Monday, September 30, 2013

Alai Yati's Wedding Snappy

The Three Of Us Bergambar.. Kesian Jua C Titin Atu.. Lalang Jua Ke Sana Ke Mari Hahaha Bakal Ibu Lah Katakan..
Guess Whose Parent We Shared The Table With.. And Mamanya Samsing Mana Ya Mau Duduk Arah Bini-Bini Hahahaha.. So I Said Ku Gambar Kan Masukkan Arah IG Biar C Bibi Riuh.. Kali...
The Father Was So Sporting Ehh Mengapa Pulang.. Ramai2 Tani Mengambar Biar Ya Riuh.. Anu Bising G Suaranya! Hahahaha That Was The Exact Word Coming From Her Mom! Hahahaha Owh And Also The Father Said.. Patutnya Ada Freestyle Tadi.. Hahahaha I Kid U Not.. Icy Ur Parents Sporting!
And When The Bride & Groom Passes Us By.. I Told Her Bah Alai.. Nampak Ni Ahhh Datang Udah Ni Aaaaa Hahahahaha 
And Of Coz With Titin Around.. Gambar Gilak-gilak Mesti Ada.. Plus Aku Screenshot Saja From Her IG Page.. Look At Boobs' Pose.. My Dear God!
So This Will Be My Last Post For This Month.. See You Next Month And As Usual Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Random Snappy

I Miss This Place Been A Long Time Since I Visited It.. Damn Those Roti Kawin Feels Like Waving At Me Hahahaha Labih! Some Say Its Kb Version Of Chop Jing Chew But I Disagree.. Jing Chew Is Jing Chew And Universal Cafe Is Universal Cafe.. One Thing It Has In Common Is That Both Have A Long History!
And Talking About Jing Chew Went There Yesterday.. A Bit Late Was Gunning For Kacang Kawin Actually But Like I Said I Was A Bit Late And Since Its A Sunday And Org Baru Terima.. Well You Guys Will Know What Is The Outcome Right
And A Jing Chew Trip Is Not Complete Without Having This.. Well Like I Said I Wanted A Roti Kacang Kawin But Abis So Makan Ani Tah Saja..
Leg Day 160 Kg On The Squat Machine.. Small Number But A Big Improvement For Me.. Next Leg Session Kan Ku Naikkan 20 Kg Saja.. To 180 Kg.. I Also Began To Corporate Lunges And Dumbbell Squat To My Leg Session.. Man That Was One Intense Session And I Still Feeling It..
Yatah Yang Paling Ku Berani Menakan C Sonya.. Kan Mau Plg Lagi Tu Menyacah 200 Nganya Malas Ku Biar Ca At Least Ku Tau Ya Mampu Haha
Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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During Alai Amjad's Birthday Celebration

 Trying To Get A Photo Of The Birthday Boy And He Decided To Be A Minion
 And When He Wishes To Post Properly For Tua Uhuk Uhuk Uncle Wadi.. And It Is Out Of Focus!
 Alai Amjad Alai Amjad
Ahhh I Give Up Haha!
Til My Next Post. Take Care Everyone! 
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That Night At House No.3

Thanks Jirul For The Hospitality.. Had A Good Chat.. Batah Bah Aku Nda Jumpa Anak Ani.. And Finally Got To See Ayra Sofea.. And As I Expected Saw Me.. Toleh.. Patah Balik And Nangis.. Udah Tah Gamuk Gundul Lagi Aku Ani Hahahahaha.
Til My Next Post. Take Care Everyone!
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Yups We Are Still In September

Hahahaha Y'all Must Be Thinking That I Can't Wait For September To End.. Damn Green Day For Making A Song That Everyone Want This Month To End Quickly Hahaha.. Honestly Its Not Been A Plain Sailing Month But Then Again If We All Have A Quick Look Through Every Month.. When Does Life Can Go So Smooth There Isn't Any Bump Or Hiccup Along The Way.. There Is Always The Ups And Down Moment.. The Scary Part Is That For A Muslim When There Is No Test In Your Life.. Kan Nya Org Tua.. Bila Ada Cabaran Dan Dugaan Ertinya Allah Sayang Kan Kitani.. And When The Challenges Stop That Is When You Have To Worry! Anyway In Sha Allah This Won't Be My Only Post For Today.. Will Try To Fit In A Few Post As The Day Progress So Stay Tune..
Til My Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Congrats ALai And Ayul

Congrats Alai And Faie.. I See You Guys Next Sunday.. In Sha Allah

Owh And They Official Got Married Last Friday Alhamdulillah.. Photo Courtesy Of The Newly Wed.

Also To Ayul Who Officially Become A Husband This Morning.. Wahh Everyone Is Getting Married.. Teeheehee.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
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Just About Last Night

Huh Pedah Banar.. Siangnya Buka Malam Minggu Tutup.. I Am Rightly Annoyed With Daan Cafe Now!

So We Just Had To Make Do.. Farmbasket It Is Then.. Had A Good Chat With Jimah.. And Found Out A Good News That She Is Been Hiding Hahaha Too Bad Zeebob Can't Stay Long.
And Last Stop.. Jumpa Peter Heanz Argh! Liverpool Kalah And That Was One Piss Poor Game! And Kirin's Facial Expression Explain It All Hahaha Kidding!

And Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone
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Talking About A Super Super Late Snappy Post

The Bad Thing About Working On Branch Office Is That You Tend To Miss On This Raya/Open Office Event. But Luckily Enough Aku Langkah Kanan.. And I Wasn't Really Interested In Other Food Apart From This.. Yum!

I Think This Is The Time I Popped Up At The Head Office When Everyone Was Busy With Ministry Raya Preparation.. 
And Then There It Was Another Raya Celebration.. Man I Do Travel Up Town A Lot This Month Isn't It. And They Keep On Nagging Why Why Why Don't You Eat? I'll Show You Guys Why..
This Is Why.. Its Been Too Long Since I Had This.. Been Craving But I Know I Can Lots Of This.. But Hey! Nyaman Kali Aaaaa.
And The Finishing Result What Do You Expect.. With Wadi And The Food He Love.. There Is One Result To It.. LICIN!
More Raya Open Office Yang Aku Langkah Kanan Like I Said.. I Travel Up Town A Lot This Month.. And This Was At P.I Dept.. And If P.I Held An Open Office.. Food Will Be Great.. I Guarantee You That.

Ka Bibi And Wina.. X X Gf Ku Hahahahahaha.. Nadawah I'm Just Playing Around.. Dangan Ku Berkelaie Adalah..

Hy Amal.. Weewit
 And Later On That Day Went For A Back Session With This Crazy Guy.. Strong Man! 1 Thing If You Going To Gym With Him.. You'll Get A Good Pump! And Man I look Huge.. Super Huge!
When Puta And Ajithman Went To Kb And Had Lunch With Me.. Don't I Just Love These Guys.
Katanya Kalau Kan Hujan Kepalanya Sakit Hehehe Kesian.. And Me Too Was Suffering From A Migraine That Day.
Ajithman Doing His Cute Pose.. And Thanks For The Racun On SPY+ Glasses Hahaha.
Yes Everyone I Bought A New One Because Two Of My Glasses Were Broken Boohoooo.

But To Be Very Honest.. This Is My Target.. Because I Love Ray Ban Aviator Glasses!

My First Time Gym Outing With Wanzsyah Hahaha Nanti Lagi Menyeksa Kedia Keh Keh Keh Keh.

And Til My Next Pose Take Care Everyone!
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Monday, September 16, 2013

They Do Need To Explain More On This

 Number 3 Switching On Lighs Between Sunrise And Sunset.. I Don't Get That.. So Are They Saying You Can't Switch On Your Lights During Daytime? Then Its Kinda Bollocks Because If You All Notice Shell Vehicles And Mindef Vehicles All Switch On Their Lights During Daytime.. Even Myself If I'm Using Dual Lane Road Switched On My Spotlight.. That Matter Need Re-Addressing
Number 13. Line Or Signs On Vehicle Meaning? Stripe Vinyl Is It? If That Is The Case Then Its Totally Nothing Got To Do We Driving.. And Number 19 Mandatory White Light At The Front..? Explanation? Is It Applicable To Cars That Has RDL Or Running Daylight Lamp To Switch It On.. Or Its An Offense To Have One In Your Car Even If It Is Factory Fitted? And If That Is What Its All About I Suppose The Committee Who Put This In The List Is Living In A Dinosaur Age..

Look Before Anyone Thinks That I'm Here Just To Rant.. Then You Are Wrong.. I'm Very Much With The Authority On This Matter.. Especially With The Number Of Accident Happening On Our Road.. For That Number With Our Small Population.. That Is A Very High Ratio.. But I Do Believe There Are A Few Matters That Needs Clearing And I Think Its Best That Relevant Authorities Put A Hard Stand On The Way People Drive.. Jangan Tah Membuang Masa Concentrationg On Hal Remeh Temeh Seperti Sticker Atu Apa.. Because There Is A Lot Of Idiot Out There Who Drives Like They Think They Own The Fucking Road Out There.. Just A Thought.. 
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 This Was Taken On The 2nd Of August 2012..
And This Was Taken Earlier This Month.. Just Over A Year.. But One Thing For Sure There Is A Significant Growth In The Mid Range Area.. And Seriously I Have A Hard Time Attending It.. Especially When Ur A 33 Years Old Fellow And Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down.. Damn..!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Members Of The Family Is Sick

 It Started With Grandpa Who Was Suffering From High Fever And Lung Infection.. He Was Admitted For A Few Days.
At The Same Time My First Cousin Suffering From Cholelithiasis.. Or In Bahasa Melayu Hempedu Berbatu.. Iatah Timbul Penyakit Kuning.. Also Suffering From Fever.
Two Of My Nieces Pun Kena Tahan Jua.. Mayra Muntah-muntah Terpaksa Masuk Aing..
And So Does Her Cousin Khayala.. Usul Saja Gauk Dalam Gambar Ani.. Ya Jua Mengusut Hehehehe Kesian
Then My Mum Got Sick Too.. Menjangkit From My Grandpa.. Anti-body Nda Kuat Yth Mudah Menjangkit.. High Fever And Paru2 Nya Berkuman.. I'm Telling You Guys.. If Any Of Your Family Member Kana High Fever Bawa Tia Tarus Ke Spital.. Its A Life Threatening Thing.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Latepost Snappy From Beraya At Wak's

 Phewitttt Hahahahaha Kejarangan Ni Meliat Kedia Berkeraja.. Not Saying Ya Nda Pandai Keraja Hahahaahahaha Plus Aku Konpiden Ya Nda Melagau Ramai Urg.. Sekali Ku Datang Cuba Atu Berjurit Mua Kan Di Liat Hahahaha

Malas Tah Ku Kan Komen Banyak Banyak Kan Gambar Kami Ani Mana Pandai Bisai Kan Bergambar Jua Bah
Bertahun Ku Nda Jumpa Well A Year Maybe But Tau Tau 3 Dah Anak C Nordin Ani.. Hebat Kau Din Haha
Akhirnya Ada Jua Dangan Ku Berkurapak Hahahahah Nda Jua Berbau Mulut Ku Diam Diam And Habis Battery Hp Ku Main Game.. Thanks For The Invitation WAK!
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