Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sunday The 27th Of Dec

Waking Up Early Well Not So Early But Early Enough To Beat The Morning Sun And Went For A Short Run. Managed To Hit 25 Mins. So Pretty Chuffed Jua Kediaku Lah. Plus I'm Going To Bandar Later On For An Important Errand. And Of Coz Mamam Mamam With The Gf. So Burn Awal For Later Haha.

Honestly Aku Lupa Why I Took This. I Think I Was Responding To A Message Arah Our Group Kali Antah Lupa Ku. So I Just Took A Quick Snapped Of Me Giving Thumbsup.

Had Our Lunch Here. Was Kinda Craving For Cheezbox Well Not Really But We Were Looking For A Few Stuff Here In The Mall. And Kinda Wanting To Beat The Bonus Crowd Since Org Keraja Government Menerima Gaji And Bonus Esoknya.

Muka Senyum Dapat Makan Ultimate Choc. "Bah Makan Lajuuu. Abis Kang. Nda U Ampit Kang" Hahaha Had A Lil Bite Saja Of The Cake. Aku Atu Trik Pilem Yang Banarnya. Gambar Di Atas Aku Show Kolo Mee Ja But I Ordered A Bowl Of Wantan Soup After That. Nyahaha Mana NDa Kenyang.

Well What Else You Would Do When You Have Lots Of Free Time While The Girlfriend Browsing A Few Stuff. Curik Curik Gambar But Actually In The End She Did Realized Aku Snap Hahaha Nda Awas Aku Atu.

Sent Her Back Home Then Pit Stop At Masjid Al Ameerah. Actually Kan Stay Just For Asar (ahem Awu Ujung-ujung Waktu) And Maghrib. Kali Kejumpaan One Of Friend From Kementerian. Sekali Tau Tau Kedia Pun Under Satu Ministry Dengan Kami. Panjang Jua Cerita Kami Hahaha. It Was A Good Chat. And TBH Banyak Membuka Minda And Mata Jua Lah Kalau Bercerita Sama Org Yg Luar Dari Bidang Keraja Ku. I Might Talk About This Nanti Lah Ah. I Wish I Could Chat For More But I Really Am Press For Time So As Usual.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"And Everytime I Closed My Eyes I Thanked Allah That I've Got You And You've Got Me Too"

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