Saturday, September 19, 2015

Friday The 18 Of Sept

Alright Here Is A Recollection Of What's Happening For The Past Few Days. A Bit Moody Right Now Due To The Fact That I Have A Bad Headache All Day Long. Alhamdulillah Ada Acara Umah Later On I Think On Udah Ni. So I Might Have A Few Chance Of Ambik Gambar Later But Now I'm In The Office Then I'm Gonna Pick Up My Sister Later From Tuition Then Balik. So Kalau Ku Rajin And Bothered Kan Mengambar Then Aku Gambar And Share. Kalau Nda Nda Tah.

A Photo Of My Mum In Makkah With Her Friends Hehe. So Yesterday Dad Confirmed It With Us Yang Durang Berangkat Ke Arafah On The 22nd And Then He Asked Us Untuk Mula Bersedakah On That Day. In Shaa Allah.

Went To Bandar Last Tuesday If I'm Not MIstaken. Picking Up My Sister Nurul And Then Dropping Off My Sister Wani Because They Have Some School Programme To Attend. Get To Meet This Cutie Pie. Trying To Take Her For An Usie. She Looked At Me First Haha.

And Then Well She Gave Me That Pose. Awwwwww Nganya Kesian Kedia Masa Ani Damam Kedia. The Weather Get To Her. Her Mum Told Us She Has Ulcer Di Dalam Kerongkong But She Is A Strong Girl Nda Ngusut Masih Lagi Bermain. Get Well Soon Syg.

Been Craving For Kolo Lamee And More That Dumpling Soup. So Brought The Sister There For Dinner And I'm A Happy Guy. Nganya If I Have To Complain On Thing. Ermm Eh Nda Payah Nda Payah I'm Happy Haa Haa Haa.

Settle Whatever Left Of My Sister's Car Last Few Weeks. Interest And Such Then I Picked Up The Clearance Letter Last Week. Pretty Chuffed Terdapat Tah Jua Nah Kereta Abis Bank. Heh Walaupun Di Brunei The Terms 'Habis Bank' Means Hancur, Kepisan And Nda Bisai Usulnya But Hey Mun Kau Terdapat Kereta Habis Bank You Will Be One Happy Mother. 

Thursday Morning I Have Some Errand To Do At The Head Office In Beribi And This Was A Very Quick Trip. I Mean I Have To Finish Whatever I Need To Settle And Then Drove Back To KB Just In Time To Pick Up My Sister From School Around 12:30. I Was Planning To Check On Sonya But Due To Time Constraint I Just Can't.

Nda Sampat Ngacau Ownernya. Selpi Ama Kereta nya Saja Haa Haa Haa.

As I Said Above Arrived Just In Time To Pick Up My Sister From School Then The 4 Of Us Went To All Season For Lunch.

Sometime I Wondered Why Do We Go To This Place. Its Not Cheap. $7 For A Bloody Kuey Teow Daging. I Know Its Delicious But Seriously That Is Just Too Much. Owh Yeah Pasal Ya Nyaman. Nganya A Bit Disappointed With My Duck. A Bit Dry For My Liking.

Batah Nda Cek Usul Umah My Dad Ani. Alhamdulillah Its Taking Shape And Due To Be Completed In 2016. And I Heard My Sister Told Me Ada Udah Org Nunggu Kan Menyewa. Well Hope So.

Lawa Ah.. My Sister Nurul's New Shades. Lawa Banar. Share It Dalam Group Atu Kelawaan Bilang Org. Plus Its Pink Paham Pahamlah Bini-bini Mun Udahnya Pink Ani. Memang Kluar Tia  Bimbo Scream Nya Hahahah Opps Sori.

Biasak Bro! Kalau Udah Thursday Its Tahlil Night Tah Tu Kan. Though I Have To Admit I Was So Tired But Siapa Lagi Kan Diharap Membaca Tahlil And Such. Moga Allah Membalas Saja. Lillahi Taala Saja. Plus Yang Didoakan Ani Pun Bukan Jua Org Lain. Looking At The Plus Side. Next Week I Don't Have To Turun Ptg. Pagi Saja Since Its Aidil Adha. Acara Pagi Saja.

Didn't Bothered To Photo Photo The Food Because I Was Just Not Interested At All. Main Dengan Khasyi Pun Sekajap. Lalah Ku Banar Tah Then Otw Home I Got Hungry. Plan Kan Membakso Kali Panuh At The Usual Place So I Told Her Singgah KFC Sengkurong Saja Lah Bisai.

Mum Requested Untuk Memanggil Her Fellow Friends Untuk Mengaji Di Rumah. We've Been Planning Bila Bisai Menjemput Durang Since Banyak Unexpected Things Happened This Few Week. Planning Kan Buat Thursday Night Kali My Sister Nurul Got An Interview To Attend Di Bandar That Morning So Kaki Tangan Kurang Tah Jua. Luckily Durg Mau Jumaat Malam So We Said Okay Lets. Too Bad Nda Ramai Yang Belaku Hadir. Them Ladies Also Requested To Lead Doa Selamat Recitation So Okaylah On Saja. Naik Jua Saham Haa Haa :p

The Food Spread Last Night A Few Kuehs From Mum's, Satay, Ayam Goreng And Mee Goreng. Alhamdulillah The Event Goes Without A Hitch Syukur. Mudahan Allah Memberkati Dan Menerima Amal Mereka Di Malam.

I Suppose This Is It For The Friday Post. So Bla Bla Bla Bla Hehe

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"I'm Bored!"

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