Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Bah Saturday

I Should Have Been Excited Today Since Its A Saturday Or The Very Least Upbeat But I Suppose A Few News Just Kinda Ruined My Mood Ah Well When Things Don't Go Your Way Then It Won't Go Your Way No Matter How Hard You Force It. I Was Thinking Of Going To The Capital Today Just To Blow Off A Few Steam Since Its Been Week I Go Out And Have Sometime For Myself. Yth I Am Semi Kusut And Moody. Nganya Malas Ku Kan Ngadu2 And Ngusut2 Arah Org Baik Tah Ku Ngusut Di Sini.

Well At Least The Weather Improves Today. I Saw Blue Skies. Do Hope It Holds Out Until Patang. Need To Run Off All This Negativities That Surrounding My Feeling. Need To Feel Good Man! Still Thinking About Re-Joining The Gym. Ah Well Lets Just Get Back To Running Been On Hiatus For Over A Week Due To The Haze. So I Need To Get Some Running Time Later.

Malas Ku Kan Share D IG Gambar Ani. Cam Repititive Tah Saja Cani. Hahaha Sekalinya Ada Feel Kan Load. Barutah Di Load.

So I Showed My Dad This Watch And I Was Really Do Aiming For This Watch Ever Since I Saw It On IG. Brown Leather And Rose Gold Frame Was Just My Thing Man! But I Thought I Have Bought Enough Watches This Month Then Guess What He Said. Beli Saja Menyasal Kang. Haiya Kalau Udah Indung Cakap Catu Iatah Lalah Tu. Lalah Lamah Taus Pikiran Haha.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone.

"I'm HUngry"

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