Monday, December 07, 2015

A Lesson

I Found This Post On My Facebook Timeline And I Thought Wow This Beautifully Put. I Shall Share This In My Blog. 23 Photos In All But Trust Me You'll Appreciate This Especially If You're A Harry Potter Fan.

At First I Was Thinking Aku Kan Make My Own Comment Under Every Photos But I Just Let U Guys Take It As You Wish. Read Every Sentence That Was Written On The Photo And Reflect Upon Ourselves. 

Why? Because I Do Believes A Few Of These Photos Can Be Related To Our Life. And The Rest We Can Take It As An Advice That We Can Use As The Betterment Of Ourself.

Life Is Full Of Surprises, Full Of Lessons Full Of Miracles And Gives. We Only Has To Open Our Eyes And Listen. And In Shaa Allah Once We Do That Slowly But Surely We Will Be Ever So Grateful To Allah Subhanallah Taala. 

Lets Us All Keep On Reminding Ourselves That Everything That We Have Ani Hanya Pinjaman Saja Dan Bila Bila Masa Boleh Kana Ambil Balik.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Sorry For Being A Bit Sentimental-Ish"

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