Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday The 29th Of April

4:20pm The Exact Moment I Started To Write This Post. With The Weather Like This. I Wish I Could Lie Down And Nap. Haven't Had Enough Sleep If I'm Being Honest. Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To Catch The Second Half Of Liverpool Live Match. Then I Went To Bed Straight Afterwards.

I Need To Pay My PCSB Bills Later. I Need To Pick My Work Clothes As Well And I Can't Be Lazy As Well. Need To Settle It By Today. Nda Plang Ada Kana Huyung Or Anything But I Have To Be Honest Here. I've Been Lazy This Few Days. Malas Kan Gtau Kenapa. Cukuptah Being Lazy Owh And Not Bothered.

The Usual Morning Self. Apples For Breakfast. I Ran Out Of Apples Need To Re-stock Them. Still Am Suffering Of Cough So That Bit Sucks. The Weather Though Was Super Lovely.

It Rained Last Night I Assume Since Jeraya Ada Bertakung Air. And This Is Me Wishing It Would Rain Again This Morning. Prayer Being Answered. Owh It Really Rain!

First Order Of The Day. Hot Nescafe And Checking The Email. The Internet Was A Bit Laggish Today. I Meant The Government Webmail. 

When I Said It Really Rain Earlier Today. It Sure Does. Alhamdulillah. I'm Glad It Finally Rain. Not Just For Me Or Everyone In Brunei Lah Tu Ah. But More Importantly For Our Fire Fighters. Its Been A Torrid Few Months For Them. I Just Hope It Continues To Rain In The Next Few Days. Biar All Those Burnt Pit Soils Pajah. They Need Their Break Man.

Hujan Nda Hujan. Bila Nya Ada Kan Di Inspect Tetap Keluar. Honestly I'm Beginning To Reap What We Sowed Haha. Berasin Ku Udah. Dimit!

Went To YC Workshop Just To Confirm About That Rattling Sound In My Car. At My First Instinct This Could Be A Mounting Problem. The Mechanic Confirm It. Hmmmm Baik Satu Datang Satu. Dugaan Dugaan.

So Stress Stress Apalagi. Makan Sama Babah.!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"My Next Post Will Be In May.. Taraaa~"

Thursday The 28th Of April

And Then Cometh Thursday. Just One More Day Before The Weekend. And As Usual Thursday Is Always The Longest Day Of The Week. And This Week Not Exception. One Of The Bosses Turun Melawat This Week. Plus Another On Site Meeting With The Contractor So It Kinda Tiring.

Tadaaa Its Sorted Sudah. Im $250 Poorer Because Of It. Mahal? Ya Lah But Then Again Darinya Garit Menggarit Might As Well I Fixed It Hati Ku Nda Sakit.

At The Same Time I Freshen Up The Look A Lil Bit But Giving The Front Grill A Bit Of Touch Up Painting. I Love It Now My Car Mcm Usul Gigi Tonggos! Hahahaha. So Next Kan Usai Air Con Nya Lagi. Nganya Ialah Mudahan Jua Murah Nanti Kalau Dicuba Di Miri. Atu Satu Hal. Hal Kedua Ada Lagi Masalah Baru I Need To Replace Its Engine Mounts. Wahhhhhh.

So Darinya Ku Sibuk Mikirkan Sal Kereta. Malas Ku Menyeksa Utak Ku Dengan Pelbagai Perkara. Al Maklumlah Dalam Utak Ani Udah Luan Banyak Benda-benda Yang Perlu Diselesaikan. Uban Pun Makin Handsome Ku Liat Banyaknya. So Dari Ku Stress And Mengeluh. Baik Bawa Menungap. Aku Kelaparan Udah Mo Sal Alum Makan. Mulai Paning Ku Udah.

KawanKu Bertanya Eh Kau Di Bandar Kah Masa Ani. I Said Inda. Ehhh Bukan Kau Kan Tu. Banar Kah Nda Jua Ni. Kali Aku Send Lah Selpi Ani. Hmm Percaya???

Since Its A Thursday. And This Time Edar Di Lambak Lagi. So Lambak We Go. And As Usual Stuck In The Traffic. Honestly Its Sucks. Its Irritating. I'm Tired. I Needed A Sleep. So I Told My Dad. Bah. Babah Drive Aa. So Kawasan Telamba Kami Switch Seats. And I Get Myself A Short Nap. A Very Short One.

And The Usual Continues Hehehehe Nda Ramai This Week Kesian.

Sangat Anti Social ini Orang. Chu Chu Tv Tah Saja. Sekalinya Manja. Manjaaaaa. Sekalinya Pemilih. Pemilihhhhhh.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"And That Was Thursday"

Wednesday The 27th Of April

Wow It Rain! Walaupun Nda Labat But Alhamdulillah Its Been Too Long Hehehe. 

I Couldn't Wait Til Thursday So That Morning I Sent It To The workshop.

Dah Lama I Tak Ambik Gambar Yang Macam Ni Kan Kan Kan Kan.

That Damn Photo Yang Buat aku Stress Trying To Find Out What It Is. Panya Yth Udah Tu hahaha. And Then Bila Udah Tani Find Out What It Was I'm Having a Hard Time Trying To Unseen It Heheheh Udah Atu!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Batuk Ku Plang Nah"

Tuesday The 26th Of April

Pretty Much Sums Up My Tuesday. Atu Kan Happy Berabis Sal Terima. Well Sapa Jua Nda Happy Bilanya Kaching Ching Maching Masuk Right?

Then This Happen. I Was Busy Looking At Our Jiran. Well Bukan Kan Ngurat Pasal Kedia Menunu And Basar Apinya. Then I Noticed Baju Masih Ada Arah Jemuran.

Texted My Sister To Pick It Up. Takut Berbau Sekali Ampai Telipun Saw A Cat Then Try To Save From Running Over It And Boom Hits The Stable. Ish!

Stop The Car and Looked My The Side. I Thought Pls Pls Just Underneath Saja Kana. Sekali Udah Diperatikan Banar Banar Ayooo Yoooo Amaaa Teruknya Walaupun The Photo Didn't Show But Actually The Front Bit Ada Kuyak. So I Thought Haiya Kan Save Tah Ni This Month. What To Do Jua. Udah Namanya Dugaan. Ikhlaskan Tah Saja.

Went To The Workshop Soon After Booked For Thursday.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Duit Duit Duit"

Monday The 25th Of April

Lets Do A Bit Of Monday. I Really Thought The Weekend Moved Fast Last Week. I Had The Necessary Rest That My Body Need. Sadly Though I Suffered From A Bit Of Cough. Freaking Annoying! Aku Pun Hairan Cana Bleh Ku Batuk Ani. Totally Ruined The Chances Of Me Running This Week. Ish!

Well Another Monday Another Work Day. Another Site Visit. Yay!

Been Awhile Since I Went Here. Actually Its Been Too Long. Not Really My Cup Of Coffee Sini Ani. The Food Tasted Nice I Will Grant You That But There Are Other Places That Can Give It A Run For Their Money.

That Long Wait Wooohoooo! Game Of Thrones Season 6 Is Now Here!

And That How Easy My Monday Was.. Well..

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Monday Has Come And Go!"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sunday The 24th Of April

Lets Do A Sunday Before Our Guys From ISM Bandar Dropped By For A Site Visit. Apologies Dear Readers I Do Take My Sweet Lovely Time Trying To Add More Post Kan Kan. Hehehe 

Show Off Jam Baru Hahahaha In Love Lah Aku. Well Since Its A Sunday Time To Spend WIth The Fiancee. Yahoo!

Sampai Sampai Saja Di Umah My Tunang. Mana Beg aaa. Heh! Hahahahaha

When My Friends Di Group Chat Bertanya. Ke Bandar Kau Wadi. This Is My Answer

Muka Banyak Senyum. Kenapa Yerrr.? Hahahahaha

Ordered This. Always Love Bruchetta. You Can Never Go Wrong With Bruchetta.

Menghayati Makan Bruchetta. Haa Haa Haa. Nah Tais Liur Ku Tah Polang Eh.

One Of The Reason Wh My Fiancee Was So Happy. Niii She Gets To Eat Her Faves Dish.

Hahahaha Munjung Mulutnya Hahahahaha Ladies & Gentleman Kenali My Fiancee.

Wanted To Have Fish And Chip But Di Swensen Nada. So I Just Ordered This. Happy Lah Aku.

Our Desert Eh Salah Dessert Haa Haa Haa. Cucur Pisang Fancy Ni Namanya.

Then Bila Kana Tanya Lagi. Dating Kamu Wadi. So This Was Our Reply Haa Haa Haa.

Menyupping Sekajap Dua Di Lybun Boutique. Pilih Saja Syg Aaa Pilih Huuhuu.

Konon Kan Mencuba Tambus Kah Nda Masuk Jerudong Cua Sasat Last Last Keluar Balik Ke Klinik Sengkurong. What A Waste!

Aku Hairan Mo Why Does Every Mamak Restaurant Di Brunei Ani Ayam Goreng Nya Cani. Who Really Came Up With This Recipe? And How Come Almost Every Mamak Restaurant Ayamnya Cani? No Variation Whatsoever.

Til That Bombshell Was Answered.....

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Rempah Kunyit? Kalau Kan Masala. Nada Rasa Masala"