Saturday, November 30, 2013

Most Probably The Last Post For November 2013

This Was Taken Last Wednesday.. And This Was My Second Meeting Of The Day.. First Meeting Was With JKR Regarding The On-going Project In KB Industrial Complexes.. Then Had Short Meeting With Another Contractor For Another Project Starting Next December.. So Yeah Have A Good Guess.. I Had Two On-going Project Under My Supervision.. MENTAL!
 37 Degrees It Said.. And I Was Standing Under The Scorching Sun! Had A Bad Headache.. Didn't Even Bother To Turn Up To The Office Later.. Like I Said Can't Be Bothered..
Things That I Have Been Enjoying Lately.. Kicking And Punching The Punching Bag.. This Boy Needed To Let A Few Steam From The Stress Of Work.. One Thing Is I May Need To Get A Punching Glove And Need To Polish On Some Combo Skills Man!
As I Said Earlier This Boy Need A Punching Glove Hahahaha.. Please Please Anyone?
Last Thursday.. Enforcement Unit Was In Town.. And Batah Ku Nda Jumpa Kawan Ku Ani.. Yatah Masuk Dalam Blog Ku Hahaha
And Yes I Need A Haircut.. Even My JKR Colleague Mentioned It Today.. Nah Sudah Gunting Baru Smart.. Hahahaha Awu Dehh!
Smart Tia Kang.. Sasak Ku My Usual Tukang Gunting Balik Kampung.. So I Have To Tukar A New One.. Nada Ngam Eh..
Nasi Katok Babuku Gathering Pace In Sell Nowadays.. Alhamdulillah.. If Only We Had A Bigger Budger But Bersyukur Jua Masih.
This Was Last Thursday.. Had A Chest Session.. Power Still Low But I Can Feel A Slight Improvement.. Biar Ca Dulu Dapat Jua Ku Main Feel Saja.. Nganya Yg Ketara Improvement Nya Ialah My Fitness Lahh.. Im So Happy! Planning To Go For A Saturday Night Back Session Tonight.. But My Body Felt Too Tired.. Even If I Were To Push Myself I'm Sure I Would Not Enjoy It
Good Bye November.. Got To Admit It Has Been Hard.. It Has Been Tough.. But Alhamdulillah I Have Managed It Well.. So Come On December I Can't Wait For Another Challenge!
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Of The November Birthday Celebrants And The New Birth Of Coz

Wow.. That Is One Long Title For A Birthday Post.. Anyway.. Here Goes!

 First Up My Sister.. Turned 32 On 22nd Of This Month.. Sandi Jua Kana Badaki Mua.. Love Ya Sis!
And Also To My Cuz Najib.. Or Si Awg Ulit! Haahahaha Usul Muanya Lagi.
And Also To My Niece Daniaa.. Menyamal Usulnya Pasal Durg Lupa Birthday Nya.. According To His Dad Lah Tu.. 
Also To Mr Ahmad Shahiruddin Who Share His Birthday Date With My Sister..
And Then To Puta And Beekay's New Born.. Awwal Azahari Who Was Born On The 21st Of This Month..
And Finally To Duan And Wifey.. Another Baby Boy Born On The 22nd Of This Month..

To The Birthday Celebrant.. I Do Hope Everyone Had A Great Birthday Celebration.. Here's To Your Good Health.. And To The New Born.. My Prayers That You Both Menjadi Anak Yang Soleh, Taat Dan Hormatkan Ibu Bapa.. Amin Yarabbal Alamin.
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Lil BIt About The Last Few Days

If You're An Avid Reader Of My Blog, You Would Probable Be Aware How Stressful I Was These Last Few Days With Work.. So I Decided To Go To The Capital And Had Coffee Or Shall I Say Reliving My Social Life For A Night.. I Said To Myself To Hell With It Just Drive Even If The Next Day Is A Working Day.. So I Hook Up With The Usual Suspects.. Syafiq And His Parent.. And Had A Quick Chat Session At Citis Square Gloria Jeans Joint!

Didn't Even Know What To Order Here.. So I Opted For The Ice Chocolate Drink.. Banar Tah It Taste Good Tho!
Yatah Kali Usulnya Kalau C Wan Kana Marahi Time Bertalipun Ahh Hahahahaha
Icy If You're Reading 15% Tuuuu Aaaaaa On My Consultation Fee.. Timbul Jadi Uban Kali Aaaa Luan Berpikir Ani.. And Syafiq Do Not Stalk My IG And Leaving #Lol Comment On My Photo.. #Lol
 Had A Great Shoulder Session Yesterday.. Still The Power Is Very Low But I Keep On Saying To Myself.. Do Not Rush It.. Just Feel It Through.. And To Say That In Malay Language.. Main Nyaman Saja Dulu.. Well My Shoulder Is All Sore Up.. And Yes I Need To Focus More On My Arms As Well.. Need To Try And Define It A Bit..
Had A Quick Run Around After Gym Yesterday.. Weather Looks Too Great So Why Should I Stay In And Run On The Treadmill.. Agreed?

 And Yes I Got To Enjoy This View.. Orange Sunset With Dark Cloud Moving In.. Masha Allah!
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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A Belated Birthday Shoutout

Adik Gua Yang Numbur Dua Bungsu Celebrating Her Birthday On 19th Nov.. She Turned 27.. Yaw.. Artinya Makin Tua Tah Ku Ni Uwaaaaaaaaaaa.. Happy Birthday Sis Luv Ya Lots!
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Snappy

Last Saturday Saw Jerry's IG Of Her Going To Jing Chew Then My Craving For Jing Chew's Seama Kuey Teow Strikes Immediately.. So Alhamdulillah Craving Satisfied.. And Yes Tengok Gambar Licin.. 

Another Of My Craving Jua.. Went To Zuki For Breakfast.. Then Work.. Yup Saya Kerja Non Stop Kawan Kawan.. For The Next 4 Month.. Best Kan!
Everytime I Went To Sg Bera For Inspection Or For Just Doing My Round I Love Passing Through This Area.. I Called This Area The Kia Alley.. 90% Of The Cars In The Garage Are Kias.. Plus I Love The Design Of The Bungalow Itself.. 
Went To Gym Last Sunday.. Did Back Session.. My Indian Tailor Tagur.. Bos.. Tangan Damit Sudah.. Perut Pun Ada Kurang Udah.. I Was Like Iawah???? And He Said Awu Laaa Lama Tidak Nampak Bah Bleh Nampak Beza.. Hahahahah Jaditah.. Motivasi Diri Jua Untuk Berkerja Lebih Keras Lagi... Damn Its Awkward To Finish One Whole Sentence In Malay!
And This Was Last Night Session.. Was Suffering From Migraine Since Sunday.. Need To Sweat It Out.. Had A Chest Session And Yes Its Sore And Yes My Power Is Very Low And Yes Yes Yes Yes Aku Sasak Pasal Ani..
Menghadiri Simposium Majlis Ilmu Mengenai Dengan Kanun Undang2 Syariah.. Nda Menyasal.. At Least Ada Rakan2 Yang Bertanya Boleh Sudah Memberi Jawapan Sedikit Sebanyak..
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Migraine On A Sunday And Monday

Hated It When I Had Migraine Attack.. Its Not Severe But Its Long Lasting And It Has Been Going On For A Few Days Now.. Checked My Symptom On The Internet And Most Of It Tick The Box Of A Migraine Attack.. As It Was Yesterday It Started With An Attack On Top Of My Head.. Wasn't A Bad One Only A Mild Attack But Still It Really Spoil Your Mood.. Took A Few Panadol Tried To Sleep It Off.. Gone For A Few Min Then It Returned Again.. And This Morning I Woke Up With A Headache On The Right Side Of My Head And In Around My Right Eye.. Alternately Moving From There Back To The Top.. And The Drilling Sound From Downstairs's Renovation Works And My Current Workload Didn't Help It At All..
Even At This Point I'm Having A Hard Time Concentrating At The Screen.. Can't Stay Too Long Looking At The Monitor So Forgive Me For Grammatical Error Or Typo.. 
Till My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone! 
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just About These Days Really

 Taken From Yesterday's Edition Of Borneo Bulletin.. Honestly Nda Plang Sampai Arah Ku Kana Circulate The Msg About Bruneian Kalau Nda Terdpt License International Nda Bleh Masuk Ke Miri.. Well Heads Up To LTD For The Prompt Response.. Wonder If They Took Quite Sometimes To Response Imagine Ku Nda Ramai Org Ke Miri.. Hahahah Shut Down Kali Eh.. In Fact Ingat Ku Dulu
Sisters' Business These Days.. Actually Sebulan Yang Lebih Plang Udah.. And Alhamdulillah Catching Up Jua Lah..
Went To Gym Last Sunday.. After Over A Month Cuti.. Kan Menangis Ku Yo! Terasa Bah Barat Badan When Doing Squats.. Kejarangan Bah Abis Minuman Kalau Ku K Gym That Night Bertaguk Eh!
Stress.. probably.. HBP.. With My Body Size BIG PROBABLITY.. Need To Get Check Up.. Hence Why Ku Jaga Pemakanan Lately Tho Ku Akui Pandai Jua Menyimpang Once In A While..
Dreaming Won't Hurt.. Banar Tah.. The Cheapest I Can Get Thru A Person Membawa Masuk Ke Brunei $350.. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Mudahan OT Ku Approve Hehe
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Untuk C Kamsiah

Ia Birthday Hari Ani.. Asal Saja 10-11 Tahun Tahun Ya Hari Jadinya Tah Tu.. Jangan Ku Di Tanya Kenapa.. Mun Udah Ya Lahir Time Tarikh Ani.. Eh Apakan Kamu Ani.. Hahahaha So Untuk C Kamsiah Aka C Icylady Aka C Icy Aka C Bunal (Nya C Wak Bukan Aku).. Bini C Wan Aka Wanz Aka Wanzsya Aka SoSick.. Mummy C Syafiq Aka Bieberboy Happy Birthday To Youh! Semoga Perniagaan Semakin Maju.. Sehat Bahagia With Ur Family And Our Friendship Lasted Sampai Akhir.. Eh Berapa Umur Lagi? Hahaha
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Saturday, November 09, 2013

And So It Begins!

And So It Begins I Didn't Realized That The Contractors Will Be Working On A Sunday Until I Spoken With The Supervisor Earlier Today.. Haiya! So Nampak Gayanya.. I Be Working For The Next 4 Months Straight.. Iatahnya One Of My Colleague From JKR Whom The Project We Co-Handle.. So Its 4 Week Of Weekly Reports And Monthly Meetings.. Didn't Want To Think Negatively On This One Because There Isn't Any.. Okay The Flip Side I Be Working 4 Months Straight Of Monitoring And Supervising But On The Bright Side.. Great Addition To CV, Great Work Experience And A Lil OT Income On The Side.. What Is Wrong With That.. Heh Wish Me Luck Tho!
Til My Next Post.. Take Everyone! And Enjoy Your Weekend.
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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Judika Ft Duma Riris - Sampai Akhir

Sandi Lawa Bini C Judika Hehe Lucky Guy 
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Snappy During Doa Selamat Function At Grannies

The Grandpa Hehehe Tidur Kali.. Didn't Spend Much Time With Him Coz I Was So Busy Menyalai..
See Menyalai Kan Kan Kan Mana Ku Bohong Kang Hahahah Tabal Aaa Lamak Paot Ku Aaaaa... So Kalau Kamu Kan Main Basi But Nda Jaga Makan.. Ahhh Yth Udah Tu.. And Then Kalau Umur G In The 30's Penyakit Timbul.. Ingat.. 
Too Bad Its Not A Full House Attendance Mun Nda Riuh Berabis Lagi.. 
And Yes Time Durg Di Dalam Membaca Aku Di Luar Menyalai This Time Lone Ranger Udah Hahaha Majal!
Si Ulit Siring Abg Naqibnya.. Baik Jua Aku Sibuk And Ada C Naqib Mun Nda Bahh Mun Ndaaaaaaa Abis Org Dilompatinya..
Selesai Baca Baca Makan Makan Lahh.. Honestly Meliat Ke Dalam Pun Ku Nda Bah Makanan Ah.. Sibuk Jua Ku Udah Tu..
Really Is A Cool Place To Have Your Meal.. Meliat Kereta Kuai Lintas.. Mengucapkan Org Booo Bunyi Basar P Perlahan.. Wahhhh Laju Eh Motonya Well Something Like That..
Aiiii Ada Ice Cream.. Wow! Thanks G Krol For The Treat.. Sampai Ada Yang Dua Tiga Kali Trip Haha..
Told Grandma To Smile.. Ni Senyum Bah Nampak Gigi.. Then Ada Tah Jua Yang Di Belakang Atu Masuk Hahahahaha..
Owh Btw I Still Am Busy Memanggang Sambil Membakar Lamak Paot.. Honestly I Only Had A Few Chicken Wings Then I'm Done.. Kanyang Bah Olehnya Menyiruk Asap Aaaa Baik Jua Nda Timbul Ampus.. Alhamdulillah.
Malas Ku Kan Komen Dengan Lebih Lanjut.. Plus Sporting Jua Lingka Atu.. Hahahaha Mana Nda Bisnes Bagus That Day.
Berapa Round Udah Mit?
Bilanya Udah Kanyang! Part One!
Bilanya Udah Kanyang! Final Part!

Acara Selepas.. Mengurut Kaki And Mengurut Lutut.. Mmmmbah!
Hahaha Here I Am Sibuk Mengurut.. Then Yang Baju Pink Atu Tunggang Tunggang Main My Phone.. Banar Tah Udah Low Batt Baru Ya Membagi Balik.. Owh Cua Liat Org Duduk Arah Kerusi Ah.. Teranah Ya Meliat.. Rupanya...
Kan Minta Urut Tah Udah Tu Hahaha.. Too Bad Tukang Gambar Ani Nda Mau Kana Urut Mun Nda.. Ku Full Blast Mengurut! Haha..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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