Saturday, December 29, 2012

Apple To My Eyes

Look At The Face Of My Grandparents.. Teeheehee Happy Sangat2.. You Know I Always Appreciate It If I See My Cousins Brought Them Out.. Just For Food Or Anything.. Why? Seen Those Smiles? Nothing Can Beat The Feeling Of Kids Making Their Old Ones Happy Isn't It.. Especially My Grandma She Always Love Going Out.. Being Around Her Children And Grannies.. Bukannya Apa Selagi Nya Masih Ada Ani.. We Should Make All The Effort To Make Them Happy.. Jangan Kang.. Mun Nini Mu Masih Ada Ni Aaa Siuk Ni.. U Know Things Like That..
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Saturday 29/12/2012

Gym Session Was A Blast.. Did Chest With The Gym Buddies And That Was A Blast.. Most Of The Game We Used Dumbbells So We Concentrate More On Locking Our Form.. Maybe Next Time We Could Start Using Straight Bar.. Manual Lift Baby.. And I'm Sure Its Tougher Then Using The Machine.. Also Managed To Torture The Biceps Last Night And Damn Now Its Bloody Sore.. The Chest Isn't But Not Surprised Tho.. Awal Dah Ku Makan Amino Pills.. But Hey Let See How It Feels Like During Noon Time! That Is Usually The Time Where My Body Gives Me Hell Hehe..
I'm On My Last Scoop Of Protein.. Thinking Of Getting A New Bottle Today.. Kali Eski Tah Tadi Pagi Ni Kan Mencek Bonus Kluar Kah Nda Sudah.. Kapih Hantap Bah Udah.. Kali Tau Tau Haiya Alum Masuk.. That Sucks! Thought Gaji Hari Keluar Ari Ani.. But As Usual Alum Ada.. Isk Isk Isk Stress Alai Eh.. It Is One Of Those Moment Well To Be Honest Many Many Many Moment It Sucks To Be In A Daily Paid Job.. With The New Year And Start Of School.. Maklumlah Parents Dah Pencen And Most Of Their Money Have Been Spent On My Lil Sis School Preparation.. Now Groceries For This Month Is 100% On Me.. Bukan Berkira But What Can You Do.. Tanggung Jawab Lerr.. Sometime Berpikir Ku.. Mun Ku Kawin Kang Cana Kah Usulnya Ni.. Iatah Kadang2 Takut Membarinya Kan Settle Down Ani.. Ah Well I Won't Gloat More Into That.. Life Is Life.. Ups & Down Is A Must.. Its In The Script.. If Ur Only Hoping For Only Good In Life Then Ur Praying For Fantasies Not Reality.. In Short You Wouldn't Have Any Character At All..
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just A Short Update On Here And There

 Last Sunday.. Can't Be Bothered To Go For A Run Or Anything.. So When With The Family For A Short Walk At The Beach.. Was A Short Walk Indeed.. It Was Very Windy That Day And Mum Can't Stand It.. And I Think U Can See Quite Clearly Water Spray.. And The Taste Of Salty Air Really Not Good For The Nose.. But How I Wish I Brought Extra Clothes.. Would Love To Bring My Lil Sis For A Quick Swim.. Walaupun Berombak Haa Haa
This Was Last Night.. Went For A Late Gym Session Hitting My Back.. Lagi Pun Nda Ku Puas Ari Atu Nda Ku Berapa Berpaluh.. Nah Cua Last Night.. Really Hit It Hard.. Although Its Not As Heavy As What We Did Before But The Weight Was Almost Similar.. Awal Atu Nda Plang Ku Berani Yang Banarnya.. Kali Antah Kan Cuba Test Power Alhamdulillah Ada Jua Kemajuan.. And Thankful Jua C Adi.. Penjaga Gym Sana Mendgni Hahaha Apanya.. Lagiiii Ayam Tu.. Lagii Ringan Tu Nyaman Tu Hahaha Rasa Jua Udah Tu.. So Tonight I Might Pop In The Gym As Well In Sha Allah.. Since The Family Went To Bandar.. Plus Friday Would Be Another Hardcore Session.. Damn! Pick The Wrong Day For That! Keraja Lagi Keesokan Harinya 
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Me Trying To Help Explain It

So The Hot Things Right Now Is About Greeting Christians With Merry Christmas And Then There Is This Msg Circling Around Twitter, Facebook As Well As Whatsapp.. From First Read Sudah I Realized There Is Something Wrong With This Message Because At The Very End There It Clearly Stated "Barangsiapa Yang Meniru, Mengucapkan Selamat Kepada Agama Lain Bererti Dia Telah Kafir & Neraka Jahanamlah Tempatnya!" Nauzubillah Ya Allah For Me Karas Bah Tu Bahasa Atu.. Sesuka Hati Mengatakan Seseorang Atu Sudah Kafir Kerana Mengucapkan Selamat.. Ya Allah.. Just Imagine Hajat Dihati Kan Ingat Mengingati Sesama Insan.. Akan Tetapi Apabila Ya Salah.. Ya Boleh Menjadi Fitnah.. Kambang Buluku Memikirkannya..

So Here I Am Thinking.. Jikalau Tah Salah Banar2 I Surf The Internet Click A Few Sites Just To Have A Few Information Tentang Sesahihannya..
  • Found A Few Website Stating That Ianya Hanyalah Sesuatu Yang Diharamkan Atas Persepakatan Para Ulama.. Jadinya Ya Difatwakan Menjadi Sesuatu Yang Diharamkan.. But I'm Sorry Ive Lost The Websites That Explain Everything.. But Still I'm Not Satisfied Kerana To Think About It.. Kenapa Brunei 25th Disember Atu Its A Public Holiday Bah.. I Know That Argument Is Kecil.
  •  Found A Few More Websites Stating That Tiada Nas Yang Jelas Daripada al-Quran Dan Hadis Yang Mengharamkan Org Islam Dari Mengucapkan Tahniah Dan Menghadiri Perayaan Bukan Islam. Dan Ianya Adalah Diharuskan. For A Better Read Here Are The Link Blog-1, Blog-2 & Blog-3.
I Can Understand Jua With The First Argument.. Kenapa Ia Menjadi Sesuatu Diharamkan.. Kerana ia Boleh Membuatkan Akidah Kitani Tersasar.. Because Perayaan Dalam Islam Yang Diberikan Oleh Allah Hanya Satu Iaitu Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri Menyambut Kemenangan Org Islam Setelah Sebulan Berpuasa Di Bulan Ramadhan.. Di Takuti Bila Kitani Greet And Berziarah U Knowlah Ada Tia Mereka Yang Ingin Or Try To Twist It.. As An Example They Might Said Eh Dalam Islam Kamu Hanya Boleh Meraikan Hari Raya Saja.. Jadinya Adakah Kamu Mengucapkan Tahniah Kepada Kami Bermakna Yang Kamu Juga Percaya Yang Perayaan Kami Ani Datangnya Dari Tuhan.. So That Is One Example Saja Nauzubillah..

Kesimpulannya Apapun Kitani Buat Seperti Greeting Our Friends, Neighbours In Fact Family Members Biarlah Ia Bermaksud Dengan Sepenuh Keikhlasan Hati. Dan Apapun Yang Tani Buat Janganlah Biarkan Ianya Keluar Ataupun Terpesong Dari Akidah Islam.. That Is More Important.. Dan Sambil2 Atu Jua Bila Tani Greet Dalam Hati Tani Selitkan Doa Untuk Mereka Mendpt Rahmat Dari Allah.. Kerana Kitani Mesti Ingat Nafas Yang Tani Hembus.. Kehidupan Yang Tani Jalani Hari Ke Hari Ani Adalah Pemberian Rahmat Darinya.. Dan Jangan Tani Lupa Tani Doakan Jua Supaya Durg Ani Satu Hari Diberi Hidayah Dari Allah Untuk Menjadi Seorang Muslim.. Amin

Perhatikan firman Allah (bermaksud); “Allah tidak melarang kamu daripada berbuat baik dan berlaku adil kepada orang-orang (kafir) yang tidak memerangi kamu kerana agama (kamu), dan tidak mengusir kamu dari kampung halaman kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi orang-orang yang berlaku adil. Sesungguhnya Allah hanyalah melarang kamu daripada menjadikan teman rapat orang-orang yang memerangi kamu kerana agama (kamu), dan mengusir kamu dari kampung halaman kamu, serta membantu (orang lain) untuk mengusir kamu. dan (ingatlah), sesiapa yang menjadikan mereka teman rapat, maka mereka itulah orang-orang yang zalim.”
- (al-Mumtahanah, ayat 8-9)

I Hope This Help A Bit To Clear It Out.. Dan Jikalau Ada Yang Salah Tolong Luruskan Kerana Yang Salah Atu Sememangnya Datang Dari Aku.. Dan Yang Benar Itu Datangnya Dari Allah.. Wallahualam!
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So What Is There To Blog About

No Photos To Share For This Post Guys Sorry.. Its Been A Slow And Quiet Weekend.. But I'm Sure Will Find Something To Entertain You Guys A Bit Alright. You Know What I Just Realize I Picked A Nice Day To Return To Work From My Leave.. Right Here It Goes.. Returned On Thursday.. Then Friday Off, Saturday Work, Sunday Off, Today's Monday Work Then Just Realized Its Christmas Tomorrow So Another Day Off And It Fall On A Tuesday So Waheiiiiiiii.. Great Stuff!
Been So Lazy These Few Days.. I Need To Haul Ass Tomorrow.. Need To Be Active.. Been In Idle State For Over A Week Now And Its Not Good.. My Sleeping Pattern Also Been Screwed! Having The Knack To Take A Nap At 7pm Only To Wakes Up At 11 Ish.. And Then I Stayed Awake Til 4 Am ... So Its Not Good.. Need To Fight That.. Its Not Healthy.. In Fact When I Hit The Gym Last Night (Didn't Manage To Finish It Yesterday Because Of My Headache).. I Wasn't Really Performing.. Well In A Sense That I Wasn't Really Sweating.. The Power Was Good.. But Somehow My Sweat Glands Wasn't Having Its Usual Day.. As If My Body Was Saving Energy.. Most Probably Because That Lack Of Sleep Or Maybe Something Else.. In Short Mood Nada Tapi Berpaksa.. I Can't Explain It More.. 
Okay It Never Fail To Amaze Me That People Think That I Hold A Big Position In My Work.. Okay Fine I Always Mention About Going To An Inspection, Reports And Such.. Anything That Makes They Think That My Pay Is Good.. It Always Struck Me Funny.. And I Know Things I Did Is For Someone With A Bigger Pay.. Right? To Say That I Don't Love My Job Is An Under-Statement.. With The Responsibilities And Freedom I Have In Dealing With My Works.. Its Good.. But That Is All To It.. There Is The Bigger Factor That Currently My Current Job Will Not Get Me Anywhere.. And I'm Still Thinking Of Trying My Luck Somewhere Else.. 
So It Was December Its Christmas And Then Bonus.. Kinda Semi-Looking For It To It.. Not Planning To Go For Big Big Purchase On New Phones And Such But Just Gonna Re-stock My Protein Shake And Fat Burners.. Well That's About It Really.. I Cant Really Wait For The Year To End.. It Has Been A Difficult Year.. I Just Wanted The Clock To Turn To 12:00 1-1-2013.. Reset Everything.. New Resolution.. New Focus.. And I Pray That Next Year Will Be Much Much Productive Than This.. In Sha Allah..
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

When I Did It

 Antah Berapa Kali Ku Baca Bismillah Dalam Hatiku.. I Even Bersalawat Before This.. Pretty Nerve Wrecking..
 Up N Away
 Honestly Kalau Nada Strap Atu I Dun Think I Can Hold It.. And Yes Wearing The Belt.. Because This Weight.. Twice My Body Weight Will Murder Ur Back!
And To Be Honest Time Menaikkan Nda Plang Seksa Pasal Kana Support.. Tu Nah Time Turun.. Doing The Negative That Is Where It Hurt The Most.. Coz U Have To Control It.. And To Do This 12 Times.. Can Fucking Believe I Did It.. Hehe
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When We Did Our Re-union At The Gym Haa Haa

 Kana Seksa Bah Hahaha..
 I Was Lost Count For This Back Then Because I Was Bloody Tired.. So Lets Count 5 15s That Was About 75 Plus A Ten Total Weight A Side 85 So Two Sides That Was About 170 Kg.. Ouch!
 Of Coz It Was Supported No Kidding Only Fools Will Deny That Hehe..
 Then We Did Our Row.. Walau Barat Ketawa-ketawa Atu Is A Must
 Single Arm Row.. Yihaaa.. Usually Starting Weight 15kg.. Cua Start 24..
 Did A Few Shoulders After That Then This Shrugged.. 200kg Our New Everest
 Bleh Tahan Udah Tu Tangan Tuan Aweng Ah Woohoo.. Hardwork Pays!
Coach Indon Turun Ahahahaha Our X Classmate.. So Its Our Re-union Lah.. Okay Here Is The Break Down.. We Know Each Other Since Form 4 And Since Wen's Brother Is In The Same Class With Us.. So We Get To Know Each Other From There Hence Mun Ada C Dani And Haz Ngam Tah Tu 6 Org Yang Selalu Lepak Di Umah C Wen.. Menungap D Sugarbun.. Then Main Bola Hahaha Damn That Was Good Time
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

That Was Short

 First Day Back In The Office After My 6 Days Leave.. Termasuk Jumaat Minggu Lah Tu.. Wow.. Atu Sekajap Rasanya.. Plus Nda Lagi Kemana-mana.. Planning Ari Atu Kan K KK But Something Came Up.. Terpaksa Tah Cancel Which Is Frustrating And So Disappointing.. So Basically What I Did All Day Long Is Tido Makan Tido Makan.. Hahaha Gym Pun Sekali Nganya In Those 6 Days.. I Just Went To Idle Mood.. No Nothing Just Pure Laziness.. Bukan Selalu Diri Cematu..
Talking About Gym.. As I Said I Only Went To Gym Once During The Holiday Week.. And I Did Shoulder Workout With The Gym Buddy.. So What You See Above Is Out Shrug Session.. That Is 70kg In Weights Aside.. So Both Sides That Gives You A Good 140kg.. Plus The Weight Of The Bar Which Is 20kg So In Total We Were Lifting 160kg.. And My Goodness That Was Heavy.. I Posted This On My Instagram And I Tagged It As My Fucking Everest Because I Didnt Manage To Lift It And I Was Losing The Grip On The Bar.. The Buddies Hit It Perfectly So I Went For A Second Try.. And Bang 6 Reps.. Puas Ati Ku.. Walaupun The Buddies Manage To Hit 15 Reps.. Nda Apalah At Least Ada..
So Today Thursday.. Back Session.. Later At 7:30pm.. Kinda Nervous Jua Pasalnya Kawan Kami Dari Indon Joining Us Today.. "Musclemania Superbody Winner Kalee Aaa" As He Claimed Hahahaha.. Memang Kana Siksa Ni Kang.. P Nda Apalah.. For Tips Biar Tia Ku Seksa Later Asal It Helps Me To Get A Step Loser To My Target.
Okay Biasalah Ujung Bulan 12 Bonus Mari Bonus Mari.. Its Time To Re-stock The Protein.. So Here I Am Still Stuck Thinking About Which Protein Shake Is To Invest On Right Now.. Okay I've Used Both And Off Sudah.. So Here I Am Still Not Well Educated On What To Choose.. My Friend Advise Me To Try ON Gold Standard (Right Bit) Or BSN Syntha-6.. Which One Is Better To Gain Lean Muscle.. Arghhhhhhhhhh Liat Tah Saja Nanti Which One To Buy.. See I Can't Even Make Up My Mind Yet!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Must Watch!

YouTube Doing Their On Kind Of 2012 Review And Trust Me Check It Out! Some U Have Seen Others Well U Would Say.. How On Earth I Do Miss That? Ermm Yeah Because We Have A Life Outside The House Hehehe.. Anyhoot Enjoy Yerr Kekawan! =)
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Sunday Dec 16th

Sambil-sambil Nunggu C Watits Datang Sampat Lah Aku Memvain Dengan C Syafiq
The Bride.. Total Makeover From The Buja I Know Hehe
Even Ada Penari Bah Menghiburkan Tetamu.. Keren Gitu
Otw Keluar Dewan Teeheehee
Punggung Sapa Paling Mantap? Hahahaha
Pose Antah Nda Ku Tau.. Woohooo Basa Tangan Ku Atu.. And Damn I Hate Using Cara Melayu Right Now.. Bulging Bah Paot Oleh Sinjang Ah
A Proper Pose..! Rugged C Wadi Atu
Riding With Syafiq Kemana? Haha
Craving Satisfied.. Been Months Since I've Tasted This.. Plus Redeem Kad Pink Yang Panuh.. Free Drink From Cb Lerr
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That Saturday.. I Think

 Since I'm On My Leave.. Morning Session At The Gym Last Saturday.. Since I've Missed The Friday Session With The Gang.. Pasal Apa Tu.. Pasal Ngambil Buah Lerrr.. Its Been Awhile Since I Had A Morning Session Doing It On An Empty Stomach.. And That Was A Bad Idea.. No Power And I Was Drained! Bad Idea.. Must Not Do It Again.. And If I Have To Do It.. I'd Do It With Just Light Lift.. Anyway.. Went To Bandar Later In The Afternoon.. Met A Friend.. An Old Friend.. Well Rakan Sebilik Di Brunei Hall.. Funny.. Didnt Even Met Even Once Di Canterbury But Udah Di London Sebilik Tah Ia Hahaha.. Anyway He First Comment Was Eh Napa Tia Badan Ani.. Hahaha I Said Loading Ku Bro Kan Main Basi.. And Then He Told Me Eh Lain Loading Mu Ani.. Apa Ko Makan.. I Said Biasa Saja.. Hahaha Obvious Bah Jangan Bohong Hahaha Then Finally I Told Him I Took Testosterone Hormone Pills For A Month.. Yang Calinya Supposed To Be This Pill Help To Cut A Fat But Somehow It Works Differently With Me.. Iatah Melebar Olehnya.. Hence Now I'm Cutting Down On Food Intake And Whatever It Is That Makes Me Gain More Weights.. So In Sha Allah.. I Manage This Session.. 4 Months Should Do It? Biar Badan Cam Cerita Arrows Atu Jua.. Ahh Angan2
Bimbo Moment Last Saturday.. Antah Cemana Boleh Masuk Dalam Longkang.. Didnt Even Bother To Ask How And Why.. All My Concern Is Lungkang Atu Pacah Or Nda.. Alhamdulillah Nda.. Phew!
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

And My Friday

 On Our To Labi.. In The Horizon Bukit Teraja.. And That Remind Me Of Wasainya.. Over 2 Years Ago.. The Gang & I Went For A Hike.. That Was Fun.. And So Does Today.. The Drive To Labi Was Fun Too Bad Part Of The Road Wasn't.. The Bends Was Beautiful Only My Parents Kept On Reminding Me To Slow Down.. Hehehe
 Arrived At Aunt's Place.. Catching Up Session Pun Dimulai Sebelum Kana Seksa Oleh Nyamuk And Samut Hahaha
Tuuuuuuuuu Cucur Apa Tu Nah.. Musim Buah Jua Banar.. Kan Semua Bah Durian Saja.. And For Someone Who Totally Dislike This Fruit.. Urghhhhhhhhh Rugi! Nya Durg.. Duh Mana Ada Rugi
Operasi Menyelamatkan Rambutan Pun Bermula Hahaha.. Talking About Having Rambutan Straight From The Tree..
Riuh My Dad.. Mana Nda.. Balik2 Memakan Haha.. Nyaman Kali Ah.. Cua Liat Tu Merah Merah Ah.. Ato Nyaman!
Panuh Seguni.. Manalagi Kereta Surung Atu Lagi Panuh Dengan Pohon-pohonnya.. Yg Tukang Angkatnya.. Siapa? Pandai Jua Kamu Guess Tu Eh
Should I Say More?
Mata Meow.. Ubat Sakit Leher!
The Main Reason Why We're Here.. Tu Yang Setumpuk $10 Ah..
Durian Kulu!
Lupa Ku Nama Buah Ani.. Isinya Macam Rambutan.. Pulasan? I Think
Panuh Satu Bunet.. Thank God Nda Makai Sonya! Baunya Semerbak.. Imagine Sajalah Paning Ku Cana.. Isk Isk Isk
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Friday, December 14, 2012

From Tues To Thurs Update

 Been Awhile But The Very Least I Went For A Proper Run At Track 8.. Gotta Admit It Was Not Far But Hey Hey Its Beats Walking Anytime Right.. So I Know Now Di Mana Singgan2 Nyawaku.. So Next Target To Go A Bit Further Or At Least At Par Lah Tu..
 And The Best Thing About Running At Track 8 Is.. There You Go Above Picture.. Epic Sungguh Ciptaan Yang Maha Esa
 Syndrome Memanat Bila Working Out Sorg Diri.. The Other Gym Buddies Can't Make It So I Went For A Late Session Last Wednesday.. Hehehe Yth Yg Dapatnya Ni Bila Kan Mengambar Belakang Sendiri
 Strap On.. Belt Tighten.. Hehehe Kan Cuba Power Doing Deadlifts Menggunakan Manual Bar.. Alhamdulillah Power Ada Naik.. And It Does Gives A Better Feel When Ur Wearing Belt.. Bukannya Apa.. Bila Doing Back Exercises Lebih Bagus Gunakan Belt.. Nda Nyaman Nyenta Bilanya Sakit Belakang Atu Nyenta.. Kaki Pun Ikut Kanyat2 Olehnya
 Went To Our Head Office Been A Long Long Time Since I Hangout With These Guys.. Ya Allah I Cannot Tell How Much I Misses Them.. Had A Good Laugh Bullying And Being Bullied By Them.. All Those Banter.. I Was Truly Truly Happy Yesterday
 Craving Satisfied! Lamee's Dumplings.. Yth Makanan Ku Ketika Ku Diet-Err Ni Hehe.. All Steam Stuff Whats Not To Like!
I Usually Ordered Two Sets Of Dumpling.. One Fried And The Other One With Soup.. Nyummmmm Strangely Enough This Really Fill Me Up Nicely.. Owh And I Saw Someone Yesterday Sampainya Kawanku.. Ehh Kelu Lidah Kejumpaan Cinta Lama Hahahaha..
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My November In Perception

So Here Is The Highlight Of My November 2012

  • BBQ & Karaoke Night With The Gang.. Yihaaa Finally After Some 3 Months Of Planning, Cancellation And Such Barutah Sampai.. Atupun I Wish Ramai Yang Dapat Join.. But Next I'm Planning Sesi Lepak With The Gang.. Maybe In January.. Pasal Kalau Ku Pikirkan This Month Maybe Ada Yang Cuti Or Belayar..
  • Aku Ke Miri.. I Know Sekadar! But Seriously Batah Bebenor Aku Nda Ke Sana.. So It Earn The Highlight Spot Of The Month Hahaha.
  • Jassie Finally Gone..! Yup My First Ride Finally Ada Pembelinya.. Dah Tukar Nama.. So No Chance Kan Ambil Balik Isk Isk Isk.. Terasa Jua Sedihnya.. And I'm Not Kidding.
  • And Aku Masih Bergaji Hari.. Antah Malas Ku Kan Ckp Banyak.. Jauh Hati Ku Udah.. Alum Tah Ada Rezeki.. Tampat Lain Apply Pun Kana Gtau Kelayakkan Nda Cukup.. Ermm Seriously..? Malas Ku Kan Ckp Lah Jua.. Kerana Mengeluh Itu Terlalu Memenatkan.
Anyway Take Care! 
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Did This Yesterday

Did This Yesterday As My Warm Up Session Before Chest Workout And My God Even Though It Looks Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy But When Ur Actually Doing It.. Hahaha Heavy Breathing All The Way! Hence Why My Knees Is A Bit Sore Right Now.. Saya Sooka Birabis Sir! And This Is The First Part.. And There Is 3 Parts To It.. So Once My Fitness Level Progress.. I Will Include The 2nd & 3rd Part As My Warm Up Regime!
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When We Did Our Chest Workout

 We Start Out Light Last Night With A 20 Kg Normal Bench Press.. But With High Repetition From 15 - 20 Reps.. With Little To No Support At All.. As I Said It Kasi Sengal Itu Dada..
 Then Continuing The Same Reps And Weight With The Hammer Strength Machine.. Little To No Support Kasi Sengal Itu Dada
 Normal Incline Dumbbell Press.. Starting Out Light With 12 Kg.. 15 Reps
 Seated Press With Lil Bit Of Incline.. And Yes Yesterday The Plan Is To Hit The Upper Chest As Hard As We Could
 Bench Butterflies With Slight Incline.. This One We Go Mental From 20 To 40 Reps.. Ouch
 Just To Mix It A Bit.. Trying To Tire Down The Chest Must Low Cable Cross.. High Reps With 4 Sets
And To Finish It Up We Did Bent Arm Dumbbell Pullover.. With The Heaviest Weight We Could Carry And The Highest Repetition We Could Carry.. Kasi Mati Itu Chest Hahaha
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