Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sunday 29th Of November

Okay Lah Okay Lah Walaupun The Title Said Sunday But I'm Gonna Start With Saturday Lah Ah. Sajawah Memanjang Cerita. Apa? Nda Suka? Duli! Blog Ku. Mun Nda Suka Aga Pigi Buat Blog Sendiri. Sana Kau Bercerita Hahaha Luan Luan Defensive Jua Eh. Well Forgive Me. Me Is So Sleepy Due To Lack Of Sleep. Why? Biasalah Meliat Bola. Liverpool Game Start At Around Midnight Almost 2 Baru Abis. Mana Nda Ahir Tido.

Stopped By At Kb Sentral Mall Straight From Work. Pasalnya My Dad Kan Membali Apakah Tu Lupa Ku. So Malas Ku Berjalan Since I Was Being Lazy Teeheehee Stayed Di Coffeebean Tah Ku Saja. Having A Hot Hazelnut Latte On A Rainy Days Felt Good.

The Weather When We Went Home Was Scary. Iatahnya My Dad. Mun Negeri Org Lain Ada Tah Udah kedia Timbul Tu Semacam Atu. Ada Jua Rahmatnya Tinggal Di Brunei Ani. Nganya Nda Bleh Cuai. Once Cuai Org Di Dalamnya Nda Batah Tu Bala Atu Datang. He Also Shared A Bit Kalau Di Laut Ni Mengail Memang Berpanyap Taus Balik Memacut Banar Ni Makai Dua Injin. Mun Yang Nda Kuat Memang Menangis Ni. Lucky Now Di Kuala Atu Ada Kana Bina Pemecah Ombak. Mun Dulu Dari Laut Kan Masuk Ke Sungai Main Berintai Tu Nda Dpt Di Lajak Taus Ada Terbalik Perahu.

A Lot Of Things Have Changed Once You Get To The Age Of 35. No! I'm Not Saying You Haven't Have The Energy And Such Bollocks. When I Said I'm Tired To Run Or Go The Gym. It Only Means Either I Really Am Tired From Work Or I'm Just Dead Lazy Which Usually Was The Case. 

Back Then Saturday Was The Night To Go Out. Heck! I Know Brunei's Night Life Is Not The Same With Other Country. I'm Not Complaining Even When I Was In The Uk. I Hardly Out Clubbing And Such And Such. I Know Some Would Say Owh Boring Nada Dpt Clubbing Apa. Seriously Tho! What Was Great About Going Out In The Middle OF The Night. Standing On A Line And Queueing Up Just To Get Into The Club. Especially During The Winter. And Then Leaving The Club At About 2 Am. Looking For A Cab. And Seeing Hooligans Being A Total Yob. Drunkards Sitting On The Side Walk. What Is So Great About That. My Kinda Saturday NIght Would Be Lepak Kadai Kopi With A Few Friends. Probably With A Live Music Not Too Loud Just COmfortable Enough So That U Can Have A Decent Conversation With Your Friends. If Only Busking Can Be Allowed In Our Abode Of Peace.

I Wonder If Anyone Dare To Try. Just To Draw The Crowds. Santai Musik From 9pm Til Midnight Every Saturday Nights. Then Surrounding It Org Berjual Burger Apa. Damn Man If They Can Do That Is Pasar Malam Gadong Every Saturday Night Saja. That Would Be Great.

Alright This Gonna Totally Going Off Topic. I Was Stuck In A Jam At Gdg Area A Few Weeks Ago. Then Just As I Was About To Enter Gadong I Saw One Sign Board. Bandar Seri Begawan City Inside A Forest Kah Tu. Well Correct Me If I'm Wrong But I Gave A Smirk. Why? First Off Sampah! All Those Cans And Such Seriously If We're Really Wanna Promote Our Green Sceneries. Rule Number 1 Sampah Sarap Tepi Jalan Has To Be Cleared. You Can't Named Yourself Something Yet You Didn't Practice It. Its Super Contracdicting And Dumb!

Yes I Do Remember Hearing A Few Expats When Asked Why Do They Come To Brunei To Work. Usually Its Because Of The Green. Why Can't We Have More Park. Bandar Seri Begawan Itself Needs More Shades. Talking About Environment And How Our Country Gonna Tackle The Pollution Issues. Transportation Issues And If Myself Gonna Put My Cheap 20 Cents On It. It Will Take Forever. Bergelugut Galas Mata Membaca. Berkarak Aing Kupi Mun Ku Menaip. So I'm Just Gonna Slide Sikit Sikit Saja.

I Remember A Few Weeks Ago A Minister Said We Bruneians Abuse Our Subsidized Oil. I Partly Agreed To It Because We Do. Even Kedai Sebarang Umah Pun Driving. But Isn't That The Perk Of Being A Bruneian? Yes I For One Do Agree We Need To Cut Down On This. Most Of Bruneians Commutes To Work Hari Hari Making Round Trip To Their House And Office. To Some Ada Yang Averaging A Few Hundreds Kilometres Per Day. Per Day! Mind You. Now Multiple It By 5 Working Days. And Then That Is Only Commuting From Home To Office. Alum Lagi Dikira Yang Ngantat Ngambil Anak Sekulah Apa. 

Now The Reason Why I Was Only Partly Agreeing To This Are Because It Is So Not Fair Putting All The Blame To The Public. What Are The Alternatives? When U Said Buses. Yes I Agree I Have Friend Who Rides A Bus Pasal She Wanted To Find Out How Does It Feel To Ride A Bus In Brunei. Don't Ask Me Why. Its A Bus Nothing So Special About It. You Hop In. You Pay For Your Ride. You Sit Down And Then When You're About To Arrive You Press The Bell And Then You Get Out Of The Bus. Heh What Else? I Mean Have Any Of You Seen Our Bus Stop? Some Looks Decent And Some? Heck You Just Stand At The Side Of The Road And Once You See The Bus Coming You Just Hail It.

Still Though Our Public Transportation Is Not Good Enough. And The Relevant Authorities Should Swallow Their Pride And Admit It For A Starter. Then Slowly Improves It. Gives More Option. On A Smaller Scale Mengikut Kepadatan Penggunaan. Win The Public Trust Because Right Now We Bruneian? When It Comes To Daily Commuting On Public Buses Mostly Will Said Malas Tah Ku Ingau. Kalau Jemputan Kawin And Ke Miri Ah Mau Durg Tu Naik Bas.

To Change The Perspective. To Win The Public Trust Then Bit By Bit We Will Be Persuaded. Mungkin The Current Generation Payah Kali Ah Kan Diubah. Tapi The Younger Generations? Who Knows Right. Its Like Telling Your Children To Stop Eating Instant Noodles Because Its Not Heathy But Bila Dibuka Cabinet. You Have No Other Option.

Going Back To Our Greenery, I Believe We Need More Parks In Brunei Or A Well Maintain Park. Jadikan Tia Amalan Kitani Sebagai Org Brunei Ani Masyarakat Yang Suka Beriadah Di Taman Taman Peranginan. Quality Family Time Bah. Persuading Our Parents Especially The Young One To Bring Their Children Out. Leaves Those Ipad For An Hour Or Two. Let The Kids Run Havoc On The Grass. 

I Know I Know My Argument Ani Is Weak. And It Is Easier Said Than Done. But If We Wanted To Be A Sustainable Nation Efforts Has To Be Made. It Won't Be Cheap Nor Will It Be Any Easier But Steps Have To Be Taken. Owh Wait I Take That Back. Not Steps But The Right Steps Have To Be Taken. We Are Being Too Slow In Everything. And Sadly Kekadang Bila Udah Tani Terkapai-kapai Barutah Kan Memikirkan Tatacaranya. 

Heh Kan Kan Jauh Kan Menyimpang Iatah Ku Malas Ni Kalau Kan Meng Emo Menaip. And Then Pas Atu Have To Proof Read Lagi Apa Yang Ku Taip Atu. And I'm Doing This For Free. I Should Charge You Guys 10 Sen Everytime Kamu Masuk Arah My Blog. 10 Sen Jua Nganya Ah. Murah Jua Tu. Ke Jamban Lagi Mahal Mun Atu Jua Kamu Kan Berkira Bah Mihir Tu Eh. Udah Di Kadai Kopi Usin Pacah 10 Sen Ah Mana Org Berguna Tu Mun Kana Bagi Labih Duit. "Eh Ambil Tia Apa Jua Sepusin" "Eh Biar Tia Eh Sepusin Jua Nganya" Nah Nah Nah Udah Ku Bagi Idea 10 Sen Sekali Log In Atu Berkira Kamu! Hahahahah Apakan.! Forgive Me I'm Just Sleepy.

So I Slept A Bit Early Last Saturday Night. I Felt Asleep On The Sofa And When I Woke Up It Was Early. Apalagi Put On My Running Attire And Went For A Short Morning Jog. That Was Fun. Nyaman Jua Rasanya Walaupun Nda Lah Berabis Banar Ku Belusir But To Finally Able To Drag My Sorry Fat Arse Belusir Is An Achievement On Its Own.

The Colours Of Yesterday. Most Brown So I'm A Living Walking Brownie Yesterday.

Attending My Second Cousing Wedding Anak First Cousin My Mum. Anak Babu Lina Anak Nini Angah Piah Kaka Mulah Nini Bini Lambak. If You Must Know Jua Lah Tu Tu Ah.

Its Also Great Dpt Jumpa Nini Wa Laki Who Abg Mulah Nini Bini. Looks Similar To Her. Putihnya Sipitnya. Iatah Bila Ku Salam Kedia. Ia Tanya Aku. Ingat Kau Kan Aku Ah. I Told Him Awu Indakan Lupa. Alhamdulillah He Still Has A Good Memory.

The Unplanned Lepak With The My Uncles And Aunties At Universal Cafe. Selasai From Dewan Sekolah Menengah Saidina Ali Kampung Pandan. My Bungsu Invites Us To Tag Along Lepak Di Seria. So Here We Are Hogging Three Tables Having Roti Kawin. And I Just Found Ada Jua Ice Cream Panya Di Sini Ani. Hahaha All This While Aku Kemari Bah Ah. So Retro This Place. Mentioned It To My Cuz Its Somehow Membari Hairan. A Shop Like This. With A Very Limited Menu Managed To Stay On Business For A Long Time. Yes Jing Chew Came Into Mind But In My Defence Jing Chew Ramai Peminat And They Even Offer Mee Goreng Apa On The Menu. While Universal Cafe Teh Tarik Pun Nada. They're Selling Roti Kawin, French Toast, Egg Sandwich, Telur Separuh Masak, Air Barli And Yet They Managed To Survive. Yes I Know The Upkeep Is Probably Low Since They Haven't Had Much Upgrade. I Supposed Sticking To Your True Identity Helps A Lot. Won't Get You Super Rich But In Appreciation And Taste. They're A Big Winner.

Bandar Trip And Spending Sometime With The Other Half. Yipeee Had Some Errand To Do Jua. Had A Good Laugh When I Load This Photo On My Facebook Account. Now That I'm Thinking About It. Kinda Nervous Tah Ku Jua.

Our Actual Plan Kan Makan Di Peppermint Cafe But Since The Place Kana Reserved For A Birthday So. Typical Us Both. So Di Mana Tah? Antah Aaa. Haha Ahirnya We Decided To Try Sini Saja. 

Had Spaghetti Bolognese. It Was Alright. Lemak Rasanya Sal Nampak Creamy Atu. As The Night Progress. This Don't Feel Well Inside My Belly.

And We Had Molten Lava For Dessert Didn't Like It. Probably Pasal Aku Ani An Avid Cheezbox's Ultimate Choc Fan. Kan Ku Describe Banar The Consistency Kah Apakah Sorry lah Ah. Hamba Nda Handal Hantap Nih. Hehe

Prediction Wise. Price Nya Of Coz Lah Ah. Kami 2 Org Makan 3 Plus Ish Ish Which Okay I Think. Serving Wise At First Both Of Us Thought Luan Sikit Ya Membagi Atu. And Then A Few Friends Said That A Few Other Restaurant Tasted Better And Even Serving Pun Nda Karit. Ah Well Malas Tah Ku Luan Kritikal Banar. Despite Sikit Atu Pun Fill My Belly Well. As I Said Earlier. Mun Terlampau Banyak Atu Mual Jua Parut Olehnya.

Owh Yeah Before Aku Lupa.

Nyahaahaa Konon Kan Datang Time Ya Nikah Saja Since Tarikhnya Sanding Atu Clash Dengan Acara Sepupuku. Panya Nikah Tah Ya Udah. Nda Apalah. Yang Penting Selamat Udah Mendirikan Rumah Tangga. May Allah Bless Your union And May Your Marriage Lasted A Life Time Full Of Love, Tolerance And Happiness. In Shaa Allah.

Honestly I Can't Wait For My Turn. In Shaa Allah. Mohon Keizinan Dari Allah Jua.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Malas Ku Proof Read. Kalau Ada Grammatical Error Feel Free To Laugh At Me"

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday The 28th Of November

Wah Seminggu Nda Ku Update Hehehe Atu Slow Banar Kediaku With My Update This Week Ah. Sorry Guys Bit Caught With Work And Lazyness. Plus My Awesomeself Was Unbothered With My Updates. Bukannya Cam Dulu Eager Kan Post Now Apakan Di Post Aaa. Apa Nya C Jam. Aku Nada Idea Kan Blogging Pun Ku Post. BIG BOLD FONTS SAYING AKU NADA IDEA KAN BLOGGING!!

So Today I'm Gonna Try To Post A Few Updates In Shaa Allah. Since Its A Saturday And When I Look At The Tray And My Email. Nahada Keraja Kan Di Buat. So Free Time Tah Daulo Ni For Now.

By The Looks Of Thing Berpasang Udah Divider Jalan From Seria To KB Side So Most Probably Roadwork Will Start Soon Arah Jeraya Yang Beralun Ah. Can't Wait For It To Siap Tho. Sanak Udah Kalau Drive Melalui Sana Atu. Kan Lalu Jalan Tengah Slow Berabis Pasal Traffic. Kalau Nda Rushing Bleh Lah Lalu Sana Tapi Kalau Kan Lakas Terpaksa Lalu By Pass Still Nda Jua Berani Berlaju. Sayang Nyamo Suspension, Chamber Kereta Apa.

Stopped By Mum's Bakery Seria And I Saw My Face Arah Mirror Eh Mcm Hitam Jua My Right Cheek Atu. (Narsis As Usual) Then Aku Ingat This Week Aku Malar Keraja Luar And Kemarin Lagi My Second Cousin Nikah. It Was Super Hot Yesterday. Hajat Asal Kan Stay In Saja. Maksudku Jemputan Saja Di Rumah Durg Then Once Durang Gerak Ke Rumah Bini Bini. Ciao.

Then My Mum Said Ehhhhhhhh Ikut Jangan Ngada Ngada. Ikut Ngantar Jangan Lupa Jangan Kau Nda Menganang. Huhu Ikut Tah Saja. Hangat Boy Hangat!

This Was Yesterday Aku Atu Plan Kan Datang Hari Minggu Saja Since It Was Super Hot Yesterday And I Didnt Have Enough Sleep. Ahir Ku Tidor Meliat Bola Lah Apalagi. Then Friday Atu Awal Bangun Biasa Tugas Mingguan Menyuci Bawah Rumah. Biasa Those Tahi Burung Layang-layang Hish! I Swear To God I Really Loathe Them. Eh Lupa Nada Exclamation Mark. I Really Loathe Them!

And This Was Last Night. Trying To Get Myself To Sleep. DST Network Was Totally Down From Tutong To Kb Yesterday. And It Was Only By Half Past 10 Last Night While My Sister And I Ke Seria Membali Karan. 

Karan Rumah Low Warning Udah. Kan Membali Thru BIBD Online Nda Dpt. Kan Beli Power Kad Dapat Plang But The Thing Is That You Have To Sms The Number In Order To Get The 12 Or 15 Digits Top Up NUmber. So Tgh Malam Tah Jua Ke Seria Membali Karan Through CDM. 

Udah Sampai Seria Barutah Ada Registered Network Tapi Data Alum Dapat. Relief Jua Lah Sikit Walaupun Data Nada At Least Dapat Make A Call In Case Of Emergency Atu Sudah Good Enough.

So As You Can See Arah The Photo Di Atas It Was Close To Midnight When I Screenshot It Pun Masih Alum Ada Data. And I Was Kinda Bored. Kan Main Game Yg Dalam Hp Langu. So I Browse Google And Main Game T-Rex Lumpat Lumpat Sampai Habis Battery. Kalau Website Down Google Will Let You Play That Game. Hahaha Addicted Jua Nyamo.

Taken On Thursday. I Was All Alone In The Office. I Thought I Brought This For Breakfast And Munching. Konon Diet Puiiii Ya Jua Abis Sekutak. Heheh Kesian Jua Eh Org Kan Mau Mengurangkan Lebihan Lemak Ani.

No Tahlil This Week So Extra Rest In Fact I Heard Next Week Pun Nada Jua. So For Now Sendiri Sendiri Tah Saja Tahlil Di Umah After Maghrib Prayers.

Kinda Doing This Post Terbalik This Time Around. Doing It In Reverse. This Was Wednesday. I Have A Few New Project To Start Around KB Industrial Complexes. Atupun Kalau My Boss Di Bandar Approves. Nothing Big Just Biasa Biasa Saja. Atu Pun On Tuesday My KB Boss Meng Brief Menyuruh Ani Ani Ani. Since I Was Away Petang Selasa Atu And I Kinda Miss One Phone Call Albeit Aku Sengaja Ignore Haha.

So That Morning Had A Site Meeting With The Contractor. Explaining To Him. I Want This This And This. In Fact Kalau Approve I Want To Make This As A Pilot Project. Not Really Something New And Major But More To Penambah Baikkan Or Just An Upgrade Saja. Kalau Kana Dangar Jua Tu Ideas Ku Atu. See How Lah. If Nda Kana Support Tough Luck Hehe.

Tuesday Now. Kan Show Off Jap. Nyahaahaa Nadawah Apa Plang. Actually Babah Kami Share Ani Arah Our Family Group Chat. And I Was Kinda Having A Laugh Jua Mengatil My Sister Pasal Later On The Afternoon Aku Ke Bandar With My Parents And Lil Sis Menguruskan Injin Kereta Hyundai Accent My Sister Nurul. I Really Feel Bad For My Dad Plang. Baru Jua A Few Days Earlier He Forked Out Almost 3K Paying For My Car. Which I Told Him I Will Pay Him Back Despite Incit Incit Nyaahaahaa. Even Today Pun Ah I Told Him Bila Ya Memakai Kereta Bah Belikan Ku Saja Tayar Dapan Tau Tau He Called Me Up Ampat Ampat Ditukarnya Then Di Alignment Nya Taus. Haiyaa I Told Him Behapa Babah! Eh Biar Ca Musim Hujan. Ah Well Told HIm Aku Bayar Balik Nanti Bonus. Nda Ku Nyaman Hati Diri Bergaji But For Me He's Been Spending Too Much Udah For Myself. Kalau Ya Kan Belanja Mendulur My Mum Or Sisters Atu Lain Cerita. Why?

1) Usinnya He Can Do Whatever He Wants With It.
2) My Mum And Sister Bukannya Berkeraja.

Mun Dulu Banar Eh Nda Ku Peduli. Kana Bayarkan Siuk Kali Ah And That Is My Problem Bila Hidup Di Bandar. Don't Get Me Wrong The Problem Is Not Bandar. The Problem Is I Have This Idea Of Living Alone So My Money Atu Semua Tah Untukku. Kan Enjoy Tah Saja. No Wonder Sanak Dulu Atu Ikat Parut Saja. Baik Jua Kawan-kawan Yang Selalu Belanja Diri Makan. Ku Kanang Banar Jua Tu.

I've Been Drinking This For Breakfast And Before I Sleep. Nda Tah Kira Tu Ah Either Vitagen Or Yakult Although My Self Preferrences Is Yakult Due To The Taste. Makes Me Belly Feel Great And Also Bagus Untuk Dijadikan Amalan. Having This For Over A Week Now I Can Sense Kurang Mo Rasa Bloated And Bila Itu Tahik Ada Kluar Itu Bawa Sama Itu Warna Aaaaa Wuuuuuuuuuuuu Even Bau Busuk Pun Kata Itu Tahik Busuk! Hahaha Apakan.

Done With Everything Had Lunch Yes Late Lunch At Cheezbox. And Alhamdulillah Mum Like The Food. Dad Kenyamanan His Kolo Mee And I Was Disappointed With The My Ultimate Choc Presentation Though. Rasa Nda Berubah Nganya The Cake Pacah Uwaaaa!

Money Shot. Alhamdulillah Mulai Nampak Udah Duit Yang Ku Collect All This While. Ani Pun My Mum Took 100 From It. Biasalah Right Now Aku Lantik Kedia Untuk Tukang Simpan Usin Ku. And Trust Me Kalau Udah My Mum Menyimpan Mcm 10 Lapis Tu Pintu Besi Pastu Masuk Ke Dalam Ada Laser Lagi Menunggu. Pastu Ada Ground Sensor, Body Heat Sensor, Bukan Lagi Facial Recognition. Caranya Berjalan, Bernafas, Berpaluh, Bau Badan Pun Ia Recognise Kalau Salah Bomb Nuclear Melatup And Then If Lapas Jua Ada Sakang Menunggu Nah Pikirkan Tia Hahahahah Payah Nyamo Kan Ngambil Usin Atu Dari Kedia Kecuali Untuk Membeli Apa Yang Kami Persetujui.

Been Saving A Lil Jua Lah. Nganya I Wish I Could Have Start Earlier But Nda Usah Mengeluh Lah Ah. At Least Now Boleh Menyimpan Sedikit Sebanyak. Biar Tia Belanja Kurang. By I Mean Belanja Atu Membali Bali Ani. At Least Save For Something Important And Bila Tiba Masanya Nanti Bila Mendapatkannya Manisnya Atu Lebih Hebat. Iyer Palasapah Lah Sangat.

I Begin To Wonder If Thos Burung Layang Layang Atu Loathe Me Too. Ani Kan Lawa Kereta Ku Berkilats Kamu Beriai. Cilaka Punya Bunya Burung. Mudahan Kana Buasir Jubur Kamu. Udah tah Beria Merata-rata Tempat. Aku Yang Menyuci Tahi Kamu. Nada Berterima Kasih. Kami Beriai Kereta Ku. Biar Buasir Jubur Kamu. Biar Berbadas Sepanjang Zaman Biar Biar. Heh! Burung Kau Bawa Berkelahi Wadi? Talor Talor.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Sabtu Yang Dingin"

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sunday The 22nd Of November

Decision Decision Decision Currently I Have 7 Perfumes Plus My Dad Ada Dua Which I Used Jua Kekadang. Sometimes Batah Jua Mikirkan Nyamo Apakan Dipakai. Kekadang Baik Plang Terdapat Satu Bah Tau Ancit Saja.

Another Trip To Bandar. Friday Ke Bandar And Then Saturday My Parents Ke Bandar Then Sunday Ke Bandar Lagi. This Time For A Wedding Invitation. Gotta Love That Clutch Man. Somehow Nda G Ingau Hati. Everything In One Our Place. Mun Dulu Ya Jua Hp Ya Jua Wallet Ya Jua Power Bank Ya Jua Kunci Panuh Bah Pukit.

Nda Ku Sampat Ambil A Proper Gambar. Actually Kami Berpacah. We Dropped My Mum Di Sumbangsih Kedia With Her Sisters Panggilan Di Sana While My Dad And I Off To ICC. Siuk Jua Meliat Nyamo Babah Kami Bertamu Kawannya Lama Ani. By Kawan Lama Meaning Pakcik Jaya Ani Was Our Neighbour Di Flat KHEU KB. We're One Of The Early Families Yang Pindah Sana.
Meaning Part Of My Life. His Children And Kami Adiberabi Kawan Sepermainan Though Yang Kawin Ani Adi Yang Damit Plus I Haven't Seem Them In Ages Ever Since They Moved To Bandar.
Yatah A Bit Disappointing Nda Dapat Mengambar My Dad And His Friends For All Time Sake.

Asked My Dad Balik Umah Atau Membali Kan Kek Untuk Kanak-kanak. Nya My Dad Terus Saja. Told My Mum Beli Saja Di Bandar Ada Banyak Choices But As Stubborn As She Is All The Time. Di Kb Saja Sal Cair Kang. Told Her My Friends Once Bought Me A Cake Aku Balik K Kb Alum Cair. Singgah Ku Lagi Di Sg Basong Tidur Sekajap Still Alum Cair. Eh Masih Jua Nda Mau Mau So. Kb Tah. And Luckily LOF Kb Banyak Choices That Day Usually Jarang kan Ampit.

Muka Kanak Kanak Riang Memotong Kek. No Candle Blowing Just Motong Saja. Aku Malas Kan Nunu Candle Sama Jua Nda Surprise Cake.

Time For Family Dinner Celebrating The Sisters Birthday At Charcoal Sea View.

Free Keropok I Think. I Think Lah Jua Inda Jua Ku Mencek Bill Ah.

Mrs Grumpy Sr. Not The Fan Of Makan Cani. And Kinda Rushing Nyuruh Org Ngorder. Jangan Tabiat Ahir Kang Meliat Gegar Vaganza. My Dad Taus Rolling His Eyes. I Showed My Mum The Time Ada Dua Jam Lagi Bu Kan Gegar Vaganza Hence Main Game Taus Macam Org Nda Berdusa Haha.

Miss Grumpy Jr. Malas Kan Explain Dengan Lebih Lanjut. Kekadang Membari Kan Mencubit Mulutnya. Kalaunya Menjawap Dengan Munjung-munjungnya.

Mr Cameraman Yang Mengambar Bergagar Tapi Nda Karit! Hahaahaha. Adangtah Malas Ku Kan Share Gambar Adiku Dua Org Ah. Nda Jua Lawa. Nyahahaha

Our Food That Night. Gotta Say I Love The Wedges Nda Berminyak And More Importantly Its A Proper Potato Stil Its Skin Bukan Yang Ready Made Wedges You Got From The Supermarket.

The Rest Of The Food. Most Of My Family Member Said Buffalo Is Better When It Comes To Taste Wise Lah. As For Me Kinda Regret Eating A Steak Sandwich. Naik Tah Kali Darah Ku Ni Dua Tiga Hari Ani Ahahaha And To Be Honest Nda Plang Nyanyat Kan Kemari Ani. Kalau Kana Bawa Pun Masih Ku Fikir Dua. And If Ku Kemari Pun Most Probably Aku Order Fish And Chip Saja. Tantu!

In Fact Kalau Ku Masih Muda Like In My 20s Layan Banar Ni Makan Cani Ani. Also Aku Atu Order Yang Nda Berapa Enak Kali Yang Nda Ngam Dengan Liurku Yth Aku Nda Berapa Enjoy. You Know Ciabata Bread Is Delicious If You Put The Right Filling It Would Be The Bomb.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Aku Paling Handsome Dalam Dunia Blogku Nyahaha"