Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Khamis The 17th Of Dec

Texted My Friends From Our Enforcement Unit Since They're Doing Their Round At The Same Day With EDPMO Site Visits. At This Time Aku Sudah Out With The Other Team. And I Got A Reply From Them. Si Bob Posing Dapan Keretaku Hahaha. Baiklah!

The Good Thing About This Visit Is That Most Of The Time We Spent At Every Company Didn't Take Long. So It Was Easy To Keep A Smiley Face. And Thank God Jua Most Of The Company Yang Kami Visit Ani They Already Have Their Data Ready And Helpful.

The Only Breakfast I Had That Day And I'm Not Kidding You Guys At All. Ani Pun Terpaksa Aku Order Tapuk Tapuk And Asked The Pelayan Untuk Ampai Di Belakang. So Dibelakang Tah Ku Minum Sorg Sorg. 

Honestly I Don't See Any Wrong With Drinking While The Rest Of The Team Doing Their Data Collections Since I'm Only There On A Support And Learning Basis. Since I'll Be The One Responsible For Data Collection For Kb Site.

But At The Same Time We As Penjawat Awam Has To Be Careful Jua Kerana Persepsi Masyarakat Ani Lain. Especially With Kami Di Restoren Ani. Kana Ucap Plang Kang Rasuah Apa. Its Not Good. Everything Negative Started From An Assumption Which Always Backed By Another Person Telling Off An Experience Of His Which Was Never Happens. So Walaupun Ianya Assumption Still Yang Dapat Nama Buruk Penjawat Awam Jua.

The Many Times I Was Getting In And Out Of My Car. Walking In The Rain And Such. Luckily I Didnt Get Sick. Almost But Luckily I Didn't.

Home Finally. Been One Long Day. All I Want Now Was A Shower And A Good Sleep Well. Kinda!

Well Its About Time. Been Waiting And Checking My Email Ever Since I Bought It. I'm A Happy Boy Now.

This Watch Grew On Me Every Time I Saw It On IG. And Then I Found Out Zalora Are Selling One As Well. Didn't Need A Second Time Asking For This One. Hehe

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"That Will Be My Last Watch Purchase For This Year"

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