Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday The 21st Of Sept

Woke Up Late Yesterday Well Nda Jua Late Banar. Plan Asal Kan Jogging Awal Pagi Kemarin But Since I Stayed Up Late Watching Footie Biasaklah 8 Lalu Baru Tah Kan Bangkit. So Most Of The Day I Was Just Lingering Saja Watching Tv Then After Zuhur Prayer There Was A Honk. I Went To Check It Out And Voila Finally My Parent's Stuff From Makkah Has Arrived. Two Boxes Of Them And Quite Heavy. Haven't Opened It Up Yet Because One It Will Be Messy And Secondly We're Leaving For Bandar Soon Jua Kan.

Tetxted The Guy Who Sold This Megir Watch. Told Him That I Wanted This Watch. So Before Doing All The Errands Yesterday Stop Over Di Rimba At His House. Picked It Up And I Can't Be Happier.

Plan Asal Yang Banarnya Kan Menghantar My Sister Wani Di Lambak Kiri Pasalnya Ya Ada Activity Yang Mesti Ya Hadir Di PLM Well Actually Di MTSSR Nganya Since Atu Acara PLM So Ku Sabut PLM.

Then Mami Khasyi Mengusut Kan Minta Lanja Mekdi. Plus Rindu Jua Ku Kan Anak Ani. So Nyangku Bah Why Not Lets Have A Family Dinner Or Whatever Lah. Sekali Sekala Makan Ramai Ramai Siuk Jua Kan.

Called Them Up. This Boy Still Tidur So Since Kami Nda Tau Kemana Kan Dituju Baik Tah Ke Salambigar Saja. Nda Batah Atu Bangun Tia. And This Is How He Kambang Look Bersandar Arah Maminya.

Then Shikin Shared This Photo Of Her Having Late Lunch At Le Taj And I Was Like Maaaaaa. Aku Craving Le Taj Yang Banarnya. 

So Aku Keluar Kan Lah Muka Kesian Ku Haa Haa Haa Sekadar. Anyhoot Told My Sister Just Go To Le Taj Saja Since We Can Eat Perlahan-lahan Kalau Di Mekdi. Payah G Mencari Parking. Have To Queue Up Lagi Apa. They Said Mana Saja Eee Bukannya Kami Bayar. So Told Everyone Lets Go To Le Taj. Then Uda Bini Bersuara Aiiii Aku Nda Kamu Bawa Kah? Hahahahaha I Said Bah Lakas Tah Ramai Ramai. Bukan Selalu Bersedakah. Usin My Parents Jua Anyway So Pahalanya Pun Mudahan Sampai Arah Durang.

On Our Way To Kiulap And I Though That Is One Beautiful Sunset. It Has Been Hazy For The Last Week Or So And Alhamdulillah The Weather Seems To Improve. Finally!

Sorry Not Much Of The Food Post Because Lets Face It On A Poor Lighting Condition. My Front Face Camera Shows Better Quality Then The Back. The Only Trick Is To Put The Lens On Something Cold Like A Cold Glass So The Sensor Will Cool A Bit. Only Then I Can Take A Lil Bit Better Photo. I Love HTC's Phone. The Processor Are Great Is Fast Especially When It Comes To Playing Games And Opening Apps In Between Apps Sadly Enough They Didn't Pay Too Much Attention On The Camera. Actually When I First Bought It. The Camera Works Just Fine Only After A Few Major Updates On Its Operating System. It Ran Havoc On The Sensor And The Phone's Temp. Thus The Purplish Hue You Can See On Most Of My Photos.

When I Finished Eating I Took Him Out For A Walk. Ngalih Jua Kan Turun Naik Tangga And Main Escalator Supaya Kedia Nda Mengacau Maminya Makan Hahaha. Awal Atu Kami Ampaikan Atas Meja Atu Laju Runggaunya. Cua Liat Tu Muanya Kan Ngacau Maminya Makan Hahahaha Sengaja Lagi Tu Kan Merabahkan Badan Banar Tah.

You Just Can't Get Any Cheekier Than This. Hahahahaha I Called Out His Name Then He Looked At Me And Gave Me That Smile. Haa Haa Haa Batah Jua Thursday Ani Eh.

So The Food Was Great. I Ate Berabis. And The Smell Of Masala Stil Stick On My Fingers Ah Damn. The Thing About Indian Food And Its Spices Is That It Will Makes A Comeback. First You Fart Then The Smell Would Be Very Epic. You Can't Hide It Haa Haa And Then You Will Spend A Lot Of Time In The Toilet. And Then It Will Left An After Smell So Whoever Uses The Toilet Afterwards Tough Luck Love!

And This Remind Of The Time When I Was In UK. During My Time In Bellerbys College UK. We Always Goes To An Indian Restaurant Every Thursday Night Well Depend On Budget Jua Tu. So The Four Of Us Which Consist Of Uncle Jack An Indian From Singapore Well His Real Name Is Kartik If I'm Not Mistaken But Since He Is Way Older Than Most Of Us Student Well Not Really Tua But We're Just Love To Call Him That. Then It Was Buddy An Indian From Bangalore Who Was Dumb Enough To Lose His Tooth From Jumping Over a Barrier Hahahaha And Andy The Bloke From Up North.

And Every Single Time When We Had Our Indian Food We Would Rush Back Home Because Authentic Indian Will Always Makes A Come Back. Especially If You're Having Vindaloo Haa Haa Haa. Well Like The Saying You Reap What You Sow. Same As This You Shit What You Eat Haa Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Chicken Tikka Masala Is The Bomb!"

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