Sunday, July 31, 2011


One Day To Ramadhan Insya Allah =)
True To The Bone!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something That Caught My Attention

Ironically True.. I Mean If All The Backstabbing And Two Faces Moment That We Endure In Our Life Probably We Can't Even Lie On Our Back.. But One Thing Yang I Been Taught.. Kalau Tak Nak Org Buat Benda Yang Kita Tak Suka Kat Kita.. Kita Kena Jaga Dulu Hati & Perasaan Org.. But Yeah Kadang2 Pandai Jua Terbabas Bah Kitani Ani Ah..
The Title Itself Attracts Me.. Why? Who On Earth Want To Walk Like A Slut Seriously.. Haha But As I Read On Actually They Were Trying To Do Some Demonstration Of Some Sort.. Its All Started In Canada When A Policewoman Advised Ladies To Stop Dressing Like A Slut So They Won't Become A Rape Victim.. I Agreed! Too Many Sick Pervert Out There.. Girls Dressing Provocatively Its Like Pouring Gasoline To Fire..
True To The Bone!

Bye Bye Boss..

My Boss Last Day Today.. As A Treat Tuuu Nah Makan Makan Makan.. Terima Kasih Atas Segala Ilmu Yang Kita Turunkan Arah Ku Bos.. =)
True To The Bone!

Food Food And Food

Nasi Briyani...
Acar Telur
Ayam Rempah Kerisik
Kurma Kambing
True To The Bone!

Morning All

Sun Rise Over Kb Taken This Morning After I Did My Morning Run.. Talking About Morning.. Its Been Too Long Since I Had A Proper Morning Run.. I Almost Forgot How It Feels Like Running With The Fresh Cool Morning Air Running Through Your Nostril.. How Relaxing And Calming It Is Especially When There Is Less Traffic On The Road.. Awesome Feeling! I Already Planned It For A 3 Km Run.. Trying To Use A Faster Pace Then My Usual Pace.. I Started Off Flying And Really Getting On My Rhythm Early On.. I Think That Really Helps.. And Also I Just Downloaded The Adidas miCoach Apps On My Phone And It Really Helps Me Improving My Running Time.. With The Help Of GPS I Know How Far I Have Covered, How Much Calories I've Burned And More Importantly What Is My Current Pace Per Km.. It Has This Voice Over That I Set Up Earlier And Will Automatically Activate Itself Every Time I Hit The 1 Km Mark.. So As I Was Saying Early On My Early Pace Was Flying For My Standard.. Hit 1Km In 6 Minutes Plus But Then My Pace Started To Slow Down A Bit Trying To Hold Around The 7 - 8 Minutes Mark.. Which I Have To Be Honest Didn't Really Achieved.. But Nevertheless I'm Pretty Chuffed With Myself.. To Do 3 Km In Under 25 Minutes Is A Reasonable Enough According To My Standard.. So Guys I Bit You Well And Have A Pleasant Day Ahead.. Taaraaaaa!
True To The Bone!

Friday, July 29, 2011


3 Days To Ramadhan Insya Allah =)
True To The Bone!

My Newest Niece.. Qaisarah

Alai Qaisarah Dengan Nini Angahnya
Alai Qaisarah Dengan Uncle D
Usulnya Marak Mata Melangap Mulut Ah.. Belabih! Pandai Sudah Menoleh-noleh Org Bercakap
True To The Bone!

Story And The Snappy..

Thursday Early Morning.. Office Event
My Boss Being Celebrated.. Retiring At The End Of This Month Sob Sob Sob.. Alum Puas Rasanya Menimba Ilmu Dari Kedia
Sesi Bergambar Ramai Dengan Pesara Dan Bekas Pekerja BINA Yg Berpindah
Lunch Time At Cheezbox.. And No I'm Not Having This During Lunch Time.. Dangan Ku Yang Menungap.. Ish Ish Ish
On The Way To My Grandparent's Place.. Saw This Car Two Tyre In The Drain.. Either A Case Of Joyride Gone Bad, Driver Is Sleepy Or Drunk, Or He Is A Very Pious Man Nda G Sampat2 Kan Menyampati Masuk Sembahyang.. Either Way The Car Needs Repair.. But When I Drove Pass It Man The Car Is Being Vandalised
Fuji Roll Nyummmmmmmmmmmmmsss
Haru Maki
My Dates For The Night Hahaha
Burppppp Alhamdulillah
Group Photos Before Paying The Bills.. Org Sebelah Ku Nahan Rasa Ketawa Pasal Aku Buat Mua Bangang Haha..
Muka Gelap Surrounding Gelap.. Nampak Sangat Org Eskep Dari Tahlil Ah Haha
I Found I Bought And I Watched
Ca-Caw... Ca-Caw.. Oooo Tookie Tookie Hahaha
Taken During My Cooling Off Session.. Biasa.. Tired After My Jog.. Just Enjoying The Cloud
Me, Asics And Sonya..
True To The Bone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


4 Days To Ramadhan Insya Allah =)
True To The Bone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some More Snappy From The Fire Marshall Course

Biasa.. Pulin Pulin.. Squad! Satu! Squad.. Ke Kanan Pusing.. Ke Kana Sing!.. Satu.. Dua Tiga Satu! Haha
Kawad Hydrant 1 Tiga Langkah Di Hadapan Peralatan.. Bla Bla Bla Bla
Senyum Bah.. Baru Ya
Lalah Ni.. Melangap Banar Ni Mulut Menggulung Hos Ah
See See Melangap Kan.. One Of The Reason Why My Knees Still Hurt.. I Remember When C Andy Asked Me.. Ngalih Mad? I Said To Her Awu Eh.. Yth Rasa Bomba Ni Nya~
Lutut Sakit.. Belakang Sakit.. Panas Nauzubillah.. Respect The Fire Service
Pose Mahal Kah Tu
Boleh Tahan Eeyy
Bulat Jua
Cam Ragad!
Sebelum Kedia Pengsan..
Lidah Atu SL..! ahaha Tiyot.. Suka Ku Eh Hahahaah
The Ironman
More Rolling
Senyum Senyum Bah Kedia Happy Bah
"Hey Kawan-kawan!... Owh Kapling Aku Sangat Cinta Padamu.. Mwahhhhhhh"
The Right Way To Unhook The Male And Female Coupling.. Kalau Nda Bersilang Kaki Atu.. Memang Gugur Melabuk.. Dan Hukumannya.. Cium Coupling laa
More Rolling Haha..
Toleh Toleh Pandang Pandang
Hantuk Helmet! Hahahaha Mengacau Org Bergambar Bah Kami Ah
Lalah Udah Ni
Yang Ani Lagi Tia
Cua Liat Org Belakang Lalah Ah.. Terpunduk Yo!
Arses Anyone?
Kawad Membuka Dan Memasang Helmet
Gauk Ni
Group Photo..
Free Style
Kan Buat Jumpshot Nda Muat Tampat Atu
Another Group Photo.. Rasang Walaupun Smart
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lol
True To The Bone!