Link And My Goodness Its A Long Read.. Though For That You Can See That The Planning Is There To Identify Problems And Ideas For Our Transportation..

Did You Guys Knows That Trip Making Across Brunei Is In The Figure Of About 800,000 Person Trips Per Day (7 Am - 7pm) That Is Huge Number For This Country And This Are Trips Made By Own Vehicle.. Not Suprising Though Since 80% Of Us Bruneian Uses The Car All The Time. Mentioning Our Public Transport It Is At The Moment At An Adequate Demand About 8000 Passengers A Day.. Why Is That? Well Simple Really Without Even Looking At The Report One Reason Is The Bruneian Factor.. Locals Prefer To Drive Their Own Car.. So About 88% Of Us Who Never Had A Public Transport Experience As Well As Our Self Made Self Perception That Public Transport Is Dangerous Even Though We Never Set A Foot In It..

Though For Saying That.. On A Recent Survey People Are Considering To Change Our Travel Behaviour If The Government Revamped Our Public Transportaion.. I.e New Modern Buses.. More And Easy Information On Routes And Such.. On A Personal View It Really Takes A Big Deal To Persuade The Public To Use Public Transportation.. Promoting Campaign Has To Be Aggressive But Before That Is Happening.. We Need To Ask Ourselves Why It Is Better To Use Public Transportation.. You Still Gonna Be Stuck In The Same Traffic Jam..  Once We Have Overcome The Issues.. I Believe More Of The Bruneian Public Will Be Sway To Change Their Method Of Travelling Because Currently Our Mode Or Transport Network Is Very Limited.. Lack Investment Pedestrian And Cycling Facilities Also Why Less Of Us Tend To Walk Or Cycle (Ahem The Heat Remember??? [Alasan Malas Saja Tu Haha)].

Well This Is For Now.. Its A Long Read But If You're Interested To Find Out What It Is All About Juct Click The Photo It Well Lead You To The PDF File.. ENJOY!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Bukan Senang Untuk Membuahkan Hasil"

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ni Pulak Ketika Malam Minggu

Last Saturday Night We Had A Birthdays Celebration For My Nephew Hikman Who Turns 20 My Goodness Basar Udah Eh.. And Her Sister Khayala

Honestly I'm Not A Big Fan Of Crab.. And To Tell The Truth This Is My Dad's Plate But That Egg Tart Is Something Else.. Its Just Super Moist And Delicious

Nyangku Jangan Di FLex Masal Atu Jangan Bah Jangan Bergambar Biasa Saja Bah Hahahaha

If Only I Can Shrink Myself And Be A Little Kid And Have Cool Birthday Party With All These Presents

Senyum Senyum Selalu.. Senyum Senyum Denganku.. Tiada Seindah Senyuman

Post Aff Suzuki Cup Final.. My Amit And I Mengerajakan Ayam Salai Hahahaha Kelaparan Lapas Teriak Teriak

Qaisarah Tahan Nyawanya Eh Berandam Hahahaha Kesian Ia Nganya Sorang Tinggal.. 

The Birthday Girl Enjoying Her Slides.. While Me Well Sumpah Tak Nak Aku Sentuh Benda Ni Lagi.. Ya Punya Pasal Aku Damam And Batuk Sebulan Bulan..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

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"Terus Terang Kekadang Aku Pun Ingin Nak Jadi Budak Kecik Semula"

Masa Hari Ampat Bah

Biasa Bila Traffic Is Bad.. Apalagi Mesti Bagi Peluang Pada Diri Untuk Selfie Haa Haa Haa

Even During School Holidays Ani Pun Masih Jua Cue Panjang.. Well They Said Making A Train Or MRT Is Not Feasible Well Okay Lah Kalo Begitu~

Alhamdulillah Great Turn Out.. I Just Really Hope Kalau Tah Boleh Every Thursday Cani Ramainya.. Terhibur Jua Nini Bini.. Btw Cua Liat Tu Mua Org Sasak Ku Suruh Duduk Siring Uncle Hahahah Concentrate Taus Eh Membaca

Some Of The Food For The Night.. Mum's Daging Kurma Was Just The Bomb Man! Owh Tu Bubur Durian Bluerghhh!

Mukak Mukak Org Yang Tak Sabar Nak Makan Haa Haa Haa Setidilah

Mingle About With The Family Members Is Always A Big Yes.. A Self Reminder Treasure Them..

Alai Amjad Lets Take A Photo Together Please.. Boleh? Part 1 Nda Ya Mendgr

And When He Realized I Want A Photo With Him.. And Here Comes That Adorable Smile.. Eh Jap Jap Tunggu Aku Nya C Jidah..

Time For Take Three Then Still He Managed To Pull That Adorable Smile.. Beware Ladies Haa Haa Haa

Then Menyampati Usies Bersama Raiyan.. Atu Pun Berpajal.. Buring Pemalu + Penakut

Alai Sofea Engkau Masih Buat Aku Gregitan.. And She Was Extra Cheerful Nda G Berapa Pangish!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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"Jagalah Ibu Bapamu.. Nescaya Anak-anakmu Akan Menjaga Kamu"