Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday The 28th Of Dec

 Sitting Down By The Office And Kinda Lingering With Thoughts Of What The Hell Am I Doing Today. Yes Everyone Who Are Associated With Public Servant Or Penjawat Awam Will Be Happy Today. Its December Payday And With Comes The Annual Bonus. For Myself I've Been Counting The Amount I Had. And To Be Honest With You Guys Even Though My Line Of Work Ani Seems GAH La Macam Pegawai La But Honestly My Pay Grade Is Low. I'm Not Complaining In Fact I Am Very Much Grateful For Every Single Cents. Syukurlah When I Have A Steady Pay Check When There Are More Who Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet Or Worse No Income At All.

What I Was Trying To Share Is That I've Been Calculating My Budget. Priortizing What Is Important And What Is That Can Wait For Next Time. And Alhamdulillah In Shaa Allah I Think I Can Manage. Its Gonna Be A Big Month This Coming January. So What Matter Right Now Is All About Planning. And Yeah It Is Important For Me Right Now To Save What I Can. I Have To Be Prudent With My Spending And Clever Of Course.

Okay Enough About That Stuff. Here I Share With You Guys The OOTD. Nyaahaahaa Cam C Banar Actually Dalam Pikiran Ku Kan Blogging Plang Saja Penambah Pose Yang Banarnya. Don't Be Believing That I Be Starting An OOTD Thingy In My Blog. Not A Well Dress Person Mate.

I Hate Ironing My Pants Trying To Get That Line Right. Seriously! Then I Was Being Lazy. Forgot To Iron My Work Clothes Last Night So Since I Was Being Lazy. Find A Polo Shirt Lazily Iron It And Voila Haha!

I'm Being All Alone In The Office Right Now. Everyone Is On Leave. Another Going Out For Some Errand Hence Enjoy The Video Below.

As I Was Saying. I Got Bored And I Thought I'm Gonna Clean Up My Song Files. Then As Usual I Got Distracted Hence Me Blogging This Right Now.

Anyway Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day. Owh Let Me Add One More Video Yeah. Jap Aaaa.

Its That Time Of The Year Kan. So I Just Can't Help It Guys. I'm Sorry I Just Can't Help It! Hahahaha

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"One Of Those Mondays Where You Can Afford To Be Silly"

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