Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday The 12th Of Sept

Went To YC To Check On My Sister's Car Which Has Been Grounded Since Last Year If I'm Not Mistaken And With Sonya Grounder As Well We Thought Lets Get Her Fix. And Here We Are Hoping That It Will Not Cost Us Much Money. Suddenly Word Came Out From The Mechanic The Interior Of The Engine Has Bend. The Engine Is Unsaveable So My Sister's Car Needed A New Engine. Yikes!

So I Sent My Dad's Car For A Check Up Again Pasalnya Last Friday When We Were In Miri. The Car Made A Sound Like The Belting Of A Pump Got Stuck And Then Smoke Came Out From Underneath The Car And The Car's Steering Became Hard Again. So I Knew From There The Power Steering Pump Are Failing. And This Made Me Worried As Well Because For Serena The Power Steering Senyawa Dengan Water Pump And Bila Atu Fail Water Pump Pun Nda Berjalan Which Leads To A Sudden In The Engine Temperature Which Can Lead To Engine Breakdown. And I Thought Ya Allah Satu Persatu Jua Dugaan Mu Ani Ya Allah. And I Was Really Nervous Because For One Diri Di Luar Negeri And If I Have A Breakdown Mati Utak Geng!

So Sent It For A Checked. It Was Confirmed That The Power Steering Was Broken. There Is A Leak And Water Gets Into It Hence You Can See In The Third Photo. Minyak Ah Macam Warna Kopi Susu. Then Because Of That The Pump Is Of No Use. And The Bad Thing Is Its Very Hard To Find A Replacement Parts. At First I Told Them Usai Saja The Belting Yang Haus Atu Then Biar Tia Karas Steering Atu. Bila udah Ada Part I'll Come Back. Thought That Was Sorted Sekali Bila Durang Start The Engine Won't Turn Over. Tau Tau Asap Keluar Just Like Macam Di Miri. The Power Steering Got Jammed And The Car Need To Stay Overnight And I Thought Ya Allah..... Nda Tah Berkerita. 

Muka Senyum Balik Nda Berkerita. Tia Kang. Baruku Pernah Weekend Nda Berkerita. Tahan Tahan Saja Di Umah. Baru Ya Macam Badukang Ketuhuran Yang Teramat Tuhur!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Senyum Walaupun Stress"

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