Monday, January 31, 2011


True They Say.. When We Wanted Something So Bad.. We Will Be Tested.. Singgan Mana Keupayaan Tani Untuk Bersabar.. And To Be Honest With Y'all For The Pass Two Months Or So Its Been A Torrid Roller Coaster Of An Emotional Ride.. Sleeping Is No More An Easy Thing For Me.. Ive Been Stressing A Lot Up To The Point That It Makes My Chest Hurt Everytime I Think About The Situation I Am At The Moment.. And It Never Looks Like Its Gonna End.. And Most Of The Times I Wish The Time Never Move At All Because At Every Turn Of The Corner There Is Something New To Stress About.. But What Can I Do When This Is What I Choose For.. I Just Hope I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..

Sometime Well Lately Most Of The Time I Feel Like All The Patience, All The Suffering, The Pain That Im Enduring Right Now Makes Me Feel Like My Feelings Is Never Been Appreciated.. What I Feel Is Never Important.. Outside I Try To Put A Fake Smile.. Inside Im Crying And Trying To Hold Out Not To Let It Out.. But To Some Their Feelings Is More Important.. When Will This Ever End.. Maybe Living In The 'Dark' Can Help.. Away From Everyone And Not Knowing What The Hell Is Happening Outside Can Help..

Enough Is Enough..

True To The Bone!

Run Time Log

Run Time Log For 29/01/2011

Run Time: 24 Minutes 47 Seconds
Estimated Calories Burned: 340.36

True To The Bone!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jadi Kah Nda Ni Boss?

Suppose We're Going To Sg Bera For An Inspection Of Some Sort.. But Right Now My Boss Ani Kan Tukar Angin Tah Ya.. Aduhhhhhh.. Jangan Lah.. Asyik2 Berparam Di Ofis Lets Do Some Outside Work.. To Be Honest I Miss Going To The Site Doing Some Inspection.. Over Three Years Ive Been Doing That And I Come To Love It.. You Gotta Love What You're Doing If Not What Is The Point In Doing It Right Or Else It Will Be Just A Chore.. Now That Is Boring..

Woke This Morning And Oh My God My Back Hurts.. Well More Like Sore But It Hurts.. Why? Went For A Gym Session Yesterday And I Concentrate On Torturing My Back And Yeah I Feel The Pain Which Only Means I'm Doing It Right Yeeeehaaaaa.. Okay Bye Bye..
True To The Bone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Year Have Past But The Memory Remains

Tenang Lah Kau Di Sana Wahai Sahabat.. Kami Di Sini Selalu Mengenangmu.. Al-Fatihah
True To The Bone!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just A Random Snappy Plus Bla Bla For A Dreading Day

Medal Of Honor Game.. I Love It.. Plus Kesian Caranya Mati Ah.. Kui Kui Kui Terduduk Arah Barrel Kereta Tank
Then This Happen On Monday Morning
Doesnt Look Bad At First
Then The Truth Reveal... Belengkok Arms Nya.. Ish Ish Ish
Currently Reading This Book For The Millionth Time
Umurnya... Heheheh Bought This When I Was Back In Kent.. Bought It In The Afternoon Of 16th Of October.. Finish It At 4 Am The Next Morning.. Kesiukkan Jua Ku Udah Tu
Tonight.. Doing Some Chest Workout
Masam N Pain All Over My Susu I Mean Dada
True To The Bone!

Judika - Aku Yang Tersakiti

True To The Bone!

Judika - Bukan Dia Tapi Aku

True To The Bone!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snappy Snappy Snappy And Aku Ceta2 Lah Sikit Sebanyak

Tais Liur Kan Ani Sanggup Berjaur Ke Seria
Cartown On The Lappy.. Wheat Grass Drink.. And Zuki Kolo Mee.. Honestly Nda G Berapa
Mudahan Jua Lapas Ani Ada Yang Meduli
The Current State Of That Place.. And This Some Of It.. The Crack Is All Over The Place!
True To The Bone!

Run Time Log

Run Time Log For 20/01/2011

Run Time: 25 Minutes 31 Seconds
Estimated Calories Burned: 347.56

True To The Bone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aww Bless Her

True To The Bone!

Run Time Log

Run Time Log For 19/11/2011

Run Time: 38 Minutes 7 Seconds
Estimated Calories Burned: 509.82
True To The Bone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Miss The Sun

Sunday Monday Tuesday And Today Wednesday Still Matahari Tu Malu Malu Kan Keluar.. Its Been Cold, Wet And Depressing Up Here.. Really Wanting To Go For A Run But Its Been Raining And Gloomy.. Ahh So Depressing..

Photo Taken Last Night.. Eleptical Machine Rocks.. Hehe That Is Me Catching A Few Breath.. It Is Tough For Myself Trying To Maintain The Heart Beat of 172 For Ten Minutes.. Batuk2 Jua Olehnya.. Okay Lah I Managed To Do It.. Then Soon After Done A Quick High Intensity Interval Training.. Ahhh Kan Terkeluar Jua Paru Paru.. Did A Lil Chest Workout As Well Tapi I Didnt Concentrate Banar Pasal The Gym Was Pack Ada Saja Kan Diliat And Didgr.. So If The Weather Stay Dry Like This Road Running Is The Answer.. I Seriously Miss The Running On The Road.. Owh And Jassie Is Filthy!
True To The Bone!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bla Bla Bla

In My Mind Today:

  1. $600 Just To Put Jassie Right.. That Is To Change All 8 Spark Plugs, Transmission Fluid, Rear Wheel Bearings.. But The Mechanic Is Being Nice Enough And Told Me Just Change The Spark Plugs And Transmission Fluid.. Apparently I Bought The Wrong Sets Of Spark Plugs.. Its Shorter Than The Original So Biasak Lah Anggut2 Tia Bebalik
  2. $180 Just To Put Accent Right Plus Another $400 Plus Needed Just To Fix Dad's Ride.. Ya Allah.. Sesak Nafas Jugak Olehnya Hehe
  3. Thinking Of Robbing A Bank So Sapa Kan Join Gtau Ja Aku Ah.. Bank Mana Bisai? Kafir Kah Islam Hahahaha Nadawah
  4. Probably Getting Myself A New Running Shoes Later.. Insyallah
  5. Hoping For The Weather To Stay Like This.. No Rain Bah Me Kan Jog Me Kan Paluh And Bau Masyam Bah
  6. The LingsCar Yang Putung My Hair Told Me He Have Been In Brunei For Over 20 Years And When He First Came The Is Only One Chinese Barbershop In KB.. Close To The Taxi Station.. (Ingat Ku Tu Banar).. Old Chinese Place Half Tampat Gunting Half Jual Surat Khabar And Half Tampat Tukar Usin.. And During Those Years 1984 So On Kalau Kan Bergunting People Have To Drive All The Way To Seria.. Iawaaaa!
  7. Actually Aku Kan Cerita Arah Kamu Plang Masa Ya Gunting Atu.. Ya Ckp Rambut Ku Banyak Uban.. Then Muda2 Udah Ada Uban.. Kali Ku Tanya Ia Pikir Umur Ku Berapakan.. Ia Cakap.. Saya Tgk Kamu Aaa 20 Tahun Lah.. Heh Heh Heh Malas Ku Eh.. Heh Heh Heh.. Malas Ku Malas Hahahahahahahaha
True To The Bone!

What I Do This Morning

My Boss Minta Dgni Ngambil Keretanya At His Home Untuk Dihantar Ke Workshop Sambil2 Atu Menyampati Lah Menjuluk Mata Kucing
True To The Bone!

Just A Random Snap

Astro 3D.. Need The Proper TV And 3D Glasses.. Heh Talking About That.. My Lil Sis Straight Grab Daddy's Shade And Pakai... Konon Nampak Lah Tu Jelama Timbul Hahaha Kiyut And Awas.. Hahahahahaha Mun Ku Terkanang Masih Hahahahahahahaha Makai G Terbalik Kacamata Ah Ahahahahahahaha
HD Channel.. The Difference With SD.. Tuuuuuuuuu Lebar Ah HD Ahh
KB Last Sunday.. Home Alone.. Its Been Raining All Day.. So Plan Kan Duduk Lepak Arah Tangga With Hot Cup Of Coffee And Mario Puzo's The Sicillian.. But With The Wind Blowing Cematu.. Masuk Dalam Rumah Lah Balik..
Ulah Ku Waktu Balik Keraja.. Santai2 Dulu Winding Down Baru Balik.. Well Kinda :s
True To The Bone!

Us Guys In Cartoon Character

The Daddy
The Mommy
The Big Brother
The Sister
The Younger Sister
The Lil Annoying One Haha
True To The Bone!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Are You Impressed?

Hows This For A Shot.. Plain Crazy.. The Rider Got Balls! Kelik!
True To The Bone!

Birthday Shout Out

To Awg Tasan AKA Metassan Yang Ke 45 Tahun.. Semoga Misai Mu Makin Melantik Dan Hajat Mu Kan Jadi Model Krismas Nda Kesampaian.. Haha
And Also To Bob AKA Bob Apa Namamu Banar Kan? Eh Awu Ai Hasbi.. Yang Ke 15 Tahun Semoga Menjadi Anak Yg Pintar Dan Lurus Berckp Nda Kuluk2 Lagi Hahaha

Okay Lah Okay Lah.. Semoga Kamu Berdua Sentiasa Dirahmati Selalu.. Amin.. Happy A Sweet Birthday Bros..
True To The Bone!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yeah Its Saturday

Yup It Is A Saturday But I Don't Feel Any Significant About It.. In Fact I Don't Feel Great For The Past One Month Or So.. To Be Honest With You All It Seems Like I Just Lost My Drive.. I Lost Interest With Everything And With That I Just Feel Lazy And Lately I Just Started To Care Less About Everything.. That Is Why I Haven't Been That Active With My Blog.. It Is Almost To The Level That I Keep On Saying What's The Point At Every Single Time When I Think About Doing Something..

I've Been Trying To Find To Cheer Myself.. At Least Something That Can Make Me Thing About Anything Else Rather Than All This Stuff That Corroding My Mind At The Moment.. Terlalu Banyak Pahit Dari Manisnya.. Heh I Even Almost Let Go Jassie.. That Is How Bad Of State I'm Currently.. Letting Go Something That I Care.. I Just Want A Change.. Even If Its Give A Tinge Of Joy I Would Go For It.. But Hey Thank God I Snap Out Of It For A While And Realized I've Been Taken Advantage Off So I Just Pull The Plug.. Whats The Point See.. Saying Whats The Point At Every Single Word I Said Is Never Good..

Even Trying To Finish This Post Is Quite A Challenge For Me.. Too Many Things To Think About.. This Is Not Healthy.. Never Is Healthy.. Its Been A Testing Start For The New Year And I Just Things Will Start Looking Up In The Near Future.. This Is Depress!
True To The Bone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Run Time Log

Run Time Log For 11/01/2011

Run Time: 25 Minutes 50 Seconds
Estimated Calories Burned: 355.07

Run Time Log For 12/01/2011

Run Time: 27 Minutes 30 Seconds
Estimated Calories Burned: 376.51

True To The Bone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Muse - Knights Of Cydonia

Listen To The Crowd Singing.. And Wait For The Guitar Solo At The End.. Kana Yo!!! Ragad!! I Love MUSE!!

True To The Bone!

New Radicals - You Get WHat You Gives

Don't Tell Me You Never Heard This Song.. Owh Come On! Haha Apakan

True To The Bone!

Monday, January 10, 2011

And I Say

I'm Sleepy..
I Want To Go For A Jog Later..
Punched A Door Last Night..
Shall I Let Jassie Go And Get A New Ride..?
Silence Is Better..
Less Is Good..
And Now I'm Done For Today..
True To The Bone!

Friday, January 07, 2011

One Hundred And Twenty

Happy Monthsary Syg.. =) Through Thick And Thin I'll Always Be By Your Side As Long As You Need It.. I Love You
True To The Bone!

Malique & D'Essential - Pilihanku

True To The Bone!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Snappy Snappy Lagiiiiiiii

She Is Filthy.. It's Been Over Two Weeks Since She Has A Proper Wash
Futsala Night At SMJA
Take One
Take Two.. Aiiiiiiiiiii Ada Putaaaa~~~
Hadiah From Last Night Hehehehehe Ehemmm To My Gf.. Nah This Is My Present From Ajith Keh Keh Keh
True To The Bone!

Snappy2 And Bla Bla

It’s A Cold Night Tonight.. It’s Been Raining Again.. Heeee… Owh I Hope It’s Not Too Late To Say Happy New Year Everyone Hopefully It’s a Been A Great Year For Y’all Out There.. For Me Personally It’s Been A Turbulence Year I Must Say.. Especially Towards The End Lots Of Downs Then Ups.. Really Tested My Character And Patience.. Though For That Syukur Alhamdulillah I Manage To Ride Out Some Of It.. Shocks As Well Here And There And Lots Of Things That Can Open Up Your Eyes And Makes You Think That Trust Is A Very Valuable Commodity.. You Seems To Really Need It But You Abuse It As Often As You Want..

And It’s Been A Difficult December As Well And I Really Hope That By The Turn Of The New Year Things Would At Least Gets A Little Bit Better.. But Hey Just As You Want One Thing For A Change And Smack Slam And Stun It Hits You Back In The Face.. And Because Of It I’ve Been Having Difficulties In Sleeping And If Eventually I Managed To Fall Asleep I Woke Up In The Middle Of My Sleep Chest Feeling Heavy And I Have To Recite Some Zikir Just To Calm Myself Down.. It’s Been A Frustrating, Difficult Well Scratch Both Of That.. It’s Tormenting Me.. And I Never Thought That After 8 Years I Have To Endure The Same Thing Again.. And It Makes Me Feel Real Scared It Didn’t Sit Too Well With Me Before And The Idea Of Going Through The Pain, The Agony It Makes It Just Too Much To Bear And Scared The Living Shit Out Of Me.. You Must Have Heard The Saying “What Don’t Kill You.. It Only Makes You Stronger” Yeah Try And Endure It Again.. Yeah Sure It Won’t Kill You But It Eats What Inside Of You.. But After All That Has Been Said.. All I Have To Do Is Tawakkal, Stay Strong, Believes In What I Feel In My Heart And Just Stay True And Honest.. Insya Allah I Don’t Think God Would Want Me To Go Through This Again Wouldn’t He.. And Y’all Must Be Wondering What On Earth Am I Talking About.. I’m Sorry I Can’t Just Go Into Details In Here Anymore Not Just Like Before..

Enough About The Sad Stuff Now Let Me Change The Topic To Something More Interesting Heh If It Is That Interesting At All.. Let’s Talk About What I’ve Done Today.. Like I Said Earlier Less Sleep Hour = Difficulty In Waking Up In The Morning.. Even Right Now It’s 1 Am In The Morning And I Should Be Feeling Tired Right Now.. And Yes I Am Tired But I’m Just Not Sleepy Yet.. So The Day Start A Little Late As Usual.. Arrived At Work A New Employee Just Reporting Today.. A Cleaner Lady So The Old Cleaner Is Being Moved To Bandar Which Is Good For Her.. Cause All This While Her Husband And Her Been Travelling Up And Down From The Capital To KB And What Makes It Worst Is That Her Husband Had To Drive Back To Bandar For Work So That Means.. Bandar – Kb – Bandar – KB – Bandar In A Day.. Crazy Isn’t It.. To Commute To Bandar Once Every Day Is Tiring Enough And To Do That Twice Ahhh That Is Torture.

Later On In The Afternoon Went To Bandar For A Sport Meet Heh Everyone Is Forcing Me To Do 1500 Meters And I Gave Them A Firm No.. Why?? I’m Not A Competitive Runner Just A Casual Jogger Which I Repeatedly Say.. Charity Run, Walkathon Anything For Charity Count Me In And More Importantly If I Say Yes I Have To Drive Up To Bandar Every Day For Training And I’m Not Looking Forward For That Thank You Very Much.. So Done That Then Planned For A Jog Around The National Stadium Area.. Then Puta Txted Me Up Well More To 'Hasutan' Asking Me To Join The Other Lads To Jing Chew.. Damn! I Miss That Place It's Been Quite Sometimes Since I Sat My Fat Arse And Munch Roti Kuning Kawin Haha.. Well I'm Seduced..

Lucah Lucah Mereka Ini Haha
Cua Liat Tu Msg Ah Insisting Lagi Tu Ada Exclamation Mark!! Hahahaha

Anyway Back To The Bla Bla Bla Before Everything Need To Stop By At Manjung Workshop At Beribi Industrial Complex.. Jassie Is At It Again.. She Is Starting To Stutter Again And It Worries Me Shitless.. It Was Fixed Before Well Just Over A Month A Go.. It Started To Run Smoothly But A Few Weeks Back It Started To Stutter On Low Rev So Driving Jassie Is No Fun Anymore.. So I Had It Diagnosed Yesterday Even Asked The Mechanic To Open The Ignition Coil And Have A Look At It.. Then I Asked Around Just Wanting To Know How Much Will That Thing Cost Me To Replace.. Erkkkkkk Malas Lah Nak Cakap Pengsan.. But Its Not A Confirm Thing Yet And It Could Be Anything.. So I'm Just Gonna Wait A Few While Tunggu Usin Masuk Then Bring It To The Agent And By Then We Should Know How Bad Or To What Extend Is The Problem.. Right?

Launching The Diagnose Computer Linking It To Jassie's ECU

Then During The Evening Went For Two Hours Spot Of Futsala Or In The Common Language Futsal Baaa Futsal Baaa.. Owh That Was Fun But As Usual Today I'm Limping With Sore Knees Hehe I Know It's Gonna Hurt But I Just Don't Really Care Anything Got To Do With Me Breaking A Lot Of Sweats Then I'm Up For It.. Too Bad I Can't Enjoy Going Through The Trail Of Sarang Helang In Tasek Lama Anymore.. Those Trails Is Torture For My Knees.. It Is Just Plain Stupid For Me Personally Especially With My Knees Being A Total Manky.. Done Futsala Went Back Home To KB Yuppppp I Even Told Malique I Don't Mind Playing Futsal Or Footie In The Night And Then Drive Back Home To KB At Least I Wont Be Rushing Then Playing Footie At 4 Pm..

Arrived Home Then My Mum And Sisters Saying Grace And Syukur Alhamdulillah To Allah.. Heh I Thought They're Glad I'm Safe Home Which I Just Found Out That They're Just Happy I'm Back Coz Then I Could Handle And Supervise My Lil Sis Homework Which She Is Struggling Well More Of Playing Around.. So I Sat Down Next To Her And To Be Honest It Is Hard To Teach An Eight Year Old.. That Is Only One.. Imagine The Teachers Who Handle Groupssssssssssssss Of Them.. Scary!!!! So My Hats Off To All Of You =).. And I'm Done Typing.. Hehe Amacam Panjang?
True To The Bone!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Telling A Story From My Snappy

Tasek Lama New Trail.. Nda Jauh Main Entrance Ke Bukit Sarang Helang.. So Now Ada Two Way.. Kalau Abiskita Nda Mau Naik Or Turun Melalui Bukit Batu Yang Facing Tasek.. Can Always Lalu Sini
Even After The Signboard Ani Pun Masih Jua Ada Being Synical And Membuang Botol Nda Bertantu.. BODOH
Tell Me What Is Wrong Or Missing With This Picture??
Kolo Lamee Always A Favourite
Dengan Soup Dumpling Ayam
Manage To Crack This Game Dalam Kereta Otw Home To Kb.. Hahaha Nda Jua Ku Sabar Tu
KB's KFC Is Almost Back.. Two Storey Lagi
Demi Keraja.. Sanggup Ku Naik Atap.. Ni Baru Tingkat Satu.. Kajar2 Lutut Geng
BINA's Huga Huga
Supervising Lil Sis Doing Her Homework
8 Years Old Punya Handwriting
True To The Bone!