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Beristighfar dan Bertaubat daripada Dosa :

Telah mengkhabarkan kepadaku Abu Salamah bin Abdul Rahman dengan berkata, telah berkata Abu Hurairah RA : Saya telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Demi Allah, sesungguhnya aku beristighfar (memohon keampunan) dan bertaubat kepada Allah dalam satu hari lebih daripada tujuh puluh kali."

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Miri AYteee

 Second Trip To Miri This Time With The Whole Family.. Went There Earlier This Week.. Last Tuesday I Remember And I Found Out That...
 The Road Just After ASEAN Bridge When You Turn Left At The Traffic Light Was Under Heavy Construction.. Mental Ku Olehnya Takut Bah Batu Kana Body Or Ceramin Mana Lagi 4 x 4 Cars Macut Nda Ya Kira Jeraya Berbatu.. So My Advice If Y'all Going To Miri Anytime Soon.. Lalu Jalan Kelapa Sawit And Lutong.. Jalan Lama Lah Tu.. Smooth Traffic Lagi.. Nampak Sangat Beza Bah Cara Durang Berkeraja.. And We Always Complain Jalan Brunei Teruk Lahh Apalah.. Go To Miri And I'm Thankful Hahaha
 Bahu Dah Ok.. Tgn Pun Ada Laaa.. My Mission Now Is The Belly Fat.. The Hardest Of All.. 70% In The Kitchen And 30% At The Gym Kali Ahh.. Isk Isk Isk My Lower Abs Is Really Killing Me.
 My Mum Sisters Trying Out Their Shoes.. Membari Malas Aku Jua Yang Mengalah.. Si Tuha Jua Yang Mengalah Hahaha..
 Dad Too Getting Himself A New Pair.. Told Him Balitahh Kasutnya Lama Atu Bah.. Haiyaaa Lakap Melakap Jua.. So I Told Lets Get Something Of A Better Quality And Try Not To Wet It.. In Sha Allah Nda Lakap Kulit..
 Ehemm Malas Ku Show Off Apa Usulnya.. Hahaha
 Berulih Kita Bu Membali? Hahahahaah My Mum Kelalahan Menyupping But Yang Sandi Aku Lah Jadi Tungkat Angkut Plastik Durg..
 Hahahahahaha My Mum Kana Knock Out.. Ah Well Andang Kebiasaannya Udah Jua Bah Nda Batah Tu.. Memang Tertidur..
 Dad's Shoes.. Hush Puppies.. Ani Jua Kang Lakap Melakap Kulitnya Nda Tah Ku Tau Lagi Tu..
 Talking About Perfume Eyhh!
 Last Year It Was Chanel Bleu.. Which Is My Faves To Date.. So This Year Ambil Yang Lawa.. Allure Homme Sport Yang White Cap Saja.. Yang Orange Too Strong For My Liking! Too Musky! Yup That's The Word
 Bebanar Bah Durg Membali Kasut.. Malas Ku Malas.. Mun Kan Raya Ani Jua Membali Kasut Lagi Bahhh Malastah Ku Tuuuu Mikirkan Hahahaha..
 Owh I Did Bought This Too..
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Chest Session 27/06/2013

Machine Assisted Dips 3 Sets 10 Reps Each.
Hammer And Strength Inclne Press 3 Sets : 30 Kg (15 A Side) - 15 Reps, 50 Kg (25 A Side) - 12 Reps, 60 Kg (30 A Side) - 10 Reps.
Smith Machine Bench Press 3 Sets : 30 Kg (15 A Side) - 15 Reps, 40 Kg (20 A Side) - 12 Reps, 60 Kg (30 A Side) - 10 Reps.
Decline Dumbbells Bench Press 3 Sets : 18 Kg - 15 Reps, 24 Kg - 12 Reps, 27 Kg - 10 Reps.
Underhand Seated Press 3 Sets : 90 Lbs - 15 Reps, 110 Lbs - 12 Reps, 130 Lbs - 10 Reps.
Cable Chest Crossover 3 Sets : 50 Lbs - 15 Reps, 60 Lbs - 15 Reps, 70 Lbs - 15 Reps.
Low Cable Chest Fly 3 Sets : 40 Lbs - 15 Reps.
Dumbbell Chest Pullover 3 Sets : 17.5 Kg - 15 Reps, 20 Kg - 12 Reps, 25 Kg - 10 Reps.
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Back Session 26/06/2013

Lat Pulldown 3 Sets : 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 100 Lbs - 15 Reps, 120 Lbs - 12 Reps.
Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown 3 Sets : 60 Lbs - 15 Reps, 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 120 Lbs - 12 Reps.
  Hammer And Strength Iso Row 3 Sets : 20 Kg A Side - 15 Reps, 30 Kg A Side - 15 Reps, 40 Kg A Side - 15 Reps.

Hammer And Strength Iso Pulldown 3 Sets : 20 Kg A Side - 15 Reps, 30 Kg A Side - 15 Reps, 40 Kg A Side - 15 Reps.
Incline Row 3 Sets : 20 Kg - 20 Reps, 40 Kg - 15 Reps, 60 Kg - 12 Reps..
 Vertical Seated Row 3 Sets : 120 Lbs - 15 Reps, 150 Lbs - 15 Reps, 180 Lbs - 15 Reps.
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Snap, Share And Bit Of Stories

Handsome Bah Ini Budak.. Taken A Week Ago When He Was Sitting Next To Me.. Handsome But Annoying At The Same Time Hahaha.
 Not Long Now We're Gonna Have Our On Autobahn.. Hahaha.. Sandi Ni Kang Mun Siap Berabis Ni Bilang Org Belaju Kui Kui Kui
Ani Jua Ni Kan Di Tunggu.. Belait Time's Sq And Maybe Our Very Own Shopping Complex..

 Daddy Got Himself A New Phone.. And So Does The Sisters.. Heheheh Makin Tia Anti-Social Bilang Org..
Mana Jua Mau Alah Bah Ah Hahahahahah So Alhamdulillah I Got Myself A New Phone.. Really In Need Of One Too.. My Old Galaxy Is So Knackered.. And I Have Been Running Out Of Patience With It.. Especially With Work Beginning To Evolve Around It.
So I Found One Photo Editing Apps Called Aviary.. That Makes My Panerai Looking From This To..
Into This.. Sick Innit! I'm In Love With App Man.. Banartah Always Love Rich Colour!
Did A Morning Run Last Wednesday And The Best Thing About It Is.. I Managed To Finish The Whole Route.. Slow As I Could Ever Be But I Did It Yihaaaa!
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Chest Session 24/06/2013

Smith Machine Bench Press 5 Sets : 30 Kg (15 A Side) - 12 Reps, 40 Kg (20 A Side) - 12 Reps, 50 Kg (25 A Side) - 12 Reps, 60 Kg (30 A Side) - 12 Reps, 70 Kg (35 A Side) - 12 Reps.
Smith Machine Decline Bench Press 4 Sets : 30 Kg (15 A Side) - 12 Reps, 50 Kg (25 A Side) - 12 Reps, 70 Kg (35 A Side) - 12 Reps, 80 Kg (40 A Side) - 12 Reps.
Hammer And Strength Incline Press 4 Sets : 30 Kg (15 A Side) - 12 Reps, 50 Kg (25 A Side) - 12 Reps, 70 Kg (35 A Side) - 12 Reps, 80 Kg (40 A Side) - 12 Reps.
Cable Chest Cross Over 4 Sets : 50, 60, 70, 80 Lbs - 12 Reps.

Only Managed To Do 4 Sessions Saja.. Kepisan Rasanya.. The Gym Was So Bloody Humid That I Was Struggling To Breathe.. My Heart Was Pumping Furiously And I Said To Myself.. There Is No Point To Continue.. Cardiac Arrest Kang Nauzubillah! Damn Freaking Haze.. Thank God Your Gone!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Just A Monday

Hello Readers Its Been Quite Sometimes Since I Said A Few Words Here.. And All I Can Say Is Since The Start Of Last Week I Was In A Very Lazy Mode.. Didn't Perform At The Gym At All.. And I Only Had 2 Sessions.. At The End Of The Week I Had This Stupid Headache That Never Seems To Be Going.. I Just Got Lazy.. You Know Pure Laziness.. I Need To Snap Out Of It Soon Or Else It Will Only Be Bad News.. Anyway On A Positive Note.. Dad Rang Me Up And Gave Me A Very Very Good News.. Alhamdulillah They Have The Fund Now.. I Just Hope They Could Perform Their Haj Soon.. Amin!
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My Sunday

Tahlil For The Late Niece.. Since Ramadhan Is Drawing Near I'm Sure Every Family In Brunei Would Have Similar Function.
Another Annual Event For My Family.. Menyambut Kedatangan Malam Nisfu Syaaban.. Besar Fadhilatnya As The Imam Explained Before We Began Reciting Surah Yassin..
Last Year Kami Lupa Membawa Air Botol Ke Masjid.. Mengambil Berkat Bacaan Yassin Yang Di Baca Sebanyak 3 Kali Hehehe.
If Memories Serve Me Right.. Jemaah Tahun Ani Lebih Ramai Dari Tahun Lapas.. Even Perempuan Pun Ramai.. Sampai Dua Kali Kami Melalih Dinding Cover Ruang Tampat Sembahyang Durg.. Alhamdulillah Jua Lah More And More Are Getting The Knowledge Tentang Fadhilat Dan Kelebihan Malam Nisfu Syaaban.. Even If Tani Fahami Kandungan Doanya Ah.. Tani Memohon Meminta Di Panjangkan Umur.. Di Murahkan Rezeki.. Dijauhkan Dari Kecelakaan Sama Yang Tani Tahu Atau Nda Ketahui.. And If Tah Nyawa Tani Diambil Mudahan2 Jua Tani Mati Dalam Keadaan Beriman Dan Tidak Menyekutukannya.. Amin Ya Rabb.
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Its All About The Food Food Food Food What Else!

 Dad's Craving Hahaa Menyalai Kambing.. Tgh Malam Bah Menyalai And Makan Baru Ya.. But Who Cares Hahaha I Wish I Could Say That.. Nda Jua Ampit Baju Raya Kang..!
Something That I Haven't Taste In A Long Long Time.. Mum Said That My Late Great Grandmother Used To Make Me A Whole Takir Hahaha Antah Apakah Namanya.. Baking Pan Kali.. But This Is Different
Wajid Temburong.. Yatah Udah Ni.. Sangat Lah Manis.. Especially Bagi Saya Yang Lately Tengah Tengah Mengurangkan Pengambilan Gula.. 
Okay This Is My Craving.. Its Been Awhile Since I Had One.. I Think The Last Time I Had This Was With AG And Wak.. Campur Lagi Sambalnya.. Plus Kicap Manis Wooohooo Membakar Calories Pasal Padas!
Okay Another's Of Dad's Craving.. If You're An Avid Fan Of Running Man.. You Must Have Realized That They Do Eat A Lot In That Show.. And They Love Wrapping Food With Rice.. So This Was Lunch For Today.. And Its Filling And Bloody Yummy.. But At The Same Time I Have To Control My Consumption.. Paning Kang Naik Darah.. Baik Jua Berjaga-jaga.. Makin Berumur Ani Makin Terasa.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back Session 19/06/2013

Lat Pulldowns Wide Grip 3 Sets : 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 100 Lbs - 15 Reps, 120 Lbs - 15 Reps
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldowns - 3 Sets : 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 100 Lbs - 15 Reps, 120 Lbs - 12 Reps. Notice The Variation There? Alright This Is Something New That I Found Out From Bodybuilding.com The Usual CGPD Will Be My Palms Facing Me But This One My Palm Facing The Front.. It Gave A Good Pump At The Middle Of My Back.. So From This Day Onward This Will Be A Regular Must Do Hehe.
Hammer And Strength Behind Neck Pulldowns - 50 Kg (25 A Side) - 15 Reps, 70 Kg (35 A Side) - 15 Reps, 90 Kg (45 A Side) - 12 Reps.
Wide Grip Seated Cable Row 3 Sets : 80 Lbs - 15 Reps, 100 Lbs - 15 Reps, 120 Lbs - 12 Reps.
Incline Row 3 Sets : 40 Kg - 15 Reps, 50 Kg - 15 Reps, 60 Kg - 12 Reps.
Romanian Deadlifts 3 Sets : 40 Kg (20 A Side) - 8 Reps, 60 Kg (30 A Side) 6 Reps
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