Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Yang Random The 15th Of Sept

Dimulakan Dengan Bismillah Haha Apakan. Officially Menabam Ku Lagi Balik Well Tell You What You Don't Know Lah Kan. Actually I've Got An Appoinment Around 9:30 Am. Kali Opismate Ku Ani Ke Bank Tah Jua Sekajap. Macam Nda Dapat Karang Bah Banar Tah.

Having An Apple For Breakfast. Actually Bukan Plang Trying To Say I'm On A Diet. Well Everybody Interpret Incorrectly When It Comes To Dieting. To Most Dieting Mean Starving Yourself So That It Helps Flatten Your Tummy When Actually The Real And Healthy Diet Is For You To Take A Good Care Of What You Eat. And If You Really Wanna Lose Weight You Have To Count The Number Of Calories Intake From The Food That You That Day Then Making Sure You Burn More Calories Than What You Just Ate. In All Honestly Eating Less Than 2000 Calories Is Quite Hard But Zura Showed Me A Planned That You Can Eat Less Than 2000 Calories Per Day Without Having To Starve Yourself And Without Even Throwing Away Rice. Its 70% what You Eat And 30% Cardio.

It Was Raining Heavily Today And As Usual Bertamu Dengan Air Pasang Plus Lungkang Tersumbat Maka Begini Lah Jadinya. This Was Taken While I Was On My Way Sending My Lil Sis From School. Half Way Through She Complained She Has A Stomach Pain. She Told Me She Has Gastric And Ya Gtau Nda Ya Tahan. So Have To Turn Around And Sent Her Back Home. Gave A Long Lecture Siapa Suruh Makan Padas Minum Masam Saja Nah Damit Damit Udah Kana Gastric Bla Bla Bla.

I Love Doing This Kind Of Pose I Don't Know Why. Some Will Say Eleh Show Off Jam Tu Tau Jua Org Eh Sekadar. Haa Haa Haa Well Mua Makin Tabam Bah Yatah Pasalnya.

Went To Zulkader Again To Make A New Shirt And Pants. Nya Kawan Ku You Are Going Through A Stressful Time Iatah Kau Retail Therapy Hahaha Well Part True But To Be Honest Andang Aku Said To Myself Kalau Bisai Potongannya I Make Another Baju And Seluar. So There Goes And I Have My Eyes Of That Kain Yang Warna Biru Tarang Aa On The Rack Just Behind Me. I Shall Get That Colour For Raya Haa Haa Haa Awal Jua Eh.

This was Taken Last Night When I Brought The Sisters For A Late Dinner. Apalagi Menyasal Tah Ku Jua Abis Jua Nasi Ku Di Mlm Atu. Cua Tadi Pagi Berabis Ke Jamban Still Though With The Weather Cemani Lately Safe To Say Baiktah Walk In K Gym Pakai Threadmill And Such.

Luckily Enough My Bottle Of D'Trim Has Arrived So Lets Get Back In Shape. Nganya I Don't Really Appreciate My Over Dependent On This Pill Tho.

My Riches In A Quaker Oats Can. So Current Collection Was About $180 Ish. And My Sisters Told Instead Of Spending This At The End Of The Month Why Don't I Just Save It Until June Of Which During The Time My Car Insurance Expired At Least When The Time Arrive I Won't Have To Withdraw Money From My Saving. Clever Girls.

Get Well Soon Tasan. He Shared Of Photo Of Him Last Sunday Just After His Appendix Operation. Semoga Sehat Dengan Cepat Yer. Jaga Makan Atu Jangan Luan Nda Berpantang Makan Ani Walaupun Nda Menjadi Ke Badan. 

This Is Cute. I Forgot To Ask My Friend Shikin When She Shared This Photo Arah Our Whatsapp Group I Think Its The Place Where You Put Your Tea Bag Or It Is Simply A Tea Spoon Decoration.

I Got This A Lot From A Few Friends Who Read My Book. Saying I'm A Good Boy Lah Udah Apa And Such. I Do Have To Agree There is A Certain Changes In My Attitude. Yes I Do Post Gambar Or Cerita Yang Aku Lead Tahlil, Jadi Imam, Khatam Al-Quran And Such But That Is Not The Reason Why I Shared. Kan Menunjukkan Yang Aku Ani Alim Udah. No Lah Namanya Jua Blogging Kan. I Treat My Blog As A Daily Recording Of What I Did. It Isn't Really Personal Anymore Because I Tried Not To Share The Most Personal Or The Intimate Of Stories Here. Though For Saying That What I Shared Here Is As Close To As Personal As It Gets.

When I Look At The Photo Above I Smirk Because This Is What I Feel Everytime People Mentioned This Side Of Me. Alhamdulillah Jua Lah Plus Its About Time Jua Meninggalkan Keburukkan Lama Atu And Yes Just Like Anyone On This Earth I Have Sinned. And Never I Wanted To Say I'm Better Than Anyone. Deep Down Inside When I Posted Spiritual Or Religious Post My Intentions Are That I Hope I Touches You Guys Out There. Kalau Tah Ada 10 Orang Yang Membaca Blog Ku Sorang Saja Membaca Tasbih Or Zikir Yang Ku Post. Ya Allah Its The Best Of Feeling.

Iatah I Tried And Will Not Try And Start To Judge People Yang Show Durang Atu Ke Masjid, Durg Mengaji, Share Religious Post Or Whatever. I See Those As A Way Of Them Untuk Mengajak Kitani Sama-sama Mendekatkan Diri Kepada Illahi. Take It This Way. How Many Times Do We Hated It When People Started To Be Judgemental About Us. Questioning Everything That We Do. Little That We Known We Are Doing The Same As Well. 

Most Of The Time Everything That Are Said About Us Are Based On Assumptions. You Being Nice People Will Say You're Just Trying To Kiss Some Asses. When You're Being Straightfoward They Called You Heartless. It Sucks Big Time. At The End Of The Day Ikhlasnya Ibadah Seseorang Atu Hanya Allah Yang Menilainya. Biar Tia Allah Saja Yang Membalas Setimpal Dengan Apa Yang Mereka Buat. 

And If You Don't Agree With It We Human Have A Free Will. Nak Ikut.. Buat. Tak Nak Ikut.. Jangan Buat. Simple!

Life Is Much Easier To Sort Out When You Do Not Have To Think About What Others Do. Haha

Okay This Is A Bit Of A Lame Post From Me. My Mind Was Somewhere Else. Ah Well I Hope Kamu Paham. Kalau Nda Paham Sudah! Haaa Haaa Haaa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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