Saturday, March 30, 2013

That Whatssap Hoax Again

 Claim From Fisheries Department About The Tsunami Hoax That Was Spread Around By Whatssap...
And This Was That Very Photo.. I Really Can't Believe That The Public Believes Such Things Because U Can See Cleary That Ani Adalah Hasil Org Mengikis.. For Sure That Rezeki Durg Ani Tertangkap Sekawan Ikan Bilis Usulnya.. And Andang Udah Lumrah Kalau Ada Yang Belurih Cemani Memang Yang Melintas Pun Ampit Memungut.. Because Its Too Much Kan.. As Much It Was Funny And Stupid But I Have To Say The Person Who Started This Is Really Sick.. Macam Memohon2 Tah Plang Perkara Cematu Kan Terjadi.. Iatah Namanya Org Otak Di Lutut Tu Nauzubillah!
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Back Session Log 29/03/2013

 When Doing Back Workout I Always Started By Doing Chin Ups Or Pull Ups.. There Is A Lot Variations And My Favourite Of All Is Parallel Grip Just Like The Photo Above.. Doing It 3 Sets Of 10 Reps
Continuing With The Second Variations Close Grip Pull Up.. 3 Sets Of 10 Reps As Well
Iso Behind Neck Lat Pulldown.. Since I'm Working Out Alone Opted For Light Weight Lift And Higher Amount Of Sets.. Doing This For 6 Sets. 2 Sets x 15 Reps Of 30 Kg, 2 x 15 Reps Of 40 Kg & 2 Sets x 12 Reps Of 60 Kg

V-Grip Bar Lat Pulldown.. 6 Sets As Well.. 80 Lbs - 15 Reps x 2, 90 Lbs - 12 Reps x 2, 100 Lbs - 10 Reps x 2.. I Always Love This Exercise.. It Gave Such A Good Stretch!
One Hand Dumbbell Row.. Doing This For 4 Sets 15 Kg - 15 Reps x 2, 18 Kg - 12 Reps x 2
Opting To Use Seated Vertical Rowing Machine Because I Was Merely Running Low On Energy Plus I Was Struggling With Me Breathing Last Night.. And Because Of That I Opted For A Drop Weight Session 6 Sets Altogether 105 Lbs - 15 Reps x 2, 90 Lbs - 20 Reps x 2, 60 Lbs - 25 Reps x 2
Final Game Ani Pun Main Berpaksa.. T-Bar Row Pull Up 3 Sets 20 Kg - 15 Reps.. And That's A Wrap!

Honestly Yang Ku Hairan Di Malam Aku Nda Berapa Berpaluh Ani Bah.. And My Breathing And My Heart Beat Is Totally Irregular.. Susah Jua Ati Ku Tu.. Mana Lagi Gym Atu Humid And The Atmosphere Is Stuffy.. Fuyoooo Seksa!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Malas Saya Bah

Yth Calinya Kan.. Like I Said Last Time.. Bukan Plang Menyenangkan Tapi Menyusahkan.. So Here Is The Scenario.. A Trailer Up Front Kan Kluar.. But Since The Road Now Has Become Narrower It Took Them 15 Mins To Negotiate The Turn And Still They Can't And Since The Traffic Are Piling Up The Trailer Has To Reverse Back To Let The Traffic Move.. And When We Passes Them By The Driver And His Co-Driver Were Figuring Out How To Do It And I'm Sure They're Manage.. So Here Is The Question Is Why Do They Build It? To Prevent Accident? Pasal Org Selalu U-Turn Dapan Balai Bomba? Okay Valid Point On The Later One But Why Cant They Just Put CCTV At That Said Area? And They Bloody Well Know That Area Andang Tampat Trailer Kluar Masuk.. Man Simpang Tampat Trailer Kan Kluar Atu Was Smack Right Infront Of JPD Office.. I Mean During The Last Leg Co Session.. Asal Saja Soalan Adakah Ani Sudah Di Review Adakah Elaun Atu Udah Di Review Mengikut Kadar Semasa.. Jawapan Yang Diterima Tahun-tahun Sepatutnya Rakyat Bersyukur Lah Apa.. You Know I Really Find That Insulting As If Org Brunei Ani Nda Pandai Bersyukur.. But Seriously Project Like This Is Just Making A Mockery Of What They Said.. It Is Just A Waste Of Govt Money.. Simple Common Sense Is Needed Here.. They Should Have Done A Quick Survey.. Ampai Cone Yang Lebar Ah.. Di Tangah2 Atu For A Week And See The Traffic For During Peak Hours.. To See Whether It Is Feasible Or Not.. Or Probably A Traffic Light Especially Kalau Ada Trailer Kan Keluar Simpang.. Or A Traffic Light Arah Round About Di Simpang 4 Dekat MKJB And Tangki Hitam During Peak Hours.. Antahlah Malas Lah Aku Kan Cakap Banyak.. Susah Susah.. At The End Of The Day People Will Adapt To It.. For Sure But Whoever Made This Decision It Just Goes Beyond Me Saja Lah Banar Tah...
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Shoulder Workout Session Log

 I Start With This Military Shoulder Press.. Not Using Free Weight Tho But Machine.. Starting With 10kg Then Increasing It By 5kg For The Next 2 Sets Then Dropping It To 5 Kg For The 4th Sets.. Repetition Wise I Always Aim For 12 Then 10 Then 8 As The Weight Increases.
Then Straight After That I Go For Dumbbell Shoulder Press.. To Hit It More.. Just Light Weight Saja Bahh.. 11kg For 4 Sets With 10 Reps..
3rd Exercise Would Be Arnold Shoulder Press.. Ambil Ringan Saja 8 Kg For The First 2 Sets Then 11 Kg For The Last 2 Sets.. 10 Reps Saja Nda Payah Banyak2
Bent Arm Lateral Raise.. One Of My Faves.. 12 Kg Dumbbells With 4 Sets Of 10 Reps.
Front Raise Using Weight Plates.. 4 Sets.. Using 10kg Plates For The First 2 Then 15 Kg For The Later.. Don't Need To Use Heavy Weights Here Because Form And Posture Is More Important Since U Have To Hold The Plates In The Air For A Sec Or Two Before Lowering It!
Upright Row Is Our 6th Exercises.. Using Barbell.. 20 Kg, 10 Reps For 4 Sets.. On The 3rd And 4th Sets It Is Just About Will Power Really Because My Energy Was Fast Depleted!
 Shrug.. Totally Forgot Our Weights Last Night.. Did 4 Sets With 15 Reps.. To Be Honest Kan Terjeluak Jua Lah Bila Ku Membuat Ni Di Malam.. Imagine Saja It Really Is A Hot Day Yesterday And The Gym Was Hot And Humid Payah Kan Bernafas Olehnya!

To Be Honest I Always Enjoy Exercising Using Light/Moderate Weights.. Why? I Feel I Can Get A Better Pump On The Muscle I'm Targeting Since I Can Control My Posture Well.. Anyway I'm Planning To Go For A Back Session Tonight.. Would Be Sharing With You Guys My Session Okay.. Taaraaa
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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Monday Moan? Nope This Is Not

Having A Conversation With My Colleague And She Was Talking About Financial Stuff.. And Then We Did A Few Reflection Of What Was Like When We Were Little And Our Parents Raising Us Up.. And Now That She Has A Baby Girl.. Terasa Udah Kan Cemana Payahnya Hidup Sebagai Seorang Ibu Ani.. Tho That I Am Still Not Married (Ehem Ehem Uhuk Uhuk :p) But I Honestly Can Relate To It.. 
I Told Her That Since I Moved Back To Kb.. I Do Believe I Felt Just A Fraction Of How Hard It Is.. Why I Said A Fraction Well I Explain It Later.. Back Then When I Was Moved To Kb.. I Was Distraught, Frustrated And It Was Rightly So.. Why? My Life Have To Change.. Friends Is Kinda Far Away Basically It Was Never An Ideal Situation.. Anyhow A Friend Told Me Ada Hikmahnya Tu.. Nda Ko Nampak Ni Awal Ani.. Kang Lambat Laun You Will See It.. And True To His Word.. Now I'm Beginning To Understand Why..
Nya Org Mun Dulu Hidupku.. Kan Enjoy, Kan Selfish.. Kan Whine Saja Keraja.. Macam Nda Kan Berapa Bersyukur Bah.. As I Was Saying Earlier A Fraction Of How Hard It Was Raising My Sisters And I.. Alhamdulillah Jualah With Me Now In Kb.. Terbuka Jua Mata Atu Kan Support My Family.. Even At Times When Money Is Tight I Still Managed Jua.. Nya Org Pandai Membagikan Satu Untuk Diri Dua Untuk Family.. Yes I Have To Admit Dangki Meliat Kawan-kawan Terbali Itu Terbali Ini.. Belayar Sana Belayar Sini.. But At The End Of The Day.. Kitani Kena Ukur Baju Di Badan Sendiri.. Jangan Luan Dipikirkan Sangat.. Durang Ada Rezeki Lebih That Is Why Durg Mampu.. Nda Ja! Nak Dikatakan Aku Nda Mengusut Bohong Jua Tu.. But At Least Now I'm Redha On What I Had And What I Can Share.. It Is Such An Uplifting Feeling When You Can Help Your Parents In A Way.. Just Imagine How Hard It Was To Provide Us Guys When We Were Small.. Nda Ku Mampu Terbalas.. Even If Ku Mati Then Hidup Balik Then Mati Then Hidup Balik Semula Pun Alum Tantu Ku Mampu Terbalas..
I'm Not Trying To Show Off Here.. Not To Say I Am Better Than All Of You.. But I Can Say That I'm A Much Better Person Today That I Was Before.. Fatter Yes! But Much Much Calmer Hahahaha.. In Sha Allah :-))
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Itu Ini Sana Sini

 Everytime My Dad And I Drive Through This Road He Has This Annoyed Looks On His Face.. I Do Get Him Plang Banar.. All This Crap With Majlis Keselamatan Jalan Raya Stuff.. Somehow I Think Do Kb Town Really Need This? Tu Bah Barrier Yang Kana Bina Tangah2 Jalan Ah.. I Mean Nda Durg Pikir Kah Yang Sebalah Atu Construction Yard.. Heavy Machinery Vehicle Selalu Keluar Masuk.. Nda Kan Makin Suka Lagi Tu Durg Kan Keluar.. Okay Fine If They Do Want To Think About The Safety Then Tu Nah Jeraya Kiri Kana.. Pathway Nya Yang Nda Stabil.. Mana Selamat Untuk Pedestrian.. They Shud Tinggi Kan Jalan Pathway Atu.. Then Pasang Barrier Basi So At Least If Ada Urg Cuai Drive Nda Menghantam Pejalan Kaki.. Sometime I Just Wonder Where Is Their Common Sense.. Apanya My Dad.. Andangnya Udah Di Bagi Kuasa Di KB Ani Macam2 Tah Kan Dibuat Yang Nda Munasabah.. Udahnya Kana Tarik Ke Bandar Ilang Tia Pemandainya Ahahahaha But Honestly Its Not Laughing Matter Plang.. Pasalnya Those Money Should Have Been Put For A Better Use..
Kan 2 Minggu Nda Ke Gym.. And I Told Someone Kang Aku D Gym Aku Akan Bergambar Mencium Dumbbell Hahaha Baik Jua Ada Dumbbell Berkilat Ani Yang Jarang Kana Pakai.. Mun Yang Bertagar Atu Menyasal! So Esok In Sha Allah Will Be Having A Back Session.. Malas Ku Over Do It Dulu.. Slow Saja.. Then Udah Sehat And Kuat Balik Barutah Concentrate Balik!
Taken Last Night.. Totally Unplanned! Jirul Membawa Lepak Di JC And Since It Was His Last Night Before Going Back To Sabay Sabay Country.. So Off Sajalah Aku K Bandar.. Kesian Jua Org Melagau.. Kan Kan Kan Kan?
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Chest Session Log 18/03/2013

 Did This As A Warm Up Sets.. Its Very Effective If You Wanna Warm The Body And Especially The Chest And Triceps As Well As The Shoulders.. Just Make Sure You Lean Forward Slightly While Doing It! 3 Sets Of 10 Reps Should Do The Trick!
Lately I Love Starting My Chest Session With An Incline Bench Dumbbell Press.. Starting With A 12 Kg Dumbbells With 15 Reps Gradually Increasing It To 18 Kg Then 24 Kg With 10 And 8 Reps Respectively.. One Thing I Found Is That If I Arch My Back Slightly I'll Get A Better Feel.. But Nonetheless Whatever Way You Do It Just Make Sure Try To Control Your Posture And Form..
Second Exercise Would Be The Normal Bench Press.. Again With The Same Weight With Those I've Used On The Previous Exercise.. The Tips Here Try Not To Open Up Your Arms Far From Your Chest Especially When Lowering It Down.. Working On The Negative Too Is Also As Important As Concentrating On The Lift.
My Least Favourite Exercise Pullover Chest Extension Using Dumbbells.. But It Gave Such A Good Stretch On The Lower Chest, Triceps As Well As The Abs.. Using 20 Kg Dumbbells With 12 Reps For 4 Sets! I Just Love To Hate This Hehe
Cable Cross Over.. 3 Sets Of 15 Reps, Increasing From 3 To 5 Plates Through Out.. I Always Still Thinking About The Argument Of Whether To Do This Exercise On A More Control Weight Where You Can Maintain Your Posture Or Go "Roti Paun" And Lift Heavy? Whats Your Take?
Chest Butterfly.. Would Opt On Using Dumbbells But Since Its Our Last Exercise With Power Running Low.. And I Really Want That Stability So This Is The Best Exercise To Do.. 3 Sets With 80 - 90 Pounds Of Weights And 15 Reps Should Do The Trick!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

So This Is March

Salam Kawan-kawan.. Hows Y'all Doing.. Ada Baik? Ada Bagus? Myself Alhamdulillah Beransur Sehat! You Know When I Said March Will Be A Tough Month.. Its Because Since Aku Ani Masih Lagi Bergaji Hari.. So Biasalah Setiap Bulan March Budget And Mengajut Kurg Since Its Less Working Day In February! Never That I Thought That I'll Be Ber Ridden For A Good Week.. Yes Guys I Was So Sick For A Few Days That Time Flies Bloody Quick.. Why? Because I Was Sleeping Most Of The Days And Nights.. At One Time I Was Actually Suffering From Heartburn, Fever, Flu, Coughing And Really Really Bad Migraine.. That Was Scary! Mcm Kan Passed Out Saja Ku.. Baik Jua Lah Org Opis Ani Pemahaman.. And I Slept Most Of The Time Especially On That One Moment That I Just Mentioned..
As I Said Earlier Now Udah Beransur Pulih.. I'm Trying To Get Back To Normal Routines Udah.. Blessing Jua Damam Ani.. Walaupun Makan Nda Berasa And I Was Hungry All The Time.. Kurang Jua Pinggang.. Walaupun Terkadang I Said Fuck It.. Makan Saja Tia Ayam Ani Walaupun Bergoreng.. Makan Saja Tia Sambal Ani Sama Nasi.. Though For That Nda Jua Masuk Banar.. Since Makan Yang Berminyak Makes My Belly Nda Nyaman.. And Aku Nda Mau Makan Berbanar Pasal.. The Bad Thing About Chesty Cough Is That Asal Saja Makan Pebaik Sedikit Gatal Berabis Jadinya.. Di Tambah Lagi Dengan Sore Throat And Panas Dalam.. Aduiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
Hehehe Anyway In Sha Allah Since Aku Udah Beransur Pulih Ani Will Try Update The Blog More Often Alright.. So For Now.. I Take My Leave.. See You Around!
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Not A Usual Sunday But With The Usual Crowd

Planned This A Few Days Back.. As Soon As I'm Getting Better Tarus Ku Sms C Awg Jirul.. Plus He'd Be Balik Soon So Iatah Nganya Peluang Ku Kan Lepak Sama Kedia.. Especially Aku Yang Jarang Kan Turun Ke Bandar Hahaha Even Munap Pun Said.. Boring Ko Ani Eh Cuatah Kaja Di Bandar Balik Hahahahahah.. Nantitah Ku Mikirkan Tu Sal Atu!
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Atu Basar

Just Saw This Photo Of Us Taken During Eme's Wedding.. Haa Haa Haa Haa Atu Basar Badan Ku Atu.. Even Last Night I Mentioned It To Jirul.. Even Aku Tried To Kapit My Arms Masih Jua Nampak Basar! Hahahahahahaha Nda Apa Nanti G Membasarkan Kedia..
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I Got A New Niece

Introducing To You All Our New Addition To The Family.. Namanya Amelia Natasha I Think.. Alum Saya Jumpa Lagi.. Daughter To My First Cuz.. Congrats Damit And Juna! :-)
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Few Wishlist

Anganku Pada Masa Ani Hehehe.. Biasa Birthday Is Like Under A Month.. And I Rarely Had The Chance To Treat Myself.. Why? Malas Lah Kan Cerita.. Biartah Allah Subhanallah Taala Saja Yang Tau.. Kang Ilang Tia Keikhlasannya.. But Anyhoot In Sha Allah Jua Tu If Ada Lebih Rezeki I Might Need The Help Of A Few Friends To Order One Of This For Me.. Its Either Kenneth Cole Reaction Or Another Nixon! In Sha Allah!
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So Whats The Story

Its Been Awhile Since I Had My Last Post.. So I Really Feel Obligated To Do A Few Entry On My Blog.. First Reasons Is Because I Was A Bit Busy With Work Even If You Notice I Kinda Stop Doing My Workout Post Here.. Have Been Planning To Continue Doing It But I Just Haven't Had The Time To Do It.. Secondly Been Sick Lately.. I Know If You Have A Look At My Recent Post I Didn't Look Like One But I Do..
I Was First Feeling Sick On Tuesday Of Which I Really Thought I Was Just Feeling Tired From Gym The Night Before.. But As Soon As My Throat Was Feeling A Bit Sticky Then As The Day Progress It Becoming Sore I Knew Then I'm Gonna Be Sick Soon.. True To My Feelings I Started To Cough On Wednesday Then By Thursday I Having A Fever.. And Worst I Had A Joint Inspection To Attend That Day.. Crazy Innit.. And I Suffered The Most Later That Thusrday Night... Kalau Nya Org Kitani Hangat Dingin Jua Badan!
At Least Alhamdulillah My Batuk Nda Menjadi Ke Ampus Tho Turun Naik Tangga Nda Jua Dapat Berlaju Angih2 Jua.. Can't Be Too Confident On That Need To Take It Slow Jua.. It Kinda Sucks But At Least With Me Menjaga Makan Sakitnya Nda Berapa Batah Amin! Tho For That Gym Time Pun Kena Stop Dulu.. Mana Lagi My Throat Still Sticky And Masih Batuk2 At Least Dahak Mahu Keluar.. In Sha Allah.. Apa Apa Pun Redha.. Abis Kuat Pun Dosa-dosa Kecil Ilang..
Damn Virus! Iatah Yg Ku Pikirkan Tu With Banyak Kawan-kawan Ku Pun Ada Yang Damam Jua Cam Kediaku.. Even Now Pun Tadi Pagi My Lil Sis Mengadu.. Throat A Bit Sticky.. Least Its Cuti Sekulah Dapat Berehat.. And Today Sunday.. Plan Was Kan Ke Bandar Lawat Grannies! But Since Damam Ani Home Alone Tah Ku.. Maklum Lah Nini Kami Atu Tua.. Anti Body Nda Kuat.. Kang Menjangkit Plang!
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And Then A Few Days Back

Had An Inspection Here.. Cua Liat Tu Usul Macam Randah But.. With Me Batuk And Damam I Said Fak This Pajal Saja Tia.. Angih2 Jua Turun Naik!
 Ada Usul Samseng Kah?
 Actually Aku Nda Plang Kan Mau Singgah Sini ANi.. I Dont See The Need Jua Until I Found A Few Meds Which Is Very Useful.. Nantitah Ku Stock Up!
 This Is Obviously Not One Of It! Ku Makan Saja Pasal Kana Balikan Hehe
 Taken Yesterday Saturday! Otw Balik Puta Txt Me Up.. Since Durg D Kb.. Lepak Lah Sekajap!
 Duan Kah Ni?
Sia Kah NIe? Plan Is Kan Lepak Lagi Later That Night.. But Thanks To My Medication.. Awal Ku Kondem.. Sori Puta Baby! Mwah
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The Sunday When Eme And Ajithman Got Married!

Gambar Curi Dari Syikin.. Even With Jirul Is Around Pun Alum Cukup Corum "The Expat".. Cua Liat Tu Sorg Gambar Mua Kana Edit.. Hahaha And Mua Ku??? Hahahaha

Ajithman And Mini Ajithman.. In Sha Allah Soon Akan Ada Real Mini Ajithman Hehehehe

Mas Ku Ah Durg Dua Ani.. Putera And Puteri Lilin Aaahaa Haaa Haaa
Nah Menoleh Tah Jua C Koi Atu!
 Lepak Sama Bro Ani.. Been Batah Udah.. Haa Haa Haa
Atu Basar Badan Ku Atu Haa Haa
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